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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 142: Latent Fireball

Chapter 142: Latent Fireball

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What Leylin had wanted to simulate earlier was a defensive spell.

However, it was meant to be used by magicians who wanted to have a breakthrough with the Grine Water, so naturally, Leylin, having turned into a Warlock, did not need it anymore.

As if struck by inspiration, Leylin added in a few rank 1 spell models from the Book of Giant Serpent and let the A.I. Chip make its modifications and optimizations, devising a rank 1 spell that was suitable for his elemental affinity.

After advancing into a Warlock, Leylin’s spiritual force had significantly increased. Even the A.I. Chip, which was bound to his soul, seemed to have obtained many benefits. Just two days ago, it was finally able to simulate a rank 1 spell model.

[Beep! Data collected, scanning in progress…]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

[Latent Fireball! Classification: Rank 1 spell: Darkness and Fire. Degree of attack: 30.3. Added elemental bonus: 0.3 degrees]

Right now, Leylin’s elemental essence conversion was 1%. Hence, he obtained a 1% increase in the might of his darkness element spell.

Although it seemed like the increase was insignificant, once the elemental essence conversion reached 50% and above, every Darkness element spell would be stronger than regular Magi by more than half!

“Not bad! This might is enough to deal with most Magi’s innate defensive force fields!”

Leylin continued to analyse the data, his face revealing a satisfied expression.

It wasn’t that the strength of Magi’s defensive force fields were always the same. However, normally, Magi who had just advanced only had a defensive force field with the capability of 20 degrees. However, with the progress of their spiritual force, coupled with them seeking for some precious resources to increase the might of their magic spells, their defensive force fields would often become strengthened.

The range varied for each individual, which was truer for magicians who cultivated in high-grade meditation techniques.

As for Leylin, who was a Warlock, as well as having unearthed his bloodline, the defense might of the Scales of Kemoyin would also continue to become stronger.

A magic spell of 30 over degrees was enough to break most regular rank 1 Magi’s defensive force fields.

That was to say, apart from his own trump card of his defensive force field, Leylin had another powerful method to deal with other Magi in the future.

However, it could only be that way.

If possible, Leylin would, of course, want the A.I. Chip to custom make a mighty rank 1 spell that could cover speed, strength, defense, detection, and all other various aspects.

However, it was a pity, as the A.I. Chip was only able to simulate the Latent Fireball spell due to Leylin having amassed large amounts of information. Also, it was due to the contributions of Darkness and Fire spells from the Book of Giant Serpent that made Leylin able to create the Latent Fireball after a long period time.

The few rank 1 spells in the Book of Giant Serpent were from the great Magus Serholm, who was also a Warlock with the Kemoyin bloodline. His elemental affinity was naturally towards the Darkness and Fire aspect, so the spells he collected were of these two elements, which allowed Leylin to benefit greatly from it.

As for these kinds of conditions, they would never be met again in the near future.

Hence, in this span of time, unless Leylin discovered a new type of Darkness and Fire element spell model, the A.I. Chip would not be able to simulate any new spells.

As he thought about the Book of Giant Serpent, Leylin involuntarily touched his chest, where the corner of a hardened black notebook was exposed.

This was the Book of Giant Serpent, which had been obtained from the Dylan Gardens, and kept securely by Leylin at all times. It was made of a special kind of material where the pages of the book carried a strange sensation to the touch. As if made of some creature’s hide, every page could store large amounts of information.

Inside the book, not only were there a dozen rank 1 spell models, there were also three rank 2 spell models, together with the great Magus Serholm’s travelling experiences and lab experiments. The information inside was aplenty, and it was Leylin’s most valuable item that he’d gotten apart from the high-grade meditation technique.

*Weng Weng!*

At this moment, a pocket-sized diary that was hanging like a keychain trembled.

Leylin opened the diary and flipped to the page that was shaking.

This pocket-sized diary was only the size of a child’s palm. On the faint yellow page, a secret imprint that had the shape of 3 rocks stacked together was letting off a slight glow and trembling.

Leylin reached out his finger and lightly dabbed on the secret imprint.

“Haha! Leylin, you have killed a lot of them haven’t you? The Vulture King where I am at has already dispatched all of the Kary Vultures, so be careful when you conceal yourself!”

The voice of the huge bloke sounded from the secret imprint.

This pocket-sized diary was what official Magi used to collect the secret imprints of their friends, professors, colleagues and other people that they wanted to keep in contact with.

Some Magi, however, preferred to have the secret imprints inscribed on their bodies. One example was the huge bloke. Leylin saw that one of the huge bloke’s arms was fully covered with the secret imprints.

Those densely packed imprints left Leylin feeling rather dizzy.

Although it was rather troublesome, he preferred to use the diary to collect the secret imprints.

“Alright, I got it!” Leylin said to the secret imprint.

Afterwards, he closed the diary and hurriedly left the area.

Very soon, Leylin saw the dark figures on the far horizon.

They were the shadows of the Vulture King, which, having been enraged, brought the entire flock with it.

However, compared to a few days ago, when they could cover the sky, the flock was now rather thinly spread out. Their numbers had dwindled from over a hundred to less than half, at around forty or fifty. This was the fruit of Leylin and the others’ labours from over the last few days.

Even from this distance, Leylin could sense the violent energy waves radiating from this furious Vulture King.

“Ga Ga!”

With the Vulture King in the centre, the tremendous energy waves continued to radiate into the surroundings. This kingly figure was venting its frustration and rage at the continuous loss of its subordinates!

[From the energy waves radiated, target’s Vitality is over 20, Strength estimated to be 17-19. Concrete data is unknown!]

Creatures like this, who had reached the stage of an official Magus, often had a layer of defensive force field around them. Leylin’s A.I. Chip still could not penetrate through and obtain any concrete stats. It could only analyse the strength that the target displayed, and give a rough estimate.

However, these stats alone made Leylin’s face change.

Creatures like these often possessed immense strength and vitality and even had innate spells which were terribly difficult to deal with.

Looking at the Vulture King snarling above a few piles of ashes, the other Kary Vultures in the surroundings also cawed in anguish. Leylin stared intently at the Vulture King before leaving the area.

Deep in the night, in an underground room that was temporarily carved.

“Today we have killed another 9 Kary Vultures, well done!” The old geezer smiled.

“Right now, those damned trashy birds only have a strength of 50 odd!” The huge bloke was also excited.

The materials from a Vulture King, which rivalled the existence of a rank 1 Magus, were extremely precious. Moreover, they could also reap the rewards from both sides that governed the Great Canyon Margaret.

“However, the Kary Vultures that are still alive now very seldom hunt for their prey in the areas that we have set up. There are also signs of them relocating soon…”

“We have to hurry and find a way. If not, we could lose this bonus bounty reward…”

Lancey, who was standing on the side, poured cold water on their conversation.

The families governing both sides of the Great Canyon Margaret did mention that they could pass through the Golden Oasis when the vulture flock had relocated. However, against this Vulture King that had its forces greatly reduced, and a bountiful reward assigned to it, Lancey and the others naturally did not want to let the Vulture King go.

“Perhaps we could…”

After some silence, the old geezer suggested an idea.

A fireball-like sun was hanging up high in the sky, and heat waves rising from the desert distorted the view.

Inside a stone forest that was temporarily created by spells, Leylin and the other five were huddled up.

“How is it? Can that old geezer do it?” The huge bloke spoke offhandedly as usual.

“You have to believe that old man. He is an official Magus, after all!” Lancey’s brows furrowed, “Has the ambush been set up?”

With a flash of a yellow light, Leylin came out from a side of the stone forest with the yellow light still glittering around him, “The side that I am managing has been completed!”

“It’s all set up now!” From the other side, the night shift Magus and the other quiet one spoke.

“Great! As long as that old geezer is able to lure the Vulture King here, I will rip that damned bird apart!” The huge bloke clenched his fist, his knuckles crackling.

Looking on, he was a magician that specialised in physical training and the reinforcement of his body, possessing strong muscles and strength.

“For the materials of the Vulture King, even the old geezer is spending a lot of effort!”

Leylin figured that if not for some precious ingredient the Vulture King had, the old geezer would not be this zealous and even offer to be a bait to lure it over.

“They’re coming!”

The A.I. Chip’s detection allowed Leylin to discover the other party first. Very soon, on the horizon, a thinly spread layer of black figures appeared.

There was also a human figure, with a green hurricane engulfing his body as he wildly rushed over.

“Everyone, return to your individual posts, and pay heed to the orders! Quick!” Lancey shouted nervously.

In a flash, the Magi who were present disappeared.

Closer, even closer!

The old geezer dashed extremely fast. From his concealed area, Leylin could even distinctly see that on the sides of his wrinkled face, blood continuously flowed out from both of his ears.


The old geezer rapidly entered the stone forest, at the same time transmitting his voice. “Be careful of the Vulture King’s sarcoma. It is able to emit a sound attack. I took a hit from it earlier!”

After seeing the stone forest, the Vulture King hesitated.

However, thinking about the prey it was chasing, whose energy waves were not much different from its own, and the fact that it had even killed its children…

“Ga Ga!” The Vulture King’s eyes turned bloodshot as it led the flock into the territory of the stone forest.

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