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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 144: The Chase

Chapter 144: The Chase

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“It’s only renting for a few months, but it costs five hundred magic crystals. Your boss sure knows how to make money!”

The big bloke complained.

“In fact, we generally charge one thousand magic crystals per rental of the Seated Lupin Wolf. We only charged the minimal maintenance costs this time, as you Sirs took on the task…”

The smiling waiter explained.

As the old geezer arrived, he immediately threw the Vulture King’s skull onto the counter.

“Mission accomplished! Have a look!”

From behind the counter, a white-bearded, bespectacled old man in a bartender’s uniform came out. However, from the energy waves exuding from him, he also seemed to be an official Magus.

The white-bearded old man carefully examined the Vulture King’s skull for a long while, only then did he put it away.

“It is indeed the Vulture King’s head. According to the agreement, each one of you will be able to get…”

Mr. White Beard was nimble. He immediately took out bags filled with magic crystals and magic materials and gave it to everyone. It seemed like he had prepared this beforehand.

“In actuality, I belong to the great Dorian family…”

After completing the delivery, the old geezer put on a kind smile and extended an olive branch to Leylin and the rest.

These kinds of big families would recruit foreign magicians from time to time to further strengthen their family.

Moreover, Leylin and the rest had decent strength, and since they had come from the eastern part of the Grand Canyon, they were not likely to be spies sent by their enemies.

As long as they didn’t have a massive headache that they brought with them, it was likely that the local large magisteriums would be most willing to offer shelter for such talents.

Leylin noticed that the big bloke’s face obviously displayed his intention to agree. The two magicians who were together, however, seemed indecisive. As for Lancey and the old geezer, they did not hesitate to reject the offer.

Leylin himself did not consider this option.

When magicians joined other big families, it was because they wanted to obtain higher level meditation techniques, magic resources and the like. Leylin already had meditation techniques, and as for magic resources, he could just use medicine to trade for them. Besides, compared to such closed families, Leylin was more willing to join an educational institute or an organisation. Hence, the olive branch the families threw to them, had a lesser appeal to Leylin.

“Come! In any case, we’ve operated as comrades! How about we go and have a drink?”

The leader old geezer suggested.

“Maybe not. I still have other matters to attend to, let’s keep in touch…”

Lancey left in a hurry, seeming like she had an urgent matter.

“I’ll pass as well. It has been a tiring journey. I just want to find a place to have a good sleep!” Leylin rejected him with a smile.

He had only become temporary comrades with these people to hurry along with the journey, so there was not much friendship between him and them. Besides, the crime he had committed was not light, so it would be better if he rushed to the domain of the light Magi as quickly as possible.

After Leylin, the big bloke, and the other two magicians also rejected the old geezer’s suggestion.

The old geezer shrugged helplessly and looked at Leylin as he left the bar.

Outside the pub were a couple of narrow streets that were pawed with flagstones. It was dark all around, and only the lanterns outside the pub still gave off a couple soft rays of light.

“It’s already dark!!” Leylin checked out his surroundings “It’s probably wise to first find a place to rest…”

[Warning! Warning! High energy force field convergence detected ahead, determined to be a rank 1 offensive spell!]

The moment he stepped out of the bar. Leylin felt his scalp go numb, the blood vessels deep inside his body also started to surge and boil, emitting a sense of foreboding.

At the same time, A.I. Chip also started to project a large amount of red letter of warning.

“This attack is aimed at me!”

Leylin’s mind was working on overdrive. His body turned into a blur as he dodged to the side.


Suddenly, powerful energy waves exploded in front of Leylin. Dozens of weapons made of a silvery metal formed a metallic storm, which raged at the area where Leylin had previously stood.

The bar was directly cut in half, and the ceiling was shattered, exposing countless stupefied magicians and the painful groans of those who had hurt by the aftermath.

“Kid, I have found you!”

As the debris settled, upon the ruins stood a midget, who was staring at Leylin’s face with a pair of eyes that were like daggers.

“You are… part of the Lilytell family?!”

Leylin patted the dust off his body, and calmly squared off against the midget.

Among the people and powers that he had offended, only that elder of the Lilytell family could have this kind of enmity and capability. In addition, the spell was similar to what Bosain had used.

“You are courting death!”

Leylin’s actions had clearly enraged his opponent. The midget waved his hand as countless metallic fluids floated up in midair to form weapons such as long spears and giant swords. On the surface, it even radiated the acute radiation of energy forcefield.

“Go!” With a point of his finger, the metallic weapons once again chopped down at Leylin.

“Latent Fireball!”

Leylin chanted his spell at lightning speed. From the shadows a dozen black fireballs emerged and collided against the metallic weapons, causing violent magical explosions.

[Target’s magic determined as Metallic. Degree of attack: 32 degrees!] The A.I. Chip probed this information, which let Leylin release a breath of relief.

“You do have some skills, no wonder you could kill my subordinates and my grandson!”

The midget said.

“So you are the elder of the Lilytell family and the grandfather of Bosain? Quite without scruples!” Leylin retorted.

“This… gentleman, this bar is under the protection of the Dorian family, within this…”

From the ruins, the old geezer with the white beard and glasses that was tending the bar finally stepped forward.

“I know!” the midget tossed over a piece of metal. “I have met your family’s Buffett a couple of times, this is his keepsake! And there is even a message on it!”

“So, it is Master Lilytell, who is here to apprehend a criminal!”

The old geezer threw Leylin a gaze of pity, then hurriedly bowed to the midget. “Since that’s the case, the Dorian family will maintain a neutral stand on this!”

“Huh, kiddo, you’re able to escape well! Did you think the rules here could save you?”

The midget looked at Leylin with an unspeakable expression filled with schadenfreude, as if he wanted to see Leylin’s expression of despair. “The strong dictate the rules, and the weak can only obey. This is the norm of the world”.

The midget spread his hands. “The ignorant fools that dare to provoke my Lilytell family must pay the price in blood!”

Rays after rays of white metallic light appeared from the body of the midget. In just a moment, a silvery metal armor formed on his body.

The metal energy particles in the air kept revolving around the midget, emitting bright and dazzling lights.

“This… this kind of strength! It’s a semi-converted elemental Magus!!”

The large bloke and the leading old geezer who had arrived with Leylin hadn’t left, and they were now looking with shocked gazes at Leylin and the midget as they stood in the middle of the battlefield.

“No wonder he was in such a hurry to leave, he had actually gotten himself in such big trouble, tsk tsk! A semi-converted elemental Magus…”

A hint of schadenfreude flashed by the leading geezer’s eyes. According to him, since the opponent was a semi-converted elemental Magus and Leylin had been caught up to, it spelled certain death for Leylin!

In the Magus world, a semi-converted elemental Magus was a Magus with an elemental essence conversion that was higher than 50%!

This kind of strength was pretty good in the entirety of the south coast. If no chairman of some major academies or the like stepped in, you could basically walk around the south coast uncontested.

One could say that even if all the Magi in the whole bar came together, they still wouldn’t be able to stop this one lone midget.

What about Leylin? He was only a fledgling Magus, and might not even know what elemental essence conversion was. The leading geezer didn’t even think Leylin would survive this.

“Right! There are also these people!”

After recklessly leaking some of his power, the midget turned around to look at the geezer and the big bloke. He then said, “Is he one of your acquaintances?”

“My Lord! My Lord!”

The geezer was now bowing, his head almost touching the ground. “I did not know this person’s past, and I also did not know that he was someone that was wanted by the great Lilytell family! Otherwise, I would have…”

*Pa! Pa!*

By the time that the geezer had said half of his plead for mercy, Leylin and the midget had charged towards each other in the shadows. The ruins were unceasingly shaking.

“He only used you to disrupt Leylin’s attention…” The big bloke, standing at one side, said with a laugh.

“What do you know?” the leader old geezer said, as he awkwardly got up.

At this moment, Leylin’s body was covered in fine black scales. It gave off a brilliant shine, and his body muscles began to bulge. He kept colliding into the silver-armored silhouette.

The surrounding buildings could collapse immediately at the slightest brush. The two men seemed to have morphed into ancient beasts, recklessly displaying the violent strength of their bodies.


The silver-armored silhouette waved his fist, and a mass of liquid metal automatically adhered to it, turning the normal fist into a barbed fist cover.

Leylin’s expression didn’t change. His hand emitted a dark red glow, as he fiercely rammed it against the barbed fist.

*Boom!!!* The atmosphere continuously exploded, resulting in plumes of dust particles.

From the inside of the dust, two figures could be seen flying upside down.

*Bang Bang!* Several houses at both sides were knocked over, but the ones who lived there were mostly acolytes. Upon seeing official Magi fight, everyone distanced themselves from the fight, and no one stepped out to discuss the fight.

“Sure enough, at an official Magi battle, the key is to be able to use formidable magic in the blink of an eye. The enemy will not give you much time to prepare any magic!”

Leylin waved his right hand, which was turning numb.

*Crash!* After turning numerous somersaults in the air, out emerged the silver-armoured midget, “I’ve underestimated you, kid!”

The midget revealed a sinister smile. “However, no matter what, you’ll have to die here today!”

“Oh really?”

Leylin showed a smile on the corner of his mouth, “But I think I can still live for a long time!”

“Unfortunately, this is just a body!” The midget suddenly said a strange verse and his body started to make rattling and crackling sounds.

*Hong hong hong!!!* The midget’s face became twisted, and his body muscles began to swell. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a three-metre tall giant!

*Kacha!* *Kacha!*

The giant’s clothes split open, and on the left side of his chest, there was an old man’s face, with silver coloured hair, and metallic ornaments on his face.

“Today, you’re doomed to die here. Your spirit will burn forever!”

The old geezer stared at Leylin as he opened his mouth to chant an incantation.

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