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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 156: Pass

Chapter 156: Pass

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Regular humans who lived in the domain of light Magi had better lives than those in the dark Magi domain.

Furthermore, the revered magicians even allowed them to obtain resident rights in Zone 2 as long as they continuously worked hard for it.

However, from what Leylin saw, it was only a different form of management.

Regular humans were treated at the same level as wild grasses in the dark Magi domain, and they did not receive management very often. The only thing was that they would be harvested in times of need.

As for the light Magi, they treated these humans as pieces of property; hence, they could afford to invest huge amounts of time and effort to manage them in order to reap greater benefits.

Even in the most open minded domain of the light Magi, magicians always had a position far above regular humans. Furthermore, this gap in status surpassed the gap between regular humans and nobles.

Leylin saw many situations in which regular humans, even those that seemed to be nobility, respectfully moved aside and gave a deep bow when they saw an acolyte.

Leylin paid no mind to these situations, however. The test today was rather taxing, and he was prepared to enjoy a hearty feast, then proceed to Crew’s house to inquire about some matters.

The old geezer was very talkative, and Leylin wasn’t planning on asking him anything confidential, so he was naturally willing to entertain Leylin.

* Crash! *


Suddenly, a little girl in a white dress, who was chasing something like a rubber ball, bumped into Leylin’s leg.

Rather than Leylin, who stayed in the same spot, the little girl fell backwards onto the ground.

She opened her eyes wide, and when she saw Leylin in his leather armour, she promptly began to cry in fear.

The congested street instantly became quiet, and regular people quickly backed away. Even a few acolytes yelped, “official Magus,” and phrases along those lines, and bowed while drawing back.

“My lord! Please forgive my daughter for unwittingly offending you!”

At the moment, a slightly plump noble prostrated himself in front of Leylin. He had cold sweat dripping down his quivering body.

In the Nightless City, the authority of the official Magi were extremely high. Even if they were to casually kill several humans, they would, at most, only be fined a set amount of magic crystals.

If Leylin’s mood wasn’t good, he could just kill these two people here, and they wouldn’t be able to do anything but accept their fate.

The plump noble kowtowed as he pulled the little girl to kneel as well. “Quickly, seek forgiveness from the Lord!”

This atmosphere that seemed like a befalling calamity had also influenced the little girl. She held back her sobs and blankly stared on.

“It’s alright!”

Leylin picked up the rubber ball on the roadside and handed it to the little girl. He even ruffled her hair with his right hand.

“It’s no big deal! No need to worry!”

“Thank you, Lord!” “Thank you, Lord!”

With a feeling of a renewed life, the fatty’s words were choked back. Even the little girl that he had brought along seemed to heave a sigh of relief.

“Do not be this impudent in the future anymore!”

Leylin nonchalantly lectured the fatty before leaving the scene in large strides, as the revered gazes of the passerby stared on.

“Do not be this disobedient in future anymore. Fortunately, this time, it was a kind magician. If it wasn’t…”

The fatty wiped off the sweat on his forehead as he scolded the girl.

As for the white-robed girl, she looked at the direction Leylin headed towards with admiration.


Nine days later, in a spacious room.

An old Magus with a head of white hair and gilded spectacles was looking at the pieces of information he was holding in his hand.

Within a transparent crystal ball, lines of text appeared.

“Leylin Farlier! From the Chernobyl Islands. Entered Abyssal Bone Forest Academy in the year 20987 of the Saint Yuan Calendar!” Next to these words, there was also a picture of a boy who was around thirteen or fourteen years old, and very similar in appearance to the current Leylin.

On another crystal ball nearby, there was a detailed record of Leylin’s experiences in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. As long as the information was made available to the public, it was all written there. There was even an article regarding the matter of how he had offended the Lilytell family.

“Hm! For the sake of a couple remnants? Seems reasonable!”

The old Magus nodded.

“Look, should we ask him to hand over the research materials he obtained from the ruins?” A Magus with a third eye on his forehead said.

“No, all official Magi have their own secrets. We need to learn to be lenient and tolerant, or else all of the magicians in the organisation would end up only acting for their personal benefits, leading to the segregation of groups!

There were several Magi who had journeyed throughout the south coast and managed to break through. If Four Seasons Garden demanded Leylin hand over his research, it would definitely draw the ire of other Magi, which would definitely provide no benefits for them.

“However, based on Wade’s information, that Magus called Leylin had a slightly different aura than regular Magi. He might have broken through with some ancient methods…”

The Three-Eyed Magus was somewhat unresigned.

“Those alternative paths that a Magus might take may not have the advantages that you think they might…”

The old Magus looked at Three-Eyes beside him, and could not help but remind him.

“Time is the best judge. In the long history of competition, several tens of thousands of years have already passed. Branded Swordsmen, Elemental Bards, and Divine Warriors have all become extinct with the passage of time. Only we, who are the most traditional of magicians, have been preserved. Does this not explain everything?”

The old Magus’ eyes shone with wisdom.

“For some subclasses, although they might have favorable conditions when they advance, most of their routes on the path of advancement become blocked. It’s not even close to us, who can see continuous progress with constant cultivation in meditation techniques.

“Moreover, one must believe in time and the power of influencing through good will! Learn to embrace them!”

The old Magus smiled with confidence.

“We should not treat him as an enemy, but as a friend. After some time, he will naturally sense our good will. Moreover, the bountiful reserves of our Four Seasons Garden will definitely contain something that he needs!”

The old Magus merely adopted a soft approach instead of a hard one. Even with such an approach, it did not mean that he had given up on obtaining the information.

“Other than the Lilytell Family, is the Magus called Leylin really not a criminal wanted by anyone else?”

The old Magus asked again.

“I’ve checked multiple times, Mentor!” Wade bowed, “After Leylin went to the south coast, he usually stayed within the compounds of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy to study. He had little contact with other powers, and nine days ago, he…”

Next, Wade gave a brief summary of how Leylin let go of the father and daughter a few days ago.

“Look, he’s still on the side of the light!”

The old Magus smiled as he spoke to the three-eyed Magus.

“Hmph! It’s just for show!” The three-eyed Magus made a sound of contempt.

“We always look at their actions, and not their heart!” the old Magus said a proverb.

“Even if it’s a show, it also shows his willingness to enter a white Magus’ faction! That’s a lot better than those unrepentant dark Magi!”

“In that case, do you mean…?”

Three-Eyes bowed slightly.

“Tell the Potioneering team that we have found them someone with potential…”


Naturally, Leylin would not know of such events. However, he more or less grasped the general situation.

With the strength of the Four Seasons Garden, it was very likely that all of his experiments from a young age until now would be displayed in front of a table that would be vetting him!

Furthermore, they would most likely infer that he had killed Bosain for the inheritance and was now on the run.

However, he was not worried at all.

The great Magus Serholm had utterly destroyed the Dylan Gardens. Since the dead party could not verify anything, they would at most reckon that he had obtained some subclass Magus information, and could have only advanced to an official Magus with some luck, so his future progress would be extremely limited.

Moreover, he was now an official Magus. Other guilds would definitely have official Magi who advanced under similar circumstances, and if they were to try to get to the truth, they would not be able to gain the trust of these Magi who had advanced in special scenarios. At the very end, they were still forces of the light Magi, so no matter how they thought inwardly, they had to show a good reputation on the outside.

As long as Leylin was able to hide the meditation technique of the great Magus Serholm and the A.I. Chip’s purification of bloodlines, he was not afraid of letting them find out about other things.

Just as he expected, the moment he reached the reception area, he could see that Wade, who he had previously met, was already there waiting for him.

“Nice to meet you, Magus Leylin!” Wade smiled as he bowed towards Leylin.

“Congratulations on passing the test. From here on, you are a member of the Four Seasons Garden!” Wade gave a passionate smile.

“I am also honoured to enter such a great organisation as the Four Seasons Garden!”

Leylin had a look of excitement on his face.

“There are still a few contracts and procedures we need to go through regarding your entry. Please follow me!”

Wade walked in front and led the way, bring Leylin out of Nightless City.

Seeing the look of doubt on Leylin’s face, Wade explained, “Even though Four Seasons Garden has a few laboratories and a reception area in Zone 5, our headquarters is in the outskirts of Nightless City.”

“I see!” Leylin nodded, following Wade to a region near the gates to the city.

In front of Leylin was a large square, and in the middle, there were several wooden crosses, to which creatures of all shapes and sizes were tied.

“This is one of the Four Seasons Garden’s contacts, from which you can choose a specialized mount!”

Wade pointed at a giant magical creature that had just landed from the air.

“Although you can rent them, I suggest that you buy one for your personal use as transportation!”

Wade walked to a small wooden hut beside the plaza and greeted the person inside through the window.

“Madre, give me two Dragon Crown Nighthawks, as I wish to go to the headquarters!”

“I got it, I got it. You told me already!” The man behind the window impatiently answered, and tossed out two green metal sheets.

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