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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 158: Decarte

Chapter 158: Decarte

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“Good, now let’s speak about your allocations…”

Reynold told Leylin.

“According to Wade, you have an amazing talent and ability in Potioneering. We cannot allow such a talent to be neglected. After some consideration, we are prepared to arrange you into the Potioneering team. Do you have any objections?”

“I couldn’t wish for anything better!” Leylin smiled.

Since there were Potioneering teams, there should be other alchemy teams, battle teams and more. Leylin only wanted to enter the organisation to get a salary and gather some resources. He definitely would not be willing to endanger his life fighting battles for them.

As for being able to join the Potioneering team, the requirements should be related to Potioneering, which was something he specialised in.

It seemed that intentionally having exposed his innate skill and strength from before had helped him in his promotion.

“Alright! Wade, bring Leylin to the Decarte of the Potioneering team, and then come back. In regards to the Moonflower Flame incident, I think there are better ways to deal with it…… ”

“Yes, teacher!” Wade gave a bow, and took Leylin away with him.

“What do you think? My tutor is a good person, right?”

Wade asked Leylin with a sense of pride and boasting. Being in front of Leylin, who was now a fellow comrade, he was visibly much more relaxed.

“He is a wise and amiable senior!” This time, Leylin naturally would not sing a different tune.

“Ha ha…… everyone says that. Come, let me bring you to the Potioneering team. Decarte, over there, is overly conservative, but he still attentively cultivates truly talented young magicians…”

Wade divulged a quite a bit of information without much thought.

At the end of the turn, a magician in black robes emerged.

This magician exuded a twisted and chilling murderous aura with faint howls from vengeful spirits, causing Leylin to feel sensitive.

The most eye-catching thing about this magician was his vertical third eye in the middle of his forehead.

The vertical eye was always open, and its pupil was pitch-black. It seemed to lack feeling or sensation, causing one to not help but shiver.

“Wade, this new Magus doesn’t seem to be very polite……”

The three-eyed Magus said coldly. An icy spiritual force immediately pounced onto Leylin.


Leylin was caught by surprise, and immediately gathered his spiritual force to defend.

*Pop!* Fine bubbles of air in the atmosphere began to pop.

The moment their spiritual forces met, Leylin could feel that his opponent’s spiritual force contained a strong aura of fresh blood. This kind of odor was so dense that Leylin nearly suffocated as he could not dispel it.

And besides, his opponent’s level of elemental essence conversion far surpassed that of semi­-converted elemental Magi. Leylin’s spiritual force collapsed under his opponent’s attack.

As if a sledgehammer had smashed into Leylin’s chest, he stumbled two steps back, and his face turned white.

The three-eyed magician looked bewilderedly at Leylin, “Your spiritual force is not bad, but it’s a pity that it was still insufficient…”

Subsequently, he did not take another look at Leylin, and proceeded past them.

It seemed that the Magus was trying to show off and demonstrate his prowess.

“Are you okay?” Wade looked a little worried for Leylin.

“No problem, my spiritual force is just a little shaken up. A few days of rest is all I need to get better!” Leylin looked in the direction of three-eyed Magus as he left, “Who is he?”

“He is Lord Caesar, a Magus personally nurtured by the Four Seasons Garden, and with valiant fighting strength. He is in charge of the hunting team, and is the role as our deputy commander!”

Wade looked at Leylin with a bitter smile on his lips.

“Lord Caesar believes that foreign magicians will only damage the Four Seasons Garden’s unity, and believes that recruiting new magicians should be banned…”

As if afraid that Leylin would worry, he added on, “Of course, my teacher, Lord Reynold, does not agree with his point of view. Furthermore, my teacher was one of the pioneers of this organisation. At the present, the Four Seasons Garden’s higher authorities are still in favour of recruiting new magicians…”

“Head of the hunting team……”

Leylin glared in the direction of Lord Caesar, and a ray of light flashed from his eyes.

“A.I. Chip, estimate the opponent’s strength!”

[Based on the spiritual force emitted by the opponent, target’s strength estimated: Rank 1 Magus with peak strength, elemental essence conversion above 80%…]

“With this kind of strength, it bears a resemblance to the elder from the Lilytell Family. By the looks of it, if I was paired to battle against him, I’d have little chance of winning…”

Tons of complicated ideas were swirling around in Leylin’s mind.

“Okay, let me bring you to the Potioneering team…”

Wade quickly changed the topic, and Leylin followed behind Wade without comment.

Along the way, Wade tried his best to speak about other topics, hoping Leylin would forget about the unhappiness from earlier on. Even though they both knew it was impossible, Leylin still acted as if he was listening attentively.

“After becoming a part of our team, you can live here permanently in a house for free. However, life here is very monotonous; we just conduct experiments after experiments. Hence, many magicians like to own housing in the Nightless City, so that they can have a vacation over there from time to time…”

Wade responsibly told Leylin what to expect. After crossing several forks in the road, they came to a stone bridge that spanned mid-air across an overhanging cliff, which led to a botanic garden.

The floor here was made of metal, and the surroundings were a tidy and clean shade of white, causing the misconception of returning to his laboratory from his past life.

On both sides of the road, there was also transparent glass.

Behind the glass were petri dishes, in which various sorts of exotic plants had been planted.

Walking Earth Grass, Giant Food Flowers, Face Vines… With just a casual sweep of his eyes, Leylin found countless precious plants. Some were even important ingredients for cultivating spiritual force, but of course, they were only effective for acolytes.

Any newly recruited rank 1 Magus would be astonished at all these things, but Leylin had seen the great Magus Serholm’s Dylan Gardens that he had personally cultivated, and all these plants were nothing compared to what he had seen before.

However, a shocked expression still flashed across his face.

“We’ve arrived. This is the Potioneering headquarters!”

Wade brought Leylin through the garden, and arrived in front of two huge stone statues that resembled monsters.

“Password!” The statue started to speak.

“Tell Decarte that I’ve brought someone here for him! And also, don’t make jokes to amuse yourself! If it happens again, I’ll tell the teachers to change all guarding systems in this facility! You should know that I have that power!”

Wade bellowed at the statue.

As if he knew that Wade wasn’t joking, the enormous stone statue monster chuckled before getting out of the way.

“These two statues seem to have been manufactured defectively. The creator mistakenly stuffed a couple of mischievous spirits into the statues. Just ignore them!”

Wade brought Leylin through, then told Leylin.

“Mischievous spirits?” Leylin stared blankly, while immediately recalling a written account from an illustrated handbook.

“Those that resemble goblins, and tease people for their own pleasure… Those spirits? This is really… it deserves our sympathy!”

“To be honest, I also have some sympathy for myself!”

While Leylin was speaking, a tunnel behind the stone statue was opened, revealing what seemed like a structure of a ginormous auditorium.

There was a huge gold chandelier suspended from the ceiling of the auditorium. There were plenty of giant candles on it, illuminating the auditorium.

In the auditorium, there were numerous unusually long white birch tables with all sorts of delicacies spread on top. There were only a few magicians, and they were sitting far away from each other. Only a few of them who seemed to have a better relationship huddled together to chat.

The voice from earlier on belonged to a middle-aged magician on the platform.

“Here, let me introduce to you, this is Lord Decarte, the head of the Potioneering team. He is a Magus at the peak of Rank 1, and on the verge of breaking through to Rank 2!”

Wade smiled as he saluted Decarte, then said to Leylin.

“Lord Decarte!”

Leylin quickly bowed.

“Hehe, I know you! I’ve seen the clip of you brewing the medicine; your technique was really admirable! From now on, we’ll be colleagues! Everyone, please give a toast to our newest comrade!”

Decarte snapped his fingers, and two cups filled with mead flew in front of him and Leylin.

“Cheers!” All of the magicians present raised their cups.

“Thanks!” Leylin took the cup. The mead’s alcohol content was not high, and it tasted like sweet liquor. Its taste was pleasant.

“Well, since I’ve sent Leylin here, I will be taking my leave!”

Wade drank his wine in one shot, “My dear teacher is still waiting!”

“Since you still have something to attend to, I shall not delay you any further. Leylin, come! Sit here!”

While Decarte was speaking, the acolytes beside him immediately arranged a new long table. Countless kinds of delicacies and fruits were continuously brought to the table, quickly piling up onto the table.

Leylin slightly bowed and arrived at his own seat.

Only at this time did he have the chance to size up Decarte, the formidable Potioneering team leader.

Decarte wore white robes, onto which green plant designs had been embroidered.

His face’s shape was common, and on his forehead was a dark green headband, making him look extremely indolent.

Around Leylin, there were also a couple of servants, who were dressed glamorously. From the aura they gave off, they were level 3 acolytes from noble families.

He took a look around. Solely in this auditorium, there were at least thirty official Magi, and countless acolytes.

This was only a Potioneering team. In terms of overall strength, it had already surpassed the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

The banquet carried on for about an hour and a half. After the majority of the magicians had finished eating, the acolytes brought beverages of different colours. The atmosphere in the auditorium slowly cozied up, resembling the tea parties Leylin had attended in his past life.

“Alright. This meal and welcoming ceremony are over. Let us discuss the allocation of work now…”

Decarte spoke on the platform, his voice resonating to the ears of every magician present.

Upon hearing this, the magicians put down their cups.

“Elmo! How’s the progress of the Giant Dragon Strength Potion?”

A voluptuous female magician stood up, “I am about 70% done with deducing the formula, and am currently stuck at some crucial points. I am applying for the third centrifuge and supplies from the fifth garden…”

“Good. After the banquet ends, submit an application form!” Decarte nodded in agreement.

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