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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 159: Exchange

Chapter 159: Exchange

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“How about you, Martin? How is the brewing of the monthly 300 doses of Frost Potions?”

Martin was a short old man, and when his name was called, he seemed uneasy as he stood up.

“Si… Sir, you know it. I am having a shortage of manpower… Also, recently, the apparatuses have…”

“I don’t care what your reasons are, Martin. Isn’t this the third time already?” Decarte’s face darkened.

“Please… Please forgive me, Sir!” Martin’s face reddened.

“It’s timely that you’re lacking in manpower. Leylin will first be assigned to your team, and I will provide you with another 3 synthesizing machines. If you are still unable to complete your task by next month, your allowance for this year will be greatly reduced!”

“Yes, Sir!” Martin could not help but to wipe the sweat off of his face.

Leylin, who heard his name being called, got up.

Next, Decarte called on several other magicians, inquired about their progress, and made the necessary arrangements.

After the banquet, Leylin took the initiative to slow his footsteps and walk alongside Martin.

“Having you come to my team… I’m sorry…” Martin apologised.

“It’s not a problem!”

In any team, all newbies had to suffer at the beginning, and Leylin was well aware of this fact.

“Alright, let’s move on. I’ll bring you to the lab and your room. There’s also some stuff that you’ll need to know.”

Even though Martin looked quite inept, he was enthusiastically guiding Leylin through the registration processes.

“Take it. They’re the keys to your room, as well as your identity token!”

The old geezer Martin brought Leylin to a house that was constructed of black stones. Also, he handed over an old bronze key and an identity token to Leylin.

The ancient key was modelled in an old fashioned way.There were even some characters inscribed on it.

As for the identity token, it was made of a translucent metal, with Leylin’s name and other information carved onto it.

“Just with this token, you are able to go to the organisation’s resource point and obtain a portion of precious ingredients, as well as some advanced information.”

Martin explained to Leylin with patience.

“This token is extremely important, and if you lose, it there will be quite a hassle. You must definitely protect it well…”

Seeing that Leylin nodded his head to express his understanding, Martin brought Leylin to view the experiment labs and rooms.

“The experiment lab is a common shared area, and its number is dkh-328! The apparatus in it is rather decent, and enough for an official Magus. Furthermore, if you have any other special requests, you can apply for it through the organisation. As long as you have enough contribution points, the organisation will do their best to fulfill your requests…”

Leylin had heard Martin mention contribution points before. They were a method that the Four Seasons Garden used to gauge the merits of individual Magi. After finishing the appointed amount of work required, an official Magus could obtain contribution points.

These points could not only raise the status of the team but could also be used to exchange for essential resources and knowledge.

From what Leylin could tell, this was a form of currency in the Four Seasons Garden.

“Speaking of contribution points, since you have only just entered, I’m sure you don’t have enough. How about it? Do you want to accept one or two acolytes? These kinds of assignments give the most contribution points.”

Martin suggested helpfully.

“Actually, I don’t have any plans on teaching anyone anytime soon!”

Leylin smiled and refused Martin’s request.

“However, how does the academy function to protect a member’s family?”

Leylin briefly stated the issue of him offending the Lilytell Family to Martin.

Under the insurance of safety and personal benefits, Leylin would not mind leaving a lifeline for the previous Leylin’s Farlier family

After all, he was still the eldest son and heir to this family in name.

Also, if the opportunity presented itself, Leylin wished to make up for the fact that he had borrowed the body of this family’s child.

“Oh, don’t worry about it!”

Martin listened to what he said and shook his head.

“Our Four Seasons Garden is a lot more powerful than the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. As long as we get in contact with them, the Farlier family in the Chernobyl Islands will definitely be taken good care of! Furthermore, based on the contract that you’ve signed with us, before it’s certain that you’re dead, the Lilytell family will definitely not be able to hurt your family of regular humans.”

“There’s such a rule?”

Leylin was a little curious. No matter that world he was in, it was acknowledged that harming one’s family was a very good way causing one to seek revenge, much less in the Magus world, where the regard of law was lacking.

“Is this… the fear of revenge?” Leylin guessed.

“Exactly. You’re fast!”

Martin looked pleased with Leylin. “An official Magus that has nothing to tie him down is the scariest. Especially the fact that the Lilytell Family’s members are not all magicians. There are definitely acolytes and normal human beings amongst them…”

Leylin understood that this was a mutual fear of each other.

Before his death was confirmed, as long as the Lilytell Family dared to strike at the Farlier Family, it would definitely incur the wrath and revenge of Leylin.

Also, with the strength of an official Magus, slaughtering those humans and acolytes would be as easy as eating rice and drinking water.

Even if the Lilytell Family was rather established, they would definitely not be able to handle such a loss.

Hence, the Farlier Family would completely be safe.

“What’s more, you’ve joined us!” Martin’s expression was one of pride, and perhaps conceit.

“The Four Seasons Garden’s might is not something that the likes of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy can even begin to compare to. After hearing that you joined our side, they might have even thought of withdrawing their order for your capture!”

“I don’t really care about that!”

Leylin thought about Bosain, who he had killed. This acolyte of nobility seemed to be the sole grandson of the elder of the Lilytell Family.

In addition, they had also dispatched a rank 1 Magus to kill him, who had ended up dying by Leylin’s hand.

This enmity could not be so easily resolved.

“I’ve heard that the competition to be the next head of the Lilytell Family has reached the most crucial point. That elder is also known for being headstrong, and will not tolerate my existence. Otherwise, his image and reputation will be ruined…”

On the contrary, as Leylin thought of this, a look of anticipation appeared in his eyes.

Right now his strength was rapidly increasing. Moreover, once he underwent his second transition of his bloodline, his strength would definitely be boosted by a significant amount. At that time, it would not be a matter of whether the enemy would let Leylin leave, but whether Leylin would let them go.


Four months later.

Leylin wore a loose white robe, with patterns of green plants embroidered on the sleeves and collar.

This was the uniform that official Magi in the Four Seasons Garden wore.

He was presently passing through the side roads in the mountain of the Four Seasons Garden’s headquarters.

After walking through a tunnel full of little plant people, he arrived at an ancient square.

The square seemed to be constructed in the heart of the mountain and was very large. The ceiling was made of solid rock, and an innumerable amount of everlasting light spells had been added to the wall, brightening up the entire room.

This was the place in the Four Seasons Garden where he could exchange contribution points for resources.

Here, whether it was an acolyte or Magus, one could use contribution points and gain the materials and information that they wanted.

In addition, as an official Magi, Leylin was able to gain his monthly allocation for finishing his monthly tasks.

Many magicians who wished to join the Four Seasons Garden were attracted by this temptation, which was second only to having a large backer supporting them.

Leylin specifically walked towards to counter that handled the redemption of contribution points for official Magi.

The staff member in here was actually an official Magus as well. This official Magus was a female, with ocean blue hair that softly rested on her shoulders. On the sides of her lips, there were traces of gills.

“Hello, may I ask what you require?” The female Magus asked using the common language of the south coast, her voice extremely gentle and pleasing to the ears.

“This feeling…” Leylin was instead alarmed, “It’s extremely similar to the time when I was brewing the Azure Potion, where the voices of mermaids singing were heard…”

“It seems that this woman has a trace of the mermaids’ bloodline…”

Leylin’s expression on the surface was indifferent, as he looked at the woman and handed over his token. “I am here to retrieve some ingredients; is there a catalogue for them?”

“This is the catalogue of the items that you are currently able to exchange for!” The female Magus swept her eyes over Leylin’s token and seemed surprised as she looked at Leylin. After that, she pretended that it was not a big deal, and handed over a catalogue to him.

Leylin looked at the list of items on the catalogue in detail.

This list was extremely long. Not only were there many resources that were precious even in the Nightless City, there were also many pieces high-grade information, and the latest results of experiments.

Furthermore, Leylin even saw some spiritual force potions that were meant for an official Magus’ consumption. However, the contribution points required were so high that Leylin could only long for them.

“Sky Flower Welk Fruit, Dwarf Frost Runes, Elemental Crystals!”

Leylin’s fingers stopped when they traced the words of ‘elemental crystals’ on the catalogue. His previous backlash from consuming them had now disappeared, so he could once again obtain more crystallised Darkness energy particles to raise his elemental essence conversion.

Leylin fervently looked through the entry of the elemental crystals, and finally, at the end of the list of the names of energy particles, he found the name that he was searching for.

“Crystallised Darkness energy particles: able to effectively raise the elemental essence conversion of a Magus. Also has major residual effects. Use at your own risk! Available: 5850g. 1g = 1 contribution point. Limit: Regular team members can only buy a maximum of 50g per month!”

“This price?”

Leylin frowned.

Based on this method of calculation, he could purchase 50g of elemental crystals at the most, which would deplete his contribution points by about half.

He had used up 300 grams of crystals, which raised his elemental essence conversion to 35%. With another 50g, at the very most, he would be able to raise it to 40%, which just wouldn’t be enough!

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