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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 160: Four Seasons Secret Plane

Chapter 160: Four Seasons Secret Plane

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“Why is the price of these crystals so expensive?”

Leylin could not help but blurt out, “Also, there’s a limit to the quantity that I can purchase?”

From the looks of it, with such a method for calculating the price, elemental crystals were one of the most expensive items in the catalogue. Their prices were only second to that of a spiritual force potion.

Leylin had stayed in the Four Seasons Garden for four months and had been allocated 10 contribution points per month. This meant that even if Leylin stayed idle, he would be able to get ten contribution points per month from the Four Seasons Garden. Furthermore, he had joined Martin’s squad, and every time he completed a mission, he would receive a fixed amount of contribution points.

However, even after adding all of these up, it was actually still not enough to buy many items.

“Although the backlash of the elemental crystals is great, it is undeniable that it can boost the strength of a Magus. Naturally, it is an item that is highly sought after.”

The female Magus seemed to have heard these questions countless of times, so she did not hesitate with her reply.

“Give me 50 grams of elemental crystals, and on top of that, add these two pieces of high-grade information!”

Leylin paused and thought, before pointing to the catalogue and saying to the female Magus.

He knew that he had made a mistake; the Four Seasons Garden’s monthly allocation of resources could not be stacked up, but was instead fixed for every month.

That was to say, Leylin could obtain up to 50 grams of elemental crystals per month, but he was not able to wait and receive several months’ worth of allocations at the same time.

Moreover, even if he knew beforehand that the monthly allocations could not be accumulated, he, who had just joined, did not have that many contribution points allocated to him in the first place.

“A total of 80 contribution points!”

The female Magus took Leylin’s badge and waved it above a black machine. Bright red lights flashed.

Following that, she then retrieved the items that Leylin had requested from behind the counter.

“Thank you!”

Leylin stuff the items in his robes and left the plaza with a heavy heart.

“Leylin! Leylin!”

A short magus, with a height of merely one meter and a skull like a gnome, hurriedly ran to Leylin.

“You’re just in time. Follow me, Martin was just looking for you!”

From what Leylin knew about this short Magus, he had also been temporarily assigned to Martin’s group. The two of them had accomplished a significant amount of missions together and had a decent relationship with each other.

“Is anything wrong?”

Leylin was a little curious.

As the leader, Martin would usually lead and plan the task. In other areas, however, Martin had little presence.

“It seems like this is related to this month’s task!” Leylin said. The short Magus revealed a delightful smile.

“Ever since Leylin joined Team 3, our rate of success has been steadily increasing, allowing Martin to gain favour with Lord Decarte! In addition, since our group has been performing exceedingly well, Decarte has started assigning us other more challenging tasks with higher quality rewards.”

“This time, it probably has to do with this matter……”

“Other tasks?” Leylin was a little curious.

Ever since he had joined Team 3 under Martin, the tasks that had been assigned to him had always been the brewing of frost potions and the like.

In this complicated and taxing task, the presence of the A.I. Chip had begun to show its advantages. Leylin’s completion rate was exceptionally stunning.

Thus, although Leylin consciously hid some of his progress, deliberately committing mistakes, his contribution to the small team was remarkable, gaining him the respect of many of the members.

Leylin followed behind the short Magus, passing through a couple of long and narrow forks, and eventually arriving at Team 3’s meeting point.

*Pong!* The iron door opened up at once.


Martin was slumped over at a long table and using a red pen to write, but after noticing Leylin, he briefly put his existing work on hold, his face revealing a pleasant smile.

To him, Leylin was basically his savior.

With Leylin’s entry into the team, he had been able to complete his own task, assuredly securing his own resources this year, and also helping his team accomplish some marvelous tasks.

It was only now that he believed that Leylin was his lucky star.

There were other members of Team 3 in the spacious room. Upon seeing Leylin, their faces displayed amicable smiles.

“Great! Now that everyone is present, I shall talk about this month’s task!”

Martin happily took out a scroll wrapped with a golden ribbon out from his robe, steadily opening it in front of Leylin and the others.

“Our task this month is to maintain a specific area within the secret plane. Reward: 50 contribution points each!”


Even though they were aware that the task this time around would be very good, the Magi situated below were in chaos.

“It’s actually to enter the secret plane! This is really…” The short Magus had a very excited look on his face.

At the corner, Leylin revealed his surprise too. “Such a huge reward, and also, a secret plane?”

A secret plane was a domain that ancient Magi had constructed in order to house resources or conduct experiments. It was isolated by spells, and by the looks of it, the Four Seasons Garden possessed such a place as well.

“I almost forgot, Leylin, you have just joined not long ago, and probably are still unaware of the secret plane!”

Martin closed and rebound the scroll, smiling as he walked towards Leylin.

“Leylin, from what you know, what is the one thing that a Magus values the most?”

“Talent and resources!” Leylin answered without hesitation. This was the common consensus from all Magi in the south coast.

“Not bad. A Magus’s aptitude is set from birth, and is impossible to change, and the only way to make up for it thereafter is in the resources aspect!”

“With sufficient resources, even a Magus with an average aptitude can possibly reach the footsteps of a gifted Magus… …”

Martin showed a face of awe.

“Thus, once ancient Magi advanced, they would search for an area that had a high concentration of elemental energy particles, and construct a secret plane to nurture and grow resources… For this reason, it is the root of many ancient Magi remnants that you see now!”

“As for the current generation of Magi, they are far from the overpowering might of ancient Magi, who could cast isolation spells on their own, and set up spells that could stretch and compress space… some needed resources like space rocks for the construction, which cannot be found by the current age Magi!”

“Thus, at the current south coast, the inner circles of magisteriums have joined forces to open up and cultivate a part of a secret plane as a mainstream activity…”

“Perhaps, there are a few lucky ones. Those who are so lucky that they can cause jealousy, obtaining ancient remnants and inheritances and controlling a secret plane. That is really a story of instant success…”

Martin’s face was tinged with envy.

Of course, Leylin knew what a secret plane represented, as the knowledge that he had previously gathered at the Dylan Gardens had been deeply etched into his memory.

Simply owning a part of a secret plane would mean the provision of limitless resources!

For a Magi who especially required resources, this was an irresistible offer.

However, the capability of a Magus was limited, and one unable to build a new secret plane on his or her own. Only when working together could Magi build a secret plane.

Leylin had predicted the existence of similar places in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, but because his level had been lower back then, and he had advanced into a Magus after leaving the Academy, he was unable to prove this point.

“Leylin, you have only been here for a few months, and yet, you are entering into the secret plane. The upper management seem to have a lot of confidence in you, huh!”

Martin patted Leylin on his back in a friendly manner.

“Not at all! Not at all!” Leylin gave a modest expression, appearing rather shy.

“Ha Ha… …Let’s go!”

Martin laughed and took the lead, and Leylin himself followed closely behind him.

The entrance to the Four Seasons Garden’s secret plane was near the headquarters so that it would be easy to deploy forces to guard the entrance.

Leylin and the rest followed behind Martin, and after following five to six roads, they reached the entrance to the secret plane.

On the way there, Leylin used the A.I. Chip, and felt the five or six energy waves scanning over his group.

Furthermore, the Magi guiding the entrance were of semi-converted elemental strength and beyond.

These types of stringent and vigilant checks caught Leylin by surprise.

Standing in front of them, the stern looking Magi examined the scroll that Martin was holding once more. After which, Martin turned back and shouted to Leylin and the rest, “Get ready, the entrance is about to open!”

The entrance to the secret plane was a door made out of a big slab of stone, and the borders of the big door were embossed with differing intricate designs.

On a platform beside the entrance, there was a Magus sitting cross-legged, whose countenance was concealed. Extremely mysterious and strong energy waves radiated from his body.

“This is the guardian of the academy! Hurry up and greet him!” Martin led the group of magicians and bowed first.

“This is… At least a rank 2 Magus’ energy waves. It seems like the importance of this secret plane has far surpassed my guesses!” Leylin’s eyes flashed as he bowed like the others.

“Since the inspection is now over, let us enter!”

The guardian waved his arm and chanted an incantation.

*Weng Weng!* The stone door moved, and a white light radiated from behind the door, giving off a feeling of energy waves emanating from the void.

Having had previous experience in exploring secret planes, Leylin was familiar with the undulations that indicated the opening of the plane.

At the same time, a bright light was produced from the scroll in Martin’s hands, and enveloped the entire group.

When the white lights met and fused, it produced a blinding glare.

As the glare eventually vanished, Martin, as well as the other magicians, were revealed to have disappeared.


Leylin rubbed his eyes, which were stinging in pain. “This is really uncomfortable!”

He found himself standing on top of another platform, on which many acolytes were walking around.

Unlike the previous scenery, the surroundings were a sea of green.

The sky was a pure blue, and the surrounding air was extremely fresh.

“Are we within the secret plane? It seems quite large!”

Leylin stroked his chin. “A.I. Chip, analyse the surroundings!”

[Beep! Scanning in process! Compared to the air in the outer world, the density of energy particles within the secret plane is higher by 34.7%!]

The A.I. Chip displayed a chart in front of Leylin, quickly giving him the data that he required.

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