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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 163: Collaboration

Chapter 163: Collaboration

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Not only did Leylin display his immense might in front of the old witch, he even revealed that he had the backing of the Four Seasons Garden. Hence, the old witch now had no choice but to take him seriously.

As for the possibility of the other party catching hold of Leylin’s weak point?

Right now Leylin had not joined any dark Magi organisations, so why would he be afraid of that?

Also, after successfully joining the organisation that the old witch was in, everyone would be in the same boat. Leylin also had other plans, and would never allow this old witch to reveal them to others.


A heap of high-grade magic crystals that radiated huge energy waves was emptied on the table, along with a dozen black magic crystal cards.

These magic crystal cards were made of the essence of 1000 magic crystals, which was the origin for many formations source of energy. Hence, they were extremely sought after.

“All of my magic crystals are here. Every item in this shop, as long as you want them, can be yours. If only you could give me that potion’s formula.”

An earnest and pleading expression appeared on the old witch’s face. It seemed that she needed this potion’s formula very badly.

This turn of events left Leylin somewhat shocked.

From what he thought, this old witch would definitely be enthralled by it, but not to such a crazy degree.

However, this situation was naturally more favourable towards him now.

Leylin appeared indifferent as he swept up the magic crystal cards and crystallised Darkness energy particles and stored them in his robes.

“How precious is the formula of a potion that can increase the spiritual force of even official Magi? It isn’t even easy for me to get this kind of item!”

Leylin said nonchalantly, and despair was drawn on the old witch’s face.

“Although the formula cannot be given, we can still cooperate!” Right when the old witch was about to burst in rage, Leylin gently spoke again, causing the old witch relax the energy particles that she had gathered.

“Cooperate? How are we going to do that?”

“You’re an expert in the field of spirits, and the raw ingredients for this spiritual potion are all spirits! You’ll provide the ingredients and do all of the other preparatory work, and I’ll be in charge of brewing the potion. As for the potions that are successful, I’ll get 60% of them, and you’ll get the remaining 40%!”

Leylin suggested.

It was obvious that this proposal seemed to hit the old witch’s soft spot.

In terms of potential, she couldn’t take down the present Leylin, and the power backing Leylin was also one that caused her some amount of fear. In addition, this potion was extremely important to her.

“The ratio is too little. I’ll be obtaining the spirits and doing all the prep work, which is much more dangerous. If I ever get caught by the light Magi, I’ll definitely be chased to the ends of the world!”

The old witch emphasised the fact that she’d be in the most danger.

“That’s the best you’ll get! It won’t get any higher than this!” Leylin wore a deadpan expression. “After all, the formula is in my hands. As long as you agree, we can immediately sign a contract and summon the Trial’s Eye to bear witness to it!”

“…Very well!” The old witch was silent for a long while, before forcing the words out of her mouth.

After picking another time to meet, Leylin left the area with a smile about his lips.

He had been planning on collaborating with her since after their first meeting.

The spiritual force potion that he had shown earlier was naturally the ancient potion formula for the Tears of Mary.

Back when he was an acolyte, he had already completed a simplified version of it—the Blood Vengeance Potion.

After he had advanced into a Rank 1 Warlock and upgraded the A.I. Chip, Leylin finally possessed the capabilities to restore the original incomplete formula of the potion.

This potion was indeed befitting of use by the ancient Magi. According to the A.I. Chip’s simple calculation, the Tears of Mary currently proved to be extremely beneficial for Leylin to speedily increase his spiritual force.

A large amount of spirits that had to be harvested, combined with the early stages of preparatory work, was extremely complicated and savage. The brutality contained was leagues above that of brewing the Blood Vengeance Potion! If the light Magi were to find out, Leylin’s only outcome would be a chase to the death, and even interrogation regarding the formula.

Leylin did not have the time and effort to take on such a risk.

Moreover, due to the potion formula’s special nature, the magicians who could handle the preparatory work had to have to strength of an official Magus and a deep understanding regarding the aspect of spirits.

Right now, the old witch was the only one that fulfilled this criterion.

Within the Four Seasons Garden, there were sure to be Magi who were able to fulfill these requirements, but Leylin wouldn’t even consider it.

This spiritual potion, which was suitable for official Magi, was much more costly than those suitable for acolytes. Furthermore, it was an ancient potion! Leylin wasn’t so stupid as to think that he could keep possession of this formula. It would definitely be seized in the name of the organisation.

Even though the organisation was sure to give him some benefits, would it outweigh the advantages of having sole possession of the formula?

A potion that could raise one’s spiritual power was a temptation that no official Magus would be able to resist.

As a result, with Leylin’s persuasion, the old witch quickly agreed.

In addition, the two of them made an unbreakable vow, to which the Trial’s Eye bore witness.

The old witch was even forced to swear not to leak any information about Leylin or the potion formula.

This was, of course, at Leylin’s request. This way, even if someone found out the old witch’s secret, they would not be able to trace it back to Leylin.

In fact, Leylin pushed all the risk of material gathering onto the old witch!

Hence, he did not hesitate to give her 40% of the potions that would be brewed!

As for the formula of the potion, Leylin had given the old witch most of the contents of the first half. As for the few most crucial steps, it was solely controlled by him.

As long as he held on to those key steps, Leylin didn’t need to worry about the old witch possibly rebelling against him.

These last few procedures were not only extremely tedious but also required the help of the A.I. Chip to achieve true success. Even if others had gotten the complete formula, they might not be able to brew the potion successfully.

As for the witch who needed the potion, she had no choice but to toil for Leylin, taking on the extreme risk of harvesting souls, and also completing the bloody preparation of the early stages of the brewing process.

After signing the contract, Leylin and the old witch were, to some extent, in the same boat, so the matter of being referred to a dark guild would naturally be followed up.

“But that old witch’s reaction was a little strange. She agreed so easily in order to obtain the potion. I was prepared to give her more materials, but she actually agreed to my conditions so quickly, almost as if the potion wasn’t for herself, but for someone else…”

The wheels in Leylin’s head were constantly turning as he ambled along.

“No, this is better for me. If I have misgivings about this arrangement, then I will have something that I can use as blackmail material…”

Under the setting sun’s light, Leylin’s shadow was drawn out onto the streets, looking somewhat malevolent, as if it were a devil…

In the shop from before.

The old witch stood there silently until she confirmed Leylin’s departure. After that, she walked to the counter and pressed on a hidden area.


A mechanical sound was heard, and the wall at the back of the shop was pushed backwards, revealing a flight of steps that headed downwards.

The old witch held onto her cloak as she slowly walked down.

The staircase was extremely short, ending after just a couple of steps.

This was a basement, and it was positioned right below the old witch’s shop. Moreover, there were many runes inscribed onto the walls of the basement room.

There were a few human bones scattered in the corners of the room as well.

There were many traces of scars on these bones, which could only let one imagine the torture and suffering that the owners went through while they were alive.

A frosty aura continuously encircled the room.

If Leylin was here, he would definitely recognise this familiar feeling. It was similar to the lab back in the Extreme Night City, where he was trying to create vengeful spirits.

*Sssii!* The old witch lit a candle in the centre of the room.

This candle was a transparent white, yet the flame was a dark green. The old witch’s horrendous countenance looked even more malicious under the flame.


Whoosh! A black tornado swept across the basement, and after a flash of black gas, there was suddenly a translucent figure in the basement.

This figure belonged to a young girl wearing a simple dress. Her shadow was extremely faint as if she was on the verge of dissipating.

“My daughter!” A kindly, yet heartbroken expression appeared on the old witch’s face.

“What happened just now? Why did I feel a strong and vicious energy burst out upstairs?” The girl’s expression was one of suspicion.

“No! It’s nothing, just a slight dispute while I was doing business…”

The old witch looked tense. “Did it hurt you?”

“I’m alright, it’s only that…” The girl crouched on the floor and hugged her knees. “Don’t bother with me anymore; it has already costed you large amounts of resources to protect my existence. If not for me, wouldn’t you have long since advanced?”

“My dear daughter!” The old witch’s eyes reddened, and she wanted to hug her daughter, yet her two hands could only weave through the girl’s ghostly figure.

Following which, the girl’s arms turned even more illusory, as if they were going to scatter any moment.

“Oh! No! Why is this even faster than before?”

Fright appeared on the old witch’s face, and she frantically withdrew various items from her robes and placed them on the floor, forming a tiny spell formation.

In the center of the formation, there was a spirit trapped within a crystal ball.

“Almighty Defiling Mother, I hereby sacrifice the fear of this spirit in return for your blessings…”

The old witch continued to chant in an extremely awkward sounding incantation, all while pointing at the spirit.

“Ah…” The sound of anguish and terror travelled outwards from within the crystal ball, threads of silvery-white gas constantly being drawn out from the spirit’s body.

The silvery-white gas quickly supplemented the girl’s body, and her almost dissipated body gradually became more stable.

“It’s starting again! I don’t want to do this… It’s too… too cruel…” The girl quietly sobbed.

“I found a potion today, and the formula is said to have been used by ancient Magi to raise their spiritual power. It’ll definitely be effective for you! Stay strong! Stay strong for a little while longer, and mother will definitely help you regain your physical body.”

The old witch continuously consoled her.

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