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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 164: Participate And Plunder

Chapter 164: Participate And Plunder

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Leylin did not know of the incident that happened after he left the small shop.

After coming to an agreement with the old witch, he first went to the most famous and lavish restaurant in the Nightless City for a sumptuous meal. Following that, he brought gifts to Crew’s villa to thank him for divulging some information beforehand.

As for Crew, after he saw Leylin who had successfully become a member of the Four Seasons Garden, his shocked expression almost caused Leylin to laugh.

Although the Four Seasons Garden was rated as first class with complete experimentation facilities, it was undeniable that in terms of enjoyment it was still lacking to what the Nightless City had to offer.

Leylin finally understood why many members who had a dormitory in the headquarters of the Four Seasons Garden still visit the Nightless City during their vacation period.

For Magi, their long lifespan and inhuman strength allowed them to easily obtain much influence and status.

And apart from research and analysis, these mortal pleasures became one of their ways of entertainment.

Upon seeing no hope of advancing further, many elderly Magi would retire from their organisations and into Nightless City, enjoying their life to the fullest.

Leylin’s neighbour, Crew, was a good representation of those kinds of people.

However, for the time being, this matter was too far in the future for Leylin to even be thinking about, since he was still young and had a lot of potential to rise in power. It was far too early to get discouraged.

Whiling the time away was just a method for him to vent and relax during his free time.


Time passed quickly, and three days later, Leylin abided by the promise and met with the old witch once again.

“Follow me! I’ll bring you to a meeting with the organisation that’s backing me!”

She brought Leylin out of Nightless City.

In a rather isolated forest, the old witch took out a ghost mask and put it on. “The dark Magi organisations and light Magi ones are different. Any divulgence of information will lead us into trouble. Hence, many members conceal their identity. You had better cover your face and think of a nickname!”

It seemed that before obtaining the complete formula of the Tears of Mary, the old witch had already treated Leylin to be in an alliance with her.

After all, compared to promises and pledges, the constraints bound by benefits were more everlasting.

“My nickname is ‘Old Devil’. Don’t call me by the wrong name!” The old witch reminded him, apparently worried.

“Concealing identities? I like this idea!” Leylin nodded, and his facial muscles twisted. The colour of his hair also changed from jet-black to silver white.

At the same time, he fitted a mask onto his face. “When we reach there, call me ‘Blood Rogue’!”

The dark Magi’s system was much more appropriate for Leylin’s tastes.

In addition, hiding his identity would also be useful for his work within the Four Seasons Garden.

The meeting was conducted at the bottom of a swamp.

Even though this place could be likened to hell for regular humans, for Leylin and official Magi, this was just a matter of walking a few steps further.

After passing through the swamp, which was emitting a putrid smell, Leylin found himself in a space under the ground, which had been set up at that instant.

“You’re late! Old Devil! And you seem to have brought in fresh blood?”

A black mouse, the size of a burly adult, stood on its hind legs, as it stared fiercely at Leylin, its small eyes full of distrust.

“Yes, he is the one I’ve spoken about before. His name is ‘Blood Rogue’!”

“Although the blood reeking aura on him tells me that he is a dark Magus, but those turncoat trashs who had gone to the light Magi’s side are too many. We need a deeper level of confirmation…”

Besides the black mouse was a bald Magus whose facial features seemed to have melted. There was also a large black boa coiled around its body.

“He has frightened my baby!”

The boa, upon seeing Leylin immediately retreated with fear, as if seeing its natural enemy. Afterwards, it then respectfully laid down on the floor showing its allegiance to Leylin. This turned the bald Magus’ expression extremely unsightly.

Leylin understood then that the fact the boa bowed in front of him was due to his Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline.

This was an ancient creature’s bloodline, which had a natural disposition and control over its own species.

“Damn it!” The bald Magus attacked.

Something that looked like bestial claws appeared in the air and pounced at Leylin, the attack accompanied by the howls of wild creatures.

“You’re looking to die!”

Leylin roared, and a scarlet light bursting out of his body as he scratched at the air with his right hand!

Innumerable black shadows emerged from the darkness and twined around those bestial claws. *Sssii!* White vapour emerged unceasingly, and the beast claws engulfed within the black shadows began to dissolve, turning into drops of black liquid that dripped onto the floor.

“Ugh!” Meanwhile, the bald Magus turned pale and he retreated a few steps, seeming to have taken a little damage.

“Hahahaha… What did I just see? Venom Snake, you actually cannot even control a newbie!”

A female Magus wearing a white mask mocked him.

“Hmph, you just wait!” The bald Venom Snake stared coldly at Leylin but did not attack him a second time.

Before arriving here, the old witch had already given Leylin a brief introduction.

This small organisation was formed by a few dark Magi after several trades, so there weren’t any strict rules, so much so that all the members had their identities concealed.

However, after some time, the organisation expanded in power, and could already rival the existence of medium tiered guilds.

As the members were all dark Magi, the entry requirements were extremely lax. Many members had enmity between them, but against the immense pressure from the light Magi, they still chose to ally themselves with this organisation.

As for the previous few Magi who tried to make things difficult for Leylin, it was a mere formality.

Right now, Leylin had displayed his prowess, so naturally, no one else dared to provoke him.

“Alright now! Blood Rogue is referred by me. Furthermore, I can vouch for him!” The old witch said.

“Since Old Devil’s already said this, and all who join us need to make a soul pledge, it’s definitely not a problem!” A Magus, with the head of a tiger, spoke.

From what Leylin had heard from the old witch, she had entered this organisation a long time ago and could be considered an elder. From the looks of it, this seemed to be true.

“Alright! The reason why we’re gathered here today isn’t to welcome the new guy… How is the plan from the previous time we met going on?”

Another Magus, who had enveloped himself in a green fog, inquired.

“Since we’re all here, then it must mean that we’re all into this. Also, we can give our newbie a test!” The baldy Venom Snake stared at Leylin.

“Attacking a secret plane huh? Count me in, but also give me an equal portion of the resources obtained!”

Leylin said blandly.

This was something that the old witch told him earlier.

Such a large group of dark Magi gathering was not just to exchange resources.

To them, self-production was too slow. The best way was still to plunder resources from the light Magi!

Also, it was not that the dark Magi did not produce their own resources. However, during the time of managing their own secret planes, they also plundered to increase their harvest.

Leylin only understood all these recently.

But the reason why he had joined a dark Magi’s organisation was precisely for this reason, so he was naturally supportive of their plan.

“Good! Since everyone’s in agreement, I’ll go through the entire plan.”

“The secret plane I’ve discovered this time is located in a small-scaled secret storage plane used by the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower. There’s an enforcement group comprised of official Magi keeping an eye on it, and the strongest Magus among them has an elemental essence conversion of above 80%. I’ll lead him away, so I want 40% of our profit!”

The Magus within the green fog spoke.

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

… This had obviously been agreed upon previously, and the surrounding Magi looked at each other and quickly voiced their agreement as they nodded.

“To be so certain that he can guide that Magus away must mean that that Magus within the green fog is very strong! He must be on the verge of advancing to the 2nd rank!”

Leylin shivered inwardly. He was very clear about the strength he held, and his position in the group.

Just based on the advantage of Warlocks in the innate spells and vitality, adding on to his current elemental essence conversion, right now he could defeat a semi-converted elemental Magus head on. However, towards those Magi with over 80% elemental essence conversion, he still did not stand a chance.

As for the members in this dark Magi organisation, they were mostly semi-converted elemental Magus, who would be considered as elites within the south coast.

As for small scaled secret planes, they were different from the Four Seasons Garden that Leylin saw previously which spanned over 1 million mu.

The small scaled secret planes were set up by Magi who wished to store resources and other precious resources. Just like the Dylan Gardens, the area might not be extremely vast, but the items within were extremely valuable.

As for Four Seasons Garden’s secret plane, it was a large scaled resource production point. As the area was vast, the construction cost was extravagant. Hence they had a rank 2 Magus guarding over it.

It was evident that if this organisation that Leylin was in attempted to rob the Four Seasons Garden’s secret plane, the number of members who went would spell the number of deaths.

However, to deal with a small scaled secret plane which only had a rank 1 Magus as the guardian, as long as the plan was executed perfectly, it was very likely to be a success.

“Alright! Since there are no other questions, then let us set off now!”

The Magus in the green fog withdraw a watch and looked at it.

“Let’s go! My precious is already longing for fresh blood!” The baldy Venom Snake smiled in a savage and malevolent manner…


In a place not too far from Nightless City.

There were several man-made buildings, from which Magi in disguise frequently entered and exited.

“This is the branch of Ennea Ivory Ring Tower. The secret plane that I inquired about is within this place…”

The voice of the Magus within the green fog travelled over, faintly discernible, “I’ll lead the guardian away. You have to plunder the secret plane before the guards of Nightless City arrive. Act based on the plan and remember, your time limit is 5 minutes!!!”

“Don’t worry, it’s not like this is our first time working together!”

The Old Devil, which the old witch was playing the role of, laughed coldly.

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