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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 165: Crimson Palm

Chapter 165: Crimson Palm

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With the command, the Magus enshrouded in green mist acted first.

After an incantation, he floated in the air, green mist continuously emanating from his body.

*Whoosh!* All of the dark green fog turned into a hurricane and struck at a part of the division in Leylin’s field of vision.

*Sssii!* This green fog seemed to have extremely acidic properties.

Several acolytes wailed as they turned into white bones after the fog engulfed them. Even the surrounding ground turned even softer and muddier, turning into a marsh.

Even the light from part of the defensive spell formation trembled under the corrosive power of the green fog, as if it was going to shatter at any moment.

“Who is it? You actually dare to attack a division of the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower?”

An enraged voice sounded out. Following which, a figure wearing black armour flew up into the air.

“Kill!” The black clothed figure coldly shouted, and smoke billowed from the ground, turning into a skull as it struck the green fog.

“Hehehe…” The Magus in the green fog cackled. Under his command, the green fog took on the form of a scorpion as it clashed with the skull.



The surroundings seemed to have been struck by 10 different hurricane force winds, which then dissipated in all directions.

The mighty destructive power immediately caused the division’s building to be shaven off by a layer.

“Is this the might of a Magus who has fulfilled the requirements for breaking through to the next rank?” Leylin watched the actions of the Magus in mid-air closely, a strange light in his eyes.

With the Magus in the green mist taking control, the battle in the air became increasingly one-sided.

“It’s our turn now!” Rodent, who was half the size of a regular man, licked his lips.

“Newbie! Don’t get intimidated! If you hinder this operation, I’ll be the first to claim your life!”

Venom Snake threatened him.

“If you obstruct me, you’ll definitely be the one dead!”

Leylin, who was going by the name of Blood Rogue, made a sound as he snickered. A potion exploded and formed a red membrane on his body.

“Giant’s green fog is an extremely powerful type of area of effect spell. It can deal devastating damage to all targets within the area of effect!”

The old witch who was wearing the mask explained to Leylin.

“Be careful; although Giant has lured the strongest enemy away, the remaining enforcers won’t be easy to deal with either…”

“Hehe… Those light Magi are like little rabbits. I’ve long since wanted to rip open their chests and savour the taste of their innards…”

A zombie-like dark Magus licked his lips as he turned into a gust of black wind, charging into the division’s building, whose defensive spell formation had broken down.


As if his action signalled the start, dozens of strange colours with powerful energy waves radiating from them charged towards the division.

“Crap! It’s a trap, inform the team leader quickly!”

The light Magi who were by the entrance watched the dozens of dark Magi dashing towards them, and their expressions immediately changed. Even their voices cracked.

“Haha… Boss Giant may have some difficulty killing your leader, but it’s not a problem for him to stall for time! Even if your leader finds something wrong, it’ll be too late for him to save you…”

The old witch laughed loudly as she tossed two silver coloured metal balls towards the building.


The silver metal balls both exploded like grenades. After the shock waves had dissipated, a spell continuously encircled the area and the air was contorted, even to the point that the energy particles in the air were unstable.

*Bzzt bzzt* The sound of electromagnetic interference boomed throughout the area.

“Not good! It’s an Elemental Fluctuation Bomb! They actually have something like that!”

The light Magi’s faces were ashen as they quickly retreated.

“Alright! None of the communication spells work, and space magic is now impossible to use. Comrades enjoy this blood fest! You only have a limit of 5 minutes…”

The old witch waved her hand.

“Spirit Explosion!”

*Boom!* A translucent spirit suddenly appeared in the surroundings of the light Magi and exploded.

Against the energy waves that targeted the spirit, one light Magus retreated several steps. Blood began to flow from his seven facial orifices.

However, in the instant that he retreated, a translucent worm appeared from the contortions in the air, directly charging towards the light Magus.

*Ka-Cha!* A defensive lightning shield appeared around the light Magus’ body, protecting him within.

*Pu!* The lightning shield crumpled like paper in the face of the worm, shattering from just the first touch. The crystal like worm drove its way right into the Magus’ mouth.

“Ugh…” The light Magus’ face turned purple, looking like an eggplant as he clutched at his throat and collapsed.

“Hehe, I don’t usually have the luxury of using magic as I please and collecting souls! Same rules, all spirits collected in battles must be handed over to me. I guarantee a good price!”

Silver light permeated the old witch’s hands as she retrieved a crystal ball from her robes and approached the light Magus, who had lost all signs of resistance. Her lips moved non-stop as she chanted something.

Following her incantation, the light Magus’ eyes became blurry, and an indistinct human figure was pulled out from that Magus’ body.

“This old witch is really a lunatic! She’s actually collecting spirits directly from the battlefield!”

Leylin watched her work, unperturbed by her surroundings, and suddenly began to regret his initial decision.

However, it was just for a moment that he shot a glance in the direction of the old witch. Immediately after, he spilled some red powder onto his two hands.

“Crimson Palm!”

As he chanted, a layer of crimson coloured light suffused both of Leylin’s arms. His palms turned extremely slender, and his fingernails turned razor sharp and also slightly transparent.

This was a rank 1 spell from the Book of Giant Serpent that Leylin had long since recorded into his memory through the A.I. Chip.

Although his rank 1 spell’s might was a little lower, with only a degree of 20 or so, with the addition of his elemental essence conversion, it was enough to deal with a normal rank 1 Magus.

Right now, Leylin was hiding his identity, so innate gifts and spells that were eye catching could not be used.

However, he had already prepared another set of spells to cast in times like this.

[Host’s palms have had a slight adjustment in strength. Strength in arms are now stronger, with an added effect of poison!] The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

Looking at the surroundings, where every Magus had found his or her own opponent, Leylin smiled as he casually picked on a light Magus who came charging at him.


The slender, yet extremely menacing fingers clawed through the void, and large energy waves surged through the air as if the surface of a lake had been ripped through.

Leylin’s body flashed as his red shadow rapidly moved around on the battlefield, leaving behind only a series of mirages.

“Who exactly are you guys? Which organisation are you from?”

The opponent that Leylin chose was a middle-aged man wearing loose white robes, yet an extremely aged voice came from his larynx.

Leylin only clawed viciously as a reply.


Leylin struck with his right hand, directly slashing a few marks onto the opposing Magus’ body.

In front of Leylin’s Crimson Palm, the official Magus’ standard white robes were like paper, getting slashed into pieces, and leaving behind a large hole.

“Elemental Shield!” The middle-aged Magus roared.

Brown energy particles gathered unceasingly and solidified to form a thin, yellow, full-body armour, protecting his entire body. Even his head was shielded with a helmet, leaving just a pair of sparkling eyes.

“I will ask again, who is behind this attack, dark Magus!” The middle aged man continuously staggered backwards, his hands stealthily reaching into his robes.

“You talk too much!”

Leylin struck again, his crimson claws leaving a scratch on the yellow armour.

“It’s useless!” The middle aged Magus howled. Traces of brown energy particles were continuously being absorbed into the dents of the armour, quickly restoring most traces of damage.

[Target’s innate spell has been scanned and recorded. Beginning simulation and parameter testing to find out the weakest point!]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned. It also projected the 3D image of a human figure wearing the yellow armour. Several points on the armour were marked red, representing the weak points.

While Leylin attacked, the middle-aged Magus withdrew a scroll from his robes, from which tremendous energy waves emanated.

“A formidable spell in a scroll? I can’t let him activate it!” Leylin’s pupils contracted as he let loose an extremely high-pitched shriek.

“Hisssss…” This was the voice of an extremely venomous snake, and was so unpleasant to the ears that it could draw goosebumps from others.

When the sound waves reached the middle-aged Magus, a blank look appeared on his face, and the speed at which he was opening the scroll slowed.

“Right here!” Leylin’s footsteps moved in a bizarre manner as he rapidly increased his speed and covered a distance of over ten meters. In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the middle-aged Magus.

The bright red light of the Crimson Palm on his right hand shone even more vividly as he clawed at the area 3 inches above the Magus’ abdomen, which was protected by his armour.

The first claw! A depression the size of a fist appeared in the brown armour, and a large part of the armour fell.

The second claw! The middle-aged Magus’ innate defensive spell was destroyed by Leylin.

“No! Please forgive me, the value of a Magus kept in captive is high!”

It was obvious that this light Magus was used to living a privileged lifestyle, and lacked the will to even fight for his own life, sinking to his knees in front of Leylin.

However, Leylin’s face was ice cold, like a thousand year old frost. His right hand struck again, crushing the middle-aged Magus’ head like a watermelon.


White brain matter and scarlet blood stained Leylin’s hands. His hands seemed even more demonic and alluring.

“There’s an unexpected reward!”

Leylin picked up the Magus’ scroll, his face filled with glee.

“A pretty good scroll; the energy waves are extremely strong. It seems like it should be able to hold its own even amongst rank 1 spells! It should be worth quite a bit of magic crystals…”

Right at this moment, a wretched scream caught Leylin’s attention.

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