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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 168: In Retrospect

Chapter 167: To Maraud

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“You thought… the magic crystals are all for Giant?”

The old witch snuck a glance at Giant, who was saying something, and answered Leylin under her breath.

“Am I wrong?” Leylin was a little astonished.

“Of course not. Even though Giant is pretty impressive, he’s no rank 2 Magus. Out of this pile, he’ll get at most 40% of it!” She pointed to the little mountain in the middle of the room.

“As for the rest, they’ll all go to ‘Boss’!” The old witch was vague.

“Boss?!” Hearing this phrase started Leylin’s imagination.

Magi only respected power. For even the old witch to call someone ‘Boss’, this must mean that this person, Boss, was at least a rank 2 Magus, right?

“Who else? Who do you think is the one warding off the light Magi’s divination magic?”

She retorted with a manic laugh.

“According to what I know, there are at least two to three dark Magi organisations like us. As for their backers, there will also be various people controlling from behind the scenes…”

As they were in a mutual alliance through the previous agreement with the potions, the old witch was evidently placing more trust in Leylin, hence she just told him some information that had been withheld from him.

“Marauding the light Magi’s secret plane is definitely not carried out on a whim by the dark Magi. On the contrary, these operations are systematic and are all premeditated!”

A notion quickly flew through Leylin’s mind and occupied his thoughts.

“Who knows, there might be several powerhouses behind the dark Magi domain that also have a hand in this!” Leylin grinned.

“This seems to be getting more and more interesting…”

However, this had nothing to do with Leylin. His current goal was to join in the dark Magi organisation’s looting operations and obtain large amounts of resources.

Just the efforts from tonight had brought in a revenue of five to six hundred thousand magic crystals! This was obviously more convenient and faster than doing missions for the Four Seasons Garden.

Of course, the risk was no small matter and if he were to be found out, he’d be chased to the ends of the world and be killed.

This was also why every member who joined concealed their identity, and even the few leaders of the organisation had no idea of the real identities of their members.

“Alright! Collect your own share! Remember not to squander them quickly. It’s better to spend them only after some time!”

“Also, after this mission, those mad dogs from the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower will definitely go around biting people blindly in a rouse to find our locations. So remember to stay low…”

Giant who was wrapped in green fog continued to explain of some matters as he waved his hands, “It’s alright now, you guys can leave. Our exchange meetings must also be halted for a while, as for the concrete details it will be made known again…”


Baldy Venom Snake had had half of his face melted and the other side filled with many bumps. He was continuously combing through the black forest.

And, with a big black boa lay coiled on his body, he presented a rather horrifying appearance.


Suddenly, Baldy’s face changed as he rolled to the side.

At the same time, an explosion caved in the ground on which he had previously stood. A purple flame blazed in the surroundings, creating a hundred square meter radius of charred zone.

“Blood Rogue! It must be you! Get your ass out here!” Baldy Venom Snake snarled.

A layer of stiff hair grew on his body, altering his appearance to that of a gorilla.

What he received in answer were multiple fireballs that appeared from within the shadows.


The speed of the black fireballs was incredibly quick. Before he even had the chance to react, they had reached his body and exploded in front of him.

The bald Venom Snake’s chest was charred. Black hair kept falling off, and the pit of his stomach was hollowed in. There was even the piercing sound of bones breaking, and his body flew out as if he had been hit by the head of a train.

The boa that had been hung around his shoulders was immediately burnt by the flames, turning into white ashes, scattering onto the floor bit by bit.

“Such a mighty spell?” The bald Venom Snake did not even have time to lament for his precious pet. He was frightened silly by Leylin’s Latent Fireball.

“This spell has to be a model that is modified by various large Magi organisation or had its might amplified. Who exactly are you?”

Venom Snake looked at Leylin who slowly walked out from the darkness, suspicions streaked across his face.

“Who I am is not important. What’s important is that you will definitely die here today!” Leylin had even used his Latent Fireball, so naturally he revealed the determination to kill this baldy.

“Aren’t you afraid of the organisation tracing it to you?”

Venom Snake lay on the floor as if he had lost his mobility and was not able to get up.

“I have only signed a contract not to divulge the organisation’s secrets, but not one that doesn’t allow me to pursue a personal vendetta against my enemies!”

Leylin waved his hands forward and countless phantom hands appeared from the void, grabbing a small tree behind the baldy and crushing it to pieces. A yellow bug was retrieved from within the tree.

*Pu!* The yellow bug was smashed into bits in Leylin’s hands.

“Don’t do such useless things anymore!” Leylin stepped in closer.

“You’re leaving me with no choice! Second transfiguration!” The baldy bellowed.

*Crash!* In the blink of an eye, the muscles on his body grew and dense black hair grew out once again. Behind his back, two strips of flesh constantly raised, bursting out of his clothes. They turned into two furry claws.

His teeth became sharp, eyeballs completely red.

From the looks of it, he had turned into a mutated gorilla with four arms.

With the transformation of the bald Venom Snake, a strong energy wave was constantly emitted from his body.

“Activate!” Against this creature which was brandishing its fangs and claws, Leylin only smiled and chanted an incantation.

“Ding!” A crisp noise sounded and several green vines and muddy shafts emerged from the ground, turning into a prison like shape, suppressing the beast within.

“I gave you time not to let you prepare a spell, but for me to lay a trap!”

Leylin spoke leisurely, “You must have had the limbs of a powerful creature transplanted into your body to achieve such a transfiguration, huh? Moreover, it seems to be compatible with your innate defense spell…”

“A pity however that you only transplanted the forelimbs of the Vajra Gorilla. As for creatures like these, they are suppressed by the energy particles of the Earth and Plant elements…”

All this were naturally the simulations done throughout the battle by the A.I. Chip.

After adopting the A.I. Chip’s suggestion Leylin completely controlled the pace of the battle. He had to admit that it all felt pretty good.

“Urghhh…” The gorilla creature in the cage continued to beat on its chest, showing the rage it was in.

Following which, many small plants and rock spears appeared from the ground within the cage, piercing through the creature’s body.

“Aooo…” The gorilla continued to roar in anguish, as his entire fur coat was dyed a crimson red.

*Bang!* A large explosion sounded.

Only two furry arms remained where the black gorilla had been, and the bald Venom Snake had disappeared without a trace.

Looking at this scene, Leylin was not surprised but smiled in a satisfied manner.

“He had even used the substitution spell that can only be used once a day?”

Following which, the sound of a spirit explosion was heard. The trees parted and the old witch carried Venom Snake who had fainted in her hands.

“How is it? Is it still going smoothly?” Leylin inquired.

“Not bad. There was still an amulet on his body limited to a one-time usage that caught me by surprise!” The old witch’s green eyes shone.

“This is a good opportunity since an official Magus’ spirit is extremely difficult to obtain!”

“Also, you’ll get half of the items here and I’ll take the other half!” Leylin had already gone through the bald Venom Snake‘s belongings from his crippled body. In addition, He gave half of Venom Snake’s sack of loot to the old witch.

He was still prepared to maintain the trust between the two of them since they were going to be collaborating for a long time.

The old witch’s gaze revealed some fear while she looked at Leylin. Even though she was confident she could defeat the bald Venom Snake, she wouldn’t be able to do it so easily, and definitely not in this place. Such precise pre-calculations were beyond her.

Leylin was even able to predict the opponent’s escape route, and that was what shocked her the most.

“But by killing Venom Snake, aren’t you afraid the organisation will…” The old witch reminded him.

“Stop trying to scare me!” Leylin laughed, not at all bothered.

“Dark Magi are just a group of indifferent, self-serving people. Why would they seek trouble with me for a dead person? Furthermore, the grudge I had with Venom Snake was apparent to the others, so who could say anything about it?”

“It seems like you have already planned everything!” The old witch looked at Leylin, her expression complicated.

Leylin smiled without a reply.

It was indeed true that he had planned to kill Venom Snake a long time ago.

There were two motives behind it. First was to establish his might! He was a newbie who had just joined the organisation, so he would definitely undergo some suppression by others. In many organisations, the bullying newbies was a form of tradition. Through such means, Leylin could quickly show his prowess as a deterrence and to protect himself.

Of course, he only dared to do such a thing within dark Magi organisations. If it were inside a light Magi organisation, no matter how powerful he was he would be beaten heavily. Who knows if he might even take the rap and be labelled as someone who had tried to sow discord amongst the unity of the light Magi?

As a result, while he was in Four Seasons Garden, Leylin had always kept a low profile and did his work without any complaints. Until now, his leader and teammates still viewed him in a positive light.

As for the second motive — which was Leylin’s main objective — it was only for the benefits!

From today’s operation of plundering the secret plane, Leylin managed to obtain five to six hundred thousand magic crystals. On top of that, he had also gotten Venom Snake’s portion, and the total value came up to around a million, thus doubling his loot.

Wasn’t Leylin’s reason for joining a dark Magi organisation to obtain enough resources? Since that was his reason, why wouldn’t he attack others?

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