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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 169: Tears of Mary

Chapter 169: Tears of Mary

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“Hm! The result appears to be not too bad! You can try increasing the quantity the next time round!”

A ball of milky white light emitted from Leylin’s hand, as it scanned across the many confining spirit spheres on the table, before Leylin gave a smile of satisfaction.

“Alright! I will bring these with me then. I will bring your medicine back at the earliest period of 10 days to latest 15 days!” Leyin made his promise.

“I would naturally believe you, after all we are under the constraints of the Trial’s Eye and signed an unbreakable pledge…” Though the old witch looked as though she trusted Leylin, Leylin still felt the mistrust in her heart.

However, this was not an unusual situation.

After this deal was successful, her amount of distrust will drop tremendously and the connection with benefits between both parties would also be closer.

After leaving the old witch’s small inn, Leylin hurriedly headed back to his villa.

It had been a while since his spiritual force had a great increase, so now he couldn’t wait to attempt and brew the Tears of Mary, once again enjoying that delight of experiencing a huge boost in the spiritual force.

After activating the entire defense formation, Leylin went to the room at the ground floor of the villa by himself.

This place had undergone remodelling and things were now in order. At the lowest level was an area for experimenting with spells, which had absorption runes for reinforcement at the four corners.

As for the secret room situated at a corner, it had already underwent a special reformation to become a Potioneering lab, and contained all of the various high grade apparatus.

Clearly, for these things to be obtainable, Leylin had used his relationship with the old witch, with the resources he had seized to purchase and exchange for them.

Otherwise, with his current financial resources, even if he were to brew potions every day, it would take him more than 2 years to purchase all of the apparatuses.

After all, he could not possibly use all his magic crystals for building his laboratory as he would need some for his daily expenses and other necessities.

And from the previous time, with the haul from the plunder, the laboratory was built from scratch.

“A.I. Chip!” Leylin made a command in his heart.

[Beginning brewing of the Tears of Mary! Obtaining administrative rights from the Host to monitor the whole process and make informed reminders. Beginning to coordinate with Host’s spiritual force energy waves…]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.


“Let’s begin!” Leylin took a deep breath and picked up a confining spirit sphere which had a spirit sealed within in.

In the blink of an eye, it was the dawn of the second day.

Leylin gasped for air and sweat dripped down his face continuously. However, his vigour was brimming with energy as he smiled and fixed his eyes on the transparent liquid he held in his hand.

The test-tube was made from nitrogen crystal glass and was extremely strong. It even had the effect of extending the expiry of the medicinal properties. Hence they were always stored by Magi and only used for important potions.

Looking at the crystal clear and transparent potion, a look of dejection appeared on Leylin’s face.

Thinking back, it had been 3 to 4 years since he took the potion formula from his mentor, Kroft.

He managed to brew a dose for the Azure Potion soon after it was given to him, yet there was no progress in brewing the Tears of Mary. He only managed to simplify some of the processes and brew the Blood Vengeance Potion. However, it was only useful for acolytes.

Right now, he held this potion which was a final product completely based on the ancient formula! It had a tremendous effect even in breaking through the spiritual force bottlenecks of ancient Magi.

“Besides, the success rate is not too bad!”

Leylin looked at the 3 broken confining spirit sphere on the floor, and his face revealed a pleased look.

In the final stage of the brewing process, he specially added a few steps which required the use of the A.I. Chip. It was not only successful in the restoration of the formula, but also increased the rate of success in brewing. Surprisingly, the success rate hit an astonishing 30 to 40%!

In other words, the 16 confining spirit spheres he received from the old witch could be used to configure 5-6 portions of this finished product.

This discovery made Leylin feel extremely happy.

After all, the origin of the ingredients of these potion were extremely savage, and it was not easy to obtain. Hence, he wanted to increase the success rate.

Due to the restraints from the Trial’s Eye, he had to abide by the agreement and give forty percent of it to the old witch.

Although this percentage was rather high, Leylin considered them to be worth it.

The old witch was also under the restraints of the Trial’s Eye. Once she was caught, she could not reveal any news of Leylin at all, hence he would be absolved from all risks.

“A.I. Chip, what is the result of the analysis of the medicinal properties of this potion?”

Leylin looked at the test-tube in his hands and suddenly asked.

[Beep! It has been completed, the medicinal properties has been recorded and stored in the data bank.] [Ancient potion — Tears of Mary. Original ingredients: Powerful spirits filled with grievances and despair. Effect: Great increase for an official Magus’s spiritual force, and a chance to helping a Magus breaking through a bottleneck.]

The A.I. Chip’s analysis was extremely concrete. And the last few words it uttered, led Leylin into deep thoughts.

In the Magus World, potions which could directly increase the spiritual force was extremely exorbitant.

Just like the exchange point in the Four Seasons Garden, the prices of several potions which could increase the spiritual force was even above that for the crystallised elemental energy particles.

Compared the spiritual force potions, potions which could aid a Magus in breaking through the bottleneck was even a tier higher.

Even though the chance of Tears of Mary which could aid the breakthrough was extremely little, it would cause Magi to go crazy after it.

“It seems like this effect has to be concealed. Since I already have a contract with Old Devil, she would not be able to reveal any news of the potions to outsiders, so I can rest my worry for the time being…”

Leylin withdrew a golden watch that was decorated with diamonds.

“It’s still early now, and I have an appointment for lunch with Crew only in the afternoon. I can even try the effect of the potion now!”

Leylin took the transparent dose of potion and went into the spell testing area below the experiment lab and sat in a cross-legged position.


Leylin chanted an incantation. Soon after, the nitrogen glass test-tube seem to open like a flower engraving, revealing the potion liquid within.

A rather bland and sweet smell which seemed to be able to induce sleep and hypnosis began to envelop the room.


Under the effect of this fragrance, Leylin entered the meditative state in an instant…

While doing his meditation, Leylin felt as if his spirit had calmed down and floated on the clouds, enveloping the sun. This extremely harmonious and serene feeling flowed through his thoughts.

“What a pleasant experience!” Leylin opened his eyes after an unknown period of time.

Meditation was a physically taxing activity for Magi, and many would often choose to enter a deep sleep right after. This was to make up for the consumption of vitality during the process.

This effect would be even more apparent when a meditation technique was of a higher grade.

Compared to before, even if Leylin’s vitality was 8.5, after the meditation of the Kemoyin’s Pupil every day, he would feel extremely exhausted and could not wait to fall asleep immediately.

As for today, after a round of meditation technique, he felt extremely comfortable in every part of his body. His spiritual force was extremely robust, and his condition in a state that was difficult to enter again.

This was an indescribable feeling, as if ripping off a layer of the nature, everything to his senses was extremely distinct. It also felt like someone who always had been in darkness suddenly seeing the light.

“This feeling is just awesome!”

Leylin grinned.

At this moment, he realised two warm streaks of moisture flowed down his face.

“These are… tears!”

“With the current control of my physical body and the help of the A.I. Chip, I actually teared unknowingly…” A look of admiration appeared on Leylin’s face, “The effects of these ancient potions has far surpassed my expectations!”

Only at this moment did he consider to check his stats.

During the meditation, the A.I. Chip showed a stream of data, but Leylin was able to look at this data only now.

[Ancient potion — Tears of Mary assimilation in progress!] [Due to the effects of the potion, quality of meditation increases, spiritual force increased by 0.5] [Due to the effects of the potion, quality of meditation increases, spiritual force increased by 1.0] [Ancient potion — Tears of Mary reaching threshold, Host’s spiritual force greatly increasing…] [Kemoyin’s Pupil’s meditation technique completed, huge boost in Host’s spiritual force, recalculating data…]

After which, the A.I. Chip reloaded Leylin’s statistics.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 1 Warlock. Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 7.1, Agility: 6.7, Vitality: 8.5, Spiritual Force: 36.8, Magic Power: 36 (Magic Power is in synchronisation with Spiritual Force). Elemental essence conversion: 35%. Status: Healthy]

“7 points! One portion of Tears of Mary actually directly increased my spiritual force by 7 points!”

Leylin could not conceal the excitement on his face.

“That means that even if my body develops a resistance to the potion in the future, I can still quickly increase my spiritual force so that it meets the requirements to break through to a rank 2 Magus?”

“Also, I can use the crystallised Darkness energy particles that I’ve been collecting again!”

The stats of a Magus were all intercorrelated.

Previously, Leylin’s spiritual force and concentration of bloodline was enough, yet the elemental essence conversion was lacking. Hence he could use the Darkness crystals to fill in the gap and achieve a 35% elemental essence conversion. However, after that time, Leylin’s elemental essence conversion was enough, but his spiritual force was lacking instead. Hence, according to the A.I. Chip’s estimations, before his spiritual force reaches certain value, using the crystallised Darkness energy particles would render no effect.

Hence, the 500g of crystallised Darkness energy particles he took from the old witch previously, with the amount he exchanged at the Four Seasons Garden had been kept aside by him.

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