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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 170: Princess of a Vanquished Nation

Chapter 170: Princess of a Vanquished Nation

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Noon came shortly after, and Leylin took a shower with a happy mood. He donned a set of comfortable white robes and went to Crew’s villa.

“Welcome, Leylin! My dearest friend!”

Crew gave Leylin a hug, looking somewhat bewildered.

“Your aura seemed to have increased again, it really makes people envious!”

Previously, he had already been astonished by Leylin’s age and potential. Towards a Magus who had such unlimited potential, establishing connections beforehand would often reap unexpected benefits.

However, Leylin’s rate of improvement far exceeded his expectations.

“This is just the result of a successful experiment!” Leylin gave a modest laugh.

In truth, this was the result after Leylin had used concealment spell to hide most of his spiritual force. If not, with Crew’s intelligence, he would definitely be able to guess at something.

Crew did not buy Leylin’s humble words, but the aspect of spiritual force was always among the most guarded secrets of Magi, so any prying would result in hostility.

Hence, Crew could only amicably smile and hold Leylin’s hand.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Come, let us go to the slave market!”


The slave market was in Zone 4 of the Nightless City and took up a very large area. Moreover, it was overt, even having a signboard.

“Lord! Come to us, we have various types of slaves. There are even two snake girls from eastern mountain deserts, and their skills are top notch, you know!”

“Lord! Look over here, beautiful rabbit girls, fiery fox tribes. There are also beauties from the cannes tribe, with incredible strength comparable to Grand Knights. They are extremely good looking and long lasting. Moreover, they only cost 800 magic crystals each…”

“Look here quickly, this is the princess of the Dirk Dukedom! Her bloodline is extremely royal. The Dirk Dukedom is a dukedom comparable to kingdoms

There were many shops in this slave market, hence, to attract people over to their stores, these shops had all kinds of gimmicks.

Leylin walked alongside Crew as he listened to the various calls of the shop owners.

The provocative rabbit girls and fox girls revealed a large amount of skin, only having on a few pieces of clothing the size of a palm to cover their private parts. Their fluffy white rabbit tails and fiery red fox tails were bunched together. It was an extremely sharp contrast to the shy expressions of those rabbit and fox girls.

“How is it, sir? Do you want to take a look at this princess’ figure?”

Crew was obviously interested in the slave that was referred to as a princess. He made a stop in front of that shop.

Leylin was judging the girl behind the shop owner. She was tall, her pupils were golden, and she emanated an extremely noble aura. This was something that definitely could not be imitated, and had to have been developed from a young age.

This beautiful young lady was wearing a gown that one would usually see at a palace banquet, and she was even wearing a diamond-encrusted tiara, as if she was a princess who had ran out to play—that is, if you didn’t consider the blank and resigned expression on her face.

“She’s quite a beauty!” A look of desire appeared on Crew’s face. “Now that I think about it, even though I’ve played with tons of women, I don’t think I’ve ever trained a princess before!”

“This is definitely a genuine princess. Her father was the former Duke!”

The shop owner was extremely eager to market his goods. “Moreover, this woman has not suffered any violations of the body, and is a complete virgin…”

“Dirk Dukedom, I seem to have heard of its past. A coup d’etat occurred, right?” Crew stroked his chin and pondered. “It better not have any leftover troubles!”

“No way, no way! The previous duke wanted to control his own forces, and broke all ties with magicians. He had already been forsaken by the Magus family backing him, and in reality, this coup d’etat was orchestrated by that Magus family…”

The shop owner explained to Crew in detail.

Leylin noticed that after that princess heard of the events, her head was bowed. Fear and hatred began to show on her face.

Although this expression lasted for but a moment and was concealed well by her, how could it have been missed by the magicians present?

“Not bad! Does she have a fierce personality? Challenging… I like her.” Crew was immediately aroused by her, and asked, “Tell me directly! How much?”

“Two thousand magic crystals! That’s the lowest price I can give you!” The shop owner answered confidently.

“Two thousand magic crystals!!!” Crew’s eyes bulged. “Just for a regular human who isn’t even a knight? Do you think I was kicked in the head by a donkey as a child?”

“This is a unique situation! I only managed to get this princess at a great cost, and you can only find her in this shop in the Nightless City! Other princesses all have Magus families backing them, and goods like this are only available now. Whether you’ll be able to get your hands on someone like her in the future will depend on your luck…”

The shop owner expended a huge effort on convincing him.

“Two thousand magic crystals is much too expensive! It’s enough to fund a few of my large-scale experiments!” Crew helplessly shook his head.

He turned to Leylin. “Sorry for the wait. Let’s go!”

Leylin shrugged and ignored that princess of a ruined dukedom, walking out of the shop alongside Crew.

“I was sure that you would insist on buying her, but now…” Leylin was somewhat shocked. He had seen firsthand Crew’s pervertedness and fetishes, so he could not believe that Crew would give up this easily.

“You don’t know…” Crew blinked, his face revealing a smirk and a clever look.

“This slave’s price tag is too expensive. As long as they’re not magicians who are desperately in need, she will never be considered by anyone.” The old geezer explained to Leylin.

Official Magi always required resources. Unlike Crew, who had no more hope of advancing anymore, was extremely lecherous, and only wanted to live in retirement, they would never have any interest in such kinds of slaves.

“I have several ties with the magicians in this kind of circle. As long as I notify them, nobody would snatch her from me!”

“Hehe… By then, this shop owner will only be able to hold this stock in his hands. Later, when I look for him again, I will be the only one to whom he can sell the slave. I am confident that I can haggle the price down to a thousand magic crystals or below…”

“Then what reason have you prepared to convince your friends?” Leylin asked in curiosity.

“Hehe… Of course, such a collaboration to push down prices would be done in turns!” The old geezer did not hesitate to reply.

“If you have any interest in her, then after I’m done with her, I can lend her to you to toy around with for a few days!”

The old geezer seemed extremely generous at this moment.

“No one can surpass your skills in such an area…” Leylin felt as if he was utterly defeated, and no longer knew what to say.

After which, Leylin, who had been following Crew, finally approached a shop that seemed slightly strange.

This shop was obviously a lot larger than the surrounding shops, and there were also two green, magically summoned creatures standing guard. Just by the presence and the construction costs of this shop, the value of the other shops were immediately lessened.

In addition, there was a thick curtain draped in front of the door, and one could not see anything inside unless they lifted the fabric. This heightened the curiosity of the Magi.

“We’re here! This is the slave market that my friend opened!” Crew gave a series of passwords in a practised manner, and received permission to pass from the two magically summoned creatures.

“This is only open to members, and members can only bring one regular customer. The requirements are stringent, but it’s only at this sort of place that you’ll be able to get lots of great goods!”

Crew obviously had a mountain of experience, and he brought Leylin into an office.

“Lucia, my friend! I have brought you business!”

What exceeded Leylin’s expectations was that this slave trader Lucia was, in fact, a female magician.

She wore robes with a high collar, yet a small heart shape was cut out at her bosom area, revealing deep cleavage.

“Crew! Have you grown sick of the snake girl from before?”

Lucia bowed at her slender waist and greeted Crew, quickly retreating back.

Looking at Crew, who wanted to take some liberties with Lucia, but was also embarrassed, Leylin rubbed his nose in shame.

He had a feeling that he could have been ripped off by this lecherous old geezer.

“Is this the customer that you have brought?”

Lucia gave a slow smile as she advanced, and Leylin’s nose was filled with a very concentrated smell of perfume. While strong, it did not repulse him, but was rather like a strong drink that made men brim with the desire to explore further.

“What a handsome fellow!”

Lucia chuckled and gave Leylin a tight hug, her two large, satiny lumps of softness pressing directly against Leylin’s chest, and giving rise to a passion within.

“Young Magus, what kind of slave are you looking for? Fox girls, rabbit girls, or snake girls? Sister has everything here, and can even give you a discount!”

The beautiful slave owner with a provocative figure blew against Leylin’s ear as she whispered in a low voice.

“This… I apologise!”

Leylin gently pushed Lucia away, causing Crew to roll his eyes at him and Lucia to coquettishly laugh. “Oh my! Looks like our customer got embarrassed!”

“It is really your hospitality that makes it hard to breathe!” Leylin bowed and kissed Lucia on the back of her slender and pale palm, before receiving a jealous look from Crew.

It was not that he could not contain his urges, but that this beautiful slave trader was also a rank 1 Magus! Moreover, according the A.I. Chip’s detection, her elemental essence conversion was at least 50%!

Although Leylin was rather aroused, he did not want to have a knife stabbed in his back while bedding this woman. Moreover, how could a female slave trader be a simple character!

“Actually, my reason for coming here is to purchase a few special slaves!” Leylin made his request.

Once the official matter was raised, Lucia put on a serious face.

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