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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 171: Magician Slaves

Chapter 171: Magician Slaves

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“No problem, we have the largest warehouse. As long as you make a request, we’ll immediately find a compatible slave for you!”

Lucia stated with confidence.

“Also, even if we don’t have it here, as long as you pay enough deposit, we can even organise a team to catch slaves and train them and teach them, customising them to your needs…”

Such a business model and industrialised chain of processes, also the special service provided for esteemed guests led Leylin to recall the VIP statuses back in his previous world.

“No need for that, my requirements are extremely simple!”

Leylin smiled, “First of all, it’s 5 slaves with the strength of Grand Knights. The race is to be humans, gender is unimportant. I need those with intact intelligence with no obvious flaw or damage on their bodies…”

He did lack a few workers in his villa to do odd jobs and maintain his image.

Furthermore, it was impossible for Leylin to take care of all miscellaneous tasks by himself.

Deep inside Leylin’s heart, he also had another plan. He had received one portion of resources for the Branded Swordsman from his trade with Dorotte. Even though it was incomplete and virtually impossible to break through with those materials, with the A.I. Chip’s deduction and Leylin’s own experiments, he had also garnered some results.

At the moment, he was thinking of trying out the fruits of his labour on a Grand Knight.

These Grand Knight slaves would definitely have spirit seeds planted or some form of branding that would ensure they were 100% loyal. Their bodies were extremely strong as well and were the best people to experiment on to become Branded Swordsmen.

“We have five Grand Knights here, you may pick them later. Each one will cost 700 magic crystals. Moreover, your big sister I will give you a discount. Amongst the 5 Grand Knights, there would be two beauties!”

Lucia smiled. “I believe that apart from their duty as guards, they will definitely fulfill the other ‘duties’ as well!”

For Magi whose vitality surpasses that of normal humans, normal girls would not be able to satisfy their needs. Hence, cultivating some Knights and Grand Knights as maidservants was a common practice. Hence Lucia did not lack any goods in this aspect.

Towards such a benefit, Leylin only nodded his head, not feeling anything special.

The Grand Knights were only a small matter. Leylin immediately stated his true purpose of coming here.

“And then, I require an acolyte grade slave, it’s best if the strength is of a level 3 acolyte! Also, they have to know simple Potioneering and alchemy!”

At this point, Lucia no longer had a relaxed expression. Even Crew looked at Leylin in surprise.

In the Magus World, there were many tiers for slaves. Maidservants who have been nurtured, princesses or female nobles whose countries have been destroyed only belonged to the lowest tier of entertainment and consumption. Apart from the special cases of princesses and the likes, their prices were all extremely low.

Further up, it would be the level of Knights and Grand Knights who could be of use to their owners. The increase in expenditure was not small. If they also wanted slaves from different races of a beautiful slave, the prices would often be taken up another notch.

However, none of them could be considered high-grade slaves.

In the south coast, there was only one type of slave that was considered to be high-grade. They were the magician slaves!

Whether regular humans or knights or Grand Knights, their bodies were unable to resist the energy pollution that Magi unwittingly emitted. In addition, they did not have any spiritual force to defend their Magus masters, nor help out with spell formations and the like.

Hence, upon advancing to an official Magus, many would usually recruit a few acolytes to assist them in their own experiments.

However, on the south coast, some things still had to be adhered to. Even if one was in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, the mentors could not use the acolytes as their guinea pigs and experiment on them as they wished, and had to tempt them with magic crystals or swindle them into a contract.

Rather than using the pampered acolytes, using slaves could solve this problem entirely.

Due to the existence of a spirit brand, slaves were typically loyal to a fault. In addition, the moment that a master buys them, their lives would immediately belong to their master’s. No matter how the Magi experimented on the slaves, they would not cause any trouble!

“Handsome fellow, you’re quite gutsy!”

Lucia seemed quite bewildered as she looked at Leylin. “Level 3 acolytes aren’t that cheap!”

“Does that mean you have them?”

Leylin picked at his eyebrow.

The origin of magicians slaves was quite simple. They were either wanted criminals or captives after a war.

In addition, their existence was not the most welcome, and even in Poolfield Kingdom’s Ellinel Market, Leylin did not see any shop that dared to publicly sell acolyte slaves.

Leylin had only asked without expecting for there to be any results and had met with an unexpected surprise.

Nightless City was the entire South Coast’s main trading centre! To think that it was possible to find high-grade slaves in a random slave shop!

“Don’t worry. As long as you can find someone, the price isn’t an issue!”

Leylin threw a black pouch to Lucia.

“I didn’t think a little guy like you has magic crystals!” Lucia checked the contents of the pouch and nodded, immediately ringing a red hand-bell on the table.


With the ring of the bell, a maidservant pushed open the door, “My Lady! Do you have any orders?”

“Go bring Damien here!” In front of her servants, Lucia put on a frosty expression with no traces of smiles. Her every movement was filled with a domineering aura.

As for this maidservant, she did not even dare raise her head in front of Lucia’s orders and hurriedly led the room.

“Come! First, have a taste of this ‘chugu’! This is a special product from the Sicily Islands!”

After the door was shut, Lucia resumed her enchanting demeanour and brought out a fiery red flask, pouring a drink that seemed to be a mix between coffee and chocolate, for Leylin and Crew.

Leylin took a sip and the mellow yet invigorating taste swirled in his throat.

“The taste is excellent! It’s rather similar to the Coco Fruit. Moreover, it had the effect of increasing vigour. If it can be popularised, it will definitely gain the attention of Magi!”

Leylin said indifferently.

“Lucia! You’re too much, how could you not give me several flasks of such great stuff!” Crew began to raise his loud.

“Young brother you have the foresight. I am preparing to open a new shop and promote this drink item as my brand item…” Lucia looked at Leylin in surprise, before smiling in an enchanting manner. “How about this, do you want to invest in this as well?”

“My apologies, I don’t have enough magic crystals. Especially after this round of purchasing slaves, I’m afraid I’d have to amass another fortune before considering such an investment…”

Leylin naturally refused such a suggestion.

As for Lucia, there was no disappointment on her face; it only seemed that she had asked on the spur of the moment.

“Lucia, why don’t you consider me?” Crew put on an eager expression.

“You?” Lucia looked at Crew with disdain, “A fellow who only knows how to throw magic crystals on women, I have no faith in you at all. 27 years ago, it was you who took my investment and…”

After Lucia talked about past events, Crew’s face reddened, and he kept his head down like a small boy who had done something wrong.

As for Leylin, he only cared about sipping his drink, pretending not to see or hear anything.

“My Lady! May I come in?”

This atmosphere was quickly broken by a request to enter the room.

“Is it Damien? Come in!” Lucia smoothed her hair and sat behind her desk once more.

*Creak!* The door to the office opened, and a silver-haired level 3 acolyte entered.

This acolyte was not young, and his face was wrinkled like the skin of a tangerine. In contrast, his clothes were neat and tidy, and not a single hair was out of place. He seemed to be in good spirits, looking nothing like a slave.

“Damien! This is Magus Leylin, and he has expressed his desire to buy you. Now, he’ll ask you some questions.” Lucia pointed to Leylin, who was seated on a sofa at the side, and introduced Damien to him.

“It is my honour to meet you, my lord! I hope I am able to service you in the future!” Damien bowed respectfully.

“You don’t have to be so polite! I hope you’ll meet my requirements too!” Leylin looked undisturbed.

“In that case, if you blend the liquefied form of a Sun Flower and the stem of a Three Night Flower, what will happen?” Leylin asked a question related to Potioneering without any second thoughts.

“There will be a substitution reflect, and it will produce…” From the looks of it, this old geezer called Damien did have some attainments in Potioneering. He only needed to think for a short while, before fluently answering.

Next, Leylin asked a series of other questions.

At the beginning, Damien’s expression was relaxed, but as they got further along, cold sweat started to form on his back.

A little over ten minutes later, Leylin stood up, feeling satisfied, and told Lucia, “I want him. How many magic crystals?”

Through the little test that he had just conducted, Leylin concluded that Damien’s attainments in Potioneering and alchemy were definitely considered pretty good amongst acolytes who were in the same tier as him. It would definitely be worth it to buy him.

“16500 magic crystals!” Lucia smiled, “Adding on to those 5 Grand Knights, it amounts perfectly to 20000 magic crystals!”

“No way, this is too expensive! His age is already so high. Normally, acolytes only have a maximum lifespan of 150 years…”

As for Damien, he stood there quietly by the side, as if the person they were haggling over was not him.

After Leylin left Lucia’s store with Crew, 6 more figures followed behind them.

There was Damien, and the other 5 Grand Knights. Amongst the Grand Knights, there were two good looking girls with sexy figures, who also didn’t have any bulging muscles that destroyed their aesthetic beauty.

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