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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 173: The Venom Wyvern

Chapter 173: The Venom Wyvern

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“The theory of ecosystems has long since existed. For example, many Magi find that growing wild grasses alongside Tortoise-Backed Mountain Grass will increase the yields of both by 30%!”

Leylin sat on the sofa and began to articulate upon his theories.

“All I did was expand on this ring of connection. Adding multiple factors, it would proliferate to tens or even hundreds of species, forming a large ecosystem and increasing the outputs of various resources inside the secret plane…”

Truman’s eyes seemed to be giving off light. “What a novel theory! Being able to choose the most compatible ecosystem for the millions of resources in the natural world — I admire your knowledge and background in this area!”

Leylin just gave a faint smile. He was obviously unable to analyse that much data on his own, so the A.I. Chip did most of the work.

The research that he had made public was only on a superficial level.

He was prepared to employ the many key experiments and procedures in his very own secret plane in the future and was unwilling to help Four Seasons Garden increase their output for free. After all, he was no do-gooder.

“However, I am also curious about the Lava Goldfish that you’re rearing, Truman.” Leylin remarked with an anticipatory look in his eyes.

Lava Goldfishes were a unique species in the Magus World. Usually, they thrived in lava, which made them extremely difficult to breed.

As for their fish scales, they were necessary ingredients for many alchemy procedures. The blubber and flesh were a kind of nourishment which could recover a Magus’ energy and enable them to be revitalised after a weary meditation session. Hence, it was highly sought after with an extremely high price.

“Actually, it’s no big deal. These Lava Goldfishes’ habits are very predictable. Once you understand them, then you can make a relevant section inside the secret plane…”

Of course, Truman only briefly stated the methods.

“I hope to use this information of breeding the Lava Goldfishes to exchange for your theory of ecosystem. Moreover, as the value of your information is above mine, I am willing to top up 5000 more magic crystals!”

Truman made a sincere request.

“It’s no problem at all!” Leylin nodded and smiled. The purpose of releasing this information was to exchange it for resources and knowledge with other magicians.

After a year of hard work, he had finally managed to grasp the general methods in operating a secret plane. Apart from that, he also learned about some of the habitats that the most expensive plants needed to thrive in. If he was given a secret plane to govern now, it would definitely not be in deficit, and actually, make profits.

Although Leylin was a dark Magus and participated in plundering operations that the organisation he was in arranged, he never excluded the possibilities of extracting more magic crystals using a light Magus’ methods.

“Speaking of which, Leylin, you’re done with your missions for the month. Do you have any plans? I have a good friend whose experiment requires a high levelled Potions Master, so if you were to go…”

Truman sent Leylin an invitation.

Apart from their duties inside Four Seasons Garden, many magicians often had a part time job through their connections in the organisation, earning additional magic crystals and resources.

Of course, some did it purely as their interest or hobby, or merely just to help a friend out.

“My apologies! The mission for this month was extremely taxing. I wish to take this well-deserved break to recuperate in Nightless City!”

Leylin rejected Truman’s invitation tactfully.

Right now, he no longer prioritised these tiny organization’s resources or connections. Moreover, he was in the crucial period of boosting his prowess, so he did not have that much time to bother about other trivial matters.

“That’s really regretful…” Truman’s face reflected the disappointment that he felt. Only after exchanging several more words with Leylin and their specialised information did they separate.

“Lord Leylin!”

After parting with Truman, Leylin went to the landing pad of the Four Seasons Garden. The acolytes here all recognised Leylin and they bowed to greet him.

“How is Hawke’s current condition?”

Leylin walked to a cage with a giant creature within it. A pair of large red eyes stared back at him. The beast opened its jaws and revealed rows of razor sharp fangs that resembled swords, with a crimson tongue that had reverse scales.

“Lord, your mount’s appetite is great. Yesterday, it had even eaten a whole red bread pig. Its temper was rather nasty, though this could be due to it being caged for a long period of time…”

The acolyte who was in charge of these mounts was obviously skilled in his work. He was also extremely diligent as he replied Leylin.


A scarlet rune appeared on Leylin’s finger, forming the shape of a key and entering the keyhole of the metal cage.


With an impressive roar, a green wyvern charged out of the cage.

This creature had sharp talons and claws, and its whole body was covered in murky green scales. On its back was also a pair of large green wings. The membrane of the wings shone with a green lustre under the light.

[Venom Wyvern. Strength: 13.5, Agility: 19.8, Vitality: 11.2, Spiritual Force: 9.8. Special abilities: 1. Acidic breath: A corrosive poison will be spat on the mouth, with an area of effect of 20 metres. Average power: 16 degrees. 2. Toxic Rip: The Venom Wyvern’s claws and fangs have toxic properties, with a huge numbing effect on the spiritual force.]

The Venom Wyvern’s stats were displayed by Leylin’s A.I. Chip.


The gigantic Venom Wyvern continued to roar. At the same time, there was a fawning look in its eyes that was incredibly humane as it lowered its head and rubbed gently against Leylin‘s body.

“Alright! Alright! I will give you an upsize for your meals when I get back!”

Leylin could not help but laugh as he rubbed this Venom Wyvern which had the mentality of a puppy missing its owner.

“Hawke, bring me to Nightless City now!”

Leylin got onto the back of the Venom Wyvern in one leap.

“Rawrr!” The Venom Wyvern snarled and the wings on its back jolted, unfolding segment by segment until they were fully extended, and were at least three times larger than its body.

With a fierce hurricane, the Venom Wyvern spread its wings and swooped into the air.

“Hah… They’re finally gone. Just having that Venom Wyvern standing here is enough to make me feel uncomfortable,” a female acolyte who was feeding a Dragon Crown Nighthawk, gave a long sigh of relief.

“With that guy around, all these Nighthawks lost their appetites!” The female acolyte patted the Nighthawk in front of her that was eating cheerfully, seemingly just as relieved as her.

“That Venom Wyvern’s power is probably close to that of an official Magus. How strong must Magus Leylin be to be able to tame it?”

The male acolyte following behind Leylin had a very contrasting opinion from the female acolyte and his eyes reflected his envy and admiration for Leylin.

The Venom Wyvern’s flying speed was twice as fast as the Dragon Crown Nighthawk had been. It was thus much more convenient for Leylin to travel between Nightless City and the Four Seasons Garden.

Upon reaching the Nightless City’s landing pad, Leylin issued some orders for the acolytes to take care of his Venom Wyvern and gave Hawke another red bread pig before returning to his villa.

“Master!” Damien and a few Grand Knights bowed respectfully.

Leylin looked around, finding that the villa was still in the same state as it was before he had left. The human slaves that he had bought later on were carefully cleaning the staircase railing and all the pieces of artwork.

Damien was wearing a butler’s uniform, looking impeccable as he stood behind Leylin.

“Master! After you left, your neighbour, Magus Crew came over once. Also, I’ve already paid the continuity fees to the communal centre. Here is the inventory.”

After which, Damien gave a report of what he had done in this period of time.

“Okay.” Leylin paid no mind to his words and nodded along. This Damien seemed to have undergone specialised training while he was a slave and was very proficient in these matters. Leylin had branded him and there was no way that he could revolt, so Leylin could place his trust in him.

“That’s enough for now. Make me some dinner and milk tea!” Leylin ordered indifferently.

“Hawke can be used for transportation and can sweep away most acolytes, but he won’t be useful in battles with official Magi.”

After a moment, Leylin, who was lying comfortably on a couch with pretty maids servicing him with their soft little hands, reflected with a hint of regret.

In the south coast, some Magi had top grade magic creatures as pets. These pets matured quickly, to the point that after their master advanced, it was possible for their own strength to reach the level of an official Magus.

In battle, how much help would an assistant with the same rank render?

Unfortunately, no matter how much Leylin searched and gathered them, he couldn’t find these high-quality pets, and could only purchase a Venom Wyvern to use as a mount.

Magi and their pets had to agree upon a strict spirit contract, and there were some that even required them to share their life force!

Leylin was obviously not going to waste his chance on this Venom Wyvern and used the simplest and cruelest spirit brand to forcibly control it. It was going to be a temporary mount, and he was planning to substitute it with a better option at the next best opportunity.

“But it’s a shame!”

Leylin turned his hand and a crystal that was like an amber revealed itself in his palm. In the middle of the crystal was a drop of green liquid that had a unique aura emanating from it constantly.

“The Venom Wyvern’s blood essence has a trace of the bloodline of the ancient creature — the Thousand Venom Dragon!” The A.I. Chip prompted.

That was why he had purchased the Venom Wyvern.

While he was in Nightless City, Leylin had constantly been collecting creatures that might have ancient bloodlines in them and tried to purify their blood with the A.I. Chip.

However, a majority of his experiments were a failure, and the blood essence in his palm was the best result he had.

“A.I. Chip, have you found out the reason?”

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