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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 175: Brass Ring and Jaye

Chapter 175: Brass Ring and Jaye

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“The Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect?!”

Leylin’s looked lost for a second, and immediately made a sound of astonishment. “Do you mean that sect that’s full of lunatics who think that spirits are the ultimate resting state of all living beings and like to massacre and sacrifice human flesh from time to time? Do you mean that wicked Magi sect?”

“Exactly! The Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect was just a small sect in the south coast during ancient times. I didn’t expect you to know of them!”

The old witch gasped at Leylin.

“The ruins of this kind of crazy sect is definitely going to be annoying. There might be some troublesome curses or mechanisms in there…”

Leylin was very clear about his abilities.

A year ago, he could barely win over a Magus with 50% elemental essence conversion and was considered an elite within the tier of rank 1 Magi.

After a year of constantly increasing his spiritual force and elemental essence conversion, the current him was at the top, second only to those who were on the verge of breaking through and already met the requirements in terms of their spiritual force and elemental essence conversion.

This might was considered quite good in the entire south coast and he could be ranked highly here,but, if he had the misfortune of bumping into a rank 2 Magus, all that awaited him was death. At the most, he had a little hope of escaping with all his might, but what were his chances of survival? The A.I. Chip chip calculated that it was less than 10%!

In ancient times, elite Magi organisations were sure to have rank 4 Magi taking charge, and it was obvious that there were multiple rank 2 and 3 Magi.

The mechanisms left behind by Magi with such levels of strength were definitely not something Leylin could ward off, even though thousands of years had passed.

“Don’t worry, we’re just seeing a small part of it! I’ve also invited a few other friends. I just need one item from there, and all other gains will be left for you to divide amongst yourselves!”

The old witch gave her word.

“It looks like this item must be of massive importance to her. If that’s the case, it might be possible for me to…”

After hearing her words, Leylin’s eyes darted around as he considered.

“I need to think this over.”

Out of cautiousness, Leylin decided to obtain more information first before answering her.

“Alright, but make it quick. I plan to leave in five days, so contact me using the secret imprint before then!” The old witch gave a quick nod and passed a dozen spirit spheres to Leylin.

“This is the latest batch of spirits! However, I need 20% more of your potions this time. I’ll exchange some items to make up for this! How about two hundred thousand magic crystals and a Wolf Spirit Flower?”

Leylin glanced at the old witch, whose spiritual force undulations were waning.

If she was the one using all those spiritual force potions, she definitely would not be in this state. From the looks of it, all the potions she had obtained had been given to someone else.

“Sure!” After giving it a thought, Leylin agreed.

In order to increase the efficiency of the Tears of Mary and break through the nature of spiritual force, which always hit a bottleneck, he would always meditate for a period of time first. When the increase in his spiritual force slowed, he would then use the potion.

Based on the A.I. Chip‘s calculations, this combination was the best method to consume the potion.

Hence, he still had some Tears of Mary in his possession.


Five days later, on a flat ground in the eastern part of the Nightless City.

A shining bright moon hung in the sky, reflecting a silvery lustre on the earth.

The silhouettes of the trees dancing in the wind continuously projected malevolent shadows on the ground, just like monsters of various shapes and sizes.


Countless black figures converged, forming the shadows of 3 figures on the ground.

Two of the three people had worn a thick layer of black robes and used a veil to cover their faces. It seemed to give off the vibe of something eerie and crafty.

“Old Devil! When is Blood Rogue coming?” A cloaked figure spoke to the person that did not put on a veil but had a small demon mask on instead.

“Soon!” The voice of an old woman sounded from under the mask.

“By the way, I don’t have a problem with you getting Blood Rogue to come since he’s from our organisation and he’s quite strong. Who’s this person though?”

The cloaked person projected to the old witch, evidently dissatisfied.

“Don’t worry, she’s a good friend of mine. She’s definitely trustworthy!” The old witch guaranteed.

“She’d better be. If not, no matter how tempting your rewards are, I’ll take my leave!”

“Don’t worry, she’s…” She projected to him once more.

“I see!” She told the cloaked person some information, and it immediately became silent.

Minutes later, a blood-red flame soared at the site and a silhouette covered in a crimson cloak directly appeared on the ground.

“My apologies, I’m a little late!”

Leylin spoke and glanced through the people around.

He was obviously familiar with the old witch, and he had also seen the cloaked man in the dark Magi organisation before. He went by the nickname Brass Ring. As for the other, Leylin had no idea who it was.

“Blood Rogue, you’re here! Let me introduce you, you already know Brass Ring, and this here is Jaye, a good friend of mine!”

The old witch first gave a brief introduction.

At this moment, Leylin, who had gone back to his experiment lab and tested the spiritual force concealment spell that he had gotten from the old witch, coveted the latter half of the spell even more.

Moreover, regarding the ruins of an ancient organisation such as the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect, Leylin was also somewhat interested in them. Hence, after a period of consideration, he finally agreed to the old witch’s invitation.

However, as she had invited others, Leylin naturally made a deal with the old witch and came here with his identity as Blood Rogue in the dark Magi organisation.

Since he was using that identity, he naturally couldn’t ride his Venom Wyvern.

The present Leylin’s face was all red, and he had the appearance of a malevolent demon. There were even horns on his demon mask.

“Blood Rogue! Long time no see!” Brass Ring acknowledged his comrade.

Leylin’s had gained a reputation from his identity as Blood Rogue from the few operations within the organisation. It could also be said that he was infamous, and coupled with the way the bald Venom Snake had suddenly vanished with no warning, Brass Ring was slightly fearful of this Blood Rogue.

Dark Magi respected power, and Brass Ring naturally would not underestimate Leylin.

“Brass Ring! And Jaye, hello!” Leylin greeted and smiled.

“Alright, since we’re all here, let us set off!”

The old witch nodded her head and her figure disappeared in the darkness. Following which, after various flashes of light, there was no one left on this patch of ground, and darkness once again enveloped the area…

The old witch led Leylin and the others on a hastened journey. As they were all official Magus, their travelling speed was extremely quick, far surpassing the speed of horses. In the span of two days, they had already traversed across the entire Teljose plains.

Following which, Leylin and the others walked towards an extremely ordinary looking town.

This western styled town was no different from others, and the total headcount would not exceed ten thousand people.

As for the professions in this town, lumberers and farmers comprised the bulk of it. On the paths, there were even rubbish and dung strewn.

“It smells quite bad here!”

Brass Ring grumbled.

From the strange attire of the four of them, it was obvious that they could not enter the small town in broad daylight. The old witch first let them hide outside while she went in by herself.

After that, they strutted in without fear to the sight of numerous people who were in a deep sleep along the roads.

“This…” Leylin breathed in with his nose, “The pollen of the Sea Anemone Flower, and the liquid secretion from the Pungent Rat’s joints! This dosage is enough for them to stay asleep for at least three days and three nights!”

“Hehe… And even if someone were to chop off one of their legs or kill them, they wouldn’t even wake up. That’s enough for us to conduct our exploration…”

“Is three days enough? Isn’t it more convenient to just kill all of them? We can even take this opportunity to obtain a few bloodthirsty spirits and the like.” Brass Ring casually brought up.

This was the way a typical dark Magus thought. They revelled in bloodshed and violence and preferred to slaughter in order to solve most of their problems.

“After the exploration, I’ll let you do anything you want with them, but now, you have to listen to me!” The old witch stared at Brass Ring, a strange undulation emitting from her body.

*Teng Teng!* Brass Ring had to retreat a few steps. “Are you mad? You want to use this in this situation? Are you looking to die?”

“Don’t provoke me, or you’ll absolutely regret it!” Her voice was hoarse.

At this moment, Brass Ring suddenly came to the realisation that the old witch in front of him was one of the elders in the organisation. She had connections and her powers were unknown, and if not for an incident many years ago, her power would be much stronger now!

At this moment, the other Magus called Jaye stood behind the old witch and expressed her support for her.

“Alright, alright! Let’s make a compromise and not act this way!”

Leylin began to resolve the dispute, “Among the light Magi’s standard operating procedures during times of calamity, a town whose civilians had all fainted or were all massacred are two different matters altogether. The first scenario would only have acolytes dispatched to investigate, as for the second scenario, there will be official Magi dispatched!”

“For the sake of our safety, Brass Ring, it’s better for you to hold it in!” Following which, Leylin turned around and asked the old witch, “Time is indeed a concern. Old Devil, I’m sure you can tell us some things by now, can’t you?”

The old witch looked at Leylin deep in the eyes before reluctantly agreeing. “Alright then!”

“… This is a small scale secret plane that I stumbled on during my travels. It should be an experiment lab of sorts. The area will not exceed 100 mu, so we can definitely finish exploring it within 3 days!”

“Small scale secret plane?” A flash of disappointment was shown on Leylin’s face.

In the south coast, the secret planes were also categorised.

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