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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 180: Sneak Attack

Chapter 180: Sneak Attack

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Although the A.I. Chip’s ability had been upgraded and strengthened by many-fold, but within this strange Magus world, it was still not as good as he desired.

Due to the earlier mistake, Leylin was not in the mood to go and investigate.

And by now, the Loathsome Evil had already approached him to attack!

On the present vengeful spirit Loathsome Evil’s body, the majority of its hands had been cut off and it still had many burnt black patches and within its belly, a large hole had been cut open. This exposed its intestines and other unknown organs.

But these did not affect the vengeful spirit Loathsome Evil’s mobility.

On the contrary, to one’s eyes, the Loathsome Evil appeared to emit a scarlet radiance. Compared to before, it seemed to have become more fiendish.

The veins on its body seemed to be intertwined and protruding out, and they were like cyan snakes that were twisted about each other as this Loathsome Evil came at Leylin.

Many of its body flesh and fat had become abnormal because it had been burnt, but its speed was faster than before.


The scales on Leylin’s body trembled a bit and the dust and pebbles sticking to it fell to the ground.

Although the recent spirit explosion was violent, but after it passed through the defense of the Fallen Star Pendant, its damage power was reduced and then it was entirely resisted by the Kemoyin Scales on his body.

For the present, although Leylin’s body received a tremendous jolt, he almost had no other injury.

At this moment, the giant Loathsome Evil attacked with a flying speed, while it unceasingly spread out waves of the spirit plague.

“Shadow Concealment!”

When Leylin saw this scene, his mouth continuously chanted the spell. At the same time, the scales on his body emitted a dark lustre. As this dark light passed through him, his body became rather transparent.

Soon, the giant Loathsome Evil collided with the shadow of Leylin and went past and shattered a rotten flower pot that was behind Leylin, which burst into pieces.

During this time period of more than a year, Leylin, using the accumulated contribution points, exchanged them for many spell models. So here, Leylin utilised the Shadow Concealment spell of which he had a profound impression.

Before, within the Dylan Gardens, the Black Horrall Snake’s attacks made it an unforgettable event for Leylin.

If it hadn’t been for his natural cautiousness and also the fact that the additional firepower from his comrades, the outcome of the battle with the Black Horrall Snake would have turned out different.

After that time, he began to be interested in the Darkness element stealth spells. Eventually, when he was exchanging his contribution points within the Four Seasons Garden, he happened to discover these spell models.

[Darkness element’s Shadow Concealment. Rank 1 spell. Its effects are: After the Magus cast this spell, he could hide within the crack of the shadow world and he would be immune to the attacks that happen in the real world. Time of concealment: 20s Elemental essence conversion bonus: 14s. It consumes a spiritual force of 10 and magic power of 10.]

This spell was entirely complementing his elemental affinity. Besides, the Kemoyin’s Scales on Leylin’s body also seemed to have magnified the effect of this spell.

Therefore, Leylin had expended a great deal of effort into learning this spell.

And after this spell, he had no longer any weak points with regards to his agility and concealment.

Leylin thoroughly took in the sensation of being in concealment.

This was a very strange feeling — time flowed as if it had been slowed by a tenfold. The surrounding atmosphere also felt very constricting. Each of Leylin’s movement needed to consume even more strength than when he was in normal environments.

Leylin glanced at the Loathsome Evil.

It was now giving vent to its fury on the land surrounding it, as it had lost its original target.

The Loathsome Evil, by chopping with its huge hatchet, carved out many ditches in the surroundings, causing them to be in a complete mess.

Leylin noticed that the body of Loathsome Evil had a strange green tint to it — no, that’s not it all, even the surrounding scenery, land and atmosphere was being polluted by a shining green mist. This green mist was very dense — it even made Leylin feel dizzy and he felt the sensation of wanting to throw-up.

Leylin’s body felt as if it was hovering in mid-air; it slowly floated towards the Loathsome Evil.

The Loathsome Evil seemed to sense something and brandished the enormous hatchet in its left hand; as it did so, the enormous orange yellow hatchet swung at Leylin’s waist.

If Leylin was currently in his physical form, he would already have been chopped into two halves.

But the current him was just a shadow in reality. When the enormous hammer swung past, his body just wavered.

The giant Loathsome Evil frantically brandished its hatchet. It often struck at Leylin’s body, but not even a single piece of the clothing Leylin wore was torn.

It came closer… and closer!

Leylin kept himself in the sliding position and hovered above the Loathsome Evil’s. When he looked down, he could see the constantly secreted yellow pus of the Loathsome Evil and the disordered teeth in its large mouth.


With a flash of a black shadow, Leylin directly appeared in front of the Loathsome Evil.

Currently, Leylin’s pupils had already changed to an amber colour, seemingly giving a peculiar gaze.

“Look into my eyes!” Leylin spoke with a strange tone as it brought a hissing sound with it. It was as though a snake was speaking.

Innate spell — the Eye of Petrification!!!

That voice seemed to carry a weird power. The Loathsome Evil couldn’t help but look into Leylin’s eyes with a bizarre expression.

*Creak! Creak!*

A greyish white halo started to shoot out from the Loathsome Evil’s eyes and its face seemed to be constantly expanding.


When the petrification effect had affected the entire head of the Loathsome Evil, it suddenly raised its head and roared.

Following the roar, the Loathsome Evil’s flesh bulged. There was also two enormous solid flesh that suddenly appeared on its shoulder. It looked like it had grown two arms.

While its flesh was transforming, the greyish skin on the Loathsome Evil face’s shedded. It was like a snake shedding its skin.

[The target’s physique is too large. It is starting to develop immunity to the petrification! Based on current situation, remaining time it will stay rigid: 3 seconds!]

The A.I. Chip gave out a notification.

As expected, the movement of the Loathsome Evil slowed down. It opened its mouth and maintained an eccentric smiling expression. It was like a machine that had not yet been wound up, making it stop in a peculiar condition.

“This is a great opportunity!”

Leylin’s eyes lit up. Numerous black fireballs entered the Loathsome Evil’s mouth, causing continuous explosions within its body.

“Falling Star Pendant! Activate the remaining power!”

Leylin shouted and a faint red light ray appeared beneath his neck.

When the light ray consolidated in Leylin’s hand, it formed a long blade.

Leylin stared at the Loathsome Evil and with a roar, the muscles on its arm bulged, expanding a few folds. It instantly made changed from a lean youth to a muscular man.

Leylin’s body was filled with an explosive power at this moment.

He raised the blade with both his hand and leaped highly and performed a jump slash against the neck of the Loathsome Evil that was still burning with black flames!

*Gurgle! Splat*

The yellowish green pus splattered everywhere. Simultaneously, the enormous head of the Loathsome Evil directly rolled onto the ground.

After losing its head, the Loathsome Evil’s four limbs were still moving. It was as though it was trying to flee.

Leyin’s eyes was serene as he constantly tossed out streaks of purple medicine that landed on the enormous body and head of the Loathsome Evil.


A purplish red flame started to violently ignite.

The flame enveloped the Loathsome Evil’s body and head.

Crack! The head of the Loathsome Evil split apart and a group of grotesque-looking spirits appeared.

However, Leylin was already prepared for that as he tossed a pink gemstone into the flames, while constantly chanting.

The unconscious spirits were attracted to the pink crystal. They forgot to self destruct and just surrounded in front of the pink gemstone with their faces expressing reminiscing expression.

“Success! With the previous calculations by the A.I. Chip, the Derkoff Spirit Enticing Spell has been upgraded!”

Excitement flashed past Leylin’s face. He then rapidly carved runes and incantations on the ground around the flames, and constantly tossed various materials into the flame.

Finally, the purplish red flame already changed completely into a pure purple colour. The group of spirits were constantly dissolving, they were melting like heated wax.

At this moment, a lot of the spirits wanted to self-destruct!

“Activate!” Looking at the densely-packed spirits, Leylin’s lips curled up into a smile as he chanted the incantation.

Boom! A red halo lit up from the array, restraining all of the spiritual energy within the flame.

That light ray seemed to restrict the spirits from self-destructing. The spirits within expressed frantic expressions despite them being emotionless existences, and not a single one of them could self-destruct as they did before.

Mournful and piercing screams constantly rang in his ears.

Leylin could even feel the most painful wail from the Loathsome Evil.

While the purple flames were constantly burning, a strange smell constantly spread.

The Loathsome Evil’s corpse that was at the center of the flame had already stopped moving. Moreover, under the effect of flames, from its fat body, a fatty, oily and viscous liquid began to flow down and around the surface of its body.

This fluid was extremely viscous and its colour was an odd black.

As that black, oily liquid constantly flowed, the corpse of the Loathsome Evil gradually became smaller, as though it was shrinking.

The ten-meter-long, enormous body started to shrink to the height of an ordinary person and finally became a monkey-like form with wrinkled body.


Leylin looked transfixed at the constantly shrinking head of the Loathsome Evil.

When the head was completely dehydrated, an ordinary head appeared before Leylin’s eyes.

Even though the skin was filled with creases, Leylin was able to recognise that this was a head of a western, middle-aged man, aged roughly 30 years or near about.

“It looks like the main ingredient in making this Loathsome Evil’s body is a human body. Moreover, the manufacturing of its huge body is by inserting an enormous amount of crazed spirits into the human body and making them fuse together……”

This method made Leylin felt as though the human body was a womb and was nurturing something.

“The fusion rate with the human body was extremely high as those Loathsome Evils were originally human spirits. It’s unknown how the Spirit Slaying Sect was able to solve the problem in fusing the spirits into the body. It’s the key skill!”

Leylin’s thoughts constantly revolved.

He had a feeling that this wasn’t the final stage in the experiment on this Loathsome Evil.

The frantic spirits would finally breakout from the body after undergoing constant fusion with the body of the Loathsome Evil. They would get much stronger as they grow, creating a more sinister being in existence!

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