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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 181: Living Organism No. 1

Chapter 181: Living Organism No. 1

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Leylin was watching the process of the Loathsome Evil coming together.

The spirit within the array was finally incinerated as the purple flame gradually extinguished.

Swish! The entire light ray from the spell formation completely shattered.

Leylin walked into the formation.

The smell of something burning wafted in the air, along with a repulsive stench that could make one feel nauseous.

“This odour is just like when something from the sewers is burnt!” Leylin frowned and walked to the center.

The human corpses had long since been burnt to ashes.

On the ground, in the middle of the charred and indented formation, a glistening object caught Leylin’s eye.

Lying in the pit were fragments of green crystals, sparkling and splendid like little diamonds.

Leylin covered his hand with a layer of scales and grabbed ahold of the little diamonds.

“Quite light, but very solid!” Leylin kept applying pressure using his palm to the point that his joints popped, but even with his strength of 7.1, he was still unable to do anything to the little diamonds.

“…” All of a sudden, a low chant of salutations entered Leylin’s ear, seeming to have been produced from within the green diamonds.

Filled with curiosity, Leylin brought the diamonds closer to his ear.

“Thank you, young man!”

In an instant, a dazzling white light seemed to fill the entire flower garden. In the white light, Leylin looked at tens of thousands of phantom human figures.

The countenances of these phantoms seemed familiar; they were the spirit bodies of earlier, but they had assumed their original form of a human.

The phantoms were both male and female. Some of them were dressed like Magi and acolytes. However, at this moment, they expressed gentle smiles as they slowly faded in the white light.

“En!” Leylin looked at the surroundings. As if it was due to the death of the Loathsome Evil, the green coloured plague quickly retreated, once again revealing the flower garden.

As for the spirit bodies from earlier, they had all disappeared without a trace, as if he were just dreaming.

However, Leylin knew that he wasn’t hallucinating.

At this moment, the A.I. Chip’s voice rang out.

[Scan complete! Item identified as spirit crystals! This is the essence remaining after the ignition of a huge amount of spirits!] In ancient compendiums, these were one of the many favourite currencies that many experts in different planes liked to use.

“Spirit crystals!” Leylin understood.

He had heard about this item before, but only high-level Magi could effectively use them.

It was impossible for a mere rank 1 Magus to break the surface of a spirit crystal to extract a spirit’s power from within.

“No matter what, it will definitely be useful in the future!” Leylin picked up the green coloured spirit crystals littered on the floor, carefully placing them inside a small pouch. He even used a gold thread to seal the pouch, before placing it back in his robes.

The green spirit plague had completely vanished. Many fine cracks that looked like lizards littered the black rock walls at the edge of the garden.

Leylin walked in front of the cracks, and gently knocked on the fractured wall!


Numerous stones fell, and large clouds of lime were thrown into the air. There was a deep hole in the wall, which was flickering with pitch black light rays.

A black glint of light flashed through his eyes.

He quickly plucked off a strand of his hair, and his mouth began to move as he chanted mysterious incantations.

The long black hair fell to the ground and constantly expanded, eventually turning into something that resembled a black snake.

This small snake had densely packed scales and a pair of red little eyes that looked like jewels. It was pocket sized, and did not look malevolent; on the contrary, it was rather adorable.

The little snake first coiled around Leylin, hissing its tongue. It licked Leylin’s shoes and then slithered into the pitch black crevice.

Leylin shut both his eyes, maintaining a connection with the little snake through a thread of spiritual force. Images and sounds were projected before Leylin’s eyes.

The lighting in the surroundings was very dim, but it wasn’t a problem for the little black snake.

Through the eyes of the black snake, Leylin could see that the interior of the crevice looked like an ore mine with huge amounts of roots creeping in the surroundings.

The roots intertwined across the walls as if they were covering the surroundings of the cave like a fishnet.

The little snake continued to traverse into the cave. After slithering for about a kilometer, the little snake reached a yellow tree root that was like a wall that blocked its path.

“This is… a Misleading Mist Tree Root, an ancient defensive system to deter intruders!”

Leylin’s heart was filled with glee. With the appearance of such a mechanism, it showed that he was nearing the experiment lab.

“Intruder! Answer one question of mine, or else you’ll be ripped into pieces!” from the large trunk of the tree, the face of an old man emerged. The old man stared into the little snake’s eyes as if it could see Leylin, who was controlling it.

“Ask!” Leylin gave off a wave of spiritual force through the little black snake. “Please state your question!” Leylin gave off his spiritual energy force directly through the black little snake.

“What has the face of a diamond, eyes like pearls, and in the winter, the maker of this object gives it a chance to reincarnate?”

“Hmm…” Leylin lowered his head, looking to be deep in thought. Though, in actuality, he was commanding, “A.I. Chip! Search database!”

[Beep! According to the clues provided to the Host, items that fit the description are: 1. Gemstone Starfish. Similarity: 97%. 2. Ocean Bed Sunflower: 78%. 3…]

The A.I. chip instantly gave the result.

“It’s the Gemstone Starfish!” The snake said in front of the Misleading Mist Tree Root.

“Correct!” The Misleading Mist Tree Root let out an ear piercing holler. Like pulling out a radish from the ground, the tree’s roots were uplifted, revealing the pathway behind it.

“As a reward, you now have the authority to go through!” The countenance of the old man on the Misleading Mist Tree Root revealed a smile.

“A reward, huh? I don’t think so!”

The small snake shook its head and climbed through the passage.

*Pa!* In an instant, a giant tree root, like a huge palm, blocked the small snake’s path ahead.

“I have permitted the Magus behind you to go, but not a magical creature like you!” Anger welled up on the old face of the root.

“Young Magus, are you belittling me?”

“It is a part of me, so I believe it has the right to enter!” The little snake raised its head, making eye contact with the giant face.

“No! You must personally come over!” The Misleading Mist Tree Root was stubborn in this aspect.

“If that’s the case…” The little black snake lowered its head as if pondering over something.

Suddenly, the little snake coiled up and immediately darted through the passage.


Suddenly, there were numerous bolts of black lightning that flashed into the originally peaceful pathway .Those flashes looked alive as they struck towards the little snake.

In the sea of sparks, the little snake was burnt to a crisp.

“It’s a trap indeed! Grade 51 and higher Black Prison Thunder, and there’s so much of it. The tree root really invested a lot in this attack…”

Outside the entrance to the garden, Leylin looked towards the mud tunnel and smiled mockingly.

This Misleading Mist Tree Root was just a trap in the first place! Even if an intruder got the answer correct, he or she would still be lured into a trap.

It was a pity that after so many years, there was something wrong with the Misleading Mist Tree Root’s intelligence. Leylin felt that something was wrong because it seemed to be much too anxious.

No matter how good a trap was, once it was found out, it was just another joke.

At this moment, a strong tremor came from the tunnel that Leylin stood in front of. There was even an ancient voice, “I’ll kill you! I’m going to kill you, intruder!”

The walls of the ore mine seemed to be propped up by the roots of the tree. As they struggled to come out, it caused a huge chain reaction.

“This creature’s vitality and strength are most likely above that of the Loathsome Evil. Moreover, as it is a plant, its life force is extremely tenacious, and it has resistances against spiritual force attacks. It’ll be much more difficult to deal with than the Loathsome Evil, so if I was to fight it on its own territory inside the ore mine, as long as it would be willing, it could bury me alive at any time!”

Leylin pondered before raising his head, grinning mischievously.

“It’s a pity, however, that such a plant organism like that has a strong weakness to something I have recently developed in the lab! I’ll use it now!”

Leylin took out a nitrogen crystallised test-tube from the sack that he carried. There were no potions inside the test-tube. There was only a black organism on the bottom with a pair or translucent wings as if it was an insect.

After looking at this item, Leylin’s expression became serious.

“I don’t know if letting this thing out will be good or bad, but I have to give it a try…”

Leylin muttered to himself.

This was an item that he had unintentionally created.

Inside the test-tube was a type of termite found only in the Magus World. Leylin had discovered it while getting rid of the pests inside the Four Seasons Garden.

As the sequence of genes was different from other termites, they were extremely strong, and hence, were taken back by Leylin, who had later discovered a secret.

These termites had an extremely strange gene that will exponentially increase their life force and reproductive capabilities.

That speed was already beyond what was natural. Judging from Leylin’s knowledge, this should have been made up of poisons and cells from another world.

After many instances of failing, Leylin could only increase the abilities of these termites with the help of the microscopic capabilities of the A.I. Chip, turning them into a weapon to deal with plant organisms!

It seemed like now was the right time to use it.

“Come! Let me see what happens when the strange items of the Magus world are coupled with modern scientific skills!”

[Host is about to release Living Organism No. 1! According to the settings, please input the parameters for self-destruction!]

At this time, the A.I. chip replied again.

“5 minutes!”

Leylin put a thread of his spiritual force into the test-tube, after which, he put several drops of another red potion into it as if making his final preparations.

After that, he looked at the shaking tunnel. The Misleading Mist Tree Root was still writhing around, trying to reach him.

“Enjoy your death now!”

Leylin sneered, opened the test tube, and directed the termite into the hole.

1. Refers to the relative level of danger to the Leylin’s current stats.

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