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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 182: Experiment Lab #1

Chapter 182: Experiment Lab #1

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“A.I. Chip! Record the data, and create a folder on the experiment’s results!”

While Leylin released the termite, he pressed on his temple with one of his hands, making a bright blue light shoot out from his eyes, and shine directly into the hole.

Under Leylin’s observation, the termite directly climbed on top of a tree root after being freed.

The termite was like a speck of dust compared to the enormous Misleading Mist Tree Root, so it didn’t arouse the attention of the massive tree.

[Living Organism No. 1 showing violent growth, and starting to propagate!]

In the graphic shown by the A.I. Chip, the termite, which was represented by a red dot, stayed on the yellow brown roots for a while, before its life force begin to increase tremendously, turning into a bright crimson red dot. Furthermore, many small dots began to appear in the graphic, scattering throughout the roots.

It seemed to have a domino effect. When the red light intensified, it grew from covering a root to instantly covering the entire wall, and drew close to the Misleading Mist Tree Root.

“What is this…Argh…”

Following which, the Misleading Mist Tree Root’s screams could be heard throughout the garden.

Leylin could still hear the dense, hair raising, terrifying screams while he was at the entrance of the hole.

As for the termites, they had now filled the entire body of the Misleading Mist Tree Root.

What seemed like billions of termites began to open their incisors, and mercilessly chomped down on the roots. Within only a couple of minutes, the Misleading Mist Tree Root was riddled with holes.

The Misleading Mist Tree Root’s screams become weaker, until it finally came to a stop.


*Buzz Buzz…*

The sound of flapping wings could be heard. A large cloud of termites was seen flying out from the hole. They were like locusts, devouring the remaining plants in the garden.

After devouring all of the plants, the flying termites began to buzz in fury.

[Alert! Alert! Intense energy waves emitting from the organisms’ spiritual force. Previously inputted spiritual force has failed, termites entering a frenzied state!]

As the A.I. Chip called out, all of the flying termites began to mysteriously stop as they turned to Leylin, looking at him with bloodshot eyes.

“As expected, impromptu experiments are always filled with surprises. However, it’s a pity that time is up!” Leylin was smiling.

When the A.I. Chip’s countdown timer of 5 minutes reached 0, all of the termites, which were still flaunting their might, fell to the ground, losing all signs of life.

In the blink of an eye, there was a thick layer of termite corpses on the ground.

This was the security system that Leylin had inputted. It seemed to have an excellent effect.

“These things are filled with unknown characteristics! It seems that I’ll still need a lot of experiments on it before I can use it practically……”

After which, Leylin picked up several of the termites’ corpses to keep as specimens, before walking into the mud tunnel, which had mostly collapsed.

Very soon, he came to where the Misleading Mist Tree Root originally stood. It was a pity, however, that it was now only filled with mud and the remnants of a husk. All traces of the huge tree root’s countenance had also disappeared.

“A lot of effort must have been put into this trap!”

Leylin looked at the black tunnel that the Misleading Mist Tree Root had used as bait. The inside of the tunnel was littered with many charred termite corpses.

From the looks of it, they didn’t die from the self-destruction coded into their genes, but from the trap laid inside the tunnel.

As for where the Misleading Mist Tree Root once stood, there was another bronze coloured path.

The pathway seemed to be formed using ceramic. It looked extremely crude, but had a unique, good feeling about it.

As for the path, there was even a line of ancient Byron characters, “Tunnel to Experiment Lab #1! Top secret! Only authorized personnel allowed!”

The blood red words made Leylin shudder.

“This material……”

Leylin touched the bronze coloured ceramic wall. He felt that the material used to make this wall was extremely sturdy. Also, it gave him a similar feeling to the Blood Sobbing Alloy inside the Dylan Gardens. They were both used to isolate spiritual force energy waves.

“If this is really what I think it is, the item that is locked in here must be remarkable!”

The insecurities in Leylin’s heart reached the max.

He cocked his head and pondered, not daring to enter recklessly. Instead, he found an empty space, and took out various items from his robes, creating a strange formation. The appearance of this formation was extremely strange, looking like an inverted “J.” Afterwards, Leylin also carved a similar rune on his robes.

“It seems that I’m really fearful of death!” Leylin’s insecurities lessened after arranging the formation. He mocked himself as he entered the tunnel.

The bronze coloured pathway wasn’t long, and Leylin quickly reached its depths.

There was a small hall and in front of it, there was a black metal door, which was extremely tall, and over 4 meters wide.

On the metal door frame, there were various magic runes with the words ‘Experiment Lab #1. Supervisor: Edward’ written on it.

The words on the metal door were obviously very old, as there was some dust on it, and it looked slightly beaten.

When Leylin was in front of the doors, two figures entered his field of view

After seeing them, Leylin took the initiative to go forth. “Old Devil and Jaye, where’s Brass Ring?”

The old witch and Jaye were the ones that had appeared in front of Experiment Lab #1, while Brass Ring’s location was unknown.

“We stepped into a trap set up by the ancient Magi that caused us to become lost! In the trap, every time when we thought our partners were beside us, we had actually been separated and had gone further apart…”

The old witch replied, “When the trap activated, and the four of us entered the different pathways, I was met with a sound illusion that was arranged by the ancient Magi…After an intense battle, I found this place, and met up with Jaye. Her experiences were similar to mine……”

Leylin nodded his head, after which he briefly stated his encounters. As for his abilities and spells, he had naturally glossed over the narration of that area.

He then said, “In this case, we should just wait for Brass Ring…”

“We don’t have to anymore! I can sense that Brass Ring is already dead!” Jaye spoke abruptly, causing Leylin to feel somewhat shocked.

This fellow, who seemed like a female, had seldom spoken ever since the group was formed. She also seemed to be rather close to the old witch, yet her energy waves were not very strong, just at the level of an average rank 1 Magus.

But now…

Leylin could not help but to look at Jaye.

Even though Jaye was still wearing a black cloak, her cloak was tattered. It seemed to bear traces of her battle.

Apart from that, the energy waves from Jaye’s body were fluctuating at an unsteady rate. Sometimes, they had the strength of a peak rank 1 Magus, while at other times, it felt like a fledgling rank 1 Magus who had just advanced. At other times, it would intensify greatly, keeping Leylin guessing.

“Jaye had learned and remembered an extremely special rank 1 spell. We were able to estimate the timing of the death of the magus, so we decided to wait for you here!”

Jaye seemed rather antisocial, and she would not speak unless it was of the utmost importance. Everything else was explained by the old witch.

“Is that right?” Leylin was a little doubtful, as the rank 1 magic of the Magus World was extremely peculiar. There was an unknown amount of Magi that built on spells that their ancestors had created or modified in order to create many different unique spells to be passed down, so Leylin wasn’t able to make a decision regarding what the Old Witch had said.

“Since you’re here, let’s take a short break before attempting to enter this Experiment Lab #1!”

The old witch seemed rather zealous. “I have a feeling that the altar I need is right inside!”

Leylin was somewhat speechless. This old witch appeared too impatient.

However, he still walked forward, and touched the black metal door.

Upon contact, an icy cold feeling could be felt as first, before a hotter temperature was felt. As for the sturdy metal door, it gave off a feeling of being indestructible.

From the runes and incantation on the door, Leylin could feel that this room was not used for experiments, but as a prison of some sort.

There was a brass keyhole at the center of the black door. The ethereal keyhole made Leylin’s hair stand on end, and he felt a bone freezing chilliness.

“I can’t fully understand the runes on this door, but I’m still able to make out the general meaning of some of the high levelled runes. There is a high levelled solidifying rune, and a metal memory rune. To break open this door, we will have to spend a lot of energy. Perhaps, we should try to find the key!”

Leylin suggested.

“There’s no need for that! It’s here with me!” The old witch cackled, withdrawing an extremely thick yellow bronze key from her robes.

This key was rather curvy, as if it was a ladle, but it was a perfect fit for the keyhole on the door.

The old witch took the bronze key, and inserted it into the door.

“Wait a minute!” At this moment, a figure appeared in front of her.

“Blood Rogue, what are you doing?” The old witch looked at Leylin, who was blocking her, rage evident on her face.

Jaye immediately stood behind the old witch at this moment. The magic rays emitted from her body caused Leylin’s eyelid to twitch.

“It’s nothing much, I just feel that the danger within has somewhat exceeded my expectations. I wish to withdraw!” Leylin was extremely calm.

“According to the information I’ve seen, this Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect has been the advocate behind the scenes of many ancient calamities. Moreover, it had been undergoing extremely dangerous spirit research…”

Leylin’s expression was extremely sincere as he continued to talk. “Therefore, I suggest that we temporarily stop this exploration, and attempt to explore again after gaining much greater powers…”

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