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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 183: A Mountain of White Bones

Chapter 183: A Mountain of White Bones

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When the old witch heard Leylin’s words, she started at the black haired handsome youth before saying with a dry and hoarse voice.

“I’ve known you for almost two years and didn’t know that you were such a cowardly Magus.”

Leylin had given her the impression that he was extremely crazy and daring. He would do anything to reach his goals and did everything without restraints.

“A Magus’s life is extremely long so two years isn’t a long time. Moreover, to give up after knowing it’s dangerous isn’t a cowardly action……”

Leylin smiled.

“That is to say that you are unwilling to continue on no matter what?” The old witch asked.

“…” Silence was his response.

*Pang!* The old witch didn’t say anything, but Jaye, who was behind her immediately made her move.

A green-coloured hurricane instantly swept past the area Leylin was.

*Pa!* Constant clear sounds were heard.

Following that, a black flame exited the hurricane, which burned half of the small hall and was heading towards Jaye.

“Hmph!” Jaye coldly snorted. Her cloak fluttered without any wind as black energy particles were raised.

When the flame and the energy particles collided against each other in the air, an intense explosion occurred.

Jaye’s body shook and was forced three steps back. The aura from her body became unstable.

“Enough!” The old witch shielded Jaye, with green light rays being emitted from her eyes.

With Leylin’s high leveled observation skills, he knew that she was frantically warning him. He currently didn’t want to go against this old witch so Leylin smiled before moving to the side and eradicated the energy waves that was being emitted from his body.

“Jaye, you too. I’m great friends with Blood Rogue. You don’t have to be so wary of him.” When the old witch saw that Leylin moved to the side, the green rays from her eyes also dimmed before she said that to Jaye who was behind her.

“I understand!” Jaye answered softly.

“Blood Rouge, even though we haven’t been together for long, we should know each other’s personality. State whatever terms you have!”

The progress of the situation was slightly beyond what Leylin had expected.

He originally thought that with the powers that he had displayed and unintentional fight against the old witch, she should reasonably make him leave or explore other places.

Leylin was a reasonable person. He knew that the experiment lab was dangerous and there wasn’t anything worth his attention so he naturally didn’t want to risk it.

However, currently, the Experiment Lab 1 obviously needed his help in opening or to get there so the old witch had to lower her temper.

“To prove your sincerity, you’ve to firstly give me the second half content on the data regarding the compressing spiritual powers!” Leylin straightforwardly stated a condition.

“No problem!” The old witch tossed a green leaf towards Leylin without a single thought.

When Leylin caught it, the A.I. Chip pointed out that it had received a lot of information and images.

From the A.I. Chip’s judgment, this data should be the remaining portion of the data she had given from before.

“I shall also include this! How is that? Will that suffice you to risk yourself?”

When the old witch saw that Leylin had caught up in muttering to himself irresolutely, she tossed a black bag at him.

“These items can also tempt some of the peak rank 1 Magus and has high success rates. What do you say?”

Leylin opened the bag and looked slightly moved.

Following that, he looked at the old witch. “I’ll accompany you and risk my life with you on behalf of these two years of relationship. However, if I find that something is wrong, we’ll retreat straight away and I won’t continue to participate in this in the future……”

“That’s naturally the case!” The old witch agreed.

After that, she walked past Leylin to insert the bronze key into the lock.

*Clang! Dong!*

*Clang! Dong!*

The sound of gears turning could be heard as the old witch turned the key.

The sound was weak at the start, but it got stronger after that. Finally, the entire hall was filled with sounds of gears coming into contact with each other.


Streaks of cracks appeared on the black metal door. After a few cracks appeared, it rapidly segregated into countless little black metal pieces. The black metals flew to the sides, revealing the scene of the Experiment Lab #1.

Corpses! What Leylin could only see was countless white human bone remains.

The densely packed bones were layered, forming a small mountain of white bones.

After that, a rotting odour that had been there for many years, accompanied by the scent of death, rotten flesh and negative energy particles that were so dense and couldn’t be separated, turned into a black wave rising forth towards the three of them.

This was the Experiment Lab #1 inside the secret plane of the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect. It actually formed a scene of the massacre of numerous people.

A black light flashed from Leylin’s body to confront the huge, energy-filled wave, making him happily gulp in a few mouthfuls of air.

This was the best environment for someone like — a dark Magus that specialised in the cultivation of Darkness energy particles! Not only would the consumption of his spiritual force and magic power were lower when casting his spells in this environment, but the degree of power his spells could produce would be slightly stronger.

“As expected…It’s the same as the records!”

The old witch and Jaye were already prepared as they opened a scroll, where a fiery red shield enveloped them.

The ash-colored negative energy particles constantly surged against the exterior of the shield, but they were burned out by the fire energy particles.

Once the wave had receded, the old witch seemed to not have sustain any injuries. She currently was just staring fixatedly at the mountain of white bones with excitement shown in her eyes.

“According to the information recorded, the altar I need is at the summit of this mountain of white bones.”

The old witch climbed up, using the white bones as her path.


The white bones that had existed for an unknown period of time crumbled into powder under her steps, forming an extremely thick layer.

Leylin and Jaye followed slowly behind her.

While Leylin walked, he fiddled with the bones on the ground. Even though many bones had utterly rotted, there were still some complete bones.

Currently, Leylin was detailedly observing a white bone that was slightly thicker than the ones in the surroundings.

“From the shape of this bone, it should be human’s right thigh!” Leylin gauged the weight of the bone in his hand.

“It’s very heavy and this bone clearly had transformed as this isn’t something an ordinary person will have!”

“A.I. Chip! Investigate its content!”

A faint blue light was emitted from Leylin’s eyes.

“Beep! Beginning sample data collection and comparing the carbon elements within the bone!”

The A.I. Chip gave its answer, “This right thigh bone is from a person of the Knight rank. Its age is about 5341 years……”

“The Knight rank?”

Leylin surveyed his surroundings.

At the bottom of this mountain of white bones, its perimeter was the largest and had the most number of bones, but the majority of them were ordinary human bones. There were very few Knight ranked bones.

Following the climb up, there appeared to be Knight ranked bones everywhere. Leylin even found a Grand Knight’s bone.

When they were halfway up the mountain, it was completely filled with Knight and Grand Knight’s bones. There were even some acolytes’ bones.

A Magus’s body had a certain concentration of radiation. It was easy to see that even from the bones.

The old witch and Jaye were indefinitely bewildered from the start and took in a cold breath after seeing these bones.

“From the form, there must be at least 20,000 or more acolytes’ bones buried here and an unknown number of bones belonging to official Magi…”

Leylin released the breath he was holding. “It’s really something on a large scale that can be collected only in ancient times!”

Similarly, he also knew why the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect was annihilated.

No matter what was the reason, killing these many Magi would definitely attract the crowd’s rage. This was different from massacring ordinary people, which resulted in them being severely punished!

The three Magi couldn’t help, but to slow their steps after realising this.

As expected, while they neared the summit, they found numerous official Magi’s corpses!

At the summit, there were often partially rotten corpses and the robe on them could be seen distinctly. Some weren’t rotten as much so they looked as though they were just sleeping.

Moreover, from the radiation emitted from the remnants of the ancient magicians, it was way beyond that of the acolytes. Some of the remaining aura even made Leylin fearful of them.

“There unexpectedly are some bones that hadn’t entirely rotted……” The old witch exclaimed.

“The environment was extremely sealed and they seemed to have had anti-rotting measures. Moreover, these Magi aren’t ordinary people so from the circumstances……”

Leylin calmly replied.

He was currently stepping on a female Magus’s charming face. That Magus’ face had extremely perfected structure with fine eyelashes. Her beautiful eyes could be seen clearly. It was imaginable that this Magus was a rare beauty in the ancient time, but Leylin stepped on her face without any hesitation. It looked just as if he was stepping on stones.

At the current position, the mountain of white bones had become a mountain of corpses and if Leylin and the rest wanted to continue, there had to constantly step on the corpses of the ancient Magi.

“This is blasphemy! Bare naked profaneness! These crazy fellows of the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect, they disrespect the honor of the Magi!”

It was beyond Leylin’s expectation that Jaye, who was the most antisocial in the group, was the first to condemn their crimes.

“That’s right! However, in ancient times, power decides everything! These Magi were caught by the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect so they had to bear with the outcome……”

Leylin said.

As a Magus, it was natural to feel a tinge of regret for his fallen fellow Magi. However, in the current Magus World, was this not commonplace?

“Stop bickering. We’re here!”

The old witch that was heading forth in a daze suddenly stopped. Her voice was rueful, but it contained more ferventness and longing!

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