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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 186: Suction Spell Formation

Chapter 186: Suction Spell Formation

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“A.I. Chip, activate the suction spell formation with maximum force!”

Leylin violently roared inwardly.

Meanwhile, his muscles swelled and a fine layer of black scales appeared on his body.

His eyes changed to an amber colour and appeared to have a beast-like vertical pupil in them.

Scales of Kemoyin and the Eye of Petrification!

During this life-or-death situation, the current Leylin used both of his innate spells!

Leylin’s vertical pupils focused on the chains and shackles that were binding him instead of the Gargamel.

This Gargamel, at the very least, had the power of a rank 2 Magus and its spiritual force exceeded Leylin’s by several times. Using the Eye of Petrification on it would not be enough to close this difference in strength.

And even if Leylin got closer and used the Eye of Petrification on him, it would still only cause him an unfortunate consequence; the Gargamel would devour his spirit!

*Pa! Pa! Pa!*

The chains and shackles that bound him turned gray under the gaze of the Eye of Petrification.

They disintegrated all over the ground as Leylin flexed his arms.

At the same time, a reverse symbol ‘j’ became bright and visible on his clothes.

A strong attraction force acted on Leylin’s body and pulled him away so hard that he was almost flying as he moved backwards.

The speed of this ‘flight’ was 4-5 times more than when he had used a spell to flee.

The old witch and Jaye only saw a black flash; Leylin had already vanished without a trace in front of their eyes.

“No…” The old witch issued a hissing roar.

Jaye wore a complicated expression on her face, as if she had lost all hope, and heaved a despairing sigh.

“The materials for the replacement has disappeared. But the ceremony has already started and must not be interrupted. Start using other materials instead…”

The Gargamel only watched from a distance the spot from where Leylin had vanished but did not chase after him. Instead, he said a few words that caused the expressions on the old witch and Jaye’s face to drastically change.


Together with the unceasing spell which was being dispelled, a shriek filled with hopelessness and despair rang out, piercing through the entire mountain of white bones.



A huge explosion erupted and the spell formation laid on top of the white ground in the garden shattered.

Meanwhile, a black human shadow was drawn to this place and created a deep indent as it smashed into the ground due to the huge gravitational force.

“Cough Cough…”

At the bottom of a huge pit, Leylin fiercely spat out a mouthful of sand and pebbles. Upon seeing the strange angle his right arm was in, he smiled wryly.

“The A.I. Chip recovered only a portion of the ancient suction spell formation, and using it so rashly obviously resulted in this situation. If not for my innate spell, I’m likely to have suffered far more than just a broken arm.”

Despite the grimace on his face, he jumped out of this large pit quickly and observed his surroundings. This was the place where he had fought with the vengeful spirit, the Loathsome Evil, and also where he had arranged his spell model.

“This suction spell formation was truly set up perfectly!”

Leylin sighed regretfully, and immediately commanded, “A.I. Chip, analyse the map and find the most optimal route to exit the secret plane!”

Previously, upon the spirit altar, Leylin had seen something similar to a map of the secret plane.

Due to his cautiousness, he had immediately asked the A.I. Chip to make a record of the map and compare it with the map made from routes he had travelled. As expected, the result was that he obtained a complete map — the entire map of the secret plane!

The suction spell formation here was an ancient spell that he had upgraded himself.

He had only seen the original model of this spell in the ancient books at the Four Seasons Garden, and many parts of it were already badly damaged.

Even with the A.I. Chip’s help he only had one complete portion, which only held 30 to 40% of the original power of the spell formation.

But this 30 to 40% power was enough to cause Leylin much happiness and was one of his hidden trump cards.

This suction spell formation model was able to create a powerful gravitational force, which would forcibly pull magic artifacts or lifeforms that had previously been engraved onto a place where the suction spell formation had been set up.

Due to its utilisation of many ancient techniques the force of attraction was very powerful, and its speed was extremely high! Even a rank 2 Magus would be helpless against it.

If previously Leylin had the assurance of 10% success in fleeing from a rank 2 Magus, then after he had properly set up the gravitational spell, this probability of success could increase to 40% or even more!

[Map imported and the optimal route has been found!]

The A.I. Chip computed quickly and the map of the secret plane was projected clearly in Leylin’s field of view. In it, a red line marked the route from Leylin’s current position to the oil painting, which was the entrance to the plane.

*Jiji!* Just then, from the Gargamel’s location, a loud, weird noise could be heard. Then a black shadow became larger and larger and finally unfurled itself within the sky.

*Crash!* It was as if the entire sky in the secret plane had been ripped apart, exposing a pitch-black hole, and many blood red lightning bolts and thunder hacked at this black shadow.

The shadow wore a strange skull mask and struck out at the constantly roaring lightning and thunder.

The repercussions of this fight, caused everything to be turned to dust wherever it landed. And the battlefield slowly expanded, reaching to the location where Leylin was.


Seeing this apocalypse-like scene, Leylin did not think for long, and immediately broke into a run.

On the way, the ground began to split open, and many trestles and stone sculptures fell to the ground. This scene was as if the world was ending.

Leylin ran with lightning-fast speed and his body was constantly covered with the Scales of Kemoyin. At high speed, all that could be seen was a long, black afterimage.


Leylin quickly passed through a metal tunnel, and ahead of him was a dead-end. A thick layer of metal had completely sealed this passage.

But Leylin’s expression did not vary in the least; flickering constantly, he rapped at a few points at the wall.

*Rumble rumble!* Along with a loud noise of a machine, The metal in front of Leylin split open with a deafening mechanical noise, exposing a silver passage.

Written in the ancient Byron language was a sign on one side of the tunnel that read: “Tunnel made for emergency exit, specifically for lab employees!”

Leylin’s blue eyes flashed and, without hesitation, he rushed through this passage.

The silver passage quickly flashed past Leylin.

Immediately, the A.I. Chip’s voice intoned, causing Leylin’s footsteps to halt.

[Discovered hidden compartment. It wasn’t recorded in the map previously. Do you want to continue through that way or not?]

“Hidden compartment? And the map on the spirit altar did not have a record of it? The level of secrecy of this compartment must be very high.”

Leylin glanced at the passage behind him with concern, sprinted forth, and a small door suddenly appeared on the silver wall.

The room behind the door was very narrow. It was a compartment of a few square meters in area and at its center was a very simple and mysterious ancient spell formation.

This spell model was built entirely using a black stone and on its surface were all kinds of symbols which Leylin could not understand. All around this spell model were tall obelisks.

Leaning on one of the obelisks was a corpse.

This corpse was wearing a black gown that was lushly and delicately embroidered. More importantly was that even after such a long time had passed the clothes still had a bright and beautiful luster.

“This definitely was a very important person!” Seeing this corpse, Leylin inwardly exclaimed.

“A.I. Chip, record the patterns on the spell model” Leylin issued an order then he crouched down next to the corpse, and began fumbling about its clothes.

Some miscellaneous items and a torn diary made of parchment paper fell into Leylin’s hands.

[The spell model’s formation and the runes have already been recorded.]

After hearing the A.I. Chip’s intonation, Leylin immediately left the secret compartment. All of these took place in less than 15 seconds of time.

Leylin tapped on another wall of the secret compartment, then he quickly ran away.

And behind him, with a rumbling noise, the secret compartment door closed and a white light was emitted throughout the entire passage. Nobody could tell he had been in there.


Rays of bright sunlight shone down.

It was already daytime in the small town, but, because of the old witch’s potion, the populace was in a state of deep sleep.

This situation had already been discovered by the surrounding villagers and the rumors spread about very fast.

Of course, due to the fact that there were limitations in communication and reasons of time, the extent to which these rumors were spread was very small and did not attract the interest of even an acolyte.

Now, the small town gained the reputation of being a ghost town.

At the end of the passage, the oil painting emitted a silvery light. Then this light turned brighter and brighter, and finally revealed the entrance of a passageway.


From this entrance emerged a black shadow in very sorry shape.

Leylin used his left hand to wipe his cold sweat and turned around to see the passage to the secret plane.

“That was way too dangerous! If not for the defense mechanism that the Magi of the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect set up for in case the Gargamel lost control, I wouldn’t have been able to get away…”

To say that the Gargamel was very powerful was not a lie; the current Leylin was definitely not its match.

The being formed from the gathering of evil souls were simply insane. They were known for their temperamental nature, and Leylin wanted nothing to do with such terrifying and dangerous entities.

“Latent Fireball!”

After looking at the entrance to the secret plane, a flash of determination passed through his eyes and he threw black fireballs at the entrance, thoroughly destroying it.

Although there were many good things inside this secret plane, but when compared to his own insignificant life, Leylin certainly knew which he would prefer.

And compared with the fact that the Gargamel could come out at any time to finish him off, the other items inside the secret plane at once became dispensable.

Leylin looked at the surroundings and after removing all traces of his having been here, he departed from this place without looking back.

And if the entrance was not destroyed, then the Gargamel could come out from within the secret plane.

Leylin estimated that, with the strange and savage power of the Gargamel, it could immediately find the weak point of the secret plane and tear it apart and escape!

But by that time, Leylin would be a long distance away. What did this have to do with him?

Furthermore, in the entire Magus world of the south coast, Leylin was not the only Magus around. For instance, the head of the Night Lighthouse that he had met earlier was more than capable of suppressing this Gargamel!

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