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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 188: Branding Experiment

Chapter 188: Branding Experiment

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Damien expressed a slightly apprehensive expression.

“Many Magi simply left. Huge numbers of people are in the streets buying items to increase their powers. It’s as though they are trying to use up all of the magic crystals at their disposal…”

“That strange phenomenon only gradually abated after the public center dispatched people to patrol the streets……”

“Moreover, your good friend Magus Crew also moved out this afternoon. Before he left, he left a message for you!”

“What message?”

“The night is approaching. Be careful in everything you do!” Damien said something that sounded like a proverb.

“What does that mean?” Leylin frowned. “When did that Crew start to like being a prophetic Magus? The things he says are never clear!”

Leylin pondered for a moment, and finally told Damien, “From the information I’ve gathered, there will probably be a relatively large war that is imminent……”

Even though he already had some guesses, when Damien heard this information, his body trembled uncontrollably. He was originally caught and became a slave because of a war. Even though he was under a spirit branding, that bitter experience was just like a brand that was deeply engraved in his memories, making it impossible for him to forget.

“That’s right, call Number 1 to 5 over here!”

Leylin casually instructed Damien, who rapidly suppressed his shaking body, and withdrew at an extremely fast pace.

After a few minutes, five armoured Grand Knights with greatswords appeared before Leylin and knelt to perform a perfect Knight’s greeting!


The extremely thick armour didn’t affect their movements in the slightest way, and every movement of those five people carried a killing intent. It could be seen at a glance that they were strong veteran Grand Knights that had experienced countless battles.

“You may rise!” Leylin commented softly as he looked at those five people.

They were naturally the five Grand Knight slaves that he had purchased at the slave market in addition to Damien.

With the spirit branding, Leylin could order these five Grand Knights to die and they would obey without any hesitation.

They originally had names, but for convenience’s sake, Leylin gave all of them new names with numbers, starting from 1 to 5.

Leylin had put in considerable amounts of effort on the five Grand Knights. He constantly fixed their conditions during the past year. He didn’t even mind spending a lot of his resources to brew precious potions for them to consume.

Currently, the five experimental bodies’ were unconsciously giving off energy waves filled with life force. They were already beyond the Grand Knight’s rank and were beginning to advance to a higher realm.

“What are the results of the secret techniques that I taught you previously?”

Leylin asked.

“Master! After using the secret techniques along with the potions from before, Number 2, 3 and I felt life force start to flow through us, which was something that had not happened for a long time. Our vitality also became increasingly stronger.”

The big man on the far left stepped out of the line and said, “But when Number 4 and 5 used the secret techniques, the brand on their bodies shook and gave off scorching hot energies that interrupted their training………”

This Grand Knight slave, known as Number 1, gave an extremely detailed report.

In the past year, Leylin had been constantly modifying the brands of the five through the modifications made by the A.I. Chip. This had allowed him to gain a lot of fruitful experiment results.

The ’secret techniques’ that were previously taught to those five Grand Knights were just improvised data from the information about Branded Swordsman.

“Is that so?” Leylin’s gaze became stern. “Remove your clothes!”

The five slaves removed their body armour without any thoughts after hearing their master’s order.

*Crash!* Metal armour made a racket as they hit the ground. The Grand Knights had removed the heavy armour in just a couple of seconds, revealing completely unclothed bodies.

Moreover, Number 4 and 5 were female Grand Knights, but they weren’t at all embarrassed as they stood before Leylin with their well-developed bodies and private parts completely exposed.

Those five had the strength of Grand Knights. Their bodyline was supple, but was well developed. Every inch of their flesh hid an astonishing explosive power.

Their bodies were akin to perfectly sculpted statues.

However, there were elements that offset their aesthetic appearance from being perfect.

Leylin didn’t cared about the two Grand Knight beauties; his gaze was completely focused on the interweaving brand on their body.

Leylin scrutinised their bodies.

He noticed that the bodies of his Grand Knight subordinates were covered with deep, black brands… Near these brands were some twisting scars. It seemed as if a branding iron was the source of the brands and scars.

With close observation, the brands looked like a centipede climbing. while their chest and lower abdomen regions formed an extremely peculiar rune.

Some of the brands seemed to be broken and were unable to link together.

“A.I. Chip! Scan those brands and compare the current conditions of these Grand Knights to the previous observations in a new file!” Leylin thought.

As he said this, a blue light shone in his eyes and swept horizontally across those slaves.

[Beep! Mission established! Commencing the scanning!] The A.I. Chip followed the tasks that Leylin ordered.

Rows of numbers and three 3-D images appeared before Leylin and were constantly being updated.

“En! It seemed that the training method that I created isn’t bad. These Knights’ physical qualities have had drastic improvements and are also able to train their life force. Their previous stagnant powers are starting to rapidly improve!”

Leylin was extremely satisfied after looking at the results of the three male Grand Knights.

“The training method of the Branded Swordsman conflicts with the brands on their bodies?”

Leylin carefully looked through the A.I. Chip’s results while constantly walking around the slaves in order to attentively observe the position of the brands.

“Where is the source of the previous problem? Is it here?”

Leylin placed his hands below the lower abdomen of Number 4 without ascribing and thoughts to what he was doing. After having placed his hand there, he felt a warm sensation and could feel that underneath the smooth and supple skin, there were muscles that were slightly twitching now.

“Yes…Yes, that’s the place, Master!” said Number 4 with a slightly shaky voice. This female Grand Knight had a good appearance and an exceptionally curved, bountiful body

“If that’s the case!” Leylin caressed his lower jaw.

“A.I. Chip! Amend the parameters for the two female knights to the p-grade content and change the index to the third grade before testing again!”

This kind of calculation was an easy task for the A.I. Chip. After a short moment, the A.I. Chip had already concluded its calculation and reported it to Leylin.

[Beep! According to the calculation, the brandings of the swordsman are different for males and females. The markings must follow a carved inscription!]

After looking at the A.I. Chip’s conclusion, Leylin’s expression did not change since he had expected such a result.

“So it really was the case! Kroft had gotten hold of a part of the Branded Swordsman information, but there is an extreme lack of information concerning the brandings. The runes inscribed on males had been deduced by the A.I. Chip. Moreover, those marks aren’t suitable for females, which resulted in the two female Knights being unable to train!”

“It seems that I must purchase a large quantity of male Grand Knight slaves to try to create a Branded Swordsman!”

Leylin planned to himself.

To him, using males or females didn’t have any differences. He just needed to head to different sections of the slave Market for them.

However, regarding the most crucial rune inscriptions for the Branded Swordsman, he could only amend the model to suit males. While it was not impossible to create something out of nothing for a female version of the model, it would take a lot of time. Leylin didn’t want to spend the A.I. Chip’s precious calculation skills on this matter.

“Since this is the case, there’s only one troublesome problem in manufacturing Branded Swordsman, which is the problem in combining the markings’ powers.”

Leylin rubbed his lower jaw with flames burning in his eyes.

The ancient Branded Swordsman were similar to the bloodline Warlocks and elemental bards, which were among the stronger professions of the sub branch of the magi. Their specialties were their physical defence and offensive powers, which were regarded as their enemies’ nightmares.

Moreover, the combination of the Branded Swordsman and magicians was an eternal nightmare for many worlds.

If the Branded Swordsman could perform crowd control, then the Magi behind them would have the time to prepare the formidable power of magic in order to change a given situation.

Moreover, the power of an official Branded Swordsman was equivalent to that of at least a rank 1 Magus!

Leylin just needed to form an army with Branded Swordsmen. The quantity didn’t need to be large; 20 of them would be sufficient. With such forces, Leylin would no longer have an opponent at the rank 1 Magus level and he was also confident enough to be able to fight against a rank 2 Magus!

“However, regarding the problem of the powers, the runes of the Branded Swordsman is the pivotal point. Even if it was the A.I. Chip, it could not guarantee perfection without countless experiments and accumulation of data. Moreover, there’s also a problem in controlling the Branded Swordsmen after they evolve to a higher realm…”

Leylin lowered his head as he muttered to himself irresolutely.

He was only a rank 1 Magus now, so he could at most control level 3 acolytes and Grand Knights.

However, in a similar fashion as the Magi and Warlocks, the ancient Branded Swordsmen could break through the ordinary realm to reach an extraordinary one.

This power wasn’t something that Leylin could currently control by using the spirit brand.

Thus, a safer and more effective controlling method had to be researched and implemented on those Branded Swordsman!

Only with this method could the loyalty of his soldiers be guaranteed!

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