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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 191: Issuing Missions

Chapter 191: Issuing Missions

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Below the stage, numerous Magi bowed.

On the podium, red flames blazed.

A Magus in white robes and a green headband leaped up from the flames energetically, looking like a flame sprite.

“My lord!” Leylin and the other Magi bowed together.

“Hmph!” Decarte nodded in an aloof manner and swept his long cloak before taking a seat at his assigned place.

“Everyone!” Decarte’s voice was very gentle, though he had a weird accent. Having stored a large amount of data, Leylin knew that this was an accent that Magi nobility used in the ancient times. Other than showing off one’s status, there was nothing special about it. Only the most traditional families practised this way of speech now.

“I believe those in charge of you have already spoken to you. If not, you can ask them about it. I have only one thing to say here!”

“Four Seasons Garden will take over one of the entrances to the Eternal River secret plane on behalf of the light Magi. The battle and hunting teams have already been brought into the plane in batches to vie over the resources within against the dark Magi. Our Potioneering team may not be directly involved in killing the dark Magi, but we have the role of brewing potions and definitely can’t hinder the other teams!”

At this point, Decarte’s eyes shone as he scanned the area.

All Magi present trembled with fear.

“Is this the power of a Magus at the peak of rank 1?”

Though Leylin could withstand such might, he knew he definitely wasn’t Decarte’s match yet.

He looked at his stats.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 1 Warlock, Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 7.1, Agility: 6.7, Vitality: 8.5, Spiritual Force: 58.9, Magic Power: 58 (Magic Power is in synchronisation with Spiritual Force). Elemental essence conversion: 70%. Status: Healthy]

As a Magus on the verge of breaking through to rank 2, Decarte’s spiritual force had definitely gone past 70 and might even be near 80. His elemental essence conversion was sure to have reached a high percentage and was much more than 80%, which was the requirement to break through.

Leylin suspected that Lord Decarte could have advanced a long time ago but had held himself back in order to increase his elemental essence conversion as much as possible before trying to break through!

Leylin knew that he had a large number of tricks up his sleeves, but the most he could do was catch Decarte unprepared. It was certain that the experienced Decarte could beat him up thoroughly.

“Alright, now I’ll issue the missions. Callum, your research on the Tree Secretion Potion is temporarily on hold. From hereon, spend all your time on brewing the Rotting Bee Swarm potion!”

Decarte began to issue the missions.

A Magus with a gold helmet that covered his face stood and greeted him.

Leylin knew of Callum. He was said to be the number one in the Potioneering team, and the team he led was very capable. They had managed to complete a series of difficult missions, and his own Potioneering abilities were awe-inspiring. Based on Leylin’s calculations, without the use of his trump card, the A.I. Chip, he might not even match up to Callum.

Leylin had heard a bit about the Tree Secretion Potion that Callum’s team was in charge of. The formula had already been mostly figured out, and there was one more step till the potion could show its real effects.

However, because of the war, this experiment had to be postponed.

“Good. I’ll compensate your losses a while later!” Seeing Callum so cooperative, Decarte’s expression brightened.

“Next up is…”

Decarte changed all of the teams’ existing missions.

Their previous missions had to do with research and fortification, but these were all abandoned in favour of refining potions that had immense killing power.

Martin’s team, which Leylin was in, received a mission to brew the Heart of Lava.

This Heart of Lava Potion was a type of offensive potion that had a large area of effect.

Though its might was a little weak at around 20 degrees, it had a wide range and was a necessary item in large-scale wars.

Besides Martin’s team, other Potioneering groups also received this mission.

This potion was not easy to brew, but Decarte cared little for the grimaces on his subordinates’ faces and allocated a fixed number for each team to make. He also mentioned that if the monthly quota was not met, not only would their benefits and allocations be decreased, they might also be deprived of some of their current authority.

Martin’s expression was bitter, and Leylin’s heart lurched when Martin looked at him with hope.

Decarte’s attitude seemed to imply that Four Seasons Garden did not have the upper hand in the fight for territories within Eternal River secret plane. Hence, they needed a large number of these offensive potions.

If that was the case, it was a definite possibility that people who were usually working at the back, like alchemists and potion masters, would be sent to the frontlines to increase Four Seasons Garden’s strength.

With such high odds of this happening, Leylin needed to make some preparations for himself.

After all, he wasn’t so stupid as to give his life for Four Seasons Garden.

“Leylin, we’re counting on you!”

Martin had a look of fervent hope as he patted Leylin on the back. His teammates had the same expression.

“Alright! However, this mission is extremely important and I can’t guarantee anything…”

Leylin forced a smile.

Time passed quickly, especially while one was busy brewing potions.

Usually, Leylin obviously would not reveal his true abilities in making potions.

While brewing them, he purposely failed a few times in order to hide his ridiculously high rate of success.

However, there was an upside to this whole situation. As Potioneering was a job that demanded one to be meticulous, the environments Potion Masters were in had to be suitable. Hence, they often worked alone.

Leylin also had a private laboratory of his own, and while he was brewing potions, even his own team members did not dare interrupt him.

This gave him the opportunity to do as he pleased.

Firstly, Leylin used a frighteningly short amount of time to brew enough potions to fill the quota. The rest of the time was used on researching the Branded Swordsman, the information he had obtained from the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect’s secret plane, and other subjects of interest.

Within Leylin’s private laboratory.

Burettes, beakers, and other laboratory containers holding colourful liquids were scattered atop the pure white experimenting table. Some of these liquids were solvents that effervesced.

Beside the table, Leylin had his eyes tightly closed, his facial muscles twitching.

At the same time, rings of energy and spiritual force rippled and were constantly being compressed. The atmosphere began to undulate with the tiniest ripples as if it were also being compressed.

The large spiritual force that Leylin possessed was constantly lowering along with the fluctuations, and there even came a point where his spiritual force was undetectable.

A good while later, Leylin opened his eyes.

Currently, his eyes were clear and pure. The layer of darkness from before was nowhere to be seen.

The energy waves he usually gave off had vanished and he seemed to be a regular human. The only identifiable aspect was the deep and immeasurable dark shadow that flashed in his eyes occasionally.

“The spiritual force compression method I obtained from the old witch is surprisingly effective!”

Leylin used the A.I. Chip to scan himself, but even the A.I. Chip could only give a few vague numbers and was unable to effectively analyse the state of Leylin’s body.

Leylin prevented the A.I. Chip from using all its efforts on calculating data, and he had not authorized the usage of an atomic microscope either. However, just this kind of result was enough to make him happy.

From the A.I. Chip’s calculations, this spiritual force compression method matched up the spiritual force energy waves from his body and then compressed them. This would then adjust the spiritual force energy waves and hide his true strength.

Just the first half of the information that the old witch had provided was enough to conceal his strength from other rank 1 Magi.

With the second half he obtained from the old witch during his time in the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect’s secret plane, this effect was multiplied.

The current Leylin was certain that even rank 2 Magi would be unable to detect the concealment of his strength.

Having this ability right before the impending war made it even more precious!

“This method can be used as one of my hiding skills. When coupled with Shadow Stealth, the effects seem to be even better…”

The A.I. Chip began to calculate fervently while Leylin was deep in thought.

After about half an hour, Leylin got up and rang the golden handbell on the experimentation table.

*Ding-a-ling! Ding-a-ling!*

The crisp sound of a bell resounded.


Moments later, a secret door opened, and two Grand Knights dressed in armour walked in.

“Number 2! Number 3! How are you feeling now?”

Leylin surveyed the two who had grown taller and had a change in their physique. Anticipation flashed in his eyes.

“There’s some pain from swelling as if something is inside drilling holes in my body…”

“Master! I feel the same as Number 2. Also, my body alternates between being cold and warm, and there are sudden surges in strength. I would break whatever I was holding unintentionally when that happened…” Number 3 knelt on one leg as he reported.

“Is that so? Lie on the experimentation table and let me see!”

Leylin commanded.

Number 3 took off all his armour and quickly laid on the ice-cold table.

At the moment, the brand on his body was becoming increasingly clear. What was most obvious was the few strange looking brands that were broken, which had been kept in place with red devices

“I’m unable to replicate the methods of recreating the Ancient Branded Swordsman now, so I can only settle for second best. As long as I forcibly link the brand and let Grand Knights temporarily use this power, it still works!”

Leylin thought to himself.

To fully replicate the methods in creating the powerful Branded Swordsman, a large amount of time was needed.

The current Leylin had to make do and substitute it with other means.

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