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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 195: Impetuous

Chapter 195: Impetuous

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“What mission?” Leylin asked expressionlessly. However, if there were people around him who knew him well, they would be able to tell how annoyed he was.

“The main purpose of you going to the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane is to pass on information from the internal unit of Four Seasons Garden. At crucial moments, you are to coordinate with us and destroy the defense formations within!”

The boy sounded incredibly arrogant, making Leylin more annoyed.

“That means I’d be an undercover, right? How about that agreement I signed? If I betray Four Seasons Garden I’ll definitely be punished by the Trial’s Eye, no?”

“That… The boss will take care of it for you!” The boy was obviously insincere.

“In other words, you’re not giving me any benefits and want me to give up my life for you! Do you guys think I’m so easy to bully?”

Leylin suddenly laughed sarcastically, a red colour flashing in his eyes.


Immediately after he spoke, Leylin brazenly attacked!

Countless fireballs the size of human heads hurtled towards the boy’s direction.

The intense flames swept everywhere, and the mist was quickly evaporated, revealing the figure of a little boy in a darkened corner.

“Are you crazy?” The boy roared, outraged.

“You’re the crazy ones! How dare you threaten me!”

Leylin coldly replied, his two hands becoming completely red as they clawed forward mercilessly.

Crimson Palm! Blood Rogue’s famous move!

Huge blood-red claws swept across the air, grand flames burning atop the phantom claws.

With the added bonus from Leylin’s elemental essence conversion, this spell had already reached a strength of almost 34 degrees!


The little boy was in bad shape after the bout of fireballs being thrown at him despite rolling and trying to dodge the attack. He was dusty all over and looked like a clown.

After seeing Leylin using Blood Rogue’s move, his entire face changed.

Who knew Leylin would be so crazy and so powerful? His might far surpassed that of a semi-converted Magus.

The little boy had thought that he had blackmail material on his hands. He knew of Leylin’s identity and the moment he told Leylin he expected that Leylin would obediently do as the boy ordered, just like a loyal dog, which would allow the boy to gain some additional benefits.

But he never imagined that Leylin would not hesitate and attack with no qualms!

Upon seeing those claws, the boy made a strange sound and quickly tugged at a strange pendant from his chest and threw it on the ground.

*Chi Chi*

Numerous ice crystals emerged, forming a sparkling and translucent ice mirror in front of the little boy.


The huge, sharp phantom claws had traces of crimson flames and crashed against the mirror, producing an immense sound.

*Weng Weng*

Flames and ice crystals flew everywhere.

Each time an ice crystal fell, a thick layer of ice would form on the ground. Anything that came into contact with the crimson flames corroded, whether they be trees, moles or even rocks. Everything turned into a pile of grey powder!

“You thought a high-grade scroll could save you? How naive!”

Leylin strode forward, chasing after the boy.

“This is a magic scroll with instantaneous casting that I spent 250 thousand magic crystals on!” An expression of regret and rage formed on his face, and his muscles were twitching.

“You dare to… You actually dare to… You will pay!”

As he yelled, he produced a magic item that was emitting strong energy waves, ready to attack!


At the same time, Leylin made a low howl, and on his right arm, a metal hoop that seemed to be a decoration suddenly gave off light and shone on his body.

The boy who had been targeted by the Hoop of Imprisonment was like an insect stuck in amber, completely immobile and unable to use the magic item in his hands.

“You dare to threaten me?”

Leylin advanced, kicking the magic item out of the boy’s hands and lifted him with one arm.

“You… There are still many others behind me that know your identity. The moment I die here, you’ll… Argh!”

The little boy forced out words from the gap between his teeth, but all that answered him was a vicious slap to the face.

*Pa Pa* *Pa Pa!*

Leylin’s strength was 7.1, and this merciless slaps to the boy’s face made both his cheeks swell up instantly. Some of his teeth fell and his mouth was full of blood, rendering him unable to pronounce properly.

After slapping the boy, Leylin grabbed him by the neck and raised him to eye level.

“Don’t even think about blackmailing me, or you’ll die a terrible death!”

“You think I’m afraid of having my identity exposed? Hehe… At most, we’ll part ways and I’ll wander around. Before that, however, I will kill you, no matter who is backing you!”

A dark, menacing look arose in Leylin’s eyes, shaking the boy to the core.

Too scary! This boy was thoroughly terrified!

He was now extremely regretful. This Leylin was basically a lunatic and dreaded nothing. He had a premonition that if he continued with this unyielding attitude, Leylin would definitely kill him!

At this moment, it was as if he had been drenched from head to toe by a bucket of cold water—his head cleared up immediately.

“Uh… Lo-Lord Leylin! I apologise. Please forgive me for my offense!”

As his mouth was very swollen, his words weren’t clear but the meaning was understandable.

“What did you say? Louder!” Leylin mocked with a sneer, tightening the strength in his hand.

Hearing a strange sound emitted from his neck, the boy, who even had his innate spells suppressed completely, gave up.

He trembled violently, tears and snot dripping down his face. “Lord Leylin! Lord Leylin, I was wrong! Please forgive me!”

Leylin peered at him curiously, making him feel as if he was facing an imminent catastrophe.

Suddenly, Leylin released his hand and the boy fell to the floor.

He breathed in fresh air in huge gulps, an unexpected sense of blessed relief in his heart.

Of course, his head was still lowered lifelessly and he did not dare meet Leylin’s gaze.

“People only reveal their true self when in the face of death…” Leylin looked at the pitiful state the boy was in and sighed to himself.

“Get lost! Have the person backing you to speak to me!”

At the same time, Leylin bent and picked up the magic item the boy had dropped.

It was something like a dagger. Based on the A.I. Chip’s probe, the level of energy within had reached that of a middle-grade magic artifact.

“Also, this magic artifact will now belong to me as the price of offending me!”

If not for the fact that a rank 2 Magus was behind this boy and also wanting to avoid having a falling out with Thousand Meddling Hands, Leylin would have killed him long ago.

However, he had released the boy, but Leylin definitely wanted him to pay the price in pain. If not, this sort of person would keep appearing in front of him.

Seeing the boy who was escaping, scared witless, Leylin contemplated.

This resource-based secret plane’s size was unprecedented in history and was an enormous chunk of fleshy meat. Even a rank 2 Magus operating the Thousand Meddling Hands from the shadows had been lured out.

And behind the rank 2 Magus, there were definitely other large organisations from the dark Magi region.

After all, with just a Thousand Meddling Hands, all they could do was reap the convenient benefits. How else would they have the chance to participate in such a large-scale battle?

“This is like a game of chess. How annoying!”

Leylin had a feeling that if he went to the secret plane, he would definitely be embroiled in a troublesome spiral of events.

Unfortunately, the pressure given by the dark and light Magi gave him no choice but to move like a chess piece, based on a pre-decided route.

“You want to make use of me? I wonder if you’re ready yet.”

Looking at the sky in the distance, Leylin smirked.

The Thousand Meddling Hands’ reaction was extremely quick. That night, Leylin saw the person backing the boy.

The orange rays of light of the setting sun constantly became duller, until the black curtain of night shrouded the area.

Just as Number 2 and Number 3 were preparing to set up tents, Leylin shot a glance at a white owl on a large tree nearby.

“I’m going to take a walk alone. You don’t have to come with me!”

“Yes, master!” Number 2 and Number 3 answered in unison.

Following the white owl, Leylin came to the side of a curved river. On a white and large rock, a figure could be seen standing erect.

Around him was a thick green fog emanating throughout, blocking his face entirely.

“Giant?” Leylin asked, surprised.

For his first mission, Leylin had worked with Giant, whose prowess indicated the peak of a rank 1 Magus. He had never thought that this would be the one supporting the little boy!

“He’s already told me everything that happened just now. He was a little too much, so I hope to apologise on his behalf! You may take the bloody dagger, a magic artifact, as compensation!”

Giant’s voice was low and soothing and did not speak up for the little boy which made Leylin so shocked.

“I know a bit about you. The organisation definitely will treat those who contribute to us well! As long as you do this job well, I’m telling you that you can get about 50% profit! We can even mediate between you and the Lilytell family, so that you can return to Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. Of course, you can choose other dark Magi organisations. Our door is always open to you…”

The Giant’s offer exceeded Leylin’s expectations.

To allow him to suppress the situation with Lilytell family and return to Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, this Thousand Meddling Hands’ power was probably far from what he could imagine.

“What about the contract with the Trial’s Eye?” Leylin asked for information about what he was most concerned about.

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