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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 199: Plant Type-Transfiguration

Chapter 199: Plant Type-Transfiguration

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The silver white light was extremely thin, and as it sliced at the beast formed from rock, not a single undulation was produced.


The stone beast suddenly halted in mid-air, and with a gentle booming sound, the beast cracked, and was reduced to fragments of rock that rained down.

“The Wetland Gardens Academy’s ‘Broadsword Jamu’ is indeed formidable!”

The leader chuckled, seeming to be very familiar with Jamu.

“Who in the world are you?” Jamu frowned. Not only did these bandits have acolytes in the group, the bandits’ leader even had a magic artifact and knew so much about him. No matter how he thought about it, this leader wasn’t just any random bandit looking for a target!

He could smell something fishy and quite possibly dangerous going on here.

“Do you really think I’d tell you?” The bandit leader answered nonchalantly. “There should at least be a transmitting spell formation on you. The moment I expose anything about myself, the Wetland Gardens Academy will automatically have a record of it. Am I wrong?”

While he spoke, rays of black light emerged in the area surrounding him.

The black lights converged, forming warriors in armour. Their skulls were jet black.

“These are my darkness fighting troop that I especially prepared for you! Each dark warrior’s might is at at least 15 degrees! How about it? Enjoy the experience!”

Amidst the manic laughter, the black armoured warriors roared and rushed forward, trapping Jamu between them.

Seeing the more than ten dark warriors, Jamu’s face fell.

Although this large magic artifact of his was very powerful, its energy consumption rate was equally enormous. It was obvious that this bandit was intending to use cannon fodder and force him to use up his magic and spiritual force.

No matter how amazing an acolyte was, once his or her magic and spiritual force were depleted, he or she would only be trampled on.

“Kill off the other acolytes. All items will belong to you!”

The black robed bandit leader hid behind the rows of dark warriors to stay protected and pointed towards Leylin and the other acolytes.

“Kill!” His underlings, the dark Magus acolytes, roared and rushed towards Leylin.

“Damn it! Try to prolong the fight. Once Senior Jamu takes care of the opposing leader, we’ll be safe!”

Bessita clenched her teeth and spoke to the acolytes behind her.

At the same time, she glanced towards Leylin’s direction.

“Let’s form an alliance! Otherwise, none of us will be able to survive!”

“Hmph!” George knew her suggestion was reasonable, but couldn’t help but snort in reply.

He wasn’t stupid and naturally knew what had just happened.

He really didn’t want to form an alliance with such a woman.

However, his rational side told him that this was the best way to get out of this difficult situation.

“George!” Sheira cast a worried glance at George. She had already readied her bow, which had been on her shoulder, and positioned it at her front.

“Leylin! Let’s do it!” George saw that the bandits were quickly closing in and unwillingly bellowed.

The muscles on his body bulged bit by bit, and in an instant, he turned into a giant that was more than three metres tall. At the same time, his skin had turned green, matching with the veins on his muscles that looked like connected earthworms. Leylin suddenly thought of the Incredible Hulk, a figure he was familiar with in his previous life.

“Roar!” After transforming into the green giant, George pounded on his naked chest and bellowed out a thundering roar.

He stomped on the ground, and with huge momentum, shot towards the incoming bandits like a lead bullet which had left a gun barrel.


With a wave of George’s giant palm, a bandit was sent flying. Blood splattered all over, and the sound of bones breaking could be heard. Even the piercing screeches of horror were overshadowed by this grisly sight and sound.

“What amazing power! Besides some flaws in speed and rationality, every other aspect is perfect!” Leylin watched George, who was freely utilizing his might, from a corner, his blue eyes flashing.

He never expected George to have majored in transfiguration!

However, this decision was easy to relate to, as Magi usually held high positions, and prioritised lengthening their lifespan.

For the average magician, advancing to the level of a Magus to gain a longer lifespan was much too difficult. Hence, by transplanting the organs of various powerful creatures and modifying one’s body, one would be able to strengthen and increase his or her vitality. This had gradually become the norm amongst magicians.

The study of transmutation had thus become very popular amongst many.

Strictly speaking, the changes that a Warlock would undergo could actually be considered an extension of transmutation as well. At the very least, they were rather similar at the beginning stages.

Hence, when Leylin was at the Four Seasons Garden, he had concentrated on collecting all knowledge related to transmutation. With the aid of the A.I. Chip, his knowledge in transmutation was at a level close to official Magi who had spent most of their life researching on this subject.

With just a look, Leylin could identify the creature George had used.

“Out of all the plants that can be transfigured, a Green Metal Tree? This is a popular choice amongst acolytes since it’s easy to work with and augments offensive prowess. Its defensive properties are not bad, and there are many ways in which one can advance. There aren’t too many restrictions!”

At this moment, the green giant that George had transformed into was in the center of the battlefield, grabbing an unlucky individual’s thigh. The poor man was used as a huge club and was swung around by George at any bandits who neared him.

This “human weapon” brushed against the ground from time to time, producing traces of bright red bloodstains. From the looks of it, the acolyte that George had caught was in a rather terrible situation.

*Chi! Chi!*

Meanwhile, there were several green arrows being shot by Sheira’s bow from behind George. She covered for George and helped him fend off attackers.

“Hm. They have good rapport!” Leylin nodded, looking incredibly relaxed.

Around him, there was a layer of invisible waves that could manipulate one’s mind. All acolytes who entered the domain he had set up would unconsciously choose to ignore him, and would instead fight amongst themselves.

Such a strange situation had obviously attracted the attentions of many.

“Look at him! The enemies aren’t going after him at all. He has got to be a spy!”

The three acolytes behind Jamu saw this odd situation, and immediately yelled.

“Uhh…” Leylin touched his nose.

His laid back appearance was rather eye catching in this desperate battle.

Before George and the others could react, the winner on the side of the battlefield where Jamu was had been decided.

“You’re forcing me to do this! Burst form! Activate!”

After waving his sword in quick succession, he scattered the bunch of dark acolytes that approached and steeled his mind while looking at the numerous dark warriors around him.

He pressed a few points on his body, as if stimulating some special state.

In a split second, his blue hair exploded strand by strand, and immense energy undulations were emitted from his body.

*Weng Weng!*

The white broadsword in Jamu’s hand also produced a rumble.

“Whirlwind, Second form!” Jamu shouted.

From within the sword, a violent, green hurricane emerged!

The tremendous hurricane shrouded Jamu’s body, and he rapidly spun along with it.

The green hurricane was like a spinning top, with the surface being the edge of the broadsword. Like the wind, it swept through the battlefield, along with the hordes of dark warriors.

*Peng!* *Peng!* *Peng!* *Peng!*

The dark warriors that had been swept up in the green hurricane looked like they were caught by a large, shapeless hand and forced into a vortex. They scattered into countless black pieces that flew about in the air.

The violent hurricane instantly destroyed the dark warriors’ layers of defense and quickly approached the bandit leader.

“Night Devil!”

The bandit leader produced a black ring and yelled, the gaze in his eyes frantic for the very first time.


Numerous black rays emanated from the ring and formed a large black shield in front of him. There were fine black barbed tips on the surface, with the sheen of a metallic luster.

When the attacks from the hurricane struck against the black shield, a gigantic energy shock wave engulfed the area.


Along with the loud noise, the explosion left a deep crater on the surface of the ground. An entire layer of the ground had been turned up, exposing plant roots and countless stones.

Even the side of the battlefield that Leylin was on was affected!

Whether it was the bandits or the acolytes near Leylin, everyone was in a pitiful state.

After the blast wave had died down, dust flew all over like a curtain and covered the battlefield.

The two opposing forces stopped all actions, and focused their gazes on the centre of the area.

After a moment, the dust dispersed and revealed the area.

In the middle of the crater, innumerable crevices had split open like cobwebs under the two combatants’ feet. Jamu’s two hands were fixed firmly on his silver white broadsword, pressed against the surface of the black shield.

“Hah! Hah!”

Jamu was panting roughly, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.

It was obvious that the violent explosion had taken a toll on his physical strength.

“Hehe… I acknowledge your strength, but so what? You’ve probably used up all your spiritual force at this point, no? I wonder how much energy is still left in the reserves of that large sword of yours.”

The bandit leader snickered.

With the sounds of his laughter, the black light from the shield began to suppress the sword.

The strain could be seen on Jamu’s expression as the broadsword was gradually forced backwards by the shield.

“Jamu—Senior Jamu!” The acolytes who had come with Jamu murmured worriedly, their voices breaking.

“Jamu won’t actually lose right? He’s the number 1 genius acolyte of the academy…”

Bessita’s little face had turned pale as she scanned the surroundings.

“Hehe… I’ll bring your head back, hang it in my bedroom, and treat it as my most treasured collection item!” The bandit leader snickered complacently.

“Unfortunately, you’re the one who’s going to lose! Furthermore, I’ll be the one stepping over your body as if I’m stepping over stones!”

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