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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 201: Detonation

Chapter 201: Detonation

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“As much as I would like to enter, I would like to first know why I am seeing offensive and restraint runes inside the spell formation. Not even one isolation energy rune is in the formation…”

Blue light flashed in Leylin’s eyes as he stopped in front of the formation and looked at the Magus within the black fog.

“To think that you would still find out after all!”

The Magus in the dark fog smiled wryly, and his voice turned much gentler. It belonged to that of a young woman.

Leylin actually recognised this voice.

“It can’t be helped since I’ve never really swindled anyone before!”

The woman forced a laugh and dispelled the black fog that concealed her.

The fog dispersed, revealing an ordinary female face. Though she wasn’t that pretty, her eyes were extremely gentle and there seemed to be ripples within them, making her unforgettable.

On her chest was a large necklace of gems and pearls strung together, each sparkling with every colour under the sun.

“Jenna?! It’s you?” Leylin immediately recognised the identity of this Magus.

This young lady was the first Magus that he had befriended in the Nightless City, and Leylin’s impression of her at the time was not bad.

However, it seemed like this pure looking young lady was, in fact, hiding something from Leylin.

“We finally meet again, Leylin!”

This young lady, who seemed to come from a large family, smiled brilliantly.

“Let’s not talk about the things of the past. Shouldn’t you first explain the traps laid inside this spell formation?”

Leylin pointed at the spell formation with a solemn expression.

He had been travelling in secret, and even though he had been on alert, he had been followed by this young woman in disguise and did not realise it at all. He had no clue as to what methods she had used to conceal her tracks, and what intentions she harboured.

“Regarding this problem…”

Jenna lowered her head, as if ashamed. “This is…”

In a split second, a multi-coloured burst of light erupted from the necklace around Jenna’s neck, rapidly approaching Leylin.

Leylin, who had always been alert, had previously set up several spell formations on his legs to assist him in moving more quickly. They were quickly activated, and his body turned into several black shadows, that instantly disappeared.


Rainbow rays of light enveloped the ground and formed a rune on the floor. Under the light, all plants, and even the soil began to wither.

“Gotcha!” At this scene, a smile appeared on Jenna’s face.

Leylin, who was in the middle of moving, was shocked.

At that moment, a dim spell formation suddenly appeared, and lit up under his feet.

Countless white pillars of light rose, forming a cage that locked Leylin up within.

“Did she plan ahead and set this up beforehand? No! It’s something more powerful than that!”

Inside the cage, Leylin shook his robes, and several fireballs crashed into the cage, the black flames burning fiercely.

However, these pillars of white light were extremely sturdy; the Latent Fireball could only cause the light pillars to tremble. It seemed like much more power was needed to break this spell formation.

A person who was able to lay such a spell formation was not a simple character.

Leylin carefully looked at this female Magus, suddenly feeling that he had underestimated her.

No matter if it was that obvious spell formation trap that was laid as a bait to attract Leylin’s attention, or grasping the right opportunity and making an instantaneous decision to strike, it was not something any ordinary light Magus could do.

This particular prediction of where Leylin was going to land made Leylin even more afraid.

If it was the power of divination, low leveled magicians were helpless against it.

“Why?” Leylin, who was trapped in the white pillared cage, asked.

He’d only seen Jenna a few times before he entered the city. After that, they had limited contact, and no matter how he questioned himself, there wasn’t a reason for them to be in a battle to the death.

“I’m sorry, but you are the catalyst that will bring war and draw fresh blood in the south coast. To protect the peace here, I have no choice but to sacrifice you…”

Beads of tears dripped down her face. Leylin could not determine whether or not they were crocodile tears.

“So just because of some illusory prophecy, you want to get rid of me after thinking that I will bring danger to the south coast?”

Leylin’s face darkened. No matter who it was, after being confronted with such a ridiculous situation, they would also be driven mad.

Leylin had thought of many situations earlier. Was it revenge? For the benefits of an opposing faction? However, he had never even thought of such a possibility being her motive.

However, since it had already been confirmed, what Jenna had cast before was a type of prophecy spell.

“You don’t need to struggle anymore. This is a cage that I prepared especially for you using fragments of the future that I obtained. Not only is it made entirely out of light elemental particles, I’ve also included innumerable high-level spells that are fire resistant. Even with your most powerful attack, it’s impossible to break out of there!”

Jenna suddenly closed her eyes and then quickly opened them; her pupils were white.

“For the sake of world peace, please leave this place!”

Jenna said indifferently, her originally common face unexpectedly radiating a holy feel.

As the words left her mouth, the white pillared cage trapping Leylin began to close in. Countless white threads of light separated from the pillars and enveloped the interior of the cage.

These white threads were like thin silk produced by silkworms, wrapping themselves around Leylin’s body as if they wanted to wrap him in a large cocoon.


Leylin paid no heed to the threads surrounding his body and suddenly began to chuckle.

“What are you laughing about? If you have any last wishes, you can tell me. By my reputation as the Guardian family, I promise I’ll help you achieve it!”

Both of Jenna’s arms were placed on her chest, and she made a strange gesture with her hands.

“No need for it! Looking at your hypocrisy makes me want to puke!” A nauseating feeling surged up from within Leylin’s chest.

Back in his previous world, he was already strongly disgusted by things such as world guardians, protectors of the peace, and the like. In the name of righteousness, these groups would sacrifice a person for the sake of the greater good.

After having seen such a scene in the world he now lived in, an intense killing intent, something that he had never felt before, stirred within him.

“There will be a day where the world will understand our methods, and world peace will reign forever!” Jenna did not mind Leylin’s words and instead replied with a maxim.

She then pointed at the cage.


*Tsssss!* The white rays of light enveloped the entire cage, and Leylin suddenly felt as if he =had been placed in a furnace. He had a strange feeling that he was going to be melted down.

He specialized in dark elemental particles, which were the direct opposite of light elemental particles. He had no idea where Jenna had gotten this spell formation, but its might was incredibly formidable and even Leylin wasn’t able to endure the pain it caused.

“I still have something to say!”

Despite the huge pressure on his body, streams of black smoke coiled around Leylin’s body, which was resisting the corrosion of the white light. This scene made Leylin look quite pitiful.

“Sinner! Speak your last words!”

Jenna advanced slowly.


Leylin’s lips moved slightly.

“What? Have the light elemental particles already corroded him to this extent?” Jenna got even closer and pressed her ear to the side of the white pillared cage.

“You slut! You think that this world is operated by your family?”

In a moment, Leylin’s body was covered by fine black scales, and his eyes had an amber vertical pupil resting within.

Leylin bellowed, “Hoop of Imprisonment! Detonate!”


In an instant, a brilliant silver light exploded from Leylin’s arm.

This metal hoop, which had been resting on Leylin’s left arm, immediately exploded upon Leylin’s command.

The giant shockwave immediately caused part of the cage to burst open. The explosion did not stop there and even extended to where Jenna was.


Jenna grabbed her face as she was sent flying backwards.

The white thread, which had been restraining Leylin before, immediately exploded. Even the white pillared cage was clearly damaged.

“Eyes of Petrification!”

Leylin’s eyes were focused on the area where the cage was caved in.

*Tssss!* An ashen layer of stone began to spread on the white pillars.

“Latent Fireball!”

Leylin pressed both of his hands together, and large amounts of black flames emerged from the shadows. He pulled his palms apart.

The black flames instantly separated and were evenly distributed on his palms.


Leylin clenched both hands and ferociously struck at the area of the cage that had been petrified.


The white light expanded, and in a moment, reached the height of several dozen metres, as if wanting to break through the clouds. After which, it withdrew and was engulfed by the black flames.

As for the heart of the flames, a figure with tattered clothes and fine black scales walked out slowly from it.

[Host’s body has suffered from Light elemental corrosion. It has a restraining effect with the Host’s energy particles, creating a neutralising effect. The damage has increased; currently, 34% of the Host’s skin is burnt. The Host’s left arm has suffered from the explosion of a magic artifact, causing dysfunctionality. Immediate treatment recommended!]

The A.I. Chip’s prompt appeared in front of Leylin.

His current condition wasn’t all that good. Not only were there multiple burns all over his body, his left arm was slanted strangely in front of his chest, revealing a huge wound. One could even see slightly charred bone.

Leylin had brazenly blown up a middle-grade magic artifact, and since he was in a cage, he was the one who had suffered the most. Hence, even with the Fallen Star Pendant and Kemoyin’s Scales’ defensive properties increased to the maximum, he still suffered major injuries.

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