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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 208: Conflict with Ciel

Chapter 208: Conflict with Ciel

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Leylin looked over the immeasurable number of black flowers in the distance as he calculated their progress.

As long as all these Black Mandara Flowers were harvested, the headquarters wouldn’t have any reason to prevent him and the others from leaving.

All the acolytes that Leylin had previously met were currently in the sea of flowers, carrying simple containers made from green vines. Their hands were covered with rings of dark energy particles as they plucked the Black Mandara Flowers with great care.

“This progress is too slow!”

With this kind of harvesting speed, Leylin estimated that it would take at least another month before this field of flowers would be completely harvested.

The opposing dark Magi would never give them so much time.

“I must find a way to speed up the process!”

Leylin squatted on the ground. With his hands covered by the dark light of a magic spell, he touched the petals of the Black Mandara Flowers, a light flashing in his blue eyes.

*Ding Ling Ling!*

Suddenly, a series of shrill sounds, like those of a small bell, rang.

*Buzz buzz!* A barrier of white light was emitted to tightly surround the field of Black Madara Flowers.

“The defensive spell formation has been activated! There’s an intruder!”

An acolyte started to yell, “Everyone, beware!”

*Whoosh!* Suddenly, a dark silhouette darted out from the high grass surrounding the field of flowers.

*Crack! Crack!*

Two huge white skulls emerged from the hands of the black silhouette.

The skulls didn’t have bodies attached to them, and floated in the air spookily. Inside each of the skulls’ eye sockets was a red ball of continuously burning flames.

These huge skulls opened their jaws, revealing fine, sharp, white teeth as they bit into the white light barrier.

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

The white light of the barrier was blinking constantly, as if it would break at any moment.

“Oh!” The black silhouette exclaimed in surprise, seemingly unsatisfied with his own performance. Following which, a black aura consisting of energy particles appeared around his body.

Suddenly, the black energy aura emitted a serene light, which turned into two streaks of light as they hit the skulls.

*Crack! Crack! Crack!*

The red fire within the skull’s eye sockets suddenly expanded, and the structure of the skulls expanded considerably. Cracks even appeared on the surface of the skull. It seemed that the energies inside were expanding too rapidly and the skulls were on the verge of bursting.

Following this transformation, the offensive power of these two skulls increased. The white light barrier kept shrinking, and in the end, it finally broke in front of the crestfallen acolytes.

“A semi-converted elemental Magus? We are finished!”

A more experienced acolyte collapsed to the ground with an expression filled with despair.

“Fear not! Lord Leylin is also an official Magus!” George held the small hand of the trembling Shiera.

“What would you know!” The previous acolyte, who had collapsed to the ground, yelled in despair, “Our side only has this newly advanced and outcasted Magus! On the other hand, our opponent is a powerhouse who has been an official Magus for dozens of years. Being a semi-converted elemental magus, all his spells are stronger by at least half! At this stage, he is simply invincible as compared to those newly advanced Magi!”

Believing that his end was nearing, this acolyte didn’t care any more. He even started to be disrespectful towards Leylin.

“Hehe! A very interesting explanation, but quite accurate nonetheless!”

The black silhouette walked unhurriedly towards the flower field, and revealed himself to Leylin and the rest.

He was a young green-haired Magus. He was dressed in a strange black robe, which had a few green skulls and chains embroidered on it.

“He’s from Kurute Academy, which is known for its methods of torture and and use of the spirits of the dead!” Leylin’s eyes flashed as he recognized this Magus in front of them.

This Kurute Academy was only a tiny faction within the dark Magi of the south coast.

They produced plenty of lunatics, and mentally unsound people. Even the other dark Magi could not stomach their actions, and hence, they only partook in sporadic missions and were often excluded from various operations.

The green haired Magus clasped his hands behind his back and greedily looked over the sea of Black Mandara Flowers.

“What an enchanting atmosphere… I can detect the taste of darkness…” The youth muttered.

Following which, he turned and stared at Leylin with his dark green eyes.

“Light Magi! Kneel before me, the great Lord Ciel, and offer to me your souls and devotion. Then I might consider letting you be my slaves…”

This Magus named Ciel had a rather proud demeanor, but Leylin could understand why.

The age of a Magus couldn’t be determined just by looking at their physical appearance, but Leylin could estimate that this Ciel was around 50 years old based on the energy waves he was unknowingly releasing.

His being able to become a semi-converted elemental magus at such a young age did indeed give him the rights to be proud, but he had met the wrong opponent.

Leylin smirked, but before he even had the chance to speak, the acolyte that sunk to the ground previously had already hastened towards Ciel, kneeling and kissing the ground before Ciel.

“Esteemed Lord Ciel! I am willing to serve you! I will become your most loyal slave!”

It was clear that the actions of this acolyte was a complete surprise to everyone.

Next to Leylin, plenty of acolytes carried expressions of scorn. They clearly didn’t know that this acolyte who normally carried himself rather decently would turn into this kind of person at a crucial moment.

The other acolytes were able to conceal the internal struggle within them such that it did not show on their faces.

“Very good! I’ll accept you as a servant!” Ciel revealed a strange smile on his face as he proceeded to extend his left hand and gently wiped the face of the acolyte.


White smoke rose, accompanied by the pained scream of the acolyte.

Ciel’s left hand was like a red-hot iron plate as it left a large black charred mark on the face of the acolyte.

While the acolyte was screaming, the Magus looked extremely excited as he slid his fingers over the acolyte’s face repeatedly.

A little over ten seconds later, a complete rune mark was burned into the face of the acolyte.

The front of the mark resembled a skull, with a chain extending from within.

“Thank… Thank you my Lord for… this gift!”

The acolyte struggled to salute once more.

“Haha… After receiving my mark, you are now my slave forever!” Ciel laughed, then looked over at Leylin.

“What is it? Light Magus, are you scared silly?”

“Not really!” Leylin shook his head.

“I just think he’s a bit pitiful, that’s all!” Leylin pointed towards the acolyte who had half his face ruined, his facial muscles still twitching.

“Why is that?” Ciel rubbed his fingers as slivers of white gas emerged from his fingers to form the shape of a skull.

The elemental particles surrounding his body was faintly discernable as his eyes emitted a dangerous light.

“Blurgh!” The acolytes behind Leylin all fell back, and some of them even doubled over and started to hurl.

The radiation from an official Magus, especially when voluntarily released from a powerful Magus with such a high degree of elemental conversion was something that acolytes found hard to deal with.

“He- will he be alright?”

George was supporting Shiera as he retreated quite a distance. He then glanced worriedly at Leylin, who had remained behind.

“Relax! Lord Leylin is very powerful!” As Shiera recovered, she also started to comfort her lover.

Even though she had previously seen Leylin in action, she couldn’t quite understand how powerful he actually was. She only said those things to comfort George.

“It’s just that… Leylin is still newly advanced, I’m afraid that…” George held Shiera’s hand tightly.

Judging from how Ciel acted had before, one could tell he was probably crazy. If Leylin lost, then these acolytes would probably end up for the worse.

Shiera could only smile bitterly as she secretly prayed for Leylin.

“He’ll have to pay the price because he swore his loyalty to the wrong person!”

Leylin’s spoke indifferently as if he hadn’t even noticed Ciel’s previous magic display.

“What? You’re planning to…?” Ciel raised his eyebrows. He couldn’t understand. From the reports, it was said that this was a newly advanced Magus who was a meer potion master. How dare he ignore him?

Ciel pointed at Leylin!

It was as if the large skull had received a command and it charged towards Leylin, simultaneously spewing forth dark green flames!


Leylin steeled himself for the attack with a nonchalant expression and charged forth.

“Is he crazy?” Before Ciel could finish his sentence, Leylin uttered a single syllabled word.

Immediately a dark red light erupted forth from within Leylin’s body.

The Falling Star Pendant’s defence activated immediately and formed a dark red barrier around Leylin. As the light condensed, it turned into something that resembled an illusionary armor.


Dark green flames exploded on Leylin’s body, though no harm was caused.

Leylin advanced, bathed in fire like the incarnation of an ancient fiery war god. He swung his right fist viciously.


The large skull was blown away, leaving a trace of fine bone dust as it spun through the air.

*Pow!* After being sent upside down over a distance, the white skull finally broke apart.

“You…” Ciel was attempting to speak as he pointed towards Leylin.

But it was too late now!

Leylin kept his face blank and charged in front of Ciel.

He suddenly slashed with his hand, the red light around his hands extending and forming a crimson long sword.


The long sword broke through the air and appeared in front of Ciel’s chest.

“Argh…” The muscles on Ciel’s face contorted, and just as the sword was about to pierce his body, numerous green chains emerged from within his body to form chainmail.

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