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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 210: Handover

Chapter 210: Handover

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“You…you dare imprison me!? I swear on my name, Jocelyn Lena, that I definitely won’t let you off!”

This Magus, who was called Jocelyn Lena, donned a black robe. Her hair was curly, and her eyeliner make-up was extremely thick. Dark circles were prominent under her eyes, making it look as if she had not slept in days.

She had numerous bizarre silver piercings on her skin, and she also had a few earrings.

The general impression that she gave was that she was a non-mainstream teenage girl who had taken a wrong step in life.

“Jocelyn, yes?”

Leylin stood by the door, snapping his fingers.

Immediately after, the metal door seemed to have developed a life of its own and automatically closed. Meanwhile, metal chains climbed and locked the cage, and then branded the symbol of a black snake onto the entrance of it.

“I don’t care who you are. As you are a dark Magus attacking us to pilfer the Four Seasons Garden’s resources, I hereby arrest you on the account of attempted robbery. Someone will take you away soon. Once you are at the light Magi’s headquarters, I imagine you’ll have to start thinking of ways to escape your fate of being burned at the stake.”

Leylin said expressionlessly, and then commanded a nearby acolyte, “I’ve temporarily suppressed their abilities, so watch them well till the defense squad takes over!”

“Yes, my lord!” The acolyte bowed deeply.

In these past few days, Leylin had given a little demonstration of his power, and that had been enough to instill fear into these acolytes.

All the dark Magi who had come to provoke them were easily taken care of by Leylin within a few rounds, whether they were acolytes or official Magi.

Just the number of Magi taken captive was enough to fill the fort’s jail to the seams. Leylin had no choice but to notify the defense squad. They worked out a schedule where they would take the prisoners away every few days.

“This power isn’t something that an ordinary Magus could even hope for! This Lord Leylin must be some amazing, important person!” the acolyte roared madly in his heart as he lowered his head.

Leylin cared little about this acolyte’s mental activities, and he cared even less about the female prisoner Magus, who was cursing hysterically. He shook his head and left the underground dungeon.

“Just wait! My uncle absolutely won’t let you off!”

From within the dungeon, Jocelyn was hatefully saying, “My uncle became a semi-converted Magus twenty years ago, and entered the secret plane with me. The moment he finds out what happened to me, he’ll definitely come save me! When that happens, I’ll—”

“That’s enough, Jocelyn! Can you be quiet?”

A helpless voice that held a hint of bitterness sounded from the opposite jail cell.

A curly haired middle-aged man appeared from the shadows and awkwardly greeted Jocelyn.

“Uncle-Uncle Luge, why are you here?”

Jocelyn covered her mouth, completely stunned.

“I was actually captured and brought here three days ago,” The curly-haired man called Luge forced a smile.

“The Magus guard in charge of this fortress, Leylin, seems to have reached the peak of a rank 1 Magus. I felt the terrifying undulations that could only belong to Magi who have reached the top.”

Jocelyn was stunned. The sole person she was counting on had long since been captured, and thinking back to how she had been cursing incessantly, she had looked as foolish as a clown.


“These are the Black Mandara Flower’s petals that we gathered today. They have had spells cast on them to ensure their freshness for at least fifteen days.”

Leylin pointed at a pile of materials that had been piled neatly to the side, and then at a few Magi who were in black robes and had their hands and legs cuffed, “These are the dark Magi caught recently. Take them away as well.”

“Yes, my lord!”

The one taking the petals and Dark Magi for Leylin was also an official Magus who was followed by a few team members of the same rank. In front of Leylin, however, he could not help but lower his body and spoke with honorifics.

In the Magus World, whether one was a light or dark Magus, the basic principle was that power was everything.

The team leader was only a semi-converted Magus, and Leylin had passed several dark Magi of that strength to him.

In battle, taking an official Magus captive was obviously much more difficult than simply defeating or killing them.

Hence, after being made aware of Leylin’s abilities, the team leader was unable to treat Leylin condescendingly and looked like he was meeting his boss every time he came.

“Hm! Three are official Magi, of which one is female, and thirteen are acolytes…”

This female Magus was naturally Jocelyn, whose complexion was deadly pale as if she had been dealt a serious blow and did not dare to provoke Leylin.

The team leader quickly recorded this information down and signed his name on a form.

Afterwards, he couldn’t help but greeting him using Magus etiquette.

“Lord Leylin! Your accomplishments in the field have far surpassed mine. Once we return to the main headquarters, your rewards and contribution points will be given to you all at once!”

As it was basically a war in the secret plane, the prisoners that Leylin had taken captive could be turned into merit points.

Not only could merit points be used to exchange for special items that could only be found within the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane from the large light Magi organisations, it could also be used to obtain unique items from other academies.

This included advanced knowledge, improved spell formations, precious potions, and the like.

“Alright!” Leylin nodded.

Based on his estimations, if the merit points he had gained could be converted into magic crystals, he would have least several million. This meant that soon, he could leave this place behind.

As a better method for harvesting had been provided, about half of the Black Mandara Flowers had been picked, and only a relatively small amount was left.

At the rate they were working at, the Black Mandara Flowers would be completely harvested in less than four days. And at that time, Leylin and the others would be able to leave this damned place.

Every time he saw the defense squad coming in fully armed, Leylin was filled with annoyance!


As the goods that were to be transported were of extreme importance, the means of transportation provided to the transportation team was the Toucan.

This type of bird had a large body, and when matured, could grow up to ten metres tall.

Its beak drooped downwards, forming a large space that was basically a room that could store many items and even humans!

The team leader split up his team evenly and directed them into the beaks of three Toucans, leaving the best spot for himself. On top of the box full of Black Mandara Flower petals, he began to rest.

At the thought that he was sleeping on top of several million magic crystals, his heart began to burn involuntarily.

If not for the almost abnormal strictness that the light Magi alliance had at the entrance checks, and the fact that it was impossible to smuggle things out, even he might have harboured some terrible thoughts.

It was warm in the Toucan’s beak, and even when it was flying high in the sky, not a current of air came through. It was very comfortable, and as the team leader shut his eyes, he began to fall asleep.


All of a sudden, the surroundings rocked and several boxes were overturned and fell to the ground.

“What’s happening?”

He exclaimed in shock.

Immediately after, a secret imprint by his ear brightened. “Leader, it’s an enemy attack! It’s the dark Magi!”

The voice of his subordinate travelled from the imprint, and he sounded fearful.

“Those wretched things!” He cursed, and shouted through his secret imprint, “Prepare for landing; all members, get ready for war!”


Before he had finished speaking, an intense explosion sounded, followed by squawks of pain from the Toucan he was riding in.

Flames swept through in a horizontal line, burning through the Toucan’s tough beak and revealing the blue sky.


Large amounts of cold wind flowed in, and the boxes filled with Black Mandara Flower petals were strewn across the floor.

“Despicable! Land quickly!” The team leader hurriedly yelled.

If he lost these resources, all the blame would be placed on him. How could he not be anxious?

The Toucan was calling weakly.

Finally, as if the flying Toucan could no longer take on any more attacks, its entire body lost balance and fell from the sky like a rock.


The Toucan’s huge body smashed into some shrubbery and left a deep indent on the ground. Various little animals revealed themselves and quickly escaped in the opposite direction.

“Pah! Pui! Pui!”

Covered in dirt and grime, the team leader emerged from the Toucan’s beak and attempted to spit out the grass and leaves in his mouth.

“I swear I will learn a flight spell when I go back this time!”

The leader vowed vehemently. It honestly felt terrible to be hurtled through the air.

“Unfortunately, you won’t be getting the chance to do that!”

An ominous voice sounded, and several people in dark Magus attire with green light shining in their eyes surrounded him.

“Oh my! It seems I’m quite popular, eh?”

Looking at this scene, the team leader looked to be extremely dumbfounded, and just stared blankly at the opposing the dark Magi.

“Woofter magic arrows!”

A shrewd light flashed in the leader’s eyes, and his clothes exploded, countless fine needles flying towards the surrounding Magi.


He howled, and streams of lights and shadows flashed, rushing out in all directions to break out of the circle of people around him.

At this moment, he could clearly the state around him.

The Toucans, which served as a mode of transportation, had all been brought down, and were being surrounded by numerous dark Magi!

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