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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 212: Merit Points

Chapter 212: Merit Points

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As for that girl Bessita, Leylin had long since thrown her to the back of his mind.

Although she had plotted against him before, she had already been punished for what she had done.

Now that their debts had been settled, whether this girl would end up alive or dead would depend on her luck. What did that have to do with Leylin himself?

In the Four Seasons Garden’s entrance to the secret plane.

Buildings were densely crowded around the large platinum door that had been erected at the entrance to the secret plane.

There were two rows of Magi and acolytes queueing up near the entrance to the secret plane.

Before them was an exchange area set up for their merit points.

The Four Seasons Garden would take a portion of their loot as a commission, leaving the rest for the magicians to keep. However, while that may have been the case, they still preferred to exchange their items into merit points for resources that better fit them, or even magic crystals for their convenience.

All of these things could be exchanged for here.

Hence, Leylin estimated that excluding the loot that was secretly kept by the magicians, fifty to sixty percent of the resources from the secret plane were acquired by the Four Seasons Garden.


At this moment, a bright red light appeared in front of the platinum door.

The beam of red light seemed to have an intelligence of its own, directly shining upon a Magus who seemed to be flustered.

“Take him away!”

A Magus guard came forward and waved his arm.

Two people wearing metal armour with runes embedded onto them held the poor fellow on both sides.

“Ah! No!”

The Magus called out in despair. At this moment, two fireballs the size of fists had already been tossed at the two armoured men.


The flames swept the area, a heat wave continuously radiated outwards, causing the surroundings magicians to duck.

After the flame dissipated, the two armoured figure were still standing there unscratched. Even the surfaces of their armour had no blemishes.

“Attacking an enforcer, one more count to his crime! Take him away!”

The Magus guard’s expression was cold. With his command, the two armoured figures walked forward and suppressed the resisting Magus.

“What a pity! That Magus definitely tried to smuggle something out and even thought of deceiving them…”

A Magus standing beside Leylin lamented.

Leylin nodded his head. He knew that any resources from the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane would have a special aura which would disappear once it was brought to the outside word. Although that would not change any of the resources’ properties, the light Magi used it to make a sensory spell formation.

If any magicians were to smuggle resources out, this spell formation would immediately detect the aura of the magician.

Hence, the Four Seasons Garden and other light Magi organisations had devised a spell formation for that. Until now, not one had been able to successfully smuggle anything out.

Leylin knew of those spell formations, so in the previous operation, he did not wish to have the Black Mandara Flowers as his reward, but instead wanted magic crystals.

“Welcome! Welcome, Magus Leylin!”

Passing through various buildings, Leylin came to the zone where the enforcers worked.

This time, Dolorin personally welcomed him.

His attitude was very good this time, and it looked as there was a hint of apology in his tone as well.

The previous time Leylin had come, Dolorin had assumed that Leylin was just a Magus who was discriminated against. He had been assigned to a place like Zone 13 and it seemed unlikely that he would live past a few days, quickly becoming a corpse in the wilderness. Hence, his attitude had been fearful, and he had acted like he was chasing away a nuisance that would bring about the plague.

Now, with Leylin’s various achievements in battle, he could not hold himself back.

Goodness! Even he was just a little stronger than a semi-converted elemental Magus. Leylin, however, had defeated almost a dozen Magi of this strength in half a month.

Recently, Leylin had been transferred to the headquarters at the entrance. Based on the order, it seemed he was being put in an important position.

In the transfer of personnel, there were higher-ups in the Four Seasons Garden who spoke highly of him.

This meant that Leylin wasn’t alone and had a backing! A very powerful backing!

Dolorin was now very regretful of his actions in the past and decided to welcome Leylin personally, hoping to improve relations with him.

“Vice team leader Dolorin! Long time no see!”

Leylin nodded slightly. He was already an adult and appear to be very enthusiastic, making Dolorin feel comfortable.

Though he was aware this was just an act, Dolorin was still surprised.

Magi were usually very antisocial people. In general, other than staying in laboratories to do research and occasionally teaching acolytes, they did not partake in activities to make connections.

Hence, Magi were very stiff in this sort of situation. Those like Leylin who were young, powerful, and socially competent were like a different species altogether!

Dolorin exclaimed that he was ‘abnormal’ in his heart, feeling it would be very difficult to deal with him.

To send Magi like him away, the price was something incomparable to regular Magi. He had been too harsh previously, and Dolorin was extremely unwilling to incur the wrath of a Magus who had a bright future ahead of himself.

These thoughts flashed in his head, but Dolorin’s face was unchanging, a smile stretching across his face.

“Magus Leylin! Your merit points, this time, are extremely high! I have brought it personally to you!” Dolorin handed over a medal-like item to him.

Leylin reached for it.

The medal felt rather heavy given its size, which meant that had been made of some kind of alloy with a high density. In addition, the medal was ice cold to the touch.

At the front side of the medal was the Four Seasons Garden’s insignia and at the back, it was a small screen.

On the screen, there was a record which read, “Leylin Farlier. Merit points: 563. Status: Locked!”

“This medal has recorded the aura of your spiritual force. Apart from you, nobody else can use it. If you want to use the merit points, you have to unlock it first…”

Dolorin explained the workings of the medal.

“Oh?” Upon hearing that, Leylin inserted some spiritual force into the medal.

*Ka-chak!* At the same time, the sound of a lock opening was heard, and the entire medal began to ripple with light.

This light was a thin layer of dark green. Though it was bright, it was not piercingly so, and it engulfed the medal within.

A short moment later, after the light dispersed, the words on the screen on the medal changed.

The name and merit points were the same as before, but on the column in the back, a red “Locked” had turned into a green “Unlocked.”

“Huh, it’s really convenient!” Leylin was somewhat surprised. In the Magus world, everyone’s spiritual force was unique, and could be used as an individual’s password. Hence, such a locking mechanism was very advanced. It was not inferior to even the retina scanning of his previous world, but it was even more convenient.

“Haha… Leylin, you haven’t been to our exchange centre yet huh? The items available are plentiful! You, who has that many merit points, make me a little envious!”

Dolorin said.

“Really? Then I must really go and have a look!” Leylin smiled. Dolorin naturally did not say that on an impulse; it seemed that he was trying to make amends for his hostility before, and it seemed that he meant to do it through the exchange centre.

After all, he had been in the organisation for many years. He knew that even if it was exchanging for resources in times of war, there were still some good items that could not be exchanged for merit points. There were bound to be requirements of rank and identity. Furthermore, there were different benefits offered based on who was redeeming the merit points.

Obviously, this vice leader of the Magus guards had a rank much higher than Leylin’s.

“Haha, of course! We’ll go now!”

Dolorin put a huge smile on his face, though in actuality, his heart was throbbing in pain! Even he, with a somewhat decent rank, had a limit to how much of the monthly allocation he could use! Once that limit was passed, he had to pay the full price in merit points! Looking at Leylin’s attitude, it looked like today he would have to apologise through a large compensation in merit points!

Since the words were already out, Dolorin had little choice but to bring Leylin to Four Seasons Garden’s merit exchange centre.

The exchange centre was a huge white building, which had a roof that pointed up in a conical fashion. The curve was beautiful, and surrounding it, there was a divine light from the defensive spell formation around it, which caused people to stop in their tracks to admire it.

With Dolorin as a guide, Leylin successfully entered this place without any obstructions.

After passing through a pure white passage, Dolorin brought Leylin to a hall that was similar to the trading centre in the Four Seasons Garden.

“The exchange of merit points issued by the Four Seasons Garden is allowed in the entire light Magi alliance. Here, you can see precious resources that are not limited to only our academy, such as high-level knowledge and some exotic items.”

Dolorin continued on, but Leylin was already dazzled by the large screen that was basically a menu.

Compared to the exchange centre of the Four Seasons Garden, the amount and rarity of the resources were obviously of a higher level.

The crystallised elemental energy particles that could only be purchased in limited amounts in the Nightless City were sold in bulk here. One could buy as much as they wanted!

There were also various precious potions that were useful to Magi in breaking through the spiritual force bottleneck. They were in plain view, causing many Magi to halt their steps.

“Here, all internal members who are vice team leaders or have higher positions have a special privilege, and are able to exchanges for items with 10% off the price!”

Dolorin waved, seeming to be very generous.

He went forward to a counter and knocked on the glass window. “Put everything he wants on my account, under my quota. Do you understand?”

Leylin followed behind, “Then I’m not going to hold back!”

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