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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 214: Demonstration of Power

Chapter 214: Demonstration of Power

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“Even so, it must be some amazing item. How about it? Do you want me to get it from him?”

Caesar still hadn’t given up on his intentions

This time, however, Reynold was abnormally silent.

Caesar obviously knew that the reason why they had not done anything to Leylin as of yet was because they believed whatever Leylin had gained in the ruins wasn’t anything precious. Hence, they could take their time, and did not have to do anything too unsightly. After all, they were light Magi! There had to be a certain level of trust between them and their peers!

Now, however, no matter how much Leylin tried to conceal his might, his battle achievements were a fact that could not be disregarded.

Also, the aura and energy waves that Leylin gave off was causing Reynold to become suspicious.

No matter what powerful magic artifact or technique Leylin may have obtained from the ruins, it could end up being an unpredictable factor that could change the tide of a battle.

Hence, Reynold was a little interested.

There was nothing that couldn’t be done in this world. Not acting against Leylin previously was a matter of cost and benefit; it hadn’t been worth it to provoke Leylin.

But now, the situation was different.

“You can give it a try, but don’t go too far!” Reynold held onto a glazed porcelain cup, contentedly sipping a mouthful of a steaming hot liquid as he spoke.

“I understand!”

Caesar nodded, his figure disappearing into the darkness.


At another place, Leylin was following the signs on the road, and eventually came to the area where the hunting team worked.

Once he arrived, he could see that there were very few acolytes and Magi. The stench of blood was thick in the air, causing everyone to feel pressure, as if there was a large rock pressed onto their hearts.

“This has… quite an uncomfortable atmosphere!”

Leylin looked up at the sky, which even seemed to be gloomy, and furrowed his brows.

At this area, one could occasionally see members of the hunting team.

These members all donned black Magus robes which were adorned with blood-red flowers. They intimidated everyone.

Leylin could also smell the thick scent of blood, and even the smell of humans.

It was evident that the dark Magi from before had been taken in by the hunting team.

“However, this building is really quite large. The main thing is, how would I know where Caesar is?”

Leylin held on to his document of appointment, and thought it over for a moment as he raised his eyebrows.

He randomly picked a few Magi from the hunting team and blocked their path.

“What do you want?” One of the Magi who he’d stopped was burly, and had a thick scar slashed across his forehead and middle of his face that made him look as if it had been split into half.

With such a terrible wound, his already fiendish face was made to look even more horrifying.

He was currently shooting out death glares at Leylin, elemental particle waves fluctuating around him.

“Very cautious of him! Also, he doesn’t seem to be holding back at all!” Leylin commented inwardly. Shortly after, he put on a bright, gentle smile. “I’m a Magus that is new to the hunting team. May I know where Caesar—”

“Whenever we have someone new, it’s customary for team leader Caesar to bring them in himself. You’re a spy!”

To Leylin’s shock, just a word from him had caused the Magus to shout.

Leylin was alarmed. Immediately after, the surrounding Magi of the hunting team halted, ready to watch a good show. He instantly understood the situation.

“Making things difficult for the new guy? What a repulsive practice!”

The scarred Magus roared, and immediately, two long metal blades appeared in his hands. Each blade was around 2 metres long, with the sheen enough to strike fear into the hearts of some.


The Magus roared a syllable, and in a split second, the blade in his left hand began to emit a fierce, fiery red, while on the right blade, threads of white mist converged to form a blade of ice!

The scorching heat on the left and the icy coldness on the right mixed together, forming a red and blue metal tornado that swept towards Leylin.

[Metal Elemental Magic: A tornado formed from sharp blades, which has been upgraded by incorporating fire and ice elemental runes. With the bonus from his elemental essence conversion, the power of this attack is at least 35 degrees!]

A light flashed in Leylin’s eyes, and he instantly estimated the origin and power of this spell.

“The average newly-advanced Magus would be killed in seconds if they were unfortunate enough to meet this sort of attack! This is just crazy!”

Instantly after, Leylin smiled, as if he had gotten something he had wanted. “Hehe… And here I was, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to establish my superiority!”

Though it wasn’t good to attack the moment he came here, Leylin wasn’t just any regular member, but the vice team leader of the hunting team! Also, his opponent had been the one to initiate the first move, so even if he were to complain to Reynold, Leylin was not afraid.

To be honest, it would make him even happier if this incident would cause him to lose his position.

All of these considerations flashed past in an instant, with only a second passing in real time. In this amount of time, the metal tornado attack of the scarred Magus was already in front of Leylin.

The violent wind pressure that accompanied the tornado turned into wind blades that had a strength comparable to regular weapons, instantly crumbling the walls on both sides of the passage.

*Slash! Slash!*

The wind blades that seemed to have materialised out of nowhere sliced against Leylin’s body, but they were repelled by a layer of illusory, crimson armour.

“Not a bad attack, but unfortunately, you’re dealing with me!”

Leylin looked calm, enthusiastically evaluating his opponent’s attack.

With a black flash of light, instead of retreating, Leylin advanced and rushed forwards into metal tornado formed from flames and ice.

“Is he a lunatic?” Not only the surrounding Magi, but also the scarred Magus had this thought.

What they saw next was the most unforgettable sight in their life!

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

When the huge metal blades that had the added danger of the flames and ice struck Leylin’s body, immense noises resounded.

Leylin looked indifferent, wandering around through the metal tornado as if he were strolling around his garden.

The defense from the Fallen Star Pendant and Leylin’s own support spells rendered this level of attack useless.

Leylin’s figure appeared as a black shadow as he entered the tornado, extending a pale, delicate finger and tapping gently!


Like a balloon that had been punctured, the excessive might of the metal tornado broke down, and bits of blue ice and red embers flew all over the place, eventually disappearing in mid-air.

“This…” Scarface gaped, unable to utter a word.

This ice-fire metal tornado was his ultimate attack. With this one method, he had killed off countless official Magi, but now, this Magus had been able to move freely in the area of the metal tornado and even disable his most powerful attack with a gentle tap!

This had Scarface stunned, causing him to think that he was dreaming.

If Leylin had wanted to do everything himself, he would have used his powerful magic to go head on against that metal tornado. Although he would have been able to destroy the tornado in the end, the consumption would be immense, though the scene would be extravagant.

Hence, Leylin had chosen not to go through with that method, and instead, used the A.I. Chip to calculate the weak point of the spell. He then made use of his powerful defense and took care of the spell by heading into the area the spell affected.

This method was only viable when dealing with Magi weaker than Leylin. If the opponent’s spell was too powerful, Leylin wouldn’t want to risk entering the area of the magic like this.

Now, having used this method, he found that it might have been a little too effective.

Leylin looked at the dazed Magi and gave a gentle smile, his figure flashing as he came to the front of the scarred Magus.


Scarface raised his right hand, black fur extending from the palm of his hand and forming a red-eyed lion’s head.

The lion head opened its mouth, preparing to shoot out some kind of energy attack.


Leylin struck quickly, like lightning, and before Scarface could react, a large hand made from shadows grabbed through his innate defensive spell and touched his right hand.

With the piercing sound of bones being crushed, the lion head on Scarface’s right hand crumbled. His right hand was also bent in an awkward angle by the black hand.

The scarred Magus showed a hint of pain on his face, but that quickly changed to a fierce expression, as if he wanted to do everything he could to kill Leylin.

Scarface’s remaining hand dipped into his bag and seemed to be touching some item.

“Oh? You still want to resist?”

Leylin furrowed his brows, and in front of him, a black shadow blade emerged and slashed at the Magus’ left arm.


The black blade noiselessly streaked across, and the Magus’ left arm fell.

Seconds later, fresh blood gushed out like a fountain.

“Ah!” Scarface’s facial muscles contorted, making him look even more sinister and terrifying.

In the eyes of Leylin, however, he just seemed like a clown!

Leylin grabbed forward, black threads at the tips of his five fingers. These threads seemed to have their own intelligence, latching onto Scarface and pushing him to the ground, and then entering his nostrils, ears, mouth and other facial orifices.

Like a duck that had been clutched by the neck, the Magus’ expression changed to that of resignation, and the violent undulations surrounding him immediately dissipated.


Scarface seemed like he had something to say, but Leylin didn’t give him any chance to speak.

Unsympathetically, he raised his foot, clad with a leather boot, and stomped down on Scarface’s chest.


Scarface’s chest sunk in, and his face turned deep red and then purple as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Leylin stopped looking at him, and glanced at the surrounding Magi of the hunting team.

After defeating Scarface, the Magi from the hunting team that were present seemed to have achieved a mutual understanding, and encircled him.

“What’s this? Are you all going to attack me?”

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