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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 215: The Hunting Team’s Vice Team Leader

Chapter 215: The Hunting Team’s Vice Team Leader

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Leylin, stepped on the motionless, scarred Magus with his right foot, and coldly glanced at the other Magi present in the surroundings.

An ice-cold killing intent suddenly descended upon this location, shrouding it entirely.

All of the present magicians all felt their backs turning cold, as if some ancient beast had turned its cold eyes to stare at them.

“I am the hunting team’s newly elected vice team leader—Leylin Farlier! This chap disrespected me just moments before, so I punished him a bit. Does anyone have any objections?”

Leylin swept a glance over them all and coldly asked.

To strike at a Magus was within his authority, but if he set about to bully him some more, it would be considered excessive.

Moreover, there were at least a dozen Magi from the hunting team present here, and they were all seasoned warriors. If Leylin wanted to dispatch of all of them, it would be troublesome.

After hearing Leylin’s words, all the Magi there looked at each other in dismay. A Magus who seemed to have some status asked, “Since you are new here, would you be so kind as to release Wally?”

“No!” Leylin shook his head.

“This Magus dared to offend me, the vice team leader of the hunting team! Before he gets the punishment he deserves, I retain the authority to take handle this matter myself.”

“Apparently, he is still not planning on stopping.”

When all the present Magi heard Leylin’s statement, they all simultaneously felt a chill in their hearts.

This Magus Leylin was clearly a ruthless person!

They were all in a deadlock.

Fortunately, a voice was heard from afar minutes later, solving their dilemma.

“Magus Leylin! What do you think you’re doing?”

A crimson fog condensed and transformed into an illusory image.

“Team leader Caesar!” The rest of the Magi in the hunting team bowed respectfully.

“Hm!” Caesar casually nodded and then proceeded to focus his attention on Leylin.

“Leylin. What happened here? I want you to give me an explanation!”

“Can’t you tell, Lord Caesar?”

Leylin exerted some force with his right foot, and Scarface, who was under it, immediately lost consciousness.

“Not only did this Magus offend me, he actually did it in this area and used dangerous spells! I only utilized my authority as the vice team leader and stopped him!”

Leylin continued rather mockingly, “If you don’t believe me, we can go and take a look at the spell monitor…”

Leylin could have been wrong, but after hearing Leylin’s explanation, the fog which had congealed into a human figure seemed to ripple, as if it was so angered by him that it dissipated.

“Good! Very good!”

Caesar nodded condescendingly and looked towards the Magi present.

“Wally offended a Magus of higher power than him and attempted to use spells in a public area. I sentence him to imprisonment for three months within the dark tower. Also, I will rescind his share of this year’s resources.”

“With this, are you satisfied, vice team leader Leylin?” Caesar asked, specifically stressing the last few words, and seeming to be implying something.

“But of course! I am very satisfied!”

Smiling, Leylin withdrew his right foot, and facing Caesar, he humbly saluted.

This outcome was already better than he expected, and he was aware that he should know when to stop and not go too far in this situation.

“By the way! You, come with me!” Caesar pointed at Leylin.

In front of the admiration and fearful gazes of the hunting team, Leylin shrugged his shoulders and slowly exited the field. Only the scarred Magus Wally was left lying on the ground.

“He… He’s actually this strong!”

After Leylin left the field, the remaining Magi made some noises of incredulity.

“Though he is strong, he dared to contradict our team leader. Hehe…” Another Magus grinned, revelling in Leylin’s apparent misfortune.

Their team leader, Caesar, was no good person. Not only was he the team leader of their hunting team, he also had, in his arsenal, many methods of torture that could cause any official Magus to have a nervous breakdown.

“Leylin? Leylin! I remember him—he is Zone 13’s Leylin!”

At that moment, one of the Magi finally realized Leylin’s identity.

“The person who killed 9 dark Magi and captured 8 more? Right, that person seemed to be called Leylin and was sent here by headquarters. It can’t be that much of a coincidence, can it?”

A Magus of the hunting team with exceptionally oily skin joined in the conversation, a wry smile on his face.

Having attacked and even captured many enemy Magi, some of whom were semi converted Magi, Leylin had earned quite a reputation.

It was only now that these Magi knew who they had provoked.

“No wonder! If that was Leylin, he has the right to be so arrogant!”

An older middle-aged man looked in the direction that Leylin had left, a complex expression on his face. They were just ordinary members of the hunting team, with their average strength being that of a semi converted elemental Magus, and multiple Magi who had this level of power had been killed by Leylin. The one thing they collectively agreed on was that power determined one’s status in the world.

At the beginning, they had not known who Leylin was and thought Leylin had been provoking them. On hindsight, they decided this was the actions of an expert who knew what he was doing.


The Magi in the hunting team later saw Leylin once more at the banquet that was held the same evening.

This time, no one dared to be so stupid as to go forward and pick a fight with him.

Leylin sat on the right side of the long table, calmly sizing up all the Magi present at the banquet.

The number of people in the Hunting Team was less than those in the Potioneering Team, but still, there were about 50 people here. Each of these Magi emitted powerful energy waves; almost all of the Magi here had reached the threshold of semi elemental conversion. They could be called the cream of the crop amongst official Magi.

“Everybody!” At the head of the table, Caesar cleared his throat.

Immediately, there was complete and utter silence, and all the Magi stood up in deference, waiting for Caesar’s command.

“Before we begin the feast, allow me to introduce to you to a new member!” Caesar’s face was brimming with a radiant smile.

“This is Magus Leylin! He will join our hunting team and assume the post of vice team leader. Everyone, please welcome him!”

In the wake of Caesar’s introduction, Leylin also got up and bowed multiple times to address everyone.

“Vice team leader Leylin!”

Those Magi who have seen Leylin display his might did not dare to do anything else other than bowing so low that they almost achieved a perfect 90 degree angle.

“Hm! Very good!”

Caesar observed this scene, and nodded in satisfaction. He then continued, “All of you have experienced Magus Leylin’s strength. Therefore, I declare that vice team leader Leylin will hold the position of commander of Hunting Zone 3.”

“Wait a minute!” A voice sounded out, interrupting Caesar’s speech.

Caesar frowned, but upon seeing the source of this voice, his expression eased up, “Vice team leader Leylin, do you have an objections?”

“Of course I have one!” Leylin looked gloomy and seemed put out. “Hunting Zone 3? As per my knowledge, that seems to be under the Abyssal Bone Forest’s territory!”

Within the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, apart from areas dominated by either light or dark Magi organizations, there were places that armies had taken over, as well as some unoccupied areas.

These regions were located at the borders between the two factions of light and dark Magi. Some lay in desolate areas, while others were in accessible locations.

Since both sides were still unprepared, engaging with their main forces was a waste of resources. Hence, there had been an unspoken agreement that wandering Magi from either domain were allowed to battle there.

It didn’t matter what these places were previously named. These few areas, which were under the Four Season Garden’s control, all belonged to the Hunting team, and were further divided into different zones.

“Yes. The main enemy in Zone 3 is the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. Do you have any problems with that?”

Suddenly, Caesar slapped his forehead and exclaimed, “Oh, I forgot! I read about your background—Magus Leylin, you were once an acolyte under the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, right? Is there something you forgot to tell us?”

“Hmph!” When joining the Four Seasons Garden, Leylin had been very open with his background. Besides reaping some gains from Dylan Garden, there wasn’t anything interesting about his past.

However, the feeling of having someone else having a hold on him caused him to be ill at ease.

“When I joined the Four Seasons Garden, I had clearly cut off my relationship with the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. Does team leader still doubt my words?”

Leylin firmly replied.

“Very good!” Caesar clapped his hands smilingly.

“So, prove it to me! Bring me the head of a Magus from the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, and prove your loyalty to the Four Seasons Garden!”

“And if I say no?”

“In that case, pardon me, but I will arrest you on the grounds of going against orders!”

The smile on Caesar’s face turned cold, and his third eye on his forehead blinked open.


A strong and bloodthirsty spiritual force that was like a fine interwoven web covered the entire room in a split second.

Leylin had a solemn expression as he used his right hand to lightly press on his temple.

Spiritual force that was filled with an unfathomable depth and darkness descended upon the field as well.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

Instantly, the air seemed like it was being torn apart, and the sounds of shattering were emitted.

*Whoosh!* An intense storm broke out in the room, and it felt like a tornado with a magnitude of ten had appeared out of nowhere, scattering the food on the dining tables all over the place.

“It’s a spiritual force tornado! Fall back!”

All the Magi present carried an expression of extreme terror as they retreated hastily.

“Your spiritual force has improved quite a bit, but it’s a shame that it still isn’t enough!”

Opposite Leylin, Caesar’s voice drifted over, carrying a hint of surprise. Following which, it turned cold. “I’ll let you experience what a genuine peak rank 1 Magus is like! Spiritual Eye!”

After he spoke, a faint image of a giant vertical eye appeared instantly behind Caesar.

The eye seemed demonic as the entire eye was completely black, and resembled the eye on Caesar’s forehead.


After the image of the vertical eye appeared, the might of the spiritual force tornado within the area amplified by a couple fold. It even resulted in minute black cracks in the void, where silvery light were being produced from there.

“Team leader Caesar’s prowess has reached the state where he can tear apart the void. If he progresses any further, he will reach the ability to materialise spiritual force, which is an ability that belongs to rank 2 Magi!”

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