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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 216: Hunting Zone 3

Chapter 216: Hunting Zone 3

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Seeing that Caesar’s spiritual storm had almost torn space apart, the members of the hunting team that were present let out incredulous exclamations.

“I’ve long since heard about how 20 years ago Lord Caesar had reached the criteria to advance to rank 2. However, to pave the way and make his future advancement smoother, he chose to suppress his cultivation.”

A female Magus with gauze that veiled her face mumbled, her eyes revealing adoration for Caesar, “As I thought, our team leader really is the strongest!”

“As expected, he’s powerful!”

Leylin clenched his teeth and a large amount of spiritual force burst out from his sea of consciousness.

At the same time, a blue ray of light flashed in his eyes. “A.I. Chip, estimate the opponent’s power!”

[Beep! Mission established. Beginning information gathering, constructing the simulation model.] The A.I. Chip’s mechanical voice sounded.

Streams of data were rendered in front of Leylin’s eyes, eventually coming to a conclusion.

[Estimation of target’s spiritual force: 79.9. Opted elemental essence for conversion: Death element. Estimated elemental essence conversion: 85-90%.]

“This data means he’s way past the entry requirements to advance to rank 2!”

The conditions for advancing from a rank 1 Magus to a rank 2 Magus were that one’s spiritual force must be at least 80 and that their elemental essence conversion must be at least 80%.

However, many talented Magi did not want to advance right after meeting the bare minimum requirements. They wanted to be in the best condition when they advanced, which would pave the way for their future.

Thus, they voluntarily suppressed their spiritual force, keeping it at the boundary while they increased their elemental essence conversion to at least 90%. Only then would they choose to advance.

The type of Rank 2 Magi who chose to advance this way had a battle power that far exceeded that of their peers. All their future advancements would be easier as well.

Caesar was a talented Magus with this train of thought! Based on strength alone, he was even above the leader of the Potioneering team, Decarte.

However, this was quite normal. Decarte was the leader of the Potioneering team, and instead of battle power, he was more focused on being knowledgeable in Potioneering.

Caesar, on the other hand, was in charge of the Four Seasons Garden’s hunting team, and was thus definitely much stronger than his peers.

Leylin suddenly had a thought and immediately took a look at his stats.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 1 Warlock. Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 7.1, Agility: 6.7, Vitality: 8.5, Spiritual force: 58.9, Magic power: 58 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Elemental essence conversion: 70%. Status: Healthy]

“My spiritual force and elemental essence conversion are much too weak compared to his, and he isn’t even using his full strength. If he did, my external spiritual force would have been destroyed long ago!”

Leylin gave a bitter laugh.

Of course, he hadn’t gone all out. His elemental essence conversion and spiritual force had been suppressed by the technique obtained from the old witch, which made it more obvious to the others that he was not a match for this person.

After Caesar had used the Spiritual Eye Technique, Leylin’s spiritual force gradually weakened, causing the attack to come dangerously close to his body.


Leylin suddenly paled and staggered three steps backwards.

With every step, a deep footprint was seen. White gas seemed to rise around him.

A hint of red appeared in Leylin’s eyes, but it quickly dissipated. He rubbed the blood at the corner of his mouth, and looked at Caesar with an unwillingness to lose.

“Team leader is really amazing!”

In this situation, victory was very obvious. The female Magus from before cheered loudly.

“Shut it!” Caesar glared, and the female Magus kept quiet, feeling wronged.

*Pak pak!* Caesar clapped his hands expressionlessly.

After that, two rows of acolytes in formal attire came to the hall.

Facing the mess in front of them, there was no sign of confusion or astonishment as they quickly restrained their emotions.

Multi-coloured rays from magic spells lit up the area, and the level 3 acolytes even used rank zero magic spells to speed up the rate of cleaning up.

Minutes later, the hall looked as good as new. Even the long table had been replaced, and all types of steaming and tempting delicacies were once more displayed on the table.

“So? What’s your answer, Magus Leylin?”

Caesar watched Leylin, who looked gloomy.

“Since that is what team leader wants, I have no choice but to obey!” Leylin answered unwillingly.

“Very good!”

Caesar nodded. “Well then, everyone! Let us raise our glasses to Leylin’s future contributions!”

*Clink!* Numerous wine glasses touched together, producing bright, pleasant sounds.


“My lord! The area that we are in charge of, Hunting Zone 3, spans from the green highlands there to the region of dried up marshes. Here, the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane does not yield much, save for a type of Fantasy Spring Water, which is in high demand by Magi from both sides.”

An old Magus from the hunting team with traces of white hair brought Leylin around, patrolling the area.

The areas the hunting team were in charge of greatly differed from areas which had been officially conquered. They were at the border where many opposing powers were, and it was hardly strange to see enemy Magi around.

Thus, these few hunting areas were those where the most fights occurred within the secret plane.

Every day, there were many acolytes and even official Magi who died at the hands of the enemy, turning into mere merit points on the enemy’s part.

“Abyssal Bone Forest Academy’s acolytes? It’s really been a long time since I last saw them!”

Leylin was on high ground as he mumbled, gazing into the distance.

At that moment, his past life within Abyssal Bone Forest Academy along with each and every person there seemed to be fresh memories.

“Anyway, Professor Kroft is only a Potion Master, so it’s unlikely he will be sent to the battlefield. If he’s offended someone recently, that would be another story altogether.”

Leylin thought for a while— the only people he would meet on the battlefield were the official Magi from Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

Out of the professors in the academy, he was only familiar with a few such as Dorotte and Kroft.

Even if he killed a few of the others, he wouldn’t have a guilty conscience since he didn’t know them anyway.

He even had hopes of running into some of the people from the Lilytell family! He clearly carried a grudge from being chased by them previously.

“Vice team leader! We have tarried here for more than 15 minutes! This is the boundary, and if we continue onwards, it’s possible that the enemy’s scouts will detect our energy waves and besiege us.”

The patrolling magician who was guiding Leylin bowed and reminded him.

In Hunting Zone 3, the vice leader Leylin was deserving of the title of being a local tyrant.

After all, he had sufficient strength, was the highest ranking person that was from Four Seasons Garden, and he was the boss of these hunting team members. This was very terrifying.

If Leylin found any Magus an eyesore, it was entirely within his right to send them to their deaths by commanding them to enter the enemy’s territory.

If they wanted to resist, Leylin could kill them on the basis of them defying orders.

Thus, now that their lives were in Leylin’s hands, things such as pride and honour would be long forgotten.

Leylin, who had been sent here, subdued these few Magi with a few moves.

“Got it, Old Man!” Leylin replied, indifferently.

Most of the members of the hunting team had nicknames, and this Magus who was next to Leylin went by the nickname of ‘Old Man’.

“Since the Lilytell family lost the competition to be the dean of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, it implies that their strength definitely does not exceed that of a rank 2 Magus. Who knows, they might not even have a rank 2 Magus.”

Leylin quickly calculated the strength of the Lilytell Family.

“The grandfather of Bosain, whom I killed back then, was a powerful elder in the Lilytell Family at the peak of rank 1. He was probably a little weaker than Caesar and had about the same level of strength as Decarte.”

Leylin’s blue eyes flashed as he silently commanded, “A.I. Chip! Using the data gathered previously about Caesar, set up a simulation model and calculate my chances of winning in a fight against Caesar…”

[Beep! Mission established. Beginning data transfer, simulating a human form!]

The A.I. Chip faithfully pinged.

“Let’s go!” Leylin said to Old Man, who was standing at the side and heaved a sigh of relief as they quickly left the area.

As he moved, streams of data flickered in front of Leylin rapidly.

With Leylin’s mental power, it was very easy to multitask.

Moments later, the A.I. Chip came up with the results.

[Battle results: Number 2 and 3 will detonate themselves and die. Host and Caesar will die together. Probability: 89.7%.]

“What’s happening? Show me specific images!”

Leylin was shocked. The conditions that he set included what he would do if he went all out, setting up traps and adding in surprise attacks from Number 2 and 3, who were Branded Swordsmen. Even with these conditions, the outcome was not in his favour, which was entirely beyond his expectations.


A faint blue screen, similar to a three dimensional display, appeared before Leylin’s eyes and showed an image.

In the scene, Leylin managed to launch a surprise attack when Caesar was distracted, dealing great damage to his opponent. Caesar then turned back in surprise and anger, and fought Leylin.

Two figures flickered across the screen. What shocked Leylin was how strong Caesar’s body was.

As they fought desperately for a few minutes, Caesar used his secret technique once again and healed most of his injuries.

At this moment, Leylin had also revealed his hidden cards: Number 2 and 3.

Number 2 and 3 roared and the brands on their bodies lit up, drowning Caesar in violent flames that shot out of their long swords.

The third eye on Caesar’s forehead blinked open, exposing a black, defensive ray of light that completely suppressed the two Branded Swordsmen’s attack.

From that eye, there also seemed to be a white light that had high offensive power against one’s spirit.

At the end, Leylin could was left with no choice but to order Number 2 and Number 3 to detonate themselves, thereby destroying Caesar’s third eye.

However, Caesar laughed crazily and split his body into two other figures. The three bodies stood at different areas, dragging Leylin with them as they exploded simultaneously.

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