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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 225: Undo

Chapter 225: Undo

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“Times thirty…”

Marb bellowed in frustration.

The brownish yellow spell formation flashed, and then exploded!

The layers of silver metal on his body fell to the ground, turning into round, silvery white pieces.

“Damn it… My body can’t take it anymore…”

Marb half knelt on the ground, a stubborn look on his face as he looked in the direction that Leylin had escaped.

The gravitational spell formation had taken a lot out of him. With his strength as a’ peak rank 1 Magus, he could increase the gravitational force up to 20 times the normal amount.


A long distance away from the battlefield, inside a secret cave.

A spell formation emitting light constantly drew in and expelled air, as if trying to suck something in. On top of the spell formation, there was a constantly flashing reversed “L” shaped rune.

Beside the spell formation, two knights in black heavy armour nervously stood guard.


The light from the suction spell formation suddenly became brighter.

In the blink of an eye, a black figure charged inside with a speed that one could not see with the naked eye, and smashed into the centre of the spell formation, producing a loud sound.

Dust flew everywhere, and the spell formation was completely destroyed, leaving a large pit on the ground.


Leylin mustered up strength and sat up, spitting out another mouthful of blood. At the same time, intense pain flared up from all parts of his body, as if he had been ripped apart.

The strong suction power of this spell had allowed Leylin to escape, but it had also caused his injuries to worsen.

“It’s still not possible for me to battle with a peak rank 1 Magus. Everyone has their own trump cards…”

Leylin smiled wryly.

“Master!” Number 2 and 3 immediately knelt and greeted him.

“Hn! We need to leave here as soon as possible!”

Leylin looked left and right before commanding his subordinates.

He was currently seriously injured, and had no battle power to speak of whatsoever. No matter if he met enemies or people from his faction, it would still be very dangerous.

The good thing was that in this period of time, he had already set up a few hideouts in the region that were only known to his two spirit bound slaves. They were the safest places that he could be in.

Leylin wasn’t planning on appearing in front of anyone before recovering from his injuries.

With the support of Number 2 and Number 3, Leylin quickly left the area.

“Although I suffered massive injuries, I still garnered some profits! At the very least, Marb’s two trump cards, his metal body and gravitational spell, have been revealed to me.”

This kind of knowledge regarding a peak rank 1 Magus was very difficult to obtain.

Leylin had gathered some information through the Thousand Meddling Hands and the Four Seasons Garden, but things like trump cards were not mentioned in the reports from these two organisations.

Perhaps, this might have been due to his status being too low and him lacking in power.

“A.I. Chip! Have you recorded all the previous data?” Leylin asked.

[Marb’s general data has been recorded. Beginning generation of stats!] The A.I. Chip’s robotic voice resounded in Leylin’s ear, and immediately after, a blue light flashed in front of him, producing a virtual screen.

[Marb Lilytell. Peak Rank 1 Magus. Estimated Strength: 10.7. Agility: 9.5. Vitality: 23. Spiritual Force: 79. Magic Power: 79 (Magic Power is in synchronisation with Spiritual Force). Elemental essence conversion type: Metal. Progress: 78% - 85%.

[Special techniques: 1. Metallic Life: After fusing with a lifeform that is purely metallic, all fatal attacks are ineffective. Vitality increases, and damage increased when using metal magic. As a side effect, loss of sense of touch. 2. Gravitational Spell Formation: Discovered gravitational runes related to gravity spell formation. Estimated completion of spell: 56%. Information recorded! Able to achieve between 2 and 25 times normal gravity over an area of 100 metres when used as an attack. Estimated strongest might: 29 times normal gravity!]

After this battle, Marb’s basic stats had been calculated.

This meant that the next time they fought, if Leylin took countermeasures towards his attacks, the chances of Marb dying by Leylin’s hand would be more than 50%.

This was an advantage based on the information the data had given him. Leylin’s eyes flashed. “A.I. Chip! Construct human model and simulate the best ways to kill him. Factor in Number 2 and Number 3 as well.”

In an instant, scenes of battles appeared in Leylin’s mind.

About ten minutes later, the A.I. Chip’s reply sounded.

[Based on the newest data recorded, result: Death of target! Death of Number 2, massive injuries inflicted on Number 3, host body with light injuries.]

Seeing what the A.I. Chip had planned, a thin smile appeared on his face. “Marb! The next time we meet will be the day you die…”


Outside the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, inside the inverted castle.

Within a room that was as cold as an ice storehouse, with several large chunks of ice strewn about.

Hyder was wearing a pair of thick, heavy spectacles as he stared fixedly at a beaker with liquid boiling inside.

“The hair of a female goblin, the toenail of a subterranean lizard, and also… the silk sac of a Dulok spider…”

His incantation was unclear, yet both his hands were as precise as a machine as he continuously tossed the items into the beaker.

“Woman of the Deep Red, grace us with your presence!”

After the ingredients had completely fused within the beaker, Hyder raised up and opened his hands towards the sky, and chanted in a very bizarre incantation as if conducting a sacrificial rite.



The ground began to tremble, and the stench of blood began to permeate the tiny room.

In an instant, Hyder seemed to have seen a deep, crimson sea surging towards him.

In an instant, the blood coloured sea converged into the figure of a gorgeous woman that strangely had no face.

Her ethereal body floated ever so beautifully in midair.

“…!” Hyder chanted the final stream of the incantation, which was extremely tongue twisting. The accent was extremely difficult to understand as well; it was filled with a primordial and barbaric aura.

“Chikchik…” After listening to Hyder, the woman finally spoke. Her voice sounded like the chirps of a little bird, yet, at the same time, it strangely sounded like the flapping of insect wings.

“Hurry! Bring it forward!” Hyder said to the old lady behind him.

The old lady clapped her hands, and two black robed servants entered with a dozen feeble, trembling humans who had their heads covered by a black sack.

“Chikchik!” The woman in midair chirped in excitement as she immediately began to stretch her body forward.

*Pu!* *Pu!**Pu!*

Countless large wounds split open on the bodies of these captives, from which blood gushed out like a fountain.

As if seeing the plague, the two servants quickly retreated.


The blood formed a tiny tendril of steam as it floated through the air towards the woman.

A moment later, there were no longer any traces of blood on the ground. As for the woman, the colour red was even more vibrant on her body now.

After accepting the sacrifices, the woman nodded her faceless head and transformed into the shape of a flask.


A tiny droplet of crimson liquid dripped from the flask directly into the beaker.


After the liquid entered the beaker, a flame emerged from within the beaker and engulfed it. As the flames blazed, the sound of wailing spirits occasionally sounded from within.

As the flames continued to burn, the woman disappeared without a trace.

Whether it was Hyder or the old lady, no one knew how she had left.

“How is it?” The old lady’s gaze was fixed on the flame, which was spreading, and she put on an expression that could make one feel anxious.

Beneath the gleam of the flames, which reflected off of the old lady’s face, there was an intimidating look.

“This is the most feasible method that I could come up with after many experiments. Moreover through a sacrificial rite, I borrowed the power of a trace of blood from an evil spirit… Towards this curse, it should be the best remedy!”

Hyder looked at the subsiding flames, and his expression was extremely calm, his eyes showing signs of wisdom.

“I hope that is so! Jenna’s curse is nearing complete activation, so time is pressing…” The old lady muttered.

Hearing this, a peculiar expression could be seen in Hyder’s eyes.

Although Jenna was the one who had inherited the innate talent of prophecy, Manla was also a relative of theirs. From the perspective of a light Magus, this was somewhat going overboard.

However, Hyder concealed his opinion well, not letting the old lady discover it.


Several minutes later, the red flames completely died out, revealing a strange, congealed item in the beaker.

It was an amorphous item, like a large lump of jelly, and was even squirming.

“It’s a success!” A smile surfaced on Hyder’s face.

Following which, his expression turned solemn as he said the old lady, “Madame, although this method of removal has a very high success rate, the curse is an extremely troublesome thing. Some dark Magi also like to add various disgusting and poisonous elements inside, and if they are not treated properly, things could very well become disastrous. Hence, if… what I’m saying is that if there is a possibility, it would still be better to have a chat with the Magus who laid this curse…”

“No need for that! My family will never be threatened by someone else! Fate is watching over us!” The old lady vehemently rejected the notion, and Hyder could only smile wryly in return.

Due to the possibility of a chain reaction from the activation of the curse, during treatment, Jenna and Manla were held very far apart in their locations.

Hyder wore white robes with many runes occasionally blinking on it.

At this moment, he held onto a container with one hand, which contained the soft body within.

Hyder looked at Manla, who was lying unconscious on the experiment table,and finally gave one last glance at the old lady.

She nodded expressionlessly.

Seeing this, Hyder sighed on the inside, and his face turned serious, “Then, I will begin…”

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