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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 226: Commencement

Chapter 226: Commencement

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”I wish you luck!”

Hyder looked at Manla as he prayed for him. He then picked up a gleaming silver scalpel and lightly cut the arm which had the curse.


The black curse runes came to life and continuously twisted, forming a tiny black snake that hissed with its forked tongue.

Black gas immediately surrounded Manla’s body, which was covered in bulging veins.

The huge bloke broke out in cold sweat and gritted his teeth unconsciously, the agony on his face apparent.

”The first light in this world! Listen to my summons and lend me your strength to dispel this darkness…”

Hyder’s lips moved quickly as he rapidly chanted an incantation.

*Weng Weng!*

In the surroundings of the operating table, countless rays of light suddenly appeared and flew above Manla as they converged into a rune.

Unadulterated, without a trace of any impurities! It was as if the light that first set upon this world had appeared inside the rune.

This milky white light shone on Manla’s body.

*Chi Chi!* Manla’s body suddenly arched as he clenched his fists.

At the same time, a seemingly endless amount of black gas was emitted from the pores throughout his body.

All of this gas was very quickly purified by the light.

Hyder looked at the black lines on Manla’s body as sweat rolled down the side of his cheek.

His immense spiritual force had now turned into an extremely concentrated and tiny one which continuously scanned Manla’s body and took note of its current state. He also had to guide the light in the cleansing process.

This was a task that required extreme precision. If he made a single mistake, the curse on Manla’s body would fully activate.

It was very evident that this put a huge strain on Hyder.

In only a dozen minutes, this old geezer began to pant heavily as his energy began to drop.

However, it was at a time like this that the stability of Hyder’s hands was even more pronounced. Just like a robot, his movements were fluid and without the the slightest mistake.

Finally, under the pressing attack from the light rays, the cursed runes made of darkness were continuously pushed back until they retreated back into the original wound.

The light rays formed a halo outside the wound and confined it to a small surface area on the flesh.

”Hu…” Hyder exhaled deeply as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

”I have already confined the curse to one area. Right now, this extraction process is the most crucial…”

Hyder held the container which contained the jelly-like body as if it was some sort of precious treasure.

Following which, he placed the container close to where the wound on Manla’s arm was.

”Come forth, my darling!” A strange expression now appeared on Manla’s face as he spoke in a tone that could induce dizziness.


The runes on Manla’s arm writhed and once again turned into the shape of a tiny black snake.

It spat its tongue and, as if it had discovered something, it turned and faced the jelly-like body.

”Chi Chi…” After seeing the small snake, the jelly-like creature, which seemed to have no consciousness, began to shrink its body.

However, this movement attracted the tiny snake and it slithered towards the jelly-like body.

Seeing the small snake closing in, Hyder held on to his breath, as if afraid that his breathing would scare the snake away.

The black snake hesitantly circled the area where the wound was in. It then turned around and slithered away without a second thought!

Just when the old madame thought that it was a failure, the tiny black snake which had turned around coiled its body and darted right into the wound as fast as lightning, jumping on top of the jelly-like creature.

It swallowed the jelly-like body down in a gulp and began to retreat rapidly.

”You want to run?”

Hyder had the last laugh as he grabbed a pair of tweezers with his right hand and reached forward.

The tweezers travelled in a beautiful arc through the air and landed right in front of the tiny black snake and blocked it.

Following which, the tweezers clamped together and held onto the middle of the snake’s body.

”Hissss…” The snake hissed as it writhed its body continuously.

Hyder’s face was extremely solemn as he knew how much of a calamity would be created if the abomination in his hands were to escape.

Bringing forward a vulcanised test-tube that was covered in runes with his left hand, he tossed the black snake within and plugged the hole.

The runes flashed and sealed the test-tube tightly. Only after looking at this scene did Hyder allow himself a sigh of relief.

”Mister Hyder, is it a success?”

The old lady stepped forward and was extremely excited as she saw that the cursed runes on Manla’s arm had completely vanished.

”Of course! It is done, I have not disgraced my art!” Hyder smiled in an aloof manner.

He had no confidence prior to his attempts to remove this curse. However, in the period of his experiments, this curse had allowed him to greatly improve his Potioneering and healing skills.

”Great! As I was saying, how can we bow down to that dark Magus?”

”Fate is forever on our side!” A light of reverence appeared on the old lady’s face, as if the sun had shone on her.

Hyder, who could not withstand this light, closed his eyes and retreated a few steps.


At this moment, a very crisp clap sounded from Manla’s body and a mysterious black gas once again appeared.

”What is happening?” The old witch was now like a duck which had its neck grasped, her voice hoarse as she asked.

”Damn it, a second curse! It’s actually a model composed of a combination of curses!!!”

Regret and shame now flashed across Hyder’s face.

At the same time, a huge amount of black gas formed into many tiny black snakes as the dense smog engulfed Manla within.

*Chik Chik…* From within the black smog, a harrowing sound could be heard.

Seconds later, the black smog dispersed and revealed a blackened skeleton which sat quietly before the experiment table.

This turn of events was extremely quick and even Hyder had no time to react.


Hyder could only smile wryly and opened his mouth to say something.


The sound of glass shattering could be heard. As if recalling something, Hyder hurriedly tossed the test-tube in his hands away.

Alas, it was all too late!

A black mist that was crackling with lightning exploded on his hands.

A bright layer of light immediately appeared on Hyder’s robes that repelled the black mist.

After everything had calmed down, Hyder looked at his already blackened left hand and looked extremely resigned.


”Hmm?” Leylin, who was recuperating in a hidden location, suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a ponderous expression.

”These energy waves… It seems like one of my curses has already activated a reunison effect… Oh! It should be that bloke Manla who is now dead…”

”I’m quite curious about the effects of the hidden mechanism I placed on the curse.” Leylin grinned.

Not only did he place a complex curse on both of them, but he also left behind many concealed mechanisms. The poisonous elements and malice hidden within was enough to let the Magus who was healing them to suffer greatly. If the healer was not careful, he might even lose his life!

Leylin was confident that after witnessing the prowess of his curse, the family behind Jenna would have no choice but to bow their heads down to him.

Even if he was not certain of the unique meditation technique this family possessed, one could easily tell that a Magus who was able to predict the future held an extremely high position!

As such, he had many things that he wanted from that family.

However, Leylin only toyed with the idea for a while before tossing it to the back of his mind. Right now, he was stark naked as he rested his chiselled body in a stone pool.

In the centre of the pool, there was a deep green fluid emitting the scent of plants and an enormous lifeforce which continuously healed Leylin’s injuries.

This was the healing solution that Leylin had brewed before. Not only were many healing potions combined in it, but the Fantasy Water that he procured before in this location was also one of the main ingredients.

Through the translucent liquid, one could see that Leylin’s abdominal injury had now fully recovered, only leaving behind a tiny pink scar which was rapidly fading away.

This speed had already somewhat exceeded Leylin’s expectations.

”No! This isn’t the effect of the healing solution, but the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent…” Light flashed past as Leylin shut both his eyes.

A massive amount of spiritual force turned into tiny threads that filled his body.

Through his observation with the spiritual force, he could distinctly feel that various areas on his body had begun to erupt with a mysterious energy which continued to replenish and heal his injuries.

These energies were dark red in colour with an ancient aura. With its help, Leylin’s body rapidly began to heal.

”Not only this!”

Leylin reached forward with his right hand and clenched his fist tightly.

*Ka-Cha!* A huge explosion sounded in the air, as if something was ripped into shreds.

”I can feel that during my recuperation, the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent is slowly strengthening the properties of my body!”

The abyss seen in Leylin’s eyes became even darker.

”This… The second transition of the bloodline, it’s here!”

The severe injuries he sustained seemed to have hastened the progress of the second transition in his body. The Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline in Leylin’s body continuously surged and many mysterious energies began to be released, fusing with Leylin on a more profound level.

[Detected that the Host’s properties are currently being strengthened! A transition in the Giant Kemoyin Serpent is ongoing! The second transition will commence in ten seconds!]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.


A layer of fine black scales covered Leylin’s body in a flash. He had actually unknowingly activated his innate spell.

Under the flicker of the black light, the scales were strengthened. Even Leylin’s eyes had become an amber colour with vertical pupils.

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