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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 228: Chase

Chapter 228: Chase

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Leylin could hear the hint of fear in the old man’s voice.

Bat and Crow were both Leylin’s subordinates, and now that both had been killed, it would be hard to deliver this news to Four Seasons Garden.

“Lord Caesar has already spoken and given you a time limit of ten days. Within that time, you’ll have to solve this problem, or else…”

“Or else?” Leylin sounded very calm.

The old man, on the other hand, was so terrified that even his voice trembled. “He will seize you on the grounds that you neglected your duties!”

“Oh!” He expected anger from Leylin, but all he saw was Leylin nodding slightly, “Tell him I understand!”

Next, Leylin closed the imprint’s connection.

“Marb, is it?” Behind his eyes, he seemed to see that crazy metallized old geezer again.

That Marb must have received news about him being in charge of Hunting Zone 3 and had thus taken action.

Leylin flippantly made a decision.

Though Thousand Meddling Hands, the organisation of which Giant was a member, wanted to solve the conflict between Leylin and the Lilytell family, he wanted none of that.

From his perspective, since they had already become enemies, it was better to completely eliminate them.

Besides, the current Marb thought nothing of Leylin.

If, before the second bloodline transition, Leylin only had a chance to kill his opponent with the help of Number 2 and Number 3, he was now confident that in a fight, he could definitely destroy his opponent! Marb wouldn’t even have the chance to escape.

“Let’s go!”

With a shake of his robes, he brought the two Branded Swordsmen out of the cave.

“Awoooo!” Soon after, the silhouette of a huge Venom Wyvern soared up high from the cave…



On the plains, two figures flickered with light as they travelled at speeds that exceeded what could be seen with the naked eye. One chased, while the other fled.

In front was a young woman wearing white robes, her hair slightly curled, and her chest was bursting out of her clothes.

As she moved, her plentiful bosom would constantly jiggle, and paired with this woman’s beautiful face, men had the urge to become lecherous wolves.

It was a pity that her striking beauty had no effect on the Magus behind her.

*Xiu xiu!* The sound of blades slashing could be heard, and the woman’s face changed, instantly grabbing a chain bracelet around her wrist and flung it behind.

*Weng weng!*

Luminous green light was emitted from the chain bracelet, and the light converged to form a large web which slammed into the two silver pikes.


Green and silver rays exploded, and the intense explosive airwaves struck the woman’s back.

*Rip!* Half her robe was torn up, revealing her bright, clean back and delicate skin.

“Stupid old man! I already told you I don’t know any ‘Leylin’. Why did you keep chasing after me…”

The woman seemed to care little about how she was exhibiting a lot of skin as she produced a scroll. *Chia!* A pair of translucent, small wings grew behind her.

Each was quite small and formed a semi-heart. They were quite cute and seemed like a decorative item.

*Hu-la!* The wings shook, bringing with them waves of energy.

However, this lady did not fly but floated gently, as if she had become more buoyant. With her wings flapping behind her, her speed increased, and only then did she have the time to turn back and scold,

“You’re the light Magus in this region, so you must be under Leylin’s protection! How can you not know of him?”

The one that was chasing behind her was a silver-haired old man with metallic ornaments dangling from his forehead to his face. After having seen the woman using the scroll, a ring of silvery, metallic rays was produced.

*Hu hu!*

Metallic rays constantly sprayed backwards like two silver tassles that drifted behind him.

*Crash!* His speed increased sharply and was even slightly faster than the woman’s, which caused the distance between them to decrease.

The woman even felt like crying at this point. “I’m just a wandering Magus! Though this is Four Seasons Garden’s territory, we’re still allowed to go in. You’ve really got the wrong person!”

Hearing her explanation, Marb face did not change and he extended his right arm, a silver white metallic bomb appearing in his hand.

His pupils had no life in them and he was unmoved, as if this scantily dressed woman was just a rotting corpse.

With a wave of his hand, the metallic bomb travelled in a beautiful arc and landed in front of the woman’s path.


The silver bomb blew up with a loud rumble, fire constantly spreading and metallic debris constantly flying everywhere.

The look on this woman’s face was terrible. She was barely able to dodge the aftermath of the explosion. Most of her wings were blown away, and as a result, her speed immediately decreased. She could even feel a bloodthirsty gaze on her basically naked back, as if it was looking at prey. This gaze was different from the lustful looks from many male Magi: it was pure killing intent without the slightest bit of desire.

Hence, she was very clear that the moment she was in his hands, all that awaited her was death. Her pretty face, which was something she had always been proud of, served no purpose in this situation.

”Though you’re a wandering Magus, you must belong to some part of Four Seasons Garden. If you die here, it’ll be bad for him anyway.”

Marb coldly stated. In order to force Leylin out, there was nothing he would not do.

In a place where rank 2 Magi were in charge, with his strength as a peak rank 1 Magus, it was still possible to kill as he liked.

“Damn it! How did I get so unlucky as to meet a lunatic like him!”

The curly-haired woman cursed, desiring to cry as she quickly ran.

“Escaping? Do you think you’ll actually succeed?”

Marb, who was behind her, gathered a silver fluid in his hand again, turning it into a short rod.

He held on to the silver, metallic rod, and pointed it at the woman was fleeing as fast as she could.

*Zilala!* The front of the metallic short rod split open, and countless little silver steel balls flew out.

*Peng peng!*

These steel balls fell like rain, dispersed in a circular shape, headed forward, and blocked all the possible routes that the woman could use to flee.

*Ding ding dang dang!*

The woman clenched her teeth and a pink defensive layer emerged from her body.

As the silver metallic steel balls struck the defense layer, a heavy thud could be heard.

“Transform!” At this moment Marb, who was behind, shouted coldly, his two hands clawing forward!

*Tsss!* The steel balls that were hitting the pink layer suddenly melted to form a silver liquid that covered the layer.

Along with Marb’s clawing motion, a formless column of air seemed to strike on the silver liquid, the large strength it had constantly pulled the woman backwards.


Marb clenched his right fist, silver fluid coated his hand, which caused it to become an eye-catching silver colour.

The silver, metallic fist mercilessly struck the pink layer.

The layer was immediately dented to a terrifying extent. As Marb increased the power of his attack, terrifying cracking sounds could be heard.

Finally, under the woman’s desperate gaze, the pink layer was completely shattered by the silver fist, turning into shards that gently fell like butterflies.

“Pu…” With her innate spell broken, the woman paled and as if she had been struck by a hammer and collapsed.

“Damn it! I’m going to stay right here! Just do whatever you want now!”

She watched Marb, and closed her eyes as if in resignation. However, the moment she closed her eyes, her legs spread open and her robes ripped apart, revealing the underwear underneath. The black shadow in the middle was enough to cause anyone to go mad and have the desire to explore further.

“All these little actions at this time?” Marb snickered.

Most Magi liked to enjoy themselves after they advanced and were open about their acts in this area. This was the case for both male and female Magi. But Marb was different! He was already one with metal and had lost the ability to have children. This was why he valued Bosain, his only blood relative so much.

Shortly after, his right hand turned into a chopper!

“Rest in peace! Nobody will save you!”

After having heard Marb’s declaration, hopelessness welled up. She was merely a semi-converted Magus and was probably slightly competent when it came to fleeing. However, in front of Marb, she was like a frail child.

“Am I going to die here? Mentor, I’m sorry I couldn’t complete the task you entrusted to me!”

As the chopper struck down, the woman mumbled under her breath.



The pain she anticipated did not arrive and instead, a third person’s voice rang out in the field.

The female Magus opened her eyes to the sight of a giant black serpent, scales flickering with black light as it broke the chopper with a single bite.

After breaking the chopper, the serpent turned into black smoke and floated to the back of a very handsome male Magus. It turned into a ring of black elemental particles and hovered over him like an aureole.

“What a familiar face! This seems to be the person in charge of Hunting Zone 3… Leylin!”

The woman inwardly heaved a sigh of relief, though outwardly she appeared to be indifferent to the situation.

The female Magus then stood up as if nothing had happened and quickly rushed off, covering a large distance in a short period of time.

“By the way, do I know you?” Leylin rolled his eyes inwardly.

This was an area he had jurisdiction over, and all Magi who were in the light faction or any wandering Magi were supposed to greet him. However, Leylin was always indoors and rarely showed himself, so it was natural he did not know this woman.

However, if she were to die here, it would put a mark on his record, so he decided not to bicker with her about it.

Leylin’s full concentration was now on Marb.

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