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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 229: Determination

Chapter 229: Determination

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After seeing Leylin, Marb’s gaze, which was as sharp as knives, was fixed on Leylin.

“So… You’ve finally appeared, Leylin!”

Marb spoke softly, but the coldness and determination were apparent in his voice, causing the female Magus nearby to break out in cold sweat,

In their previous battle, Marb had witnessed Leylin’s power and the rate at which he grew stronger. Fear and regret crawled around and constantly gnawed at his insides like ants.

He regretted it! He regretted not deploying more manpower to the Great Canyon Margaret and thoroughly eliminating Leylin there!

Now, Leylin had already grown stronger and was quickly becoming the Lilytell Family’s worst nightmare.

In the beginning, he had only just advanced to a rank 1 Magus, but now, he was capable of fighting on equal grounds with Marb. In the entire Magus history of the south coast, this was a rate of improvement that only the cream of the crop had.

Presently, Marb could still suppress his opponent, but even he himself had no confidence in being able to do so in the future.

By that time, Leylin would definitely destroy the entire Lilytell Family!

Marb did not want to be one responsible for his family’s death. Hence, in this period of time, he was like a madman, looking for traces of Leylin.

He did not even hesitate to anger a rank 2 light Magus as he slaughtered a large number of Magi in the light Magi zone.

Finally, he had forced Leylin to come out.

Marb stared straight at Leylin, as if afraid that at the slightest blink, Leylin would escape once again and disappear.

“It’s been a long time! I’ve been looking for you for a long time…” Marb mumbled under his breath.

“I’ve waited quite some time. This really has to end soon!” Leylin clasped his hands behind his back and spoke.

This indifference obviously caused Marb to become suspicious. The current Leylin’s aura was even more difficult to make sense of, and even he was unable to accurately judge Leylin’s strength.

However, in order to force Leylin to make an appearance, he had no other choice!

“Die!” Marb suddenly made his move as he roared.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

In an instant, he turned into pure metal, rays converging in front of his chest and spell formation that emitted brownish yellow light.

“Metal transformation! Gravity spell formation!”

Fully aware that Leylin was no easy target, Marb used his trump card right away.

*Weng Weng!*

A ring of brownish yellow light extended across the entire area.

Wave after wave of a tearing force from the core of the earth descended onto the area.

“Gravity times twenty!” Marb’s eyes turned a pure silver hue as he roared.

*Rumble!* The brownish yellow colour immediately spread, and a tearing force that was ten times stronger than before exploded from beneath the ground.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

The surface of the ground peeled off, and moles, ants, and other tiny animals were immediately ripped apart and turned into blood mist!

“Lunatics! They’re all lunatics!”

That female Magus was right at the edge of the spell formation, and she instantly lay on the ground, her skin constantly breaking. Blood flowed copiously, and she was quickly dyed crimson.

“Are you kidding? How can I die from the aftershocks of a Magi battle?”

The female Magus gritted her teeth and broke a pendant around her neck.

This usually simple task was made much more difficult due to the times twenty gravitational force.

In reality, if not for her being an official Magus and having remodelled her body such that it became stronger, she would have been blown up into blood mist like those animals.


After breaking the pendant, a green light engulfed the female Magus’ body.

All her wounds were instantly healed, and if not for the bloodstains that were left on her body and clothes, it would be impossible to tell that she had been injured.

The green light travelled across her body, and she could immediately feel the effects of the increased gravity lessening. She quickly used her four limbs and crawled out of the area that the brownish-yellow gravity spell formation affected.


After leaving the spell formation and feeling the gravity return to normal, she heaved a hefty sigh of relief and stood up.

“That was much too terrifying! As expected, it’s impossible for us semi-converted Magi to interfere in battles between rank 1 Magi who are at the peak.”

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

At this moment, the sound of metal clashing against metal produced ear-piercing sound waves.

As if bitten by a snake, the female Magus took seven steps back and glanced at the middle of the spell formation. At the center, there were two human figures that had slammed into each other.

In their surroundings, whether they were large trees or rocks, all were reduced to powder once they were brushed past.

“This is too dangerous!”

The female Magus’ expression changed, and she immediately fled further until the two Magi were on the verge of disappearing from her line of sight. Only then did she halt her steps.

“It should be fine here… right?”

Though this was what she told herself, the Wind elemental energy particles around her feet did not dissipate as she made preparations to leave if she saw the need to.


Covered in a layer of black scales, Leylin struck Marb’s curved, metallic knife.

Sparks flew, and the clash produced an ear-piercing sound, causing the area around them to quake. There were even some black cracks around them that slowly extended outwards.

*Ping pang!* At this moment, the sound of metal breaking sounded from the middle.

The two figures that had been fiercely fighting quickly retreated.

Leylin swung his arms, and in his hand was the sharp tip of a blade! In the fight just now, Leylin had actually used brute force and broken one of Marb’s blades!

At this moment, the tip of the blade was still wriggling about and had transformed into multiple metallic teeth that were biting at Leylin’s palm.


The metallic teeth bit at the scales and produced crisp sounds, but there was not a trace left on Leylin’s hand.

When the bloodline transitioning had occurred, Leylin’s innate spell formation, Kemoyin’s scales, had also powered up. Its physical defense and resistance to magic had risen by more than 30 degrees. With the added power from Leylin’s magic, Marb’s metallic weapons were now unable to hurt Leylin.

“Hm? How dare you resist!”

Leylin furrowed his brows, and immediately after, the muscles on his right arm bulged out. More than 20 degrees of strength were displayed!


Clenching his fist, a miserable shriek of someone at death’s door could be heard from the space between Leylin’s fingers.

Leylin then opened his right hand and threw a few bits of metal that had clearly become dented out of shape, and thus become useless, onto the floor.

As Leylin had crushed the metal, Marb had trembled slightly, as if he had been wounded. With a liquid metallic body, Marb’s spirit was spread out evenly throughout his body. The moment Leylin completely destroyed the liquid metal in his hands, a part of Marb’s spirit had died as well.

“You’re- You’re actually completely fine! This entire area actually has twenty times the usual gravity!”

Seeing that Leylin was completely fine, Marb’s face was filled with disbelief.

Just ten or so days ago, he had used this spell and caused Leylin to have no choice but to flee. However, currently, Leylin was actually so nimble even with the effects of the gravity spell formation. This situation caused Marb, who had recently experienced the pain of losing part of his spirit, to become terrified.

Though he was aware of Leylin’s talent, Marb realised that the rate at which he improved was far above his expectations!

“Gravity?” Leylin looked at the brownish-yellow spell formation and smirked.

Within his body, a transparent energy membrane emitted a faint purplish red colour, protecting the most vulnerable organs in his body.

This was the defensive ability that the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline had brought to him. In addition, even if this membrane was not activated, just his vitality of 25.7 was enough to withstand this level of gravity. After all, the sturdiness of his body was working up to the same level of hardness as the body of the ancient Giant Kemoyin Serpent.

“Today will be your doomsday!” Marb was stern and resolute.

“Twenty-nine times gravity!” He roared fiercely, and his body was engulfed by a layer of brownish-yellow ring of gravitational force.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

A gravitational force that was even more tremendous descended and even Leylin could feel the pressure and the increase in his weight.

However, the one who got the worse end of the deal was Marb himself.

Right after sending out the attack, the sound of porcelain breaking could be heard from his body.

Like a spider web, numerous cracks emerged all over his body.

“Even if I am to bet on the Lilytell name and sacrifice my life, I must kill you here!” Marb looked slightly craze as he spoke.

“A fight to the death?”

Leylin’s expression became serious. Though he had already gone through the second bloodline transition and his strength had surpassed that of a rank 1 Magus, he was not yet a rank 2 Magus!

Facing a Magus who was also at the peak, even he had to be extra careful.

*Crack! Crack!*

Chilling sounds were produced as Marb’s metallic body suddenly increased in size, his muscles bulging as his body expanded.

In the blink of an eye, Marb transformed from a regular old man to a metallic, burly man who was over five meters tall.

On the surface of his body was a luster that was unique to metal. The cracks were even more massive, and it looked as if his new form might collapse at any moment.

Leylin’s eyes flashed as he felt the immense, unstable energy waves of elemental particles from Marb’s transformed body.

“You want to take me down even if it means your own death? Dream on!”

Leylin quickly retreated, and at the same time, he chanted a few syllables.


Countless black fireballs emerged from the shadows on the ground, hovering in the air.

The latent fireball, which had already been overwhelmingly powerful, now had an even more terrifying might of 60 degrees with the added bonus from Leylin’s current elemental essence conversion!

This was practically the limit of the power that a rank 1 Magus could possess. Under the might of the black fireball, the soil melted and turned into something akin to the crystalline particles of porcelain and glass.

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