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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 232: Headquarters’ Patrolling Inspector

Chapter 232: Headquarters’ Patrolling Inspector

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”A very large increase!” Seeing that in his refreshed data, the progress of his strength and spirit and his elemental essence conversion all had a huge change, Leylin wore a pleased expression on his face.

For an official Magus, making any progress was exceedingly difficult; even for a Magus like Leylin who had a high-level meditation technique, they would need to accumulate a lot of time.

But now, after the second transition of his bloodline, his average data had risen to that of a peak rank 1 Magus’.

And after his heart had been remodelled, it was incessantly stimulating the potential of his body towards a higher evolution.

Only in these past few days, his reformation rate had increased by 8% and this had brought about an amplification in his other data — this was absolutely terrifying!

”If it is like this, then maybe I can… ”

Leylin quickly calculated in his mind and after which, his eyes emitted a dangerous beam of light.

This beam was very pure and immeasurable; Leylin’s eyes, which were brimming with this beam, felt as if it could even absorb a person’s soul.

But, a split second later, Leylin had already hidden this beam deep inside.

”The solvent of the Nefarious Filthbird’s feathers?!”

Leylin once again focused his attention on the gray solution and a blue ray of light from the A.I. Chip flashed occasionally as he scanned the test tube, and a large amount of data was being projected in front of Leylin’s eyes.

“The Void Hallucination Flowers!” exclaimed Leylin, as he saw the three crystals on the experiment table.

Deeply entrenched within these tiny crystals were white flowers that were so transparent they were almost illusory.

This flower was the principal ingredient in many ancient potions. These had previously been extinct on the south coast. It was unknown from which secret plane did Four Seasons Garden discover this flower. Its value was 50 contribution points.

“Crystal seal, undo!” As he reeled off several complicated words, Leylin pointed his right forefinger at a crystal.


A noise like the ripples on a pond could be heard from the surface of those crystals.

The ripple continuously distorted as it extended to the interior of the crystal…when with a *Clink! Fizz!* — noises like waves rolling and volatile steam evaporating — the solid crystal continuously vaporized into the air. Finally, what was left behind was a delicate, small, white flower that slowly fell onto the surface of the experiment desk.

This exclusive seal removal technique was something that Leylin had obtained from the contribution hall. If he used other magic spells to forcefully remove the seal, though he would be able to effectively remove the seal, the aftermath would be that the material sealed within the crystal would also have perished.

Leylin scrutinised this ancient and precious ingredient.

The Void Hallucination Flower was a very delicate existence; it was the size of a quail egg. Moreover, some veins, like those on a leaf, appeared on the translucent surface of the flower.

This Void Hallucination Flower, the moment it was exposed to the air, it fell down and started to melt.

“This is truly a fragile thing. No wonder that it is now extinct on the entire south coast… ”

Leylin muttered this as he used a pair of white tweezers, which he had prepared for such a situation, and quickly put the flowers inside a blue borneol beaker.

“The properties of the Void Hallucination Flower are very surreptitious. By blending it, one can form 43 different kinds of ingredients. Thus, it was a popular major ingredient of many of the ancient potions…”

Leylin mumbled, and seeing the continuously dissolving white flower inside the beaker, the corners of his mouth curved into a smile.

”Patrolling troops at the Headquarters? What is the position?”

Leylin gaped in amazement at Caesar. After a busy evening within the lab, He had just come out for a well-deserved rest, when he saw the Magus Caesar.

Caesar’s face was all smiles. The vertical third eye in between his brows, which emitted a furtive radiance now appeared to be gentle.

“This was a position personally drafted for you by Chairman Reynold!” Caesar laughed and gave an explanation.

“You know, during wartime, Four Seasons Garden’s rule is that the elders have the authority to set up new posts and this Head of the Patrol of the Headquarters is one which Lord Reynold has specially endorsed for you, Leylin. In theory, in the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, regardless of the headquarters, every branch and hunting zone’s magicians all will be under your supervision…”

“Is that so?” asked Leylin, expressing his skepticism.

This was clearly a troublesome task — it had no clear-cut authority, and only had supervisory power. It seems that in this post, he could manage everything, yet do nothing at the same time and also would be able to offend more people.

After all, all the leading Magi of every branch and every hunting zone were each powerhouses in their own right, how would they listen to orders given by a central supervisor?

It was obvious that this Reynold had thrown an annoying task towards him!

“Also… before I came, Lord Reynold also made a private request!” After handing over the appointment letter to Leylin, Caesar brought up yet another matter.

”A private request? What is it about?”

Leylin looked alert; a rank 2 Magus was not someone his current self could contend against.

However, the current him, even if he is unable to defeat his opponent, he still had his means of escape and therefore, he was not particularly afraid.

“Lord Reynold is trying to find some time to talk to you. Of course, this will be private, and is not an order!”

Seeing that although Leylin was beginning to get nervous but still managed to appear calm, a flash of amazement appeared in Caesar’s eyes which he quickly suppressed. He meant to convey this to Lord Reynold.

“A lengthy conversation?” Leylin’s heart throbbed.

It seemed that his recent chain of high-profile actions finally came to the attention of this rank 2 Magus.

However, this was also a part of his plan; thus Leylin nodded and said, “Certainly! I can meet with Lord Reynold. It is my honor to do so…”

“That is good! I shall immediately go and make some arrangements!” Lord Reynold was the overall commander for Four Seasons garden within the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane. He handled numerous matters every day and if it were not for Leylin having performed such a meritorious deed, he would not have had the opportunity to see him.

And this time, the meeting was of a private nature, there were many protocols for this. But Leylin need not pay attention to all this; Caesar could arrange for the time and when Caesar calls him, he could go to meet Lord Reynold.

“Thank you very much!” Leylin gave a nod of thanks.

“Don’t mention it! It is nothing!” With his face full of smiles, Caesar, very quickly, left.

Seeing Caesar disappear into the horizon and finally vanish from his sight, Leylin appeared more and more solemn.

Finally, his expression turned as dark as ominous clouds.

This Reynold, a rank 2 Magus, now seemed to him like a mountain, extending as far as he could see.

“Everything will soon begin!” Leylin whispered…

Inside the merit points exchange centre.

“Hallo, Sir! May I ask if you need to do any transaction?”

Behind a transparent glass window, an employee asked Leylin.

Through the glass, Leylin could see shelves all over, covered with all kinds of precious objects and high-grade information. There were even many magic artifacts and single-use-only scrolls, and also some secret techniques used by Magi.

These secret techniques were the skills and application of spellcasting

These techniquescould, often, only be learned by official Magi. After having successfully learned them, they could be used to temporarily increase the magic power, or increase the might of a magic spell to the maximum and the sort.

Leylin had viewed them as the next best thing after high-level meditation techniques.

Even if a Magus’s degree of elemental essence conversion was sluggish, he could use these secret techniques and increase his magic power. This was no different to increasing the elemental essence conversion.

“Unfortunately, this was only an exterior item. The body’s own strength is the most important!”

But even if the elemental essence conversion and secret techniques can amplify the magic power, this also depended on the original might of the magic spell.

The foundation was sturdy and the growth rate was high; it was the most useful for a peak rank 1 Magus!

If the foundation was not good enough, no matter how high the growth rate was, they would not be able to beat another Magus with a low elemental essence conversion but solid foundation.

All in all, among the spells that increase amplification, the most specialized magic spells can only amplify the basic power by 40%.

And the most amplified power of elemental essence conversion was not greater than approximately 90%.

Be it whatever type of amplification spells, up till now, Leylin hadn’t seen any which was capable of providing a 100% or more of power. It was as if there was an invisible wall blocking the steps of the majority of the Magi.

“I am the new Patrolling Inspector from the Headquarters! I believe there is a problem here with the transactions.”

Leylin took out the recently received appointment letter and flashed it at the employee. The magical radiance on the letter was a characteristic of a rank 2 Magus and caused a blinding pain to the employee.

“My Lord…”

The employee was dumbfounded; after all this position was really bizarre. It could inspect any activities but in reality, the authority to actually execute anything was not that powerful.

While stalling Leylin, the employee pushed a red button located under the desk.

Leylin noticed this small act, but he smiled and did not do anything about it.

“My Lord! Our transactions here are completely equitable and in keeping with the laws, and it is definitely not …”

While the employee was still explaining to Leylin, a translucent shadow took form in front of Leylin.

“I am Bill! I am in charge of the transaction of merit points. Do you have any problem, the new patrolling inspector, Lord Leylin?”

The shadow’s face, on the exterior, looked to be about 50-60 years old, a male. He wore an eyepiece on one eye, and his hair was combed carefully and well-groomed and he wore a dark red colored formal robe, which did not have even a minute crease upon it.

This image caused Leylin to recall the land surveyors and gem appraisers of his previous world.

And, the fact that he knew Leylin’s identity so fast show this in-charge Bill’s capabilities of gathering intelligence and his wide network.

“I have my doubts that the exchanges here and the permissions. I need to examine …” Leylin stated this matter-of-factly.

He deeply understood this authority he owned had an expiry date tagged to it.

It was all the more so, especially when it was a predestined rebellion.

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