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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 233: Swindling

Chapter 233: Swindling

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From this inessential role that Reynold had assigned him as the Headquarters’ Patrolling Inspector, Leylin could tell that Reynold had designs on him.

Even if it had nothing to do with the suspicion of him being a dark Magi, the fact that he increased his strength so quickly had caused Reynold to be wary of him.

In this situation, no matter how hard he tried to keep himself low-key, it was useless.

Since it was like this, why should he not use that bit of power he possessed and gain some benefits?

After all, before Reynold officially stripped him of his role, his cover as the Patrolling Inspector at the headquarters was still able to intimidate a great number of people. For instance, like this man in front of him, at the merit points exchange centre!

“Are you trying to tarnish my reputation?”

Upon hearing this, the face of the apparition called Pierre darkened, eyes seemingly producing crimson rays.

“No… Not tarnishing it. This is just the usual procedural checks!” Leylin smiled gently.

The instant the words left his mouth, a ring of energy particles exploded between him and Pierre.


Though the two of them had tried their best to suppress the excess waves of energy from their battle, they still attracted the attention of several Magi bystanders.

Pierre took several steps back before re-balancing himself, revealing a shocked expression on his face, “A peak rank 1 Magus! Seems like “Metal Lunatic” Marb really did die by your hands!”

This information had been proved right before him, and he could do little but be in shock.

Just from that short fight, Leylin had revealed a strength that could rival a peak rank 1 Magus!

Based on the information he had gathered, Pierre was almost sure that the Metal Lunatic Marb of the Lilytell family had most certainly died at Leylin’s hands.

Goodness! Even Pierre himself was but a peak rank 1 Magus.

A peak rank 1 Magus, Marb, had died at the hands of Leylin. In a situation where a rank 2 Magus did not make his move, a peak rank 1 Magus was already the strongest in the south coast. It was rare that they were taken down. Furthermore, it was only because it had been only a short time since Marb had died so the news did not travel far yet. Otherwise, this would cause a huge commotion in the south coast.

Pierre, who was aware of this news, was even more fearful of Leylin.

“What do you want?” Pierre did not look good.

“Nothing much. I’m just thinking…” Leylin’s voice went so soft to the point that he simply closed his mouth and transmitted a message.

Upon hearing his transmission, Pierre’s face changed, first flushing as if he had been humiliated to the extreme, and then turning into a look of pondering.

Moments later, Pierre raised his head and glanced at the Magi nearby.

Due to the strange actions by Leylin and him, they had attracted the attention of many surrounding Magi and acolytes. This caused him to come to his final decision.

“This isn’t entirely impossible. Come with me!”

The apparition called Pierre disappeared, leaving behind red energy particles turning into various signs that showed him the way.

Upon seeing this, Leylin grinned.

He was aware that even amongst the light Magi, there weren’t that many people who were incorruptible.

At the merit points exchange centre, it was a trading place where one could obtain the most profits. It was definitely not a place free of bribery, but if Leylin really wanted something from this place, it would be his last day with his current role as Patrolling Inspector.

However, he had not forced the other party to do anything. He had merely pointed out a few of his requirements and resulted in the other person making a concession.

Uncaring of the strange looks from the Four Seasons Garden Magi, Leylin followed the signs came to a house behind the exchange centre.

In front of the door, a Magus who looked just like the apparition was already in wait. The one who appeared, this time, was a real body, rather than an apparition.

“You’re here!” Pierre’s face was dark.

Of course, regardless of who it was, nobody would be in a good mood if someone came up and tried to take advantage of them.

“Hn!” Leylin briefly nodded his head and did not speak further.

Pierre gave Leylin a meaningful look as if trying to inscribe his appearance to memory, “Come with me!”

Next, without waiting for Leylin, he simply stalked off. Leylin rubbed his nose, and with a smile he followed.

On the way, various seals and defensive layers were seen everywhere, but with Pierre, who was familiar with this area, it was obviously a smooth sailing.


Pierre produced a black copper key and opened a large door, which was full of runes on the surface.

*Rumble!* In an instant, the sparkles of various treasures and crystal balls, as well as the smells of many precious ingredients filled Leylin’s eyes.

In front of him was an impressive, huge storage warehouse. Various precious resources were placed in front of him, so much so that it seemed they were endless.

“With my authority, I can only open this secondary warehouse to you. Also, I can give you a 40% discount. That is the bottom line!”

Pierre was resolute. From his wounded expression, it was obvious that these were his limits. Hence, Leylin did not press on.

“Alright, alright! I won’t be too difficult to you.”

Leylin spoke without sincerity and walked into the warehouse.

The way Leylin treated this place like it was his own home had Pierre grinding his teeth in annoyance, but he did not dare say anything else.

To be honest, there was something here that would result in him being apprehended if it was ever found out. He would be stripped of his position and would even face punishment.

Compared to this, letting Leylin taking advantage of the situation wasn’t much.

Leylin walked past piles of potions and ingredients that were worth thousands of merit points, looking rather calm.

For him, there were very few items that he coveted.

In addition, what he was in urgent need of were methods to increase his battle power. Hence, a few offensive techniques were of more value to him.

Leylin’s footsteps did not stop until he came to the side of a wooden frame with an intellectual crystal ball on it.

“Research” “Experiments” “Secret techniques”

At the side of the frame, there were all sorts of detailed inscriptions that recorded all sort of intellectual-type information and what they included, making it easier for Leylin to search through.

He came in front of the column that had secret techniques.

“High energy Eagle Eye!” “Dog nose transformation!” “Liver transplantation!” “Fire elemental negative energy layering spell!”

All sorts of secret techniques, with some that even Leylin had not heard of, were displayed before him. He was almost getting dizzy with the sheer amount there was.

“Excuse me! Can you deactivate the defense formation? I want to take a look at the content!”

Though Leylin sounded apologetic, his actions were nothing but that.

“You…” Pierre was speechless but still headed over, fished out a token from his robes and flashed it at the frame.


A milky-white magical light was emitted from the token, and soon after, the spell defense formation around the frame deactivated.

“With my authority, you’ll at most be able to see the first one-third of the contents. Any more than that and the spell formation will start working again, and I have no way to do anything about that…” Pierre spread his hands while he explained.

“That’s enough!” Leylin nodded, taking the information that recorded the way to have eagle’s eyes and sped through it.

On the surface, he was skimming over the crystal ball and trying to find the information he wanted, but in actuality, the A.I. Chip was hard at work in his brain, recording down all the information he read through.

There he only had access to a third of the information, this was already enough for the A.I. Chip. Based on that, it could deduce the rest of the information. It was just a matter of time.

Half an hour later, Leylin had already looked through all the information in the intellectual crystal ball. The A.I. Chip had benefited greatly as well, having recorded down a lot of precious information.

“Give me this projective technique, Dire bear transmutation and bloodline modulation theory!”

Of course, the A.I. Chip was not able to infer all information in its entirety. Behind the clauses that the A.I. Chip came up with, there was a list of ingredients that could not be deduced.

Leylin looked around and, based on his needs, asked for a few more items.

“Not counting the miscellaneous items, the total comes to a thousand merit points! With the discount, it is 600 merit points!”

With this, he was able to save 400 merit points. Even if the team leader Caesar were to come, Leylin estimated that he would at most get a discount of 20%.

However, he had been able to get a 40% discount on any of the items in this treasure house!

“And this, this… that… give me one of all that!”

Leylin very quickly spent the 1500 merit points he had just obtained.

Hours later, Leylin left the area under Pierre’s gaze as if he had met a calamity.

“What a great harvest!” Leylin rubbed his sack that was full to the brim and sighed in contentment.

“If only I could come here once a day!”

Leylin was aware that this was just delusional thought.

If he did this once more, it would backfire on him and result in a huge counter attack from those who had a vested interest in the items. He was so arrogant, and that was only because he had no intentions of sticking around in Four Seasons Garden.

If not, in a light Magi organisation, this would cause public anger. There were plenty of ways to kill him!

“After fishing up all the benefits from the merit points exchange centre, there’s still somewhere else…”

Looking at the vast Eternal River Plains’ secret plane and the steady stream of Magi constantly entering, his lips twitched and he began to give a bright smile.

Days later, tales of Leylin were spread throughout.

“Metal Terminator!” “Greedy Dragon!” These were his newest nicknames.

Metal Terminator referred to his battle achievement of killing off the Metal Lunatic, Marb! It was in this battle that Leylin had openly killed a peak rank 1 Magus, thus setting the foundation for his reputation as a powerhouse.

As for ‘Greedy Dragon’, this referred to the series of ‘robbing’ activities he had done without restraint.

Whether it was at the merit points exchange centre, the defense team, garrison, and even a few Magi divisions and zones, they had all been places he had pillaged and extorted from shamelessly!

To be honest, the greediness of Magi truly exceeded his expectations. In all the areas he had checked on, none were upstanding people.

No matter how well the accounts had been done, with the terrifying abilities of the A.I. Chip, nothing escaped his eye.

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