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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 234: Using the Solvent

Chapter 234: Using the Solvent

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Under the circumstances, each division could do little but pinch their noses in distaste while they did as Leylin wanted. However, his reputation had gone straight to the gutters and had gained him the reputation of ‘least welcomed’ at all divisions.

To be honest, when he had first received news of this, Leylin was a little surprised but found it very amusing.

In the Magus world, strength was to be respected. Reputation wasn’t entirely useless, but it only applied to those within the same ranks of strength.

As long as he continued to improve his strength, after he advanced to become a rank 2 Magus, these people would stick onto him like dogs, wagging their tails and lamenting that they had not let Leylin taking more advantage of them.

“Magus Leylin! Greedy Dragon! Lord Reynold would like to see you tomorrow at 7pm. Please be prepared.”

Caesar expressionlessly announced in front of Leylin and left.

“This is a little earlier than expected. Have I finally angered the heavens?” Leylin laughed without fear.

He did not take his position as the patrolling inspector seriously, and on top of that, he had been doing all sorts of things. It was no surprise that all of the Four Seasons Garden viewed him as an enemy and opposed him.

If he did not make any preparations, he was going to die!

This was definite. After all, Leylin himself was not completely innocent, and investigations would spell his downfall.

In addition, the inheritance from the Great Magus Serholm would definitely attract the attention of rank 2 Magi!

In the Magus World, there were all sorts of spells that could be used to detect lies and test one’s spirit.

The reason the Magi here did not use them was because they were light Magi and did everything in sequence. However, this was wartime! Everything was about power. Furthermore, there were also a lot of mysteries about Leylin.

Currently, if any of these spells were used against him, he wouldn’t even have the chance to explain himself!

Actually, Leylin had long since suspected that the Four Seasons Garden had discovered his activities with the dark Magi. Though he left no proper evidence, there might have still been some traces left behind.

If not, why would he, a high-level potion master who was young, talented, and sure to be held in high regard wherever he went, be assigned to this place to fight?

“But this is enough.”

Leylin’s lips quirked in a slight smile.

He had already been mentally prepared to be found out. After all, Magi had too many unknown methods, and he had no way to guard against everything.

Being able to have up to 2 years and allow his bloodline to transition, as well as being able to accumulate a large amount of resources and knowledge, had Leylin feeling quite satisfied.

“It looks like it’s time to fall out with them!”

Leylin looked apathetic. Theoretically speaking, he was the one who had betrayed the Four Seasons Garden, but this was for his own sake! For benefits! To chase his dreams! He was not going to turn back from this route.

“Alright! I’ll use this!” Leylin turned over to the palm of his hand, revealing a well-preserved test tube in his right palm.

Within the test tube was a grey solvent. It was a type of grey that people would find disgusting, and just a glance at it would cause one to feel dizzy.

“The solvent of the Nefarious Filthbird’s feathers! Tests have been conducted on it. In order to break away from Four Seasons Garden and perhaps even become enemies, it’s necessary to dispel the constraints of the contract witnessed by the Trial’s Eye!”

Leylin stared hard at the test tube in his hand, looking unusually excited.

He snapped his fingers, and in an instant, the room was shrouded in a layer of faint yellow light. Leylin then carefully removed the covering from the mouth of the test tube.

*Tsss!* A grey gas floated out of the test tube, and upon contact with the air, the solvent of the Nefarious Filthbird’s feathers produced innumerable tiny bubbles and began to evaporate violently.

“Ugh!” Leylin pinched his nose tightly. “What a terrifying stench!”

He had taken in just a small breath, yet he was already on the verge of fainting from the smell. It was just too stinky! Even with his vitality of over 20, it was almost unbearable for him.

The Nefarious Filthbird was originally a congelation of all of the filthy things in the world, and its feathers held traces of its filthiness.

In actuality, the solvent made from the feathers did not get its power from the feathers themselves, but from the projection of the Nefarious Filthbird’s strength onto this part of its body!

The ancient Nefarious Filthbird was an existence that was the archenemy of the Trial’s Eye! Not only had their battles affected the Magus World, it also several other large-scale areas.

There were traces of them present everywhere in legends and myths.

“Filth! Chaos! How did these characteristics come about, and how did they work?”

A curiosity that could not be concealed appeared in Leylin’s eyes. Whether it was the chaotic characteristic of the Nefarious Filthbird or the fairness of the Trial’s Eye, they were very much different from the spells in the Magus World. They were more like a type or regulation, which gave Leylin the strongest urge to find out even more.

Magi usually liked to research on all types of strange phenomenon and strengths, as well as to try to find ways to make that power theirs.

In terms of trying to chase after the truth, Magi were similar to the researchers and scientists in Leylin’s previous world.

“It’s a pity that this sort of thing can only be approached by those who are at least Morning Star Magi!”

Whether it was the Trial’s Eye or the Filthy Bird, both could traverse through the entire world and weave through terrifying beings. Their existence surpassed that of normal beings, and they had entered a level that Leylin could not hope to even reach for, much less understand.

The current Leylin wasn’t even an ant to them; he was probably a little smaller than a speck of dust.

Even if he wanted to offer sacrifices and summon them, he would only see an apparition that lacked power. It wasn’t possible to explore and find out more about them.

Even though Leylin was a little disappointed, what he felt was, even more, the kindling of fire and a stronger desire within.

“One day! One day, I’ll reach the peak of the Magus World and make people take note of the other great existences, and chase after the truth and eternity they hold…”


After the volatile grey solvent in the test tube finished its reaction, Leylin’s body was engulfed by grey mist.

This mist was unbearably smelly, causing Leylin to feel suffocated.

The grey mist seemed to have a life of its own as it climbed onto Leylin’s skin as if trying to find ways to enter his body.


Leylin suddenly felt faint, and his expression changed.

*Pak! Pak! Pak!* As if provoked, several apparitions of the Trial’s Eye appeared on his body.

These apparitions were mostly only the size of his thumb, and the biggest was as big as his fist. There were a few mysterious threads connected to it that winded around Leylin.

“The power of regulation?” Leylin extended his right hand, trying to touch those threads.

Unsurprisingly, his hands went straight through the threads as if they were thin air.

“These must be the threads from the contract and regulations! The small Trial’s Eye represents the agreement I had with the old witch, while the largest one is the contract I made that was witnessed by the rank 2 Magus, Reynold!”

The largest Trial’s Eye had the thickest threads and was inseparably close to Leylin’s body.

Some part of him gave him the idea that if he went against the contract, these lines would break, and it would end in a result he did not want to even think about.

*Tssss tssss!*

After witnessing the apparitions of the Trial’s Eye, the fluctuations from the grey mist became more intense. Through an unknown channel, a mysterious piece of information was transmitted to Leylin.

“One feather solvent can only dissolve one contract?” Leylin nodded, and spoke in the ancient Byron language, “I choose this one!” He pointed at the largest Trial’s Eye.

Not only was the ancient Byron language the basis of spellcasting, it even held a mysterious power that allowed all beings with spirits to be able to understand its intended meaning from its words. Hence, it was a language used throughout the Magus world and in other places.

*Chi chi!*

After receiving Leylin’s answer, the grey mist quickly became denser, and the chirps of a bird were sounded in the middle.

The coarse chirps of this bird were was extremely unpleasant to hear, like the bawling of a woman.

Along with the chirps, the grey mist spread out two wings and turned into a faint, large grey bird in the mist.

“Is this the actual body of the ancient Nefarious Filthbird?” Leylin carefully took down the Filthy Bird’s appearance. However, with the hindrance of the mist, besides the bird’s main appearance, nothing else could be clearly made out.

“Judgement!” “Judgement!” “Judgement!” “Judgement!”

At this moment, as if provoked by the Nefarious Filthbird, the Trial’s Eye image on the surface of Leylin’s body began to vibrate.

Small bolts of lightning were produced around the Trial’s Eye, the void crackling around them as sounds of sacrificial hymns sounded out.

The Trial’s Eye in the middle immediately expanded several times, powerful undulations overflowing as it tried to break through the void to borrow a bit of power from its original body.


The giant bird in the grey mist extended its wings, where large amounts of grey-black mist emanated.

Filth! Chaos!

Leylin felt dizzy again and was almost unable to tell where he was.

”Chi Chi!” The grey-black mist and blue electric currents tried to devour each other, and eventually perished together.

However, it was obvious that there was much more mist than blue lightning, and in a few seconds, it was in an advantageous position.

“Chi Chi!”

Under the shroud of mist, the Trial’s Eye shook wildly and even stopped all attempts at contacting its original body.

At this moment, the large bird in the grey mist soared into the air, and like a predator hunting for food swooped down from midair!


With a peck from its grey beak, the apparition of the largest Trial’s Eye was pecked out.

*Ka-cha!* *Ka-cha!* *Ka-cha!* The threads that connected Leylin and the Trial’s Eye were snapped in twain.

As the threads snapped, Leylin felt his body slouch in relief, with even his spirit feeling a sense of freedom, as if a weight had been taken off of his mind.

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