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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 237: Deceit

Chapter 237: Deceit

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Just as Reynold was using the illusionary spell to interrogate Leylin, a mighty energy wave fluctuation came from afar.

This fluctuation was so immense that even the buildings had mildly shook.

“What? A sneak attack?” Reynold stood up abruptly.

A layer of white light which seemed to be a communication device shone on his body in an instant.

“What’s happening?” Reynold asked indifferently.

“It’s the dark Magi! We suffered a sneak attack from the dark Magi! The first and second defense lines have already perished. We’re currently at the third line of defense!”

From the communication device, the image of a fair-skinned burly bloke who had donned a military uniform was projected.

This was the leader of the defense team who was specially assigned to defend all of Four Seasons Garden. The expression on his face was wrought with fright and worry. It seemed that the dark Magi had placed him under great pressure!

A simple and tiny issue.

“I will mobilise the fighting and hunting teams to your area as soon as possible, you…” Reynold replied to the communicative device.

Suddenly, his face darkened.

Through the projection of the communication device, he could see a gigantic black hand land from the skies and mash the burly bloke between its fingers.

“Ah…” The burly, fair-skinned bloke cried out miserably as he produced large amounts of milky white flames.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

A large number of miserable looking faces appeared on the gigantic black hand, their mouths opening wide as they swallowed the milky white flames.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

The bone-chilling sounds of gnawing sounds were heard. After swallowing the white flames, they actually began to gnaw at the burly, fair-skinned man’s body.


In midair, solidified silver spiritual force appeared and formed a human face.

“Reynold, my old friend! Why aren’t you coming to greet me?”

The face sneered.

Immediately after, the huge black hand swept the area and made a mess of the Four Seasons Garden’s defensive line. Under the tyrannical abuse of a rank 2 Magus, the ordinary rank 1 Magi were as insignificant as ants.

*Pak!* The armrest of Reynold’s vined chair was kneaded until it broke.

*Shua!* In a flash, he turned into a green figure and rushed out.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

After he left, his vined chair squirmed and constantly twisted, gradually turning into something that resembled a human. It stood by Leylin who was still unconscious as if keeping guard.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Huge undulations from the magic that were even more immense than before travelled over. This was an intense fight between two rank 2 Magi.

As they fought, they moved further and further away as if deliberately trying to avoid this area.

In Reynold’s office.

All of a sudden, Leylin who had been unconscious, suddenly opened his eyes.

At that instant, his eyes turned amber.

Innate spell formation—Eye of Petrification!

The vined human that had been keeping watch over him immediately turned into a grey stone statue.

After his second bloodline transition, this spell and Kemoyin’s Scales had evolved.

Leylin surveyed the area and stretched lazily, fixing the Ring of Sobriety that was on the round table back onto his finger.

“Though the process was a little unexpected, nothing bad happened.”

Leylin’s eyes were very clear. Where were the traces of him being caught in a hallucination?

Previously, Reynold had used a few ingredients and set up a trap, which had indeed cause him to fall into a hallucination.

But that was just for a moment. The power of the bloodline of the ancient being, the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, was flowing in his veins and devouring all external substances!

His vitality of over 25 degrees had made it easier for him to quickly come back to his senses.

At that time, Leylin had beat Reynold at his own game and pretended he was still in a daze, thus lowering Reynold’s guard.

With the help of the A.I. Chip, his breathing, his body’s situation, and waves of his spiritual energy had been feigned spectacularly, which even deceived Reynold.

All that nonsense about the Branded Swordsmen was obviously just that—lies. With the adjustments made by the A.I. Chip, making up runes was a simple matter.

Only now did Leylin have the time to really look at the rank 2 Magus Reynold’s office.

Based on his interests, the office was made of plants. The bookcase and window, as well as the tables, chairs, and even a few strange books were all made of plants.

The entire setup was very clever and wasn’t very big, giving off a cosy and tiny feeling.

“Where is the place at which I need to place the spell design for it to activate?” Leylin mumbled to himself, producing a scarlet crystal from his pocket.

The crystal now was emitting a bright red and was boiling hot.

“Is this… some sensing technique?

Leylin touched his chin, using the crystal to discern the direction in which he should be moving.

He eventually found out that when he pointed the crystal at Reynold’s desk, it would emit the brightest light and be the hottest, to the point that he felt his hand was being burnt.

Following the crystal, he came before Reynold’s desk.

This was a large green table with rings on it that indicated the age of a tree.

*Weng Weng!*

At this moment, the crystal in Leylin’s hand exploded in a ring of light and mysteriously hovered in the air.

“This is… a spell formation that is triggered automatically!” Leylin’s eyes widened, and he pointed his right hand at the crystal, causing tendrils of black gas to crawl onto it like snakes.


Under the shine of the scarlet crystal, the dark green desk suddenly shook, and most of the papers, quill, ink and various items on top of it rolled off of the surface.

The surface kept squirming, and the various types of plants making up the table began to grow and extend.

*Pak!* The green desk was split into two, and under these two parts, numerous plants grew and acted like little feet which scurried away.

In the place where the desk had been, there was now a huge pit.

In the heart of the pit was a huge sealing spell formation that was shining with all sorts of runes that were floating around.

On the surface of the spell formation, there were a few gaps. After making some comparisons, Leylin figured that the spot right at the middle could fit the red crystal.

“Classified information like this actually got out, and there was even a spell design specially made for this…” Leylin mumbled to himself.

All of a sudden, something strange happened!

The scarlet crystal that had been hovering in midair suddenly burst out into blood red flames, zooming like a fire arrow towards the part of the formation that was caved in.

In the crystal, there was a requirement that required it to make contact with the spell formation before it was activated.

Combined with Giant’s obvious attempts at hiding the truth, Leylin could easily tell that it wouldn’t be good if the crystal activated.

However, there was no sense of flustering on his expression. Rather, there was a profound look on his face.

“I’ve been waiting for this!” He reached forward with his right hand!

“Snake Binding!”

The little black snakes that had been crawling on the crystal immediately began to squirm and turned into a huge snake ball, securing the red crystal within.

Black gas pervaded the area, on the verge of concealing the red light the crystal was emitting.

*Weng Weng!*

The red crystal constantly expanded, and Leylin seemed to hear a sound of unwillingness from within.

“As expected, there’s even a backup plan! It’s a pity…”

Leylin rapidly chanted incantations and sprinkled some light blue powder into the air.

“Freezing River!” As he finished the last syllable of the incantation, a light blue light surrounded the snake ball.

*Tssss!* White threads of mist were produced, and on the surface of the snake ball, the white mist condensed and turned into a layer of thin ice.

The amount of ice became greater and greater, until, at the end, a thick layer of ice had been formed around the snake ball. The entire snake ball seemed like it had turned into a huge ball of ice.

The red rays of light that the crystal had been producing was now completely contained within.

As if it had lost its detection abilities, the large spell formation in the pit ceased its rumbling, and all sorts of runes ceased to move on the surface of the formation.

*Shua! Shua! Shua!*

Three large ice pillars were like pylons, or perhaps chains, as they connected with the blue ball of ice.

“Hn! The power of this sealing spell formation is not half bad!” Leylin nodded in satisfaction.

This sealing spell formation was something he had gained from blackmailing Pierre at the Four Seasons Garden. It was definitely something worth being kept safely in the warehouse as it was quite effective. It looked like Pierre had not given him inferior items to go against him.

Leylin then shifted his attention to the spell formation that was caved in in the middle.

“A.I. Chip! Compare the runes on the spell design!”

A blue ray of light brightened in his eyes and shone straight at the spell formation.

A huge amount of data flashed past Leylin’s eyes.

Countless runes and designs were currently being compared.

The red crystal from before was merely a key. The runes used on it were strange, and Leylin previously had no way to tell its function from the runes.

But now, both the key and the keyhole were here. Hence, he was able to make comparisons between the runes on both ends and tell the rough functions of the spell formation and crystal.

Seconds later, the A.I. Chip’s conclusion appeared before Leylin.

“The part that’s caved in is a sealing formation, and the crystal’s function is to detonate?”

A cold look emerged on his face as Leylin read through the first two lines. “Very good, Giant! Just you wait!”

The A.I. Chip’s robotic voice continued to intone.

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