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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 239: Blood Rogue’s Appearance

Chapter 239: Blood Rogue’s Appearance

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“Magus Leylin! In my authority as the vice team leader of the defense squad, you will temporarily be expropriated! Those darned dark Magi bastards are plundering our headquarters and killing our family and friends. I need you! Let us go and resist the enemy!”

Dolorin looked as if he was in a frenzy and was burning with rage. It looked like he was truly loyal to Four Seasons Garden.

As a large light Magi organisation, Four Seasons Garden had a very strong sense of unity.

Hence, even under such circumstances, many official Magi, and even acolytes, were willing to risk their lives and fight.

“My apologies, but I won’t do it!” Leylin unenthusiastically spoke.

“What did you say?” Dolorin became wide-eyed, unwilling to believe what he was hearing.

“I said I won’t! I am now the patrolling inspector at the headquarters! Just my position alone means that I have the same level of authority as that dead team leader of yours. Even he didn’t have the power to command me to do anything, much less you.”

Leylin squinted, causing Dolorin to seethe with rage.

“You… you dare…” Dolorin gestured at Leylin, his finger trembling.

Though his lips twitched, he did not say a word. Leylin’s reason could not be refuted, and with his current position, he did not have the authority to order Leylin, who held a higher position, to do anything.

“Well then, Lord Leylin! Where are you going?”

Dolorin suddenly asked with his fists tightly clenched and his eyes fixed on Leylin.

“Are you trying to mind my business?” Leylin’s spoke in a low register as he looked at this burly man.

“Of course not! It’s just that an envoy just came down from the headquarters and is standing guard at Experiment Zone 3. I think you might want to see him?” Dolorin lowered his head, though his words showed he had no intents of backing down.

“An envoy from the headquarters?” Leylin furrowed his brows. This was a key position and represented the will of the entire Four Seasons Garden. This person obviously had a position that was much higher than his temporary role as a patrolling inspector.

“Why wasn’t I informed of this? Who is it?” Leylin asked on.

“It’s Lord Reynold’s personal disciple, Lord Wade!” The name that came out of Dolorin’s mouth was unexpected, but at the same time logical.

“So it’s him! No wonder!” Leylin nodded.

Wade was a Magus who had been raised in Four Seasons Garden, from when he had been a regular human till he became an acolyte and then further became a Magus. His entire being had a close connection to Four Seasons Garden, and he was definitely loyal.

On top of that, the person in charge here was Reynold, who was also his teacher. In terms of communication and connections, he had a natural advantage.

“It’s going to be troublesome to have an envoy come down at this time…” Leylin’s heart lurched.

Immediately after, Dolorin stared straight at Leylin. “My lord, think about it…”

“Since it’s an envoy from the headquarters and the situation is somewhat dire now, I’ll have to meet him!” Leylin said indifferently.

Surveying the area, he noted that the dark and light Magi were immersed in battle and nobody had the time to pay any attention to him.

Also, they were in a corner and there was little chance of them being seen from afar.

After having noted this situation, the expression on Leylin’s face became calmer as he tucked his hands into his sleeves.

“That’s good… Ah…”

What appeared on Dolorin’s face was glee, followed by a complicated glint in his eyes, as if some sort of evil plan was brewing in his mind. However, all of this was immediately destroyed by a pair of flaming, crimson palms.

These crimson palms had blood red flames that went through Dolorin’s innate defense spell formation like paper and pierced right into his chest.

A flash of disbelief passed Dolorin’s face before he turned into a pile of ashes under the blood-red flames.

Leylin calmly retracted his hands. He was now the number one being who was second only to rank 2 Magi. Dolorin was a rank 1 Magus who was not even at the peak yet. Leylin had gone all out and mounted a sneak attack, and hence Dolorin had been killed in a single attack.

From within the ashes, a hint of grey light rose and turned into a grey skull that pounced towards Leylin.

“Oh! A secret imprint? I never expected Dolorin to have something like this!”

Blood red glints flashed by his eyes and two crimson rays shot out of his pupils which landed on the imprint in a straight line.

*Sssii!* Large amounts of white mist rose, and under the crimson rays, the skull imprint dispersed. It turned into little grey spots that disappeared into the air.

This was the same type of imprint that Bosain and Torash, who had both been killed by Leylin, possessed. This was an imprint that Magi used to mark those they wanted to take revenge on.

When Leylin was still an acolyte, it was exceedingly difficult to remove this type of imprint the moment he made contact with it. It was also easy for Magi to track, which was why he had used the most direct and simplest way to kill those two acolytes.

But this was now different! Leylin had advanced to a peak rank 1 Magus! The imprint of a regular Magus could easily be removed with a little spiritual force.

He was only fearful of the secret imprint that rank 2 Magi personally set up. A rank 1 Magus imprints was not a worry to him.

“Shadow Clone!” After doing all this, Leylin was still not content and pointed at the pile of bone and ashes.

A black shadow clone crawled out from the shadows and entered the ashes.

The shadow clone that was now mixed with the ashes extended, grew bigger, and became another man who was similar to Dolorin.

Their faces and attire were practically the same, though the shadow clone’s skin was black. It was weird and rather terrifying.

“Shapeshifting spell!” With a stretch of his hand, milky white light converged in his palm and shot to the clone’s body.

Under the effects of the shapeshifting spell, the clone’s skin instantly turned fair, and even gave some colour to its face. It looked just like Dolorin.

“Go! Show your face to the Magi in Four Seasons Garden, and then find an opportune time to die in battle!” Leylin instructed.

The shadow clone which had turned into Dolorin bowed towards Leylin and dashed off quickly.

“Trying to make me cannon fodder by getting me to see the leader at this time?”

Leylin glanced at the ground, where Dolorin had once been, a tranquil expression about his face.

“Whether it’s killing dark or light Magi, none of this has any meaning. The real treasure is waiting for me! Time is running out and I don’t have time to play around with you.”

Leylin’s original intention was to take advantage of the chaos and seize some benefits, but Dolorin had schemed for Leylin to meet the envoy from the headquarters hence Leylin had no choice but oblige.

This was the complete opposite of Leylin’s intentions. Hence, Dolorin must die!

“It’s about time for Blood Rogue to appear!”

Leylin murmured to himself, rays of light appearing in his right arm and turning into a crimson mask. His robes also underwent some changes and turned into a shade of crimson, a stark contrast to the original white, and looked as if it had been stained by fresh blood.

His aura also changed, reeking of bloodlust and evil.

Just looking at him was enough to cause official Magi to break out in cold sweat.

Leylin’s other identity in Thousand Meddling Hands, Blood Rogue, now made its appearance!

After having transformed into Blood Rogue, Leylin identified a direction and rushed in the direction of the Merit Point Exchange Hall.

One would be an idiot not to seize benefits when possible!

The battle at the Merit Point Exchange Hall was also the most intense, with various spells and energies flying all over the place.

Within the rubble, Magi of the defense squad in the white robes of Four Seasons Garden and Magi in the black robes of Thousand Meddling Hands were now tangled together.

All sorts of pieces and fragments of resources were strewn all over the ground. There was even an intellectual crystal ball that had been discarded in a corner within the rubble.


From the corner of his eyes, Leylin discovered a few hidden black figures who emitted energy waves that belonged to acolytes! They must be incredibly reckless to even think of participating in a battle between Magi.

These figures lay in wait at the sidelines of the battle, their greedy little eyes fixated on the items strewn all over the ground.

Even if they were to pay their life for this, there was no guarantee that they would be able to obtain these items in their lifetime. Taking advantage of the chaotic situation, a few of the more daring acolytes actually began to have designs on these items.

*Rumble!* An icy blue ray of light dispersed, and the remaining waves of energy hit one of the acolytes present.

This acolyte didn’t even have the chance to make a sound before he turned into an ice statue amidst the blue light.

Such a miserable scene scared away a large number of acolytes.

There were, however, a few lucky acolytes who successfully left the battlefield after retrieving some resources and ingredients.

Though the official Magi present had discovered their presence, they couldn’t be bothered with these existences that were as unremarkable as ants.

Making use of the Magi’s reasoning, these acolytes betted their lives and struggled towards this hint of an opportunity! They did this despite knowing that if any official Magus found them an eyesore, they would immediately lose their lives!

Leylin suddenly reflected upon this and realised that a Magus’ path was full of blood and cruelty.

He strode forth at a measured pace and entered the heart of the battle.

“It’s Lord Blood Rogue!” “Lord Blood Rogue is here!” The Thousand Meddling Hands’ Magi present immediately gasped.

Amidst them was a huge black rodent-like Magus who quickly got rid of its opponent and bowed before Leylin.

“It’s actually Lord Blood Rogue! It’s been a long time!”

The huge rodent now had green eyes that were the size of longan fruits and looked ready to bootlick any given moment.

Ever since Leylin had displayed his exceptional battle strength in previous fights, combined with Bald Venom’s disappearance without a trace, this large rodent had analysed the situation well and apologised to Leylin. It had also sent a large number of precious items.

From then on, it would eagerly approach Leylin and greet him, acting just like his servant.

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