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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 244: Assassination

Chapter 244: Assassination

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A spectacled female Magus, who seemed like a secretary, and was holding a thick notebook and quill pen, followed behind Wade.

Only at this point did she seem to remember something.

This suggestion obviously gave Wade an idea. He glanced at the members of the team he had brought from the Four Seasons Garden, took a look at Reynold’s office, and eventually rejected the proposal, though he looked as if he was struggling with the idea.

“I can’t do that! The things here are more important! Even if it were Mentor Reynold, he would choose to defend this area as well!”

Wade gazed out of the window. Through the fixed spying channel, he could see that the Four Seasons Garden was already engulfed in a sea of fire, within which countless dark Magi in black robes were plundering as they liked.

“Damn it! The leader of the defense squad died in battle, vice team leader Dolorin is nowhere to be found, and the leaders of the hunting and battle teams are busy. If not, I would be able to assign a few of our Magi to give support there…”

“My lord, don’t worry. Lord Pierre, who’s in charge of the merit points exchange centre, is also a peak rank 1 Magus. Blood Rogue won’t be able to pass through so easily…”

Beside Wade, that secretary with an hourglass figure adjusted her glasses, trying to console him.

“It’s too late. Pierre has already died in battle! Our warehouse is going to fall into the hands of those wretched dark Magi!”

Wade slammed his fist onto Reynold’s desk, leaving behind a deep imprint of a fist.

“Teacher! How great would it be if you were here…” All of a sudden, weak thoughts began appearing in Wade’s mind.

Shortly after, he couldn’t help but laugh at his moment of weakness. However, his hands were still trembling within the sleeves of his robes. Due to their superior spiritual force and senses, compared to the regular man, Magi’s premonitions were quite accurate. Though they seldom appeared, it was a real possibility that such premonitions would actually come to pass.

“What? Pierre died in battle? How can that be? He’s a peak rank 1 Magus! Could it be that there’s another rank 2 dark Magus fighting here?”

The surrounding Magi became restless at the thought. Peak rank 1 Magi were, in normal circumstances, the most powerful beings in the south coast. In a situation where rank 2 Magus did not appear, they were the rulers, goals, and idols of most Magi.

However, what they had thought to have been a sturdy mountain they could count on had collapsed, leaving the Magi present in shock.

“No! Calm down, everyone!” The moment the words left his mouth, Wade realised that he had misspoken, and quickly tried to steer the conversation away.

“Though the dark Magi have a very aggressive approach this time, thus leading to a huge loss in our members and resources, please believe in the Four Seasons Garden. Believe in the elders, and believe in my mentor, the rank 2 Magus, Lord Reynold.”

“Just hang on for fifteen more minutes! The Lightning Fury from the light Magi alliance will arrive, and once that happens, we’ll make the dark Magi who killed our friends and family pay the price!”

Each word was dripping with blood, arousing feelings of hatred from the Magi present. Faced with a common enemy, the Magi calmed down.

Upon seeing that the situation had stabilised, Wade could only sigh.

The light Magi of the Four Seasons Garden were similar to a few scientific researchers that Leylin had known. For them, their main work was to experiment, not to kill, and when they engaged with dark Magi, these official Magi performed very poorly.

Besides the few small teams that were in charge of battling and defending, most of the other light Magi who were in charge of exploring the secret plane and taking care of the plants had died.

At this thought, Wade glanced at the teams from the Four Seasons Garden who were clad in crimson armour.

They looked extremely calm, not even revealing the slightest change in expression even after hearing the news of Pierre dying in battle, and of all of their resource warehouses being taken over by the enemy. They were still loyally going about their duties.

“Fortunately, the Four Seasons Garden still has a trump card! With the members of the Four Seasons Corps here, at the very least, the core of the gate to the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane will be safe!”

Wade consoled himself.

As long as the core body of consciousness was in their hands, the light Magi of the Four Seasons Garden would still be in control of the gate to the secret plane. In that case, even if they suffered a devastating loss, all could eventually be regained.

It was with this in mind that after seeing the formidable attack by the dark Magi in Experiment Zone 3, Wade had chosen to pull back his forces and relocate all his men to this place. Everything was in preparation to defend the core body of consciousness to the death.

This type of core body of consciousness could only exist within the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane. It could not be too far away from the platinum gate, and it was for this reason that a few light Magi organisations were stationed nearby to protect it, rather than simply bringing it back to the headquarters for safekeeping.



All of a sudden, the crisp sound of bones breaking was heard twice.

Two Magi fell, shock still apparent on their faces, while they still had their eyes on the comrades that they had fought alongside.

“Matt, Ernie! What are you doing?”

The surrounding Magi quickly retreated, fearfully roaring at the two Magi whose hands were dripping with blood.

*Shua shua shua!* What was even faster was Four Season’s Corps, who were in the blood-red armour. They turned into a few red streaks and encircled these two Magi.

“Hehe! Every time I see you pitiful light Magi, I immediately connect you guys to meek little lambs crushed in a lion’s mouth.”

Amidst the sneers and taunting, the bodies of the two light Magi underwent a very bizarre change.

Pieces of skin floated to the ground like leaves, revealing two foreign figures. One of them was bald, spare a few pitiful strands of hair at the top of his head, while the other was short and obese, with incisors that were unique to mice.

These two supposed light Magi were actually impersonators!

“It’s them! Thousand Faces and Shadow! They’re rank 5A fugitives, and are on the wanted list! Be extremely careful; it’s said that they are experts in shapeshifting, and can disguise themselves to resemble multiple different Magi within seconds, and without being caught.” Out of all the light Magi present, someone recognised the two dark Magi.

Of course, the real Matt and Ernie had long since been killed. As for when this had happened, none of the light Magi had any clue at all.

“Hehe! The trump card of the Four Seasons Garden, the Four Seasons Corps? I’ve long since heard of this name!” Even while surrounded, the bald Thousand Faces did not seem nervous at all. His tiny eyes calmly scanned the area, and then snickered, “What a pity! I don’t seem to see anyone particularly exceptional within your group.”

In response to such taunts, the members of the Four Seasons Corps gave a single answer.


The armour on their body vibrated, blood-red thorny runes seeming to come to life as they shot into the air, forming thistle-like apparitions.

The innumerable apparitions merged together and formed a dense cage, trapping Thousand Faces and Shadow within it.

“Haha… The only thing you have worth showing off is this thorny cage…”

Thousand Faces couldn’t stop laughing, but from the fine beads of sweat on his forehead, it was evident that he was not as relaxed as he tried to present himself.

“Shadow, are you done yet? The members of the Four Seasons Corps aren’t so easily fooled. With just a slight misstep, you and might even die here.”

Thousand Faces silently transmitted a message to Shadow.

“Soon! I’m almost there. I need silence!” Shadow’s answer revealed that his throat was parched, and an obvious sense of urgency.

“Alright. If not for the generous rewards that the organisation is giving us, I wouldn’t do this sort of thing even if my life was threatened!” Shadow finally spoke.


The huge, dull, red thorny cage kept compressing and shrinking the area within, and countless little thorns appeared, which, like bees, headed straight for the two dark Magi within.

*Bzz bzz! Tzz tzz!*

The tiny thistle thorns were like flying needles as they relentlessly pricked into the bodies of the two dark Magi, producing spots of fresh crimson blood.

Strangely enough, their expressions were unchanged, as if their bodies were not their own.

“Be careful!” One of the members of the Four Seasons Corps warned, and the cage that was full of barbed thistles made contact with the two dark Magi within.

*Woo woo!*

At that instant, the surface of the two Magi’s bodies turned black, and a ring of fine red tassels exploded out of the duo’s bodies.

“This…” Wade was slightly suspicious about this, and he seemed to remember something, quickly yelling, “Get out of the way!”

However, it was much too late. The two charred bodies smirked, extending their arms.


The tremendous sound waves from the explosion engulfed the office and were followed by a huge amount of black smoke.

In the ensuing waves from the explosion, all of Reynold’s furniture and documents turned into dust, and what had originally been his work desk was sliced in two, revealing the sealing spell formation underneath it.

“Clones and a high-energy bomb!”

Seeing the office that was in complete disarray, as well as the many Magi who had fallen, Wade grit his teeth.

“My Lord, are you alright?” The frightened female secretary Magus hastily ran over.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine…” Wade waved his hands.

After that, an odd expression appeared on his face, and his robes began to float.

The plants that had originally been mere decorations seemed to come to life, turning into vines that grabbed hold of the female Magus in front of him.

“You… My Lord! What are you doing?”

The female secretary had been held in such a position that her legs were spread wide apart, presenting a humiliating pose in front of Wade. She still held traces of embarrassment and confusion in her eyes.

“Thousand Faces! Don’t try to swindle me! This female Magus was on my bed just last night; I’m a lot more knowledgeable about her body than you will ever be!” Wade retreated several steps, coldly viewing the female secretary Magus caught in the vine.

“Hehe! I guess I was found out…”

A maniacal smile appeared on the secretary’s face, followed by a fluctuation that revealed a bald head.

“It’s a pity that you forgot about me!”

The yellow floorboard under Wade’s feet suddenly flipped over, and a dagger that was flashing with silvery-white light stabbed towards his abdomen!

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