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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 245: A Blink Of An Eye

Chapter 245: A Blink Of An Eye

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This silver dagger was obviously a magic artifact; it even had a menacing, silvery glint on its blade.

Wade’s innate defense spell immediately materialised into an armour of vines to protect him, but he was still pierced through by the silver white dagger.

As much as Wade was not resigned to his fate, he crashed to the ground, dyeing the area in a pool of red.

The brown yellow boards contorted, finally turning into the shape of a black figure.

“You guys had only noticed the changes that I, Thousand Faces, had made, but you forgot that the darkness can turn into a shadow and attach itself to any object…”

Wade was severely injured, and did not have much spiritual force or magic power left, so naturally, the vines that bound Thousand Faces had now slackened.

Thousand Faces massaged his wrist as he smirked.


Suddenly, a flashing arc of red light pierced through his neck, causing blood to spurt out from his throat.

“It’s a pity that you have also underestimated us from the Four Seasons Garden!”

*Pu!* A member of the Four Seasons Corps, who seemed to be a team leader, retrieved his blood-red sword and pointed it at the location where the shadow was.

With another flash of red light, the thorny prison appeared once more, encircling Wade.

Not only could the prison of thorns be used to ensnare and kill enemies, it was also used as a form of a barrier for allies.

“Protect the Lord! Leave him to me!” This team leader exclaimed.

Shortly after, four long, blood-red shadows pierced the skies, appearing outside the prison of thorns.

“Thousand Faces died just like that!” Shadow looked around in disbelief.

In accordance with the current mess in the office, many Magi had lost their ability to move after that high-energy bomb. However, with the protection of their blood-red armour and innate spells, the members of the Four Seasons Corps did not receive serious injuries. They had already moved and completely blocked Shadow’s escape route.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Shadow constantly surveyed his surroundings and roared with rage. “Despicable! I was deceived! What happened to the support that the organisation promised me? Where is it?”

Based on this situation, it seemed that Thousand Meddling Hands had issued them missions, but hidden a lot of important information. They had probably also promised some false rewards.

“Hmph! They are truly dark Magi! When it comes to this sort of situation, they’ll only care about themselves!”

The leader of the Four Seasons Corps snorted and then pointed at the place with the seal. “Team 2 is to guard that area. Do not let anyone get in there!”

A small group from the Four Seasons Corps immediately dashed to the seal spell formation, and a red circle of light brightened again.

The leader waved his blood-red longsword, aiming it at Shadow.

“You make me angry! In the fifty years that I’ve been carrying out missions, it’s the first time that my target has been hurt! Are you ready to pay the price?”

Energy particles constantly shimmered around his body as a formidable spiritual force emitting from his body and engulfing Shadow.

His gaze was especially sharp as if he was staring at prey that he had settled on, which caused Shadow to shudder in fear.

“Wait, wait… We can discuss this. I know a lot of information about the Thousand Meddling Hands. We can work together…”

Shadow yelled out insincere words that attracted attention, a layer of magic that was so thin it was almost invisible flickering under his feet.


His body transformed into a black streak, basically surpassing the limits of what the naked eye could see. In an instant, he charged out of the circle of the Four Seasons Corps Magi that had trapped him within.

Shadow flickered a few times and separated into a few similar-looking black shadows that dashed in various directions.

*Ka ka!*

In response to this, the team leader merely laughed condescendingly and fiercely stabbed his blood-red longsword into a wooden floorboard in front of him.

Ripples that were like ocean waves extended throughout the area.

A brown “human figure” sprung out of the ripples.

*Rumble!* The leader quickly came before Shadow, his blood-red longsword slashing across and forming a bright arc.

*Ka-cha!* The transparent armour and pendant at Shadow’s chest shattered just like that. The longsword then ruthlessly sliced into his chest, spilling fresh blood everywhere.

*Pak!* Shadow fell heavily, and the leader of the Four Seasons Corps approached. With his right foot, which was clad in a metal shoe, he stepped on Shadow’s chest. “Run! Why are you running?”

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

Tiny, and yet piercing, sounds of bones breaking was heard from Shadow’s chest.

Large amounts of foam and blood spilled out of the corner of Shadow’s mouth as if he wanted to say something.

That round of intense battle had happened so quickly. In almost ten or so seconds, all of this had happened, and the Magi who had fallen were unable to react at all.

At this point, the faint black mist had yet to completely disperse.

“Hm? Wait, no!” The leader who was stepping on the chest of Shadow suddenly turned, his expression changing to one of alarm and anger.

Then, he simply gave up on Shadow and rushed to the front of the seal spell formation.

“Blood Restraint!” The leader’s large hands grabbed forward into the air! Shortly after, a light green human figure was snatched out of thin air.

This figure was very slender and small. It was like a child, with green mist surrounding it.

“Hehe, what keen senses! It seems you’re just one step away from becoming a peak rank 1 Magus!”

The person shrouded in green praised with a little boy’s voice.

*Pak! Pak! Pak!*

A bunch of crystal balls that shimmered with light were thrown out.

*Crash! Crash! Crash!* Intense explosions sounded in front of the leader one after another, the immense shockwaves causing him to retreat.

Green mist gathered and turned into a sticky fluid, adhering to the leader’s body like superglue.

“Damn it, be careful! Their target has always been the sealing spell formation!” This leader had been caught by the sticky fluid and could only shout.

“Hehe, it’s too late!”

The little boy within the mist transformed into an apparition, which the red thorny spell formation had no effect on.

He dashed into the interior of the thorny spell formation, large amounts of green mist emitting from his body.

*Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! The four members of the Four Seasons Corps in charge of defense fell to the ground, green mushrooms and spots growing on their faces.

“What a bunch of idiots, this leaves me no choice but to take action myself!”

While speaking, his movements were quick, and he took out a red crystal that was the exact same as the one that Leylin had, pressing it down towards the heart of the spell formation!

This was a self-destructing spell design that completely matched with the spell formation. The moment it was activated, the whole spell formation would destroy itself, along with the body of consciousness that it was attached to.

The moment the core body of consciousness self-destructed, the platinum gate which was the entrance to the secret plane would collapse.

The situation had become extremely dire!

The boy’s eyes were glinting with excitement. He could already envision the destruction of the entrance to the secret plane, and the image of the light Magi’s flustered and exasperated expressions.


At this moment, a hand that was like white jade emerged from the air and grabbed the little boy’s hand, black fog forming a python that crushed the red crystal into powder!

Leylin dispelled Shadow Stealth and quickly grabbed the boy.

The moment his hand touched the little boy, Leylin’s palm burst out into crimson flames, burning the green fog till it disappeared, and revealing a Magus who looked like a young boy.

“You…” He pointed at Leylin, preparing to say something in his anger.

But why would Leylin give him the chance to do that? Several blood-red snakes quickly wriggled into the boy’s orifices, thus sealing his sea of consciousness and ability to move.

Leylin was still disguising himself as Blood Rogue. All that the other Magi saw was someone in a crimson robe, emitting an evil aura as he appeared out of nowhere and quickly took care of the boy.

After plundering the merit points exchange centre, Leylin had returned to the nearby Reynold’s office and, had been lying in wait there.

After waiting till Wade and the sneaky Thousand Faces came, Leylin had an idea and used Shadow Stealth. Like a python lying in wait for an ambush, he patiently waited for his prey to come knocking.

After seeing Thousand Faces killed, Shadow severely injured, and the Four Seasons Corps’ attention diverted away, the little boy could no longer wait, and took a chance and acted.

Leylin had made use of the ecstasy and astonishment that the boy had felt while he was on the verge of succeeding, and struck out.

This method of using opportunities in battle could be said to be classic. If not for the A.I. Chip’s help in simulations of the operation, Leylin would not have been able to take the boy down so easily.

“I didn’t expect you to be hidden this well!” Leylin held on to the back of the little boy’s collar, holding the frail and small body with his hand as if he were holding luggage.

As Leylin had sealed the little boy’s mouth, he was still unable to speak, and could only glare harshly at Leylin, as if he were wishing that he could hack him to pieces.

This boy was evidently the member of the Thousand Meddling Hands that had threatened Leylin while he was on the way to the Four Seasons Garden.

At that time, he was not even a semi-converted Magus and had almost killed off Leylin, as well as causing him to lose a magic artifact.

But now… Leylin sized up the little boy. From the energy waves emitting from his body, in that short period of time, the boy had not only passed through the bottleneck of being a semi-converted Magus but had advanced until he was just one step away from becoming a peak rank 1 Magus!

This rate of improvement was something that made even Leylin, who had the help of the A.I. Chip, gasp in awe.

“Blood Rogue! It’s Thousand Meddling Hands’ Blood Rogue! Why did he stop his own comrade?”

The leader of Four Seasons Corps was rinsing himself with milky-white holy water, finally washing all the disgusting green fluid away.

With confusion in his eyes, he approached and resolutely stood before Leylin, thus blocking his way.

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