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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 246: Falling Out

Chapter 246: Falling Out

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“It’s Blood Rogue from the Thousand Meddling Hands! The S ranked fugitive from Nightless City! Though I have no clue why you’re helping us, I still want to thank you!”

The leader of the Four Seasons Corps bowed, and then slashed his crimson longsword at Leylin.

“I’ve thanked you as I should have. Now, leave the prisoners in your possession behind! In return, I will let you go…”

Seeing the leader acting this righteous, Leylin was slightly confused. “Are you stupid? Do you think I’m so easily bullied?”

He guessed that this leader was rather egoistic, though it might have had to do with Leylin concealing his strength. Most people only knew that Blood Rogue was a semi-converted Magus, and were still unaware that he had advanced to a peak rank 1 Magus.

At times like this, incorrect information could cost lives!

“Well then, I apologise!” The leader spoke unenthusiastically, a huge wave of apparitions of sharp swords appearing from the longsword. Like a waterfall, they charged towards Leylin.

“Move! 2nd spell formation!” The leader shouted as he attacked.

With his yell, the Magi of the Four Seasons Corps seemed to have received some order, and other than the four Magi protecting Wade, the other members rushed him.

*Tss tss!* Thorny plants constantly grew from their crimson armour.

The vines that appeared from the armour seemed to have self-awareness, grouping together, and forming a green giant that was about five metres tall.

This green giant formed from plants was full of thorns, and sinister black lines filled its body. At the area where its eyes were meant to be, there were two strange purple flowers.

“Awooooo!” The green giant snarled, opening its large hand and grabbing towards Leylin.

“Is their ignorance to the truth causing them to be so fearless?”

Leylin glanced at the leader of the Four Seasons Corps with a pitying look. Next, a black ring emerged from under his feet, climbing up his robes and seemingly draping black armour on his body.

*Cling clang! Cling clang!*

Afterimages of red swords struck the black armour, sparks flying everywhere as they produced the immense sounds of a metal sword and armour crashing against each other.

The apparitions of the crimson sword kept falling apart, but the layer of black armour on Leylin’s body became increasingly thick, to the point that it began to produce multiple black tendrils.

“This is bad! That level of strength…” The leader’s eyes widened and he immediately thought to warn his subordinates, but it was much too late.

*Whoosh!* Before the green giant’s massive thorny palm had reached its destination, the surrounding air fluctuated and a powerful air stream was generated, blowing so hard that the furniture in the office was strewn apart.

“You don’t know when to stop!” While facing this green giant’s huge palm, Leylin raised his right hand clad in a black gauntlet, and gently gestured downwards.

From an outsider’s point of view, the situation right now was not the least bit balanced. Leylin was like a child in front of the giant, and yet he had raised his slender arm to meet the giant’s palm.

However, the green giant seemed to feel extremely threatened and kept roaring, the green rays of light in its hand constantly flickering as its speed increased by three times.


Finally, Leylin’s little fist met with the giant’s fist that was the size of a water jar, a wave of immense vibrations spreading out in all directions.

The surrounding air seemed to distort, and then all went back to normal.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

One after another, the thorns broke off of and fell from the large hand. This disintegration quickly reached the entire arm, and eventually the large body of the giant.

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Thick plant roots and vines slid off the body of the giant, black cracks constantly extending until it was on the verge of tearing the body of the giant apart!

*Bang!* Finally, after a rumbling loud noise, the green giant’s body was broken down into tiny pieces that flew in all directions.

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

The massive shockwave created extended miraculously to the bodies of the Four Seasons Corps’ members that were surrounding Leylin.

The crimson armour on their bodies shook, and then broke apart.

The Magi completely paled and retreated a few steps, some of them coughing up large amounts of blood.

“Peak rank 1 Magus! You’ve already reached the peak of rank 1!”

The leader of the Four Seasons Corps stared fixedly at Leylin’s mask, as if trying to carve his appearance into his memory.

In a situation where rank 2 Magi seldom appeared, peak rank 1 Magi were the most powerful beings in the south coast. The rise in the power of Blood Rogue was much too fast and too astonishing; this leader definitely could not let his guard down.

At this moment, fear was apparent in the leader’s gaze.

“Sigh… Some things will be only resolved through violence!”

Leylin still maintained his pose where he held the little boy, and his other hand formed a mysterious hand seal and tapped against the ground.

“Shadow Domain!” A pitch-black shadow emerged from under his feet and quickly formed a dense, black sphere, crazily spreading to the surroundings.


In that instant, black shadows engulfed the Magi who were in the office…

*Shua shua!* Within the darkness, there seemed to be the sounds of someone moving quickly, and the low, miserable human moans that one would make before they died.

Enshrouded by the shadows, where even light magic was useless, the Magi of the Four Seasons Corps were basically blind.

Thankfully, this was only sustained for a short period of time. Several minutes later, the dense darkness dispersed from the office, revealing the figures of a few Magi. As for Leylin, who they had encircled previously, he was now nowhere to be found.

“Leader! What should we do?”

A Magus struggled to stand and came to the leader of Four Seasons Corps.

However, he found a very strange expression on his leader’s face. There were hints of terror, as well as disbelief.

“Leader! Leader! What’s with you?” This Magus suddenly began to feel slightly afraid, extending his right hand, and thinking of shaking his leader’s arm.

*Pak!* Just as this Magus’ hand touched his leader’s clothes, his body turned into black ashes like a bubble that had been popped, dispersing everywhere.

*Pak pak pak!* As if triggering some chain reaction, some of the Magi around him also exploded, leaving behind black mist.

As the surviving Magi gazed at the mist, a suffocating sense of dread weighed down on their hearts.


*Shua!* While still holding the little boy, Leylin’s body transformed into a black hurricane that travelled around the headquarters, which had turned into a battlefield.

As he was moving at a very high speed, the Magi of both domains could only see a flickering black figure, which then completely disappeared.


Upon finding an empty area that was far from the battlefield, he threw the little boy to the ground.

“Blood Rogue, what are you doing?” The little boy rolled a few times, body covered in soil and mud. However, he seemed to have regained his ability to speak and spoke coldly the moment he stood up.

“Stop with your nonsense and get Giant to come here!”

Leylin exclaimed.

“It’s a very crucial time now, and even I can’t contact him…” A strange expression appeared on his face as he explained.

Immediately after, however, he was kicked aside by Leylin.

Though Leylin had allowed the little boy to regain his ability to speak, he had evidently not unsealed his sea of consciousness. The little boy’s frail body spun in mid-air several times, and then fell.

*Crack!* From the sounds of bones breaking produced from within his body, it seemed as if a few ribs had been broken.

Looking cool and collected, Leylin advanced, and like holding a duck, he grabbed the boy by the neck and lifted him up.

“I don’t have much patience, so it’s better if you don’t try to test my limits. Don’t think that I know nothing about the relationship between you and him!”

Though Leylin sounded calm, the boy who Leylin was glaring at felt empty inside. Under Leylin’s relentless gaze, he felt as if the other man could see through him and know all his secrets

“No! How can that be…? I’ve always been very careful about it…” A myriad of thoughts flashed past the little boy’s mind, and he eventually gave in.

“Be quick about it!” Leylin loosened his grip, and the boy immediately fell to the ground.

“Cough cough…” The boy sat on the ground, two hands cradling his neck, on which purple marks were already apparent.

Without requesting Leylin to unseal his sea of consciousness, he quietly sat in a corner, as if in a daze.

Unexpectedly, Leylin actually waited for him.

It did not take long, and a few minutes later, green mist permeated the air and filled the area.

“What do you need me for? Don’t you know that our plan has entered a state of emergency, Leylin?!”

Giant’s voice was as hoarse as before, but this time, Leylin was able to hear fury in his voice… along with worry?

“Kill him! Quick, kill him!”

At this moment, the little boy who had been staring blankly to the side suddenly burst into hysterics. Green mist had been protecting him, thus allowing him to regain his power.

“Our entire plan fell through because of him! Also, he actually dared to treat me in this way! I want him dead!”

The boy glared at Leylin, his eyes full of venomous anger.

“I know.” Giant briefly nodded, looking at Leylin. “What do you have to say for yourself about your slip ups in the past, as well as the thwarting of our plan this time?”

As Giant spoke, the mist in the surroundings became increasingly stronger, to the point that bushes and soil began to emit white smoke, and melted like ice.

“What I have to say?”

Leylin smirked, and then snapped his fingers.

*Pak!* The little boy’s expression suddenly froze, and his brain exploded open like a watermelon.

“If you want an explanation, does this work?”

Leylin grinned widely.

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