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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 247: Flaming Serpent

Chapter 247: Flaming Serpent

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Faced with the little boy’s head exploding like a watermelon, the green mist distorted, revealing a heavily muscled figure that was more than 2 meters in height. For a moment, his head was visible, but he covered his head, his eyes bloodshot and glowing red.

“You actually…… You actually killed him……”

Giant roared, as if the little boy was very important to him. Seeing Leylin unceremoniously kill the little boy instead of letting him go, Giant was on the brink of going ballistic.

Tendrils of green mist rushed towards Leylin, looking like a swarm of moths and bees, and appeared to envelop Leylin like a huge cloud.

*Chi Chi!* Green meridians crawled over the muscles of Giant’s body like small snakes. Then his body grew instantly, increasing in height by more than three meters. The hairs on his head stood straight up, facing the sky like small thorns.

“Why are you in such a hurry? Are you afraid?”

Leylin sneered, and immediately, black smoke billowed from his body, rising and dispersing into the air.

A trace of the black gas condensed to form numerous black snakes.

The bodies of those black snakes had fine black scales, and each had a pair of bean-sized eyes that exuded an unnatural, devilish red light. The snakes constantly hissed, and went to meet that green swarm of bees and moths.


For a moment, the two big groups — the wisp of green gas and the den of black snakes — immediately mingled, and there were all kinds of sounds of biting, hissing, and other sounds all constantly emanating from within the green mist.

“Ah! I will kill you, I swear! I shall break all the bones in your body; I will make you regret being born into this world!”

Giant howled as he crouched and jumped.

*Boom!* A huge pit immediately appeared on the ground, soil and rocks flying outwards like bullets, and creating sparks in the air.

With this momentum, Giant’s body was like a fiery arrow heading straight for Leylin.

“Kemoyin’s Scales!” A layer of fine black scales covered Leylin’s hands, from which spreaded rings of black light. The black colour from the scales turned even more vivid, and vaguely formed a design that was similar to a rune!

Following which, the muscles on Leylin’s arm bulged, and his strength of 20.1 was then displayed!


Green and black figures fiercely slammed into each other, explosions continuously sounding out.

The two human figures flickered as they fought. Anything that the shockwaves from their battle brushed past, whether it was rocks or wood, would immediately explode into pieces.

*Bang!* Leylin’s left hand blocked Giant’s fist. As quick as lightning, his right hand turned into a claw, blood-red flames burning as it headed straight for Giant’s chest, where his heart was.

Currently, Giant’s two hands were rendered immobile by Leylin, and it was basically impossible to evade an attack that was so close.

Giant’s expression became resolute and he adjusted his position, avoiding that fatal claw at his chase! However, his right chest had been caught by Leylin’s Crimson Palm, and a huge chunk of flesh and blood flew out.

“Bone Piercing Technique!” Giant yelled, and his arms spread wide. Not dodging nor avoiding any attacks, he charged straight for Leylin.

*Tss! Tss! Tss! Tss! Tss!*

White bone spikes rapidly pierced through Giant’s skin, growing out from inside his body.

*Ka-cha!* Leylin’s right hand was the first to be struck by the bone spike.

There were some spiral designs on the bone spikes that, upon contact, drilled into whatever it hit.

The revolving spikes first broke through the crimson flames, and then struck the surface of Leylin’s right arm, which was covered in Kemoyin’s Scales.

The extremely piercing sound of metal scraping against metal sounded; it could also be said to sound like a woman’s screams. Leylin’s brows furrowed, and he quickly moved back.

“Haha! If you’re only thinking of leaving now, it’s much too late!”

Giant laughed heartily, ignoring the blood that was gushing all over his body, and spread his arms. His posture was like someone giving a bear hug, he brought his arms together and was ready to prick Leylin till he became like a porcupine.

“This distance… Shadow Stealth!”

A large amount of light appeared on the surface of Leylin’s black, scaly armour. He then disappeared into thin air.

“You thought that I wouldn’t have prepared against this?”

After losing track of Leylin, Giant looked around and suddenly shouted, and then breathed in deeply.

Two streams of white gas that even the naked eye could see entered Giant’s nostrils like dragons, bulging his chest to a noticeable degree.

After this, Giant made a lengthy howl, “Awooooo!”

The piercing sound travelled in all directions, and one could even see ripples in the air, with Giant at the epicentre.

An entire layer of the ground was peeled off by the soundwaves, and the green fog of moth and bees in the air, as well as Leylin’s little black snakes, exploded from the soundwaves, turning into vapour.

The fog was pushed further and further away by the soundwaves and eventually disappeared.

As Giant’s voice increased to a higher pitch, the insects and moles in the area simply exploded in the air, forming a bloody mist.


With some undulations in the air and a flash of black light, Leylin’s body flickered from his camouflage.

“I found you, you damned worm!” Giant snarled, the spikes on his body growing more densely and constantly rotating. He was like a human killing machine, charging ahead blindly and turning all the trees and rocks that obstructed him into powder.

“Latent Fireball!” Leylin’s gestured, and countless black fireballs converged into a giant jet black, flaming fireball.

With the added bonus from Leylin’s elemental essence conversion, the latent fireball currently had a power of 57 degrees. It could even be said to be the maximum amount of power that a rank 1 Magus could produce!

The moment the black fireball appeared, the temperature of the surroundings rose, and the earth began to melt, with some of it evaporating into black smoke.


Leylin pointed at Giant, and the black fireball kept stretching until it formed a python that blazed with black flames.

The python’s eyes were brimming with intelligence as it nimbly floated around, sometimes spitting out flames and blocking Giant’s path.

Giant’s eyes were fixed on the flaming serpent, the fear in his expression more apparent. Being able to manipulate such a powerful spell that required immense precision showed Leylin’s immense talent in this area. His rate of improvement had far exceeded Giant’s expectations.


The flaming black serpent hissed while coiling around Giant’s body.

*Ka-cha!* The black flames that brought blazing heat with them crashed into the white armour made of bone spikes!

*Rumble!* The raging flames constantly ascended, turning into a giant black inferno.

At the heart of the inferno, Giant’s figure that was filled with bone spikes stood silently within, looking quite pale.

The air constantly distorted, shrinking inwardly and seemingly turning into a black hole. It kept sucking in all matter around, getting smaller and smaller.


Then, a huge black mushroom cloud gradually rose from the ground.

Immense energy waves constantly dispersed in all directions, to the point that even Magi from both factions who were battling at the Four Seasons Garden’s headquarters could feel this power, which could destroy the heavens and the earth!

“Has the two great rank 2 Magi’s fight brought them here?”

A young light Magus stopped what he was doing, “What do we do? Should we go take a look? Those are rank 2 Magi! I’ve never seen one fight before!”


Immediately after, the back of his head was firmly struck. The youthful light Magus turned back and pitifully looked at a Magus with a white beard, “Teacher! Did I say anything wrong?”

The old light Magus’ face was full of wrinkles, but his eyes sparkled with wisdom. He did not hesitate in the least and struck the young Magus’ head again.

“Why are you still in a daze? Get out of here! Just the aftershocks from the rank 2 Magi’s battle is enough to annihilate you without leaving a speck of dust behind!”

The old Magus was obviously very wise and had many life experiences. He knew that this high-level battle between Magi was a disaster for regular people and even low ranked Magi such as themselves!

“Hm? What?”

The young light Magus had yet to react.

“Look!” The old Magus yanked him by the hair and made him look in the direction of the battle.

At this moment, the young Magus suddenly discovered that the dark and light Magi who had been battling had all given up. as if they had reached a mutual understanding, and were moving in the opposite direction of the mushroom cloud.

“Do you see that now? Only a rookie like you would even think of watching a battle between rank 2 Magi.”

The old Magus pulled the young Magus along as he spoke, green hurricanes under his feet as he used invisible gusts to wind to send both of them far away.


In the middle of the black mushroom cloud.

The previous explosion had left a large crater that was more than ten metres wide. At the heart of the pit was a seemingly bottomless hole that was sending out black luster, as if it was a direct pathway to the core of the earth.


A white human figure surrounded by green mist fell to the ground, along with shards of bone that had shattered.

*Pak!* Giant struck the ground, carving out long troughs as his body ploughed through the floor.

He looked to be extremely pitiful, with more than half the bone spikes on his body gone and his right arm missing. There were serious injuries all over his body.


A black figure appeared in front of him, and what appeared next was a pair of phantom, blood-red flaming claws!

“Crimson Palm!” Leylin, on the other hand, was completely fine. He was also very satisfied with the strength of the latent fireball, which he had released with his full strength.

There was no expression on his face as he calmly dealt out the final blow to Giant!

Giant struggled and crawled a little, but the phantom crimson claws mercilessly caught hold of his two legs.


Giant’s legs snapped, and there were even crimson flames climbing towards his body from the legs.

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