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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 249: Concede

Chapter 249: Concede

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“Your name is Leylin, and Blood Rogue is your alias, yes? Very good! You actually dared to thwart my plan!”

The dark Magus laughed coldly, and suddenly made his move!

Silver solidified spiritual force controlled the energy particles in the air, turning into a large, colourful tide that was several times larger what Leylin was able to produce. It rushed towards Leylin like a tempest, covering the heavens and the earth.

“So strong! Whether it’s to catalyse or cast a spell using solidified spiritual force, the effects are far greater than that of us rank 1 Magi with our invisible spiritual force!”

Leylin’s expression was grim as his pupils turned amber.

Behind him, large amounts of dark energy particles converged, turning into the terrifying form of a large, black python.

The python was ten metres long, its eyes were the same amber colour as Leylin’s, and the scales on its body emitted rings of black rays while it kept hissing.

*Rumble!* The python slammed into the tide of elemental particles like a huge ocean wave crashing against a reef, producing a monstrous sound like that of said ocean waves.

In the midst of the colourful rays of light, the apparition of the black python and the elemental wave were extinguished. Immense pillars of wind rose towards the heavens and then rushed down low, before forming immense gales that swept across the surrounding area.

Leylin quickly retreated four or five steps, his face pale, and two streams of blood dripping from his nostrils.

“Hoho, you’re not half bad! Out of all the rank 1 Magi that I’ve seen, you’re probably the strongest. You’re currently bordering a rank 2 Magus!”

The dark Magus was unmoving, the only sound being the wind rustling his clothes.

“But it’s a pity! A rank 1 Magus is still only rank 1, and there still remains a huge gap between us! The feeling of personally killing a genius is really making me feel intoxicated…”

The dark Magus mumbled to himself, the dark green light in his eyes suddenly intensifying to the point that it started to solidify into two beams of light.

“Anguished Howl of — Cough cough…”

Just as the dark Magus was about to attack, the light from his body began to flicker, and he started to violently cough.

Rings of green light flashed as things that looked like plants began to emerge from his body. The green spores on his hands began to sprout, and green plant tendrils grew and spreaded across his body.

“So, killing a rank 2 Magus like Reynold was not without a price.”

While observing this scene, Leylin came to a conclusion. The dark Magus must have suffered some serious injuries in killing a rank 2 Magus like Reynold.

This was advantageous to him for the next part of his plan.

At this moment, the platinum gate to the secret plane suddenly rumbled. The energy waves produced were very distinct, to the point that Leylin could feel them from his current location.

Afterwards, an unknown existence that must have been at least a rank 2 Magus passed through the gate of the secret plane and approached them.

“You darn dark bastards! Receive the judgement of lightning!”

This voice was full of anger, seemingly full of raging flames.


Countless blue bolts of lightning that were like crazed serpents scattered all over the sky and fell like raindrops.

*Ka-cha!* An electric current that was as wide as a bucket struck a dark Magus who did not have the opportunity to dodge.

This dark Magus immediately turned into ashes in the midst of the lightning, his body crumbling away.

*Boom! Boom! Boom!* The platinum entrance to the secret plane spat out light. Every time it flashed, groups of light Magi descended into the area.

These light Magi were dressed in uniform, and the metallic smell of blood was apparent on their bodies.

Compared to the dark Magi, who were already experts in battles, the division of work between the light Magi was even more efficient. The Magi who were specialised in battles were extremely experienced in bloody battles. Some even had a strength that rivalled the dark Magi!

With the help of these light Magi, the tide was turned. Rather than the Four Seasons Garden, the dark Magi of Thousand Meddling Hands lost their advantage.

“They’re here! The reinforcements from the light Magi Alliance!” Leylin mumbled.

He quickly glanced at the dark Magi, who were being suppressed by the bolts of lightning.

“Look, my lord! The reinforcements of the light Magi have arrived. Are you still confident in destroying the gate to the secret plane?”

Leylin gave a slight smile as he asked.

“No, but I think this little bit of time I have left is enough for me to kill you before I retreat!” The dark Magus was silent for a moment, and then sneered.

“Is that so?” The rune of the suction spell formation on Leylin’s back lit up, and a brownish-yellow spell formation emerged in front of his chest.

In that moment, a brownish-yellow light covered the earth, and the gravity around the area intensified by a factor of almost thirty.

“The ancient suction spell formation and the gravitational spell formation? You’re actually using both of them here?”

There was a subtle hint of fear in the dark Magus’ voice.

With the added bonus of these two spells, even if he were in his best condition, he did not have the confidence that he would be able to take down Leylin. Presently, his strength was depleted and his opponent would definitely be able to escape.

“I’m actually still on the dark Magi’s side. After all, a leopard can’t change its spots!”

Leylin spoke hurriedly and quickly, “Rather than completely destroying the gate to the secret plane, I believe that gaining possession of it will be of even more value.”

His voice had a bewitching quality to it.

“What does that mean?” The dark Magus asked coldly but stopped his attack.

“Currently, Reynold’s already dead, the team leaders of all the main divisions are dead, and Caesar and I may very well be the Magi with the most authority here! The reinforcements from the light Magi will have to leave eventually. Once that happens, and before a new member is assigned here from headquarters, we’ll be the people with the highest authority, and will consequently be in charge.”

Leylin was expressionless. “Once that happens, we’ll continue to cooperate with you in secret, and give you access to the spell formations and defence formations here. Wouldn’t that make everything easier?”

The dark Magus considered for a while, and then solemnly pondered over this question. It must be noted that this was a very attractive proposal, and was very much viable. After Leylin said this, he could even feel the dark Magus tremble a little.

“We can assassinate him or make him a scapegoat. Anyways, all we need is some time. By the time headquarters finds out what had happened, we’d be long gone…” Leylin answered swiftly.

“What do you think?”

The dark Magus glanced at Caesar, who was already standing.

Caesar was silent. “I think it’s possible. Considering that our original plan has already failed, the situation can’t possibly get any worse than this!”

There was actually something else that both Leylin and the dark Magus had not pointed out.

When that happened, even if the rank 2 dark Magus would be able to escape, his sons, Caesar and Giant, would definitely die here!

Leylin was, of course, not so daring as to blackmail them so blatantly, but his hidden threat had been understood.

“I don’t trust you! Unless you let me give you a branding of your consciousness…” The dark Magus slowly spoke.


Leylin resolutely refused. Though receiving a branding of consciousness was slightly better than receiving a branding of the spirit, who knew what a rank 2 Magus could do? He didn’t want to be in a situation where he was unknowingly being controlled.

Leylin had a rascally attitude.

In front of real power, only a person with a strength that others would be jealous of could have the guts to say this.

Though Leylin was not yet on equal grounds with a rank 2 Magi, he was confident that he could survive and escape, resulting in his more brazen attitude.

“A contract with the Trial’s Eye. That’s the furthest I can go.”

The dark Magus pondered silently, and then responded in a low voice.

“…Fine!” Leylin hesitated for a moment and then agreed.

“As compensation for helping you, I’ll need a large amount of resources and magic crystals, as well as some high-grade knowledge. After this, you also have to guarantee that I’ll be able to enter Lighthouse of the Night. All of these things have to be written into the contract…”

The Magi acted quickly, and minutes later, the dark Magus left with Giant.

Leylin glanced at Caesar, who was standing strangely, with a smile appearing on his face, “Team Leader Caesar! Do you need me to help you back?”

After signing another agreement that could be said to be very harsh with the Trial’s Eye, Leylin and Caesar were now allies once more.

In the eyes of the light Magi, the sight of two Magi who were always at odds with each other suddenly becoming friendly was quite strange. However, for the dark Magi, this was just an everyday occurrence. In the dark Magi faction, all sorts of battles happened everyday. Betraying one’s alliance for the prospects of more benefits was very common.

“Then I’ll leave it to you!” Caesar glanced at Leylin and actually let him assist him back.

Doing something like exposing one’s vulnerabilities was unthinkable to the dark Magi, but Leylin could understand what he was thinking.

Previously, Leylin and the rank 2 Magus from the Thousand Meddling Hands had agreed and signed another contract.

Through the Caesar’s scrutiny of the contract, the conditions were very harsh. In order to prevent Leylin from making use of any loopholes, Caesar had practically gone through the contract word by word.

He had basically made it impossible for Leylin to do whatever he wanted, not even giving him the chance to go back on his words.

As he had to deal with a rank 2 Magus and the dark Magi alliance, Leylin could only be placed at a slight disadvantage.

In other words, the moment Leylin expressed bad intentions towards Caesar, the power of the contract would devour him before he could even use his magic.

Hence, Caesar was quite trusting of Leylin now.

“We need to work quickly for our objectives regarding Wade!”

Caesar’s lips moved slightly, his low voice travelling into Leylin’s ear.

As the one in charge of the hunting team, which actually had true authority, Caesar had a very high position in the Four Seasons Garden. He was second only to Reynold, and only a handful of people could match his authority.

What was even more coincidental was that a few peak rank 1 Magi had died on the battlefield for a variety of reasons. Some had even been personally killed by Leylin!

As long as Wade was disposed of, Caesar would immediately be in control of everything!

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