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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 250: Lightning Corp

Chapter 250: Lightning Corp

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Leylin reflected briefly.

Currently, in the entire Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, the Four Seasons Garden had received a fatal blow.

Other than Reynold, a great elder, the combat and defense team leaders had all died in battle. The person in charge of the merit points exchange centre had been killed by Leylin, and it was unknown whether Wade, the envoy from the headquarters, was dead or alive.

Leylin was stunned at the discovery that in the headquarters of Four Seasons Garden in the secret plane, there might only be two peak rank 1 Magi here — Caesar and himself.

Under these circumstances, it would be an easy task to exploit his authority in the headquarters.

Though the headquarters in the external world was sure to react quickly, dispatching large numbers of Magi and even rank 2 Magi here to investigate, that would take time!

Caesar and Leylin could use this time to further diminish the power of the Four Seasons Garden and create opportunities for the dark Magi.

By the time the light Magi found out, the battle array of the defence would have been controlled thoroughly by dark Magi, and the situation would be set.

Even if there were to be another large war, with the dark Magi in charge of four entrances and three under the light Magi’s control, the dark Magi would have an advantage.

Leylin had thrown out such tempting bait, which was how he had gotten the dark Magus to bite!

“It’s Lord Caesar! And Patrolling Inspector Leylin!”

As they approached the headquarters of the Four Seasons Garden, the figures of Leylin and Caesar were quickly noticed by the large remaining numbers of the light Magi. The surviving members quickly came forward to greet them.

Leylin ran his eyes over everyone. These Magi’s robes were in tatters, and there were traces of dust and blood on their faces. To all these Magi who had seen Caesar and Leylin, it was as if they had seen the pillars of their organisations.

“It seems like the loss of the higher levels in Four Seasons Garden is worse than I thought!”

Leylin admitted to himself that in the time he had been a patrolling inspector, he’d done nothing good, instead extorting much from every department. However, after these Magi saw Leylin, they gathered and greeted him, their enthusiasm surprising him to no end.

Unfortunately, there were no longer any peak rank 1 Magus in the Four Seasons Garden. That meant that Caesar and Leylin were the only two peak rank 1 Magi on the light Magi’s side, which was why they were welcomed with such enthusiasm and ardent hope.

“If they found out that Caesar and I were the instigators of this recent attack, who knows what expression they would be wearing…”

Leylin was slightly dumbfounded, but he still put on a solemn expression.

“May I know who currently has the highest authority in the Four Seasons Garden?”

At this moment, a Magus with lightning designs on his silver-white robes separated the Magi and approached them.

“I’m Caesar, the team leader of the hunting team. This person here is Magus Leylin, the newly appointed patrolling inspector.”

Caesar’s face was pale as he spoke.

“We are the Lightning Corps of the light Magi alliance. The leader of our corps would like to meet you.”

The Magus’ expression was blank, as if he was incapable of expressing emotion. Not caring about Caesar’s serious injuries, he forged ahead and led the way.

The surrounding Magi of the Four Seasons Garden cowered and did not dare to move forward.

Compared to a something as large as the light Magi alliance, the Four Seasons Garden was just one of many allies. Also, every single member of the Lightning Corps was at least a semi-converted Magus, which would make them equivalent to the elites of the Four Seasons Corps. Their numbers were greater, and the leader was coincidentally a rank 2 Magus, which was something they could not contend against.

Leylin shrugged his shoulders, met Caesar’s gaze, and walked on.

They were naturally familiar with the headquarters here. After walking through an area with destroyed walls, Leylin and Caesar met the leader of the Lightning Corps in a temporary guest hall.

“Are you Caesar? 19 years ago, we met at Reynold’s wine reception!”

Unexpectedly, this Magus knew Caesar.

Caesar quickly bowed in greeting, “So it’s Lord Desmund!”

Leylin ducked his head and bowed slightly, chancing a glance at this rank 2 Magus.

Desmund had a blue robe draped over his sturdy body, which proudly displayed his chest and bulging muscles. Under his blonde fringe, there was a blue lightning mark on the forehead.

What garnered the majority of Leylin’s attention was Desmund’s eyes. Every time they blinked, slight electric currents flickered; it was rather astonishing.

“Where did you go?” The rank 2 Magus asked right away.

“My lord! I was previously leading the hunting team in a battle with the dark Magi, which resulted in many casualties. In the end, even I sustained injuries, and it was thanks to Magus Leylin rushing over that I managed to survive…”

Caesar began to narrate a story that he had previously made up.

The gist of it was that he had been defeated in battle, but had been saved by Leylin in the nick of time.

This was a version that he had previously discussed with Leylin, and they had recorded all of the casualties as well.

Of course, Caesar was the sole culprit for the annihilation of his own team members, and the two of them had also shifted a few dark Magus corpses from elsewhere to create the illusion of a battle.

With a rank 2 Magus helping to conceal this matter, it was a large possibility that they would not be found out.

What made Leylin feel relieved the most was that Desmund merely had asked in passing; he nodded, and did not continue with more questions.

Though they were all part of the light Magi alliance, Desmund was an outsider, after all. These were things that required the Four Seasons Garden to dispatch their investigation team and investigate everything properly.

“Hm! You two peak rank 1 Magi, and also Wade, would be the Four Seasons Garden’s final force.”

Desmund looked solemn.

*Teng teng!*

Caesar fell back a few steps, his face full of disbelief, “The last force? Does that mean… Lord Reynold…”

Seeing Caesar’s Oscar-worthy acting skills, Leylin was speechless. Although Leylin had appeared to be shocked, his expression was formed with the manipulation of his facial muscles by the A.I. Chip.

If not, with his current acting skills, he would have definitely been seen through by Desmund, a sly old fox. No matter how boorish he looked, he was still a rank 2 Magus, and he would not lose to anyone in terms of intelligence or observational skills.

In comparison, Caesar’s performance was remarkable.

“No! I don’t believe it! Lord Reynold is a rank 2 Magus, and…” Caesar’s eyes glazed over as he kept muttering.

“Though I also find it hard to believe, this is the truth. Reynold has fallen… I felt the extinguishment of his life force. Unfortunately, I arrived too late, else I would have definitely been able to save him. I’m sorry…” Desmund touched his chest, his expression showing regret.

“As Reynold’s good friend, I will inherit his dying wish and carry out revenge on the dark Magi!” This corps leader guaranteed.

“Thank you, esteemed lord!” Caesar’s face showed his resolution. “After I’m healed, I will immediately apply for missions to take revenge!”


Desmund nodded, and then clapped his hands.

*Rumble!* The floorboards at two ends of the temporary room split open, and a large, translucent, metallic pillar rose from the middle of the room.

The sounds of turning gears sounded from the heart of the pillar. Streams of glowing runes constantly travelled upwards, creating a magical sight.

“This is the core control of the Four Seasons Garden’s defensive formation! There had been a powerful interference, and the procedural spell design also had some issues. Don’t worry about that though, as I’ve already fixed it. Based on the rules stated in the alliance’s proposed laws, I now announce, in my capacity as the leader of the Lightning Corps, the formation of the Four Seasons Garden’s Crisis Team, which will be in charge of the defensive and spell formations. The members will consist of Caesar, Leylin, and Wade. If you have differences in opinions, you should decide based on the majority’s decision.”

Desmund spoke as if he were reciting, and circles of light that represented a contract and celebration twinkled around the three of them.

“Now then, complete the ceremony for the formation genie to recognise its master!”

Desmund pointed at the metallic pillar in the center of the room. “Press your palm on it. The formation genie will automatically record the aura of your spirit and give you authority.”

Caesar nodded, and then placed his palm on the surface of the metal pillar, closing his eyes and seemingly communicating with a body of consciousness.

Moments later, while beaming with admiration, he withdrew his hand.

“Your turn!” Leylin nodded and also placed his hand on the pillar.

The surface of the metallic pillar was very glossy, and there was a strange feeling when he touched it. It was very soft, as if it were not metal, but rather cotton.

It was also different from the iciness of metal. The surface of this pillar gave Leylin a rather warm feeling.

“Recording spiritual aura! Conferring an authority of seven stars!”

A robotic female voice sounded in Leylin’s mind. It was different from the A.I. Chip’s genderless voice, and was instead a crisp feminine voice.

“Is this a formation genie?”

Leylin was a little rueful. Whether science or magic, when it came down to it, there were basically different means to achieve the same end.

However, this formation genie obviously did not have any intelligence, and could only robotically answer Leylin’s queries.

Communication with this conscious was quick, and in a quick ten seconds, Leylin was able to largely grasp what his authority extended to, and the function of the formation genie.

This formation genie was the core of all the defensive spell formations that the Four Seasons Garden had set up. Through the formation genie, one could easily check any single region.

However, this spell formation had previously been heavily interfered with by the dark Magi, which resulted in the unexpectedness of the attack this time.

As for the limits of his authority, this referred to how much manpower he could command. The chain of command consisted of a total of nine stars, with one having the least authority, and nine commanding the most. Leylin currently had a ranking of seven stars, and was therefore capable of dispatching most of the defensive forces in the Four Seasons Garden to besiege anybody, as well as having access to all available information, save a few top secret documents.

In the past, Reynold had had nine stars, and was capable of ordering the formation genie to self-destruct!

Leylin, Wade and Caesar were merely granted seven stars temporarily to deal with this emergency.

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