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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 253: Divulged

Chapter 253: Divulged

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“Goro! It’s you!”

Wade glanced at one of the few surviving members of the Four Seasons Corps, his tone displaying his regret.

That day, he had sustained serious injuries, and practically all of the small team from the Four Seasons Corps had died. All that was left was Goro. As he had fainted because of the explosion, he had narrowly escaped death.

At the sight of Goro, Wade couldn’t help but think back to that scene.

Explosion! Figures! Green mist!

Everything had happened so suddenly that even his secretary who was also his girlfriend, had died in the attack.

“Now, even Goro is probably ridiculing me as well.”

Wade shook his head as he thought, and spoke in a hoarse voice. “What’s the matter?”

“My lord, I’ve brought you your breakfast!”

Goro placed a silver tray on the table, on which were fruit salad, white bread, and steaming hot milk.

“Thank you!” Wade was silent for a while before he spoke.

“My lord, please be careful!” Goro bent his head slightly and quickly left.

Wade did not have much of an appetite, but for the sake of his teacher and as well as his own wellbeing, he still forced himself to go to the dining table.

He picked up a slice of white bread, preparing to slather some jam on it, but a slip of paper sandwiched in the loaf caught his attention.

Wade retrieved the slip and spread it out.

After being in contact with the warmth of Wade’s fingers, rows of little letters appeared on the originally white paper.

“Danger! Dark Magi have infiltrated the headquarters and are planning to attack you. Leave immediately!”

The words were very strikingly written in red.

Wade stared hard and immediately got up to set up a few detection and isolation spells.

Next, with some astonishment, he focused on the slip in his hands.

“Like I thought, the dark Magi’s attack was way too ferocious, and they knew too much about our defense system. The formation genie was also interfered with, and could not be used at all. There has to be a spy!”

Hatred appeared on his face, “If not for there being a spy, we definitely wouldn’t be in this position, and even… Teacher Reynold wouldn’t…”

His fists were clenched tightly, to the point that a few drops of crimson blood flowed out through the bandages on his hands.

“I’ll definitely find you and avenge my teacher. I swear on it!”

A glint of resolution appeared in Wade’s eyes, and he then rubbed the slip of paper in his hands.

“The paper used is the most ordinary parchment paper. The words were designed to show after coming into contact with my body temperature, so the sender has to be someone I’m familiar with. If he was able to warn me, that means that he’s very clear on whatever’s happened here, but… who could it be?”

Face after face appeared in Wade’s mind, but he quickly pushed this thought down.

“It’s not the time to think about this. Danger? Does this mean someone is planning on attacking me? Within the headquarters?”

Wade didn’t quite believe it.

*Pu! Pu! Pu!*

At this moment, explosions sounded in the air, and numerous black needles as fine as cow hair penetrated the air. They were sharp glints in the air, launching towards Wade like raindrops.


A green shield of vines appeared, and the numerous thin needles struck the surface and produced sparks.

He then dropped to the ground and rolled!

*Boom!* A black dagger punctured the area that he had previously been, and the bench split apart like tofu. Even the air had been cut, producing two pure, white gusts of wind.

*Tss tss!* From the area where the chair had been sliced, the sound of an object corroding was heard, with much white smoke accompanying it. The bench that Wade had been sitting on was corroded in a few seconds, not even leaving behind any residue.

The person holding the dagger was a dwarf-like figure.

The dwarf was surrounded by a layer of black gauze, and his movements were extremely agile. After seeing Wade avoid the attack, he pounced towards him like the wind. The black dagger was like the tooth of a poisonous snake, searching for Wade’s weak points.

“Formation genie, activate the defense spell formation here, and inform the Lightning Corps!” Wade looked pitiful as he dodged a few attacks, and quickly swiped at a ring on his hand.

*Boom!* Green mist exploded at the scene, and with this chance, he began to yell.

“Order received! Activating defense at Zone B-7… Beep! Received a different command, cancelling out both. Your authority has temporarily been superseded!”

A robotic female voice sounded by Wade’s ear, causing his heart to sink.

The formation genie had control over a large area, which practically included the entire headquarters of the Four Seasons Garden at the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane. The moment he activated the power of the formation genie, he would definitely be able to break away from danger and arrest this killer.

But now, the enemy was even able to control the formation genie! Didn’t this mean that the headquarters was now being controlled by the dark Magi?

A huge sense of fear suddenly made itself known. Despite the strong defense here, he could not feel any security and rather, felt like he was being caged in.

At this moment, the green mist in the room dispersed, and the dwarf-like killer’s eyes had a cold glint within them. He seemed to transform into a black hurricane, which swept towards Wade.

*Teng! Teng! Teng!*

Outside the room, footsteps kept sounding. The guard Magi who were outside had heard noises inside and quickly rushed here.

The dwarf suddenly flung something, and the dagger in his hand turned into black lightning, streaking across the air and flying straight for Wade’s heart!

“If I weren’t seriously injured and cursed, this type of attack…” An unresigned expression appeared on Wade’s face, and he quickly tried to avoid the attack.

*Pu!* The black dagger stabbed his shoulder, leaving behind just the handle exposed.

Large amounts of fresh blood spurted out, and Wade’s face paled as he collapsed.

The dwarf quickly ran forward, preparing to deal the final blow!

“Protect the lord!” At this moment, the door to the room was forcibly kicked open and was turned into wood shavings. A few Magi wearing uniforms with lightning designs on them broke in.

Seeing Wade collapsed on the floor, they roared, and a few people produced blue and white electric currents.

The bolt of electricity arced across the air and arrived in front of Wade.

*Pak! Pak!*

The blue and white electric arcs struck the dwarf, causing green smoke and the smell of charred flesh to spread throughout the room.

The dwarf’s body trembled, before he glared hard at Wade as if staring at his prey, and suddenly threw two black balls to the ground!

*Poof!* A large amount of black gas billowed out and concealed the dwarf’s figure. After the gas had dissipated, the dwarf assassin had already disappeared.

“My lord, are you alright? Inform and warn Lord Caesar and Leylin about this!”

The Magi of the Lightning Corps supported Wade and then instructed.

Half an hour later, Wade had already moved to another room, his injuries having been treated. However, while he glanced at his surroundings, terror was beginning to engulf him.

The assassination attempt just now made him feel like something was wrong.

Within the headquarters, an assassin had actually managed to enter without obstruction and suppressed the activation of the formation genie! What did this mean?

“Who could be the thief who seized the authority to command the formation genie? Or is it Caesar? Leylin? Did they both join hands?”

Wade was expressionless as the gears turned in his mind.

“No! The headquarters are extremely dangerous, and there are too many hidden enemies that I don’t know of. If things really are like the what slip of paper said, where the dark Magi have infiltrated here, I’m in even more danger…”

Wade glanced around his surroundings. A few Magi were patrolling the area, walking back and forth. After the attack, Caesar had brought over guards, but all he could feel were bad intentions in their gazes, causing him to sweat profusely.

“This isn’t going to work. I need to leave here as quickly as possible; it’ll be best to meet with the academy’s investigation team!”

Wade’s eyes showed his staunch resolve.

“What? Wade’s missing?”

Leylin glanced at Caesar, shocked.

“How did this happen? You couldn’t even carry out such a simple task! He must be suspecting us now!” In front of Leylin was the three-eyed Magus, Caesar, who did not look to be in a good mood.

“Even if he’s an idiot, he’ll definitely know there’s something up with both of us after his authority in using the formation genie was suspended. If he were to report this to the investigation team…”

“That’s impossible!” Leylin shook his head.

“The entrance to the secret plane is in our hands. I’ve checked all the recent records of people entering and exiting; there are no problems. Communication between the secret plane and the external world is very unstable, and the few communication towers we have don’t work unless we use a spell formation exclusively for communication. Unfortunately, with our access to the formation genie, we can seal this entire area and turn him into a caged bird!”

“So the only thing he can do is to escape to other light Magi regions!” Caesar added.

“Exactly! A very daring decision!” Leylin nodded.

The area of the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane was enormous, and the distance between each entrance was vast. One even needed to pass through a few extremely dangerous zones.

The difficulty would be too much for Wade while he was in his best condition, much less while he was cursed.

“This is your problem. You solve it!” Caesar answered in annoyance.

“Alright! This situation is actually what we wanted, though, isn’t it?”

Leylin got up while he continued speaking. “Desmund has been transferred away, and nobody knows whether Wade is dead or alive… In these next few days, he won’t have the chance to communicate with any Magus from the external world. Hence, the entire headquarters of the Eternal River Plain’s secret plane now belongs to us…”

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