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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 255: Contribution Token

Chapter 255: Contribution Token

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Even in Leylin’s previous life, during the process of transplanting organs, there would always be the possibility of the body rejecting the new organ.

It was like this for transplanting between human bodies, and especially so for an exceptionally powerful organ such as the heart of an ancient being that was to be stuck into the body of an ordinary Magus.

Even with the help of magic, Leylin had to spend large amounts of time to increase the compatibility of his body and the heart.

The progress of the remodelling of his heart had slowed considerably.

Now, however, the flesh of the Thousand Eyes Starfish was actually able to suppress the body’s antibodies and increase the rate at which organs adapted to the host body. How could this not get Leylin excited?

After knowing the uses of the flesh of the Thousand Eyes Starfish that he now possessed, Leylin left the room in a better mood. Soon after, a message came for him.

“What? Does someone want to see me? And is holding a rank 1 contribution token?” Leylin rubbed his chin and asked, “Who is it?”

The person who came forward to notify him was a young female Magus, who reverently gazed at Leylin. Well, after being transformed by his bloodline, his appearance would be lauded as ‘handsome’ no matter where he went. Also, for him to have reached the level of rank 1 Magus at such a young age showed that he was frighteningly strong! This caused a reasonably large commotion, which resulted in admiration and adoration from many female Magi.

“It’s an old, and very… haughty lady!”

The female Magus ducked her head and thought for a moment, and then chose these words.

“An old, haughty lady?” Leylin was stunned, and then a slight smile appeared on his lips. He had already guessed who it was, “Bring her to conference room 3. I’ll meet her there!”

The female Magus bowed and quickly retreated.

Leylin was left behind, looking as if he was deep in thought. From the curse he had planted on Manla and Jenna’s body, he could somewhat tell what was happening around them.

After seeing the curses on Manla’s body detonate, Leylin had a feeling that the family behind Jenna would try to compromise with him. From the looks of the current situation, this had come true.

Come to think of it, the time for the curse to take full effect was nearing. They must have tried all the methods they had access to, and only after having no other way did they choose to compromise with him.

“What should I ask for this time?” Leylin scratched his chin. He did not have any good feelings towards this family that considered themselves above others and was preparing to make them pay a high price and watch them fall to rock bottom.

“However, to be so arrogant on my territory…” A cold glint flashed in Leylin’s eyes.

Three hours later, in conference room 3, the piercing screech of an old woman’s voice could be heard, “I don’t care what he’s doing, but I’ve already been waiting here for over three hours. No matter what you do, I want to see him now. Immediately! If not, I’ll use my contribution token and fire you! I swear on it!”

*Crash!* Next, the sound of glass breaking could be heard.

The female Magus who had notified Leylin ran out, her expression unhappy, “That darned old lady. Is she commanding just because she has a contribution token? One day…”

The female Magus cursed under her breath. All of a sudden, a shadow loomed over her, revealing the figure of a Magus.

“Lord- Lord Leylin! There’s a guest who wants to see you!” She was shocked and immediately bowed, her cheeks rosy red.

“I understand!” Leylin restrained his laughter with great difficulty, and the female Magus walked into the room looking a little dazed.

He had purposefully taken a longer period of time to come over here so that she would calm her anger. However, for people like her, whose spirit had affected her neurotic characteristic, time was not going to change anything.

“Didn’t I say to call Leylin over…”

Conference room 3 was very large, with a few long leather sofas and a few tables in the middle. This was where guests could comfortably sit, have a drink and chat.

Now, however, one of the tables had been flipped over, and there were the shattered remains of a few cups and plates on the ground. An old woman who had on the clothes of the upper class had her face covered with gauze. She wore black gloves and held onto a small bag, her temper foul.

Upon seeing Leylin, she was at first stunned, and then hatred shot out of her eyes.

The old woman’s chest constantly heaved up and down, as if trying to suppress the fury in her heart. Then, with a haughty accent, she spoke, “Leylin, is it? You actually dare to offend our noble Botelli family! This is an absolute sin! However, the mother of power and peace is benevolent and merciful. Now, confess to your wrongdoings and cure Jenna! I can even consider lightening your sentence.”

While she spoke, she acted as if she was being noble to him by allowing him to repent, as if he had committed a huge sin that required her forgiveness.

“Hold on!” Such a pitying gaze made Leylin extremely annoyed, and he rudely interrupted her.

“What? Are you preparing to confess?” The old woman held her head high.

“No! I just wanted to ask you, are you crazy?” Leylin did not beat around the bush.

“What did you say?” The old woman’s expression showed her shock. She could not believe that someone dared to speak to her in such a manner.

“If you didn’t hear it clearly, I’ll say it again. “ Leylin’s voice rose a couple of notches. “Are. You. Crazy?”

“You- You actually dare…” The old woman pointed at Leylin, the joints in her fingers turning white and trembling in her anger.

“You actually dare to speak to me, the current wielder of power in the Botelli family, in such a manner! You even dare tarnish my family’s reputation! Hell forbid! I’d even been so kind as to hope that I could pardon you… Oh, powerful and merciful mother of peace, please forgive my stupidity…”

“Stop!” Leylin did not wish to listen to this any longer. He was now clear of the situation. Jenna’s family, which was the Botelli family, must have a family illness of craziness!

“I’m just going to say one thing. Only I am able to undo the curse on Jenna’s body, and she is very important to you. After trying all available methods, you had no choice but to come here and ask me for help. Since you’re here to ask for a favour, you must first have a good attitude!”

Leylin raised a finger. “If not, you can only watch as Jenna dies!”

Such an unrestrained way of speech seemed to pierce through the old lady’s pretense of being honourable, the redness on her face quickly dying away, and leaving her looking pale.

“I knew it! There’s no use in bargaining with sinners like you because you’ll just try to make use of us. The only thing awaiting you is eternal death…”

The old woman incessantly muttered.

“You…” The anger in his heart stirred.

However, immediately after, his facial expression slightly changed and he calmed down.

At this moment, the old lady took out a gold token that was the size of her palm, swaying it in front of Leylin and grinning proudly. “See this? This is a rank 1 contribution token my ancestors received from the Four Seasons Garden. It makes me a noble here, and if I choose to use it, the Four Seasons Garden has to fulfil one of my requests! I wonder if I want them to expel you, what would happen?”

“So the reason why you were this unrestrained was because you have a token!”

Leylin suddenly felt the urge to laugh. Not even counting the fact that he was planning to leave the Four Seasons Garden, he did not view them very highly in the first place. However, this old woman seemed to be banking her hopes on the Four Seasons Garden, and used it as a method to threaten him.

“Whatever it is, you now have two choices. The first is to obediently admit to your wrongdoings and come back with me to cure Jenna. The second is to be banished from the Four Seasons Garden, and eventually, be chased down and killed!”

A victorious smile emerged on her face.

“…” Leylin was speechless as he glanced at this old woman, suddenly finding her a little pitiful.

The Four Seasons did have such a rule, and the rank 1 contribution token in her hands was also authentic. Unfortunately, she was a few days late!

If she had arrived here a few days earlier, she might have been able to use the power of this token, and, with the Four Seasons Garden to suppress him.

But now? Leylin looked at the token in her hands.

“That’s right! She probably still doesn’t know about us being attacked, Reynold’s death, and me taking over…”

The attack had been classified as top secret, and the Four Seasons Garden entrance to the secret plane had even been sealed for a period of time. It was impossible for regular Magi to know about this.

As a result of a time difference and various other factors, this old woman was obviously still not aware that this branch of the Four Seasons Garden had already changed owners, what with her charging in so loudly and brazenly.

“What’s wrong? Can’t make a choice? Do you want me to help you?”

Leylin’s long silence gave her the impression that he was afraid. Hence, the expression on her face was more arrogant, and she loudly bellowed, “Guards! Guards!”

“What is the matter?”

Minutes later, a few Magi in white robes charged in.

“In the name of the Four Seasons Garden, I command you to arrest Leylin!” The old woman raised the gold token in her hands, which flashed and glinted to form a four-coloured ring. An energy wave with a very recognizable frequency was emitted.

“It’s a rank 1 contribution token! It can’t be fake!” The guard Magi glanced at it bowed to greet the old woman.

She nodded, still exuding arrogance.

“Capture him!” She pointed at Leylin.

“Him?” A few guard Magi looked at the old woman, then at Leylin, finding this situation difficult to handle.

“What’s wrong?” Her voice was piercing, to the point that one wanted to close their ears, “Do you wish to go against an age-old agreement?”

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