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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 259: Preparation

Chapter 259: Preparation

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Compared to the regular Magi who did not have high-grade meditation techniques and were unsure of their futures, Leylin knew exactly what he was going to do.

Over a long period of time, regular Magi would need to search for or create a rank 2 spell that was compatible with the spell model they had chosen when they had become a rank 1 Magus and then try to solidify their sea of consciousness within it. This would, of course, all be done after their spiritual force and elemental essence conversion had achieved a certain level.

This was all a matter of luck. Even if one were able to succeed by chance, the two spell models could result in disharmony and wear and tear, having an adverse effect on the power of a rank 2 Magus.

But Leylin was different. He had a high-grade meditation technique! Every time he advanced, he would generate an innate spell that completely suited his body! What he needed to do now was raise the level of his meditation technique, and train till Kemoyin’s Pupil went up to another level. Only then would he be able to be promoted to a rank 2 Warlock!

For Magi who trained in high-grade meditation techniques, as long as they reached a certain level, the technique would automatically push and help a Magus to advance at a rate far faster than regular Magi.

“I’ve already reached the basic requirements for Kemoyin’s Pupil to advance to the second level! Next, I’ll have to gather spiritual force and produce immense energy to make a breakthrough in Kemoyin’s Pupil.”

Information regarding breaking through the second level of Kemoyin’s Pupil flashed by Leylin’s eyes.

“This is a process that requires constant accumulation! With my current condition, this would need around two or three years. However, with some special methods, such as burning up large amounts of spiritual force, for instance, the process can be quickened.”

Leylin serenely closed his eyes, seeming to emit dangerous rays of light…

Time passed slowly, and it was soon night.

The sky was filled with clouds blocking the moon and they had no intentions of moving. In the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, it was immersed in darkness.

Magical lights began to light up, connecting together like pearls as they brought light to the Four Seasons Garden headquarters.

However, even if they used large amounts of light magic, in a huge area like that the headquarters occupied, there would still be much darkness and many shadows.

Beside a flower terrace, dark figures emerged from the shadows, one after another.

All of these figures were wearing black robes with traces of blood on them. The smell of blood on their bodies was so strong that it did not seem like it could dissipate, and their eyes showed no sense of human emotion; all there was a pure desire to kill and vent!

“How is this? It’s the Magi Army from the dark Magi’s headquarters. They’re not that different from the light Magi, are they?”

Leylin and Caesar stood aside. This time, they had used their authority to transfer the patrolling Magi away, personally removed the defense mechanism here, and welcomed these people.

Caesar grinned at Leylin.

“They’re not bad, and are perhaps a lot stronger…” Leylin sucked in a huge breath.

Due to the harsh environments they lived in, they had to have great battling prowess. In general, being able to live until now was only possible with their own two hands.

The army trained by the light Magi had also gone through arduous and bloody battles, but the only way in which they surpassed the dark Magi army was in their cooperation. In terms of individual battle power, they could not compare.

“It’s been already two days since the previous attack. We only have three more days before the investigation team from headquarters arrive! It’ll be troublesome when that happens…”

Caesar’s expression revealed his discontent. “How about Wade? Haven’t you taken care of him yet?”

“He’s concealed himself quite well. The people I sent to search for him haven’t discovered anything yet!” Leylin waved his arms, looking helpless.

“He won’t be able to flee out of the secret plane anyway, so he won’t leak any information. Two days later, it won’t matter even if he meets up with the investigation team!”

“Let’s hope so!” Caesar stared coldly at Leylin for a long while and then forced the words out of his mouth.

He had guessed that Leylin was not doing this work himself and had intentionally let Wade off. However, as long as Wade was not able to spread any information, it would only be a small matter. In terms of general benefits, as long as there were limitations from the contract with Trial’s Eye, Caesar believed Leylin wouldn’t do anything that harmed their interests.

After all, if this operation failed, it was impossible for Leylin to return to Four Seasons Garden. Instead, he’d become a fugitive!

“Isn’t it too conspicuous to bring over all these people? What’s going to happen if we get found out?”

Leylin looked at the line of dark Magi trailing behind Caesar and asked, a little worried.

The light Magi from headquarters were no fools. With the Lightning Corps around, every single action either he or Caesar took was susceptible to scrutiny, and if they were discovered to have dealings with dark Magi, they would immediately be stared closely at.

“There’s no other choice; we have no more time. In at most three days, or two days at best, we need to bring in enough people and transfer the authority to control the defense system to them!”

Caesar’s face was stern, “I can temporarily arrange for them to stay in a few abandoned laboratories and warehouses. They’re going to leave in a day or two anyway, so we don’t even need to prepare a lot of food or water…”

“Hide in the western warehouse! I’ve already minimized the patrolling officers and sentries there. Here’s the map of the changing of the guards and the warning systems.”

Caesar instructed the dark Magi behind him, and passed a piece of parchment paper to him.

The leader took it silently, and with a fling of his robes he turned into black smoke and left with the dark Magi behind him.

The entire process was extremely quiet, displaying the results of the dark Magi’s training.

Leylin was extremely aware that during the past few days, Caesar and himself had abused their own authority and brought several batches of dark Magi into the headquarters of Four Seasons Garden.

Due to the chaos after the attack, as well as he and Caesar helping to cover up this plan, not a single Magus had discovered that something was amiss.

By the time the authority to command the formation genie was transferred, the dark Magi would cooperate with those in the external world. Even if all the official Magi within the secret plane now, as well as the two large groups from the Lightning Corps were gathered, they would still be powerless!

Leylin sighed deeply and closed his eyes. He could already imagine the confusion and puzzlement on these Magi as they died.

“Tomorrow, you’ll come with me to unseal the core body of consciousness of the secret plane! After the attack, Desmund added another seal and without enough authority, the formation genie will fight back!”

Caesar’s face was grim.

In the contest to seize the gate, what was most important was obtaining the core body of consciousness belonging to the gate into the secret plane. As long as this was in their possession, they could control the platinum gate outside and prevent light Magi from the external world from entering.

It could be said that the key to seizing control of the secret plane was the core body of consciousness.

After Desmund had reinforced the sealing spell formation, just Leylin’s or Caesar’s authority was not enough to undo the spell formation and retrieve the body of consciousness. Only if they worked together would they have enough power to do so.

This was why Caesar was so tolerant of Leylin.

“Don’t worry! This has already been stated clearly in the contract, so I can’t go back on my word.”

Leylin turned to look at Caesar.

“What’s more important is what I requested of you! How has the preparation for that been coming along?”

When he had made a contract with the rank 2 dark Magi that the Trial’s Eye had bore witness to, Leylin was also able to gain some benefits.

He had requested for a large amount of resources that were only available to certain dark Magi regions, high-grade academic knowledge, research information and even a promise that allowed him to enter Lighthouse of the Night!

Lighthouse of the Night!

That was the holy land for dark Magi. It had a rank 3 dark Magus in charge, and its reputation was spread everywhere. The original leader had even used his own strength and defeated, with a single blow, the combined attack from the director of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, Siley and a few other rank 2 Magi!

Leylin’s request was a little difficult for the rank 2 dark Magus to handle at first.

Though he was a delegate from the Dark Magi Alliance, recommending someone so that they could enter Lighthouse of the Night also required him using a lot of resources and favours.

As for materials, knowledge and the like, it was another huge issue.

However, Leylin had absolutely insisted on this, and the dark Magus had no choice but to include this in the contract.

The moment he thought of this, Caesar’s expression became dark and his chest heaved up and down fiercely. Even his breathing had become harsh.

“Don’t worry! The Black Blood Ores, Bone Flowers and other resources have already been sent to your room. As for the promise for you to enter the Lighthouse of the Night, you’ll get it after we succeed here.”

“Very well!” Leylin nodded, and then disappeared into the darkness.

*Pak!* Behind him, there was the sound of something shattering.


Two days laters, the day before the investigation team arrived.

It was noon, and the blazing heat shined hard upon the ground, resulting in a heatwave.

Four Seasons Garden’s headquarters in the Eternal River Plain’s secret plane had already regained its vitality. Many light Magi were entering and leaving the Merit Exchange Centre as they completed all sorts of tasks.

The Magi from the outside with neutral stances went out to gather all sorts of resources within the secret plane before coming to the exchange point set up by the Four Seasons Garden and traded them for magic crystals to purchase useful potions and high-grade information.

Everything seemed to be in order.

With Caesar and Leylin heading this work, the headquarters had already returned to its previous prosperity and stability. Of course, this was just on the surface.

Within the shadows, at least fifty dark Magi had been smuggled in, and a few important places with defense spell formations were taken over by dark Magi.

The busy light Magi had absolutely no idea that the headquarters of the secret plane here had already changed ownership.

“How is it? How does it feel to see the headquarters that you built up yourself be destroyed by your own hand?”

A voice travelled from behind Leylin.

Leylin expressionlessly turned, and answered Caesar who approached, “I feel nothing!”

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