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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 263: Activation

Chapter 263: Activation

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“Though there were a few issues, everything is mostly going to plan!”

With a smile about his face, he walked towards the sealing spell formation that Cabourn was protecting.

“Leave this place!”

All of a sudden, a familiar voice travelled to his ears.

The instant he heard this voice, ten black figures appeared and surrounded Leylin.

Leylin was very familiar with the leader. It was Giant of the Thousand Meddling Hands! His legs had been regenerated, and the mist about him was denser than ever before.

Beside him, Caesar had been rescued and was full of dust. He looked to be in a sorry state, and stared hatefully at Leylin.

“Leylin, you dare betray us! You dare betray the honour of us dark Magi…”

“Stop!” Leylin was a little speechless as he interrupted Giant’s speech. “Aren’t dark Magi a group of creatures that only look up to benefits? Since when was there anything about honour?”

He glanced at Giant, who looked pale, “If you want to seek revenge, tell me! Don’t bother with the pretense!”

Giant paused, his face turning red.

“Yes, I want to seek revenge! What I have here are elite dark Magi whose elemental essence conversions are all over 70%! I admit that you’re strong, but as long as you’re not a rank 2 Magus, you definitely won’t be able to survive the attack of so many of us Magi.”

Giant pointed at the dark Magi around him. “You actually dared to kill Little Boy and treat me this way!” His facial muscles began to twitch.

Being defeated so thoroughly by Leylin was the worst kind of humiliation for him.

“Ah… I want to kill you, peel off your skin, and make it my carpet!” Giant roared.

“Your threat is absolutely… Lacking in creativity…”

Leylin heaved a tiny sigh. Even though he was encircled by so many dark Magi, he still had the mood to scan his eyes over the situation in the Four Seasons Garden.

Even Number 2 and Number 3 behind him seemed to be influenced by him, and were not the slightest bit worried.

With the addition of the Lightning Corps, the complete defeat of Four Seasons Garden’s end seemed to less certain. The dark and light Magi had now broken into countless smaller groups and were battling.

In the heart of it all was the large tornado, within which Desmund and Cabourn were fighting.

The tyrannical tornado turned everything, whether it was Magi or buildings, into powder in an instant!

At the heart of the tornado, two figures could be seen rapidly exchanging blows.

Lightning currents were scattered everywhere, sometimes penetrating through the tornado and causing large numbers of casualties.

“It’s really chaotic…”

Leylin sighed, seeming to pity Caesar and Giant while he looked at them, “Leave immediately, and I might even let you off!”

“Are you trying to humiliate me?” Caesar and Giant spoke at the same time.

Though they had seen how formidable Leylin was, they did not think that Leylin would be able to survive the joint attack of so many Magi. Naturally, they thought of Leylin’s words as a bluff.

Giant was even more angered, and he waved his arm. “Attack!”

Immediately, all the dark Magi around him attacked. Corrosive curses, Exhausting Hand, Toxic Clouds, Acid Lightning, Ice Bolts, and all sorts of insidious spells turned into colourful rays of light that hurtled towards Leylin like a wave.

Every single attack was had an offensive power of at least 45 degrees!

This level of attack was something a peak rank 1 Magus would definitely be unable to handle. Without even being able to flee, they would be seriously injured and die under this joint attack.

However, Leylin was different. After the successful modification of his heart and the mixing of his bloodline with the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, he was infinitely close to a rank 2 Magus, despite not yet reaching that point!

It could be said that he was the strongest peak rank 1 Magus in history!

“Shadow Domain!”

In the face of such an attack, Leylin loudly chanted an incantation and made a weird sign with his hands, and then pressed them to the ground.

*Weng!* A strange ring of black quickly extended everywhere with Leylin in the centre, instantly covering hundreds of meters.

This was a domain-type attack which Leylin had come up with by studying shadows. Though the effect could not compare to true domain-specific magic, its power was still rather similar!

In the Book of Giant Serpent, the great Magus Serholm had once mentioned that Magi of high ranking had a skill that could affect large areas. They were able to control a large territory and suppress the innate skills of any Magus with a lower ability than them, causing the power of lower-leveled Magi within the area to become weakened.

If a Magus was of a high enough ranking, they could even come up with their own laws within the domain!

It could be said that in one’s own domain, a highly ranked Magus was basically a godly existence!

Leylin obviously had yet to reach that level. The “Shadow Domain” he had come up with was just an imitation that didn’t even have the effect of suppressing the abilities of Magi within. All it did was amplify his own attacks, but this also represented his ambition!

[Shadow Domain! Rank 1 Area attack effects: Instantly produce a shadow domain of 100m x 100m, within which the host body’s agility is increased by 30%, rate of recovery of spiritual force is increased by 10%, and resistance to elements is increased by 10%! Duration: 5 minutes. Consumption: 15 Spiritual force and 15 Magical power!]

In the blink of an eye, darkness consumed the dark Magi beside Leylin.

All types of magical attacks soundlessly vanished after the appearance of the shadow. Not a single wave of energy was produced.

Immediately after, like a fish in water, Leylin seemed to become the devil king of the night. He began to harvest the lives of the Magi within the domain.

The low and horrifying shrieks of exclamation was heard in the darkness.

In just ten or so seconds, the shadows in this area pulled back and returned to Leylin’s feet.

The dark Magi who had surrounded him were in a state of shock, their emotions frozen on their faces.

*Pu!* A stream of air blew past, and a sound was heard.

A Magus in front of Leylin exploded into foam.

*Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!*

As if causing some chain reaction, the dark Magi exploded one by one, turning into pulps of human flesh.

Bright red blood mist pervaded this area.

Within the blood mist, there were still two figures that were not dead.

They were the Caesar and Giant, who were parts of a single spirit that had been split into different bodies. They were now full of wounds that looked like they had been caused by metal slicing against their flesh, blood dying their clothes as they collapsed into an unconscious heap.

Leylin was still not a rank 2 Magus after all, and did not want to attract Cabourn’s attention. If Cabourn ever decided on giving up on his current opponent, and decided to cause him trouble, it would be a huge headache for him. Hence, Leylin had chosen to leave them alive.

“Latent fireball!”

Seeing the dark Magi elites having been taken care of in an instant, whether it was the dark or light Magi, nobody dared to provoke Leylin, and they came to a tacit understanding, leaving the area right away. They left this place to Leylin.

Leylin came to the place where Cabourn had set up the black layer, and raised his hand, a black fireball the size of a fist appearing in his palm.

“Go!” Leylin made a tossing motion, and a black fireball streaked through the air, colliding against the layer and beginning to burn.

Drops of black liquid melted on the layer, and were quickly evaporated.

Leylin’s control over his spiritual force was now extremely refined. In his hands, the Latent Fireball was able to have an immense destructive force, and even attack while not making any sound and limiting its power.


The black layer kept vibrating and was eventually unable to endure the attack, cracking into little pieces, and revealing the sealing spell formation within.

Due to the special attention Cabourn, a rank 2 dark Magus had put into protecting it, the area in which the sealing spell formation was perfectly fine despite Leylin’s previous attack.

One could even see a circular trace on the floor as the boundaries of the layer broke off.

“The core body of consciousness of the gate to the secret plane!”

Leylin’s eyes saw nothing else. He concentrated on the white gold flames of the core within the sealing spell formation, eyes revealing his enchantment by it.

“Go according to the original plan!” He spoke to Number 2 and Number 3 behind him, and headed into the spell formation.

“Understood, Master!”

Number 2 and Number 3 glanced at each other. In their eyes, one could see a resolute expression and even preparation to die! As slaves bound spiritually to Leylin, even if Leylin wanted them to commit suicide, they would do so without any qualms.

Next, they each produced a crimson, diamond-shaped crystal.

“For the glory of Master!”

Number 2 and Number 3 roared, and shattered the crystals. A crimson screen emerged from the fragments of the crystal, and encased the area encompassed by the spell formation.

These two crimson crystals were actually single-use spell formations. Judging the defensive power of the crimson screen, it could be said that this was very valuable.

“Woo woo…”

Like the howls of a grieving spirit, or perhaps the laments of suffering, the wails of sorrow that came from the spirit sounded throughout the headquarters of the Four Seasons Garden.

Along with the sound, tiny black runes appeared on the buildings around them.

These runes twisted here and there like little tadpoles or stretched out snakes, seeing to be very mysterious and strange.

The runes assembled and eventually formed a large-scale spell formation.

The spell formation had quite a wide range and included basically the entire headquarters. Whether it was the defensive area at the frontlines or the entrance to the secret plane at the back, they were all covered in these black runes.

Streams of black light constantly combined, and due to the continuous battles, even a few layers of the earth were scraped off. However, these black streams arranged themselves and immediately filled in the craters!

This massive spell formation had been immediately activated!

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